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Unstoppable Forces Projecting A Rajapakse Win!

The latest realistic information and opinion polls indicate an emphatic loss for Ranil Wickremasinghe in the forthcoming Presidential elections. In having lost the Sinhala Buddhist majority vote and the anomalies contributing towards the flip flopping of the latest Wickremasinghe manifesto unclear on many issues ! least of all National Security and the Unitarity of Sri Lanka which seems to indicate confusion about National defence strategy and the innuendo laced assertions of an anti LTTE stance concocted somewhat late in the day when all along he has championed them towards his anticipated power grab which the majority of voters know better about than to gullibly accept.

These could be the deciding factors which will probably send Wickremasinghe to the political pasture of what appears to be the end of an all but jaded and circumspect political career where he could not hold firm the reins of leadership due to a soft underbelly exploited by the enemy within now contributing towards his plummeting popularity as indicated by these polls.

Projected indications as put together by many discerning political analysts based on the information available are that the leader of the opposition is in dire straits and his chances of pulling off even an unexpected victory seem to have all but evaporated as the outside votes stemming from parts of the split Indian Tamil l Plantation Worker vote , the Col. Karuna promoted non LTTE partisan Tamil votes and the powerful Southern Sinhala Vote, to all intents and purposes an anti -Wicremasinghe lobby appear sufficient to blank his chances of victory comprehensively.

Voter turn out should they be marginal as expected in certain areas under LTTE threat will also be a huge detrimental factor against him towards the turnaround in favour of a Rajapakse win now being anticipated by many as a possible landslide and a foregone conclusion.

Unfortunately for Ranil Wickremasinghe,there are many voters who have all but given up on his prevaricative rhetoric of which the only clear direction appears to be the manner in which he seems to be unscrupulously jockeying for Presidential power with Mahinda Rajapakse and rather indiscriminately and somewhat pathetic through the desperate guise it seems to have taken!

The disparity in popular support for the LTTE by LTTE supportive Tamils and those against them within the Tamil community are also bound to divert many Tamil votes in favour of Rajapakse spurning favour for LTTE friendly Wickremasinghe whose unwelcome alliances and support for the LTTE have dented his credibilities.

Add to which, his being at loggerheads with some of the more discerning within his own caucases, split appreciably over supporting his leadership which could also be contributing factors towards his demise which will more than likely pull the plug on the Wickremasinghe era permanently and terminate his political career unless something unforseeable happens and all predictions based on rational thought are cast to the winds of maliciously coerced change through what could only be anticipated as criminal means which must be prevented by the authorities and the status quo at any cost remembering what the LTTE are capable of and have been condemned for, by way of criminal activity and what they would stand to lose in the event of the now hugely anticipated succesful Rajapakse surge towards the highest office in the land!

There is a school of thought which seems to evaluate an outside chance for Ranil Wickremasinghe where lost Sinhala majority votes might be offset against supportive Tamil and other minority votes in his favour but a hard sell towards acceptance as the votes against Ranil Wickremasinghe due to his collaboration and collusion with the terrorist LTTE are many as indicated and would be votes for Rajapakse in fair measure and far in excess of the percentage required for a Wickremasinghe win and would be incorporated into the margin of defeat where the requirement of numbers for Rajapakse could never be overpowered!

In the simplest of terms Wickremasinghe needs almost the entirety of the Tamil votes and then some! for the elusive victory whereas Mahinda Rajapakse needs only a fair chunk of of it to be assured of his place in Presidential history and all projections seem to indicate its forthcoming reality.

The Formula for a Rajapakse Presidential win rests clearly on the support of the majority of the Southern Sinhala votes combined with The JHU supportive Buddhist votes, all but some of the votes of the left parties if they by - pass a few' fly by nights', the divided Muslim votes, the Plantation Labour votes somewhat fragmented perhaps and the anti-LTTE Tamil parties and supportives who have disclaimed the LTTE as Sole Representatives of the Tamils , all of which would surely contribute towards a powerful and unstoppable force which would project Mahinda Rajapakse into the Sri Lankan presidency.



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