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Strange Scenarios In The Buildup Towards Presidential Electon!

As the build up towards the Presidential elections continue within a somewhat circumspect and tentative political scenario in Sri Lanka there seem to be a few chameleonic scenarios taking place with a few former faithfuls of the SLFP candidate Mahinda Rajapakse seemingly taking aim to turn tables on him whereas they should in all rights be supporting him and his candidature at least from a standpoint of loyalty to the party and as a candidate approved by the President and the rest of her caucases.

The latest in this scenario and taking after a family tradition of united siblings perhaps is the changed mentality and dialogue of newly appointed Foreign Minister and brother of incumbent President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Anura Bandaranaike who seems to be indicating a bit of disdain towards Mahinda Rajapakse and throwing a few barbs at him on account of his having sought the support of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna and the Jathika Hela Urumaya.

As the race for the plum office begins to gain momentum causing many discerning analysts to wonder in amazement about this attitude on the part of someone who was primarily responsible at the outset towards bringing together the combines of the SLFP and the JVP when the UPFA Coalition was formed albeit in opposite camps within the political spectrum in Sri Lanka today somewhat perplexingly.

Consequently the SLFP candidate Mahinda Rajapakse now seems to be faced with two more adversaries in the form of the Bandaranaike duo in addition to the UNP, LTTE and the TNA. An apathetic state of affairs revealing the true nature of individuals from whom front runner Rajapakse might have expected some support as the everchanging saga of Sri Lankan politics continues with some of those surrounding the presidential race's SLFP candidate whose support might have been forthcoming logicallty and rationally now showing real intent towards where their true loyalties lie.

Short of being selfishly motivated towards their own best interests as far as the balance of power is concerned in this joint stance between the Foreign Minister and President it presents a sorry spectacle which could contribute to their permanent departure from Sri Lankan politics as the voting public may decide once and for all to herald in a new era with Mahinda Rajapakse perhaps benefiting from all the shenanigans taking place and riding the crest of the wave into Presidential Power despite his inexperience as his manifesto at least is beginning to appear more focussed towards addressing the needs of the nation in the correct perspective.

The Bandaranaikes appear to be gradually falling out of grace together with an anticipated future ally Ranil Wickremasinghe following close behind who seems so mixed up with his own agenda towards the presidential race that it seems hardly worth a second glance according to some analysts!

There are many who now believe that Ranil Wickremasinge appears to have distanced himself further from the voters assent with the latest theatrics involving the Dissanayaka brothers of reputed UNP clout who have dispersed in opposite direction and one throwing in his lot with Mahinda Rajapakse and Ranil Wickremasinghe bleating an archaic theme about the misdeeds of the incumbent administration and what he intends to do about it if voted into power which seems a hard sell for him to maintain with any credibility as his image continues to be tarnished as an untrustworthy one incapable of dealing with the terrorist problem without currying favour with them. It appears as though a previously unexpected and now relatively easy pickings awaits Mahinda Rajapakse at this moment in time being viewed by many as the better and obvious choice for President in the two man race taking shape with no other contenders where neither candidate is truly equipped to handle the somewhat daunting position of President of a turbulent Nation ironically.

With the momentum which seems to be building up in favour of Mahinda Rajapakse it may be in hindsight and cautionary as an aftermath of the recent mendacious
LTTE attrocities which have accounted for the life of the former Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar and two high profile anti LTTE broadcasters amongst the many other prominent personalities targeted cruelly by the LTTE there is the possibility of the LTTE also targeting Mahinda Rajapakse with a view towards eliminating him from the race as their past track record proves which would then pave the way for their own champion Ranil Wickremasinghe and his derring do tactics!.

With the LTTE probably feeling smugly content that they have got away with many of their past crimes and with their smoke screen in place in the form of Norway, the NGOs in their favour, their parliamentary allies and the negative responses of the present administration and the International Community per say toward confronting them, they could easily attempt a second strike towards taking out Mahinda Rajapakse and something which needs great precautionary measures towards prevention at all cost.

The JVP-JHU - Mahinda Rajapakse agreements set in place publicised recently appears to be a direct threat to the political ambitions of the LTTE as Rajapakse is expected to take a much more stringent approach towards resolving the LTTE issue if elected and this could be promotional toward the possibilities of the LTTE targetting Mahinda Rajapakse which could result in catastrophic ramifications for the Nation where theLTTE normally stop at nothing if the rhetoric of S.P.Thamilsevam is anything to go by and lessons it is hoped fervently have been learned and all measures to ensure Mahinda Rajapakse's safety is set in place.

There can be no second guessing the LTTE after the Kadirgamar assasination and their close monitoring and direct confrontation if necessary in the event of the slightest indication of irregularities towards violating the Peace Process and Ceasefire by the LTTE and its consorts has to be construed as a wilful attempt to disrupt the Presidential Elections and any administration failing to do so would perhaps be committing a pre-meditated indiscretion towards preserving the candidature of the person most likely to win the election which in this case seems to be Mahinda Rajapakse.

In this sense the Foreign Minister and his band of happy campers would be well advised to indulge in responsible dialogue of a more patriotic nature and actions becoming his high office rather than loose tongued prattle more in keeping with the lackeys of the UNP opposition who would pawn the Nation rather than preserve its integrity to hold onto their Foreign Travel opportunities, chauffeur driven Pajaros, Swiss Bank Accounts and their freeloading lifestyle at the Taxpayers's Expense!!



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