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LTTE's Smoke Screening Of The Relief Effort Devised To Their Own Advantage And Needs To be Quelled !

As the near superhuman effort towards rebuilding in Sri Lanka as much as parallel efforts in other affected global areas continue there never seems to be too much emphasis and attention towards de-politicizing the issue, the joining of all benevolent forces without political or ethnic divisions and getting on with what needs to be done emphatically and unequivocally towards even a partial restoration of Sri Lanka's devastations.

While the manouvering of the politicians and their stance in Indonesia seems precedent invoking and their distrust of foreign military presence and unwanted attention from the foreign media justifiable,there seems to be parallel connotations to what is presently transpiring in the so called 'Tiger Controlled Areas' in Sri Lanka (somewhat of an embarassing misnomer relative to the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka ) in that there too an unwanted foreign infiltration seems to be a disconcerting manifestation which continues in gay abandon, unchecked where the similarities with Indonesia nevertheless digresses in paradox and ironically the contradictions of the Tigers have surfaced thankfully from these incursions as being relatively exaggerated .

In Sri Lanka nonetheless it appears to be the inability on the part of the Administration to make unilateral decisions as the governing body without bending to various opinions from various quarters about what's needed towards the relief effort without compromising the integrity of Sri Lanka, her constitutional and legal statutes and making no prevarications or hesitations towards informing everyone concerned who exactly is in charge. Not Thamilselvam! not the TNA nor the LTTE who probably have unfulfillable promises to keep to their supportives and miles to go before they sleep ! To add to their chagrin they seem leaderless, with depleted armaments and cadre which seems to have increased their desperation whose transparencies now stick out like a sore thumb while an eager world awaits the responses of the Sri Lankan Government and how it intends to counter the LTTE's current attitude which is by no means beneficial to a post Tsunami Sri Lanka.

The effort is undoubtedly hampered to a great extent by the innuendo, theatrics and blatant falsification of facts relative to the real situation within Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, their parliamentary proxies, websites, supportives and operatives led by their somewhat quizzical political leadership Thamilselvam , deputizing for a "GONE MISSING VELUPILLAI (PRABHAKARAN) PIRAPAHARAN, FOR WHOM IT IS RUMORED THE LTTE ARE LOOKING FOR AN IDENTICAL DRESSUP TO MEET FOREIGN DIGNITARIES AS THE REALLTTE HEAD HONCHO HAS APARENTLY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR OR MORE REALISTICALLY PERHAPS INTO THE SWIRLING WATERS OF THE TSUNAMI TGETHER WITH SIDEKICK POTTU AMMAN!

Thamilselvam who despite his inability to communicate in the English language as much as his mentor seems to spew high flowing rhetoric of obvious translated or ghost written acumen rather than promoted by personal grey matter within himself whilst primarily having little ground to stand on legally and constitutionally and politically.

Aggravatingly though, the Tigers have somehow managed to sneak in their proxies into Parliament and believe in their capabilities towards maintaining their 'thorn in the flesh' mentality towards Government attributes of well being for Sri Lanka ( perhaps on a regrettable note by the status quo that contestations of the legality of the TNA's entry in to parliament were not made at the appropriate time when the EU observers sounded the warning at the last Election and the price for it being paid now!) and continue to mislead the International Community and world leaders while claiming redress towards non existent circumstances of abject suffering in their area and painting a pathetic picture of exaggerated Governmental neglect which some gullible international sources seemed to have swallowed hook line and sinker if some responses are to be relatively construed.

It also seems perplexing and aggravating that despite accords set in place by the Sri Lankan Authorities that it expressley desires the overseeing of all the relief work and needs to channel all operations pertaining to the relief effort which they are surely equipped for and admirably bolstered by the backing of more moderate international sources willing to toe the line with Governmental requests while their demands are sidelined by others!

Due to the indiscretions of the Tamil Tigers, their questionable parliamentary representation , now boosted by the dubious TRO with leanings towards rebuilding the LTTE War Chest and the persistence of some misguided Foreign Government as well as UN Representatives that their presence is imperative towards Sri Lanka's needs, there is more hampering rather than helping the cause by all the pundits and know alls foraging for information in the devastated areas and perhaps time for reconsideration and taking a time out to re-evaluate whether foreign self assertions towards their own righteousness and consciences despite the theatrics of the LTTE will be of any long range benefit to Sri Lanka!

The following statement by S.P.Tamilselvam fully ennunciates the theory of many qualified observers that the agenda of the LTTE is far removed from their required contribution towards Sri Lanka's recovery from her recent devastations.

Quoting Thamilselvan, head of the political wing of the ethnic Tamil rebels who thus far have never relented their past while persisting blatantly despite world opinion towards their quest for an independent state said Saturday." The Sri Lankan Government lost a chance to revive the peace process despite hopes that the state and guerrillas would unite in efforts to recover from the Tsunami, and the Sinhalese-dominated government has given minimal assistance to rebel-held areas, instead channeling most international assistance to areas under its control. "It has dashed hopes of reconciliation," end quote of Thamilselvan in an interview at his headquarters in Killinochchi, a town in northern Sri Lanka that serves as an administrative base for the guerrillas where the relevance of the Peace Effort ssems to have bounced backwards into the same perspective as their veiled threats to ursurp it before the Tsunami hit though arguably with no viable means now, more so than before to substantiate their rhetoric.

The LTTE continue to smoke screen the relief effort combining much subterfuge and irrelevant rhetoric which grows meaningless with time and a colossal hurdle towards real accomplishment of the greater priorities than the existence of a motley bunch of internationally condemned terrorists and perhaps high time something substantial was done towards stifling and quelling their efforts which as always are self centred towards their own objectives and the travails of Sri Lanka continue!



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