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A Breakdown Of SLFP-JVP Relations Could Project A Different Kind Of Tsunami!

It seems a great irony that the President of Sri Lanka in addition to dealing with the overwhelming task of compensating Tsunami victims as well as Nation building to compensate for the material losses, has to deal with her oppressors and enemies in the UNP camp who have ganged up with the TNA and hence consequently the LTTE and to compound matters for herself she also seems to be in a quandry about the JVP who are in disagreement with some of her latest directions which they seem to think are in contravention with the JVP-SLFP alliance.

It is understandable to a degree without acceptance as legitimate that the oppression from the UNP-LTTE fraternity towards the Administrative decision making of the UPFA is something which has always been present as a contentious issue towards the well being of Sri Lanka which seems a secondary matter which can be overcome by constitutional and legislative means but the disgruntlements of the JVP are of an entirely different perspective as it is a part of the governing body holding the reins of power presently in Sri Lanka the UPFA and its fortifications need to be secure at all times rather than those responsible permit cracks in its infrastructure to appear and go untended which could prove very costly and regrettable to the Sinhala Nation should there be an internal collapse of the UPFA and something Madame President should pay the greatest attention to in addition to the required responses at highest level to the Tsunami devastations.

Her very noble and wise proclamation recently that quote " the Sri Lankan people should turn Tragedy into Opportunity in order to create a new Sri Lanka, where ethnic and political divides are bridged, and an unrelenting forceful drive towards a new National infrastructure made with all the facilities and finances provided by the international community" end quote should manifest itself into reality rather than rest on its rhetorical emphasis and for this to be accomplished she needs all the support she can get towards objectives and the symbiosis between the SLFP and JVP must continue unfettered! The JVP too has a role to play towards maintaining this objective in not providing further hurdles for the Administrative hub with their disaprovals and disgruntled bickering while working for the common cause which has to carry as its foremost priority the well being of the Nation, its unitarity and the redemption from its enemies who constantly gang up with the sole intention of ursurping the ruling coalition and perhaps need to return to the drawing board to formulate a new set of plans and direction where the UNP - LTTE ambitions are eventually dispelled and completely vanquished. The TNA and TRO which also role play towards the impure objectives of the UNP - LTTE bandwagon also seem to be crying out for the attention and affirmative action needed to dispose of them towards oblivion!

At the climax of the last general election the people of Sri Lanka who returned Madam Chandrika Kumaratunga and her coalition allies into power certainly envisioned a new era for Sri Lanka as the motions of great wheels of reconciliation of her ethnic divide seemed apparent while not bartering away sovereignity albeit with the constant shadow of doubt about UNP-LTTE intentions to which their playacting and theatrics were a contributing factor but the strength of the UPFA alliance seemed to be the driving force which seemed unassailable as the UNP and the LTTE were further pushed into the shadows despite the fangs they bared constantly at the administration to no real effect.

Hence it would be irresponsible by both parties to the UPFA coalition should any anticipated unilateral decision making, contradictory to the agreements of the alliance based on their differences compromise the well being of the administration within Sri Lanka as a whole as it would surely provide a platform for the impure objectives of both the UNP and the LTTE towards their own survival where they seem overwhelmed by a desperate need to survive while probably being on the verge of complete collapse yet awaiting in the manner of a pack of hyenas (not tigers who prefer a fresh kill towards the metaphor!) any flow of blood from the UPFA indicative of wounds which could be exploited for the ultimate kill!.This is a time when SLFP-JVP unity has to be augmented rather than weakened and a point for both parties to ponder upon!

Not only has the Tsunami devastated the armed and personnel capabilities of the mainstream LTTE but it has also highlighted the transparencies of the Ranil Wickremasinghe, G.L.Peiris, Rajitha Senaratna consortium of opportunistic and puerile advances towards their own fortunes while preaching the merits of their own disruptive manifesto towards unravelling all the efforts of the UPFA both before and after the Tsunami while indicating their unconcealable objectives which certainsly indicate no empathy towards the well being of the Nation and display a pathetic lack of decorum towards at least a modicum of Sinhala patriotism needed to assert their real expectations as sons of Lanka!

Ranil Wickremesinghe has had the affront to ask European Nations as well as Western Countries to refute aid to Sri Lanka if there was no positive development in the peace process while the President has maintained within reason that tsunami aid could not be linked to the peace process, as it was for a pressing humanitarian national emergency and the reality of her rationale unquestionable! In a strongly worded public speech, she dubbed Wickremsinghe's act as a traitorous one which more than lingers on the truth for which the man should probably be held criminally liable.

The JVP somewhat curiously appear to have maintained a stiff upperlip while the Wickremasinhe barkings were implemented with hardly a whimper of protest! although this could be interpreted as a mere coincidental silence where the greater emphasis of their own disgruntlements with the President have taken pride of place and an appropriate response perhaps forthcoming if it already hasn't !

There is no question that National unity within Sri Lanka positively rests on a healthy relationship between the SLFP and JVP to which both parties should bear responsibility lest the Nation of Sri Lanka is cast to the mercy of a different kind of Tsunami from which there might not be a return!



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