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The Advice Of Pundits A Hindrance Towards Implementing The Tasks At Hand

Amidst all the goings on in the aftermath of the Kadirgamar assassination. almost incredibly the New York based organization Human Rights Watch seems to have entered uninvited, the fray of the turmoil within Sri Lanka using the excuse of protecting the Tamils living in Government controlled areas according to latest indications!

While almost ironically the latest investigations clearly indicate that it has indeed been a Tamil household that has harbored the gunmen who killed Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, there are growing concerns that the terrorists have infiltrated into Government controlled areas with the help of the Tamils who inhabit these areas and something the Human Rights Watch has to pay attention to before shootings its mouth off about the protection of Tamils in Government controlled areas where an alternative solution in the best interests of law and order and a possible prevention of further anarchy need to be hammered out which seems to have escaped the reckoning of the HRW for some strange reason.

It seems almost damnable that there are today in Sinhalese inhabited areas even in a minor perspective in the Colombo region, certain Tamil groups who almost flaunt their existence in these areas. It must also be remembered that it was through the co-operation of such groups that the devastating Airport attack in the not too distant past was carried out where the surreptitious and clandestine activities of certain Tamil groups went unhampered in the periphery of the airport until all hell broke loose! Ironically nothing also has been said by the HRW about the minorities living in so called LTTE controlled areas in Sri Lanka and the attrocities they are being subjected to on a daily basis where the Human Rights Watch are better offcoming up with a more logical and meaningful repartee or shutting up its meaningless rhetoric where the protection of Tamils is no great priority by comparison with that of the citizens of Sri Lanka whose protection from a bunch of ruthless killers the LTTE should rationally take precedence!
The Sri Lankan Government needs no reminding from organiztions such as the HRW about how to protect its minorities in crisis situations which it has done quite acquitably in the past nor does it need any lectures about how to conduct business during an emergency or under the jurisdiction of the Prevention of Terrorism Act which needs to be introduced immediately so as to rectify the huge errors of the past Administrations where its leader gave so much leeway to the mendacious assassins of the LTTE who have attempted not only to penertrate the mantle of security surrounding Colombo but rent its fabric completely apart and what the world is witnessing today are the reprisals for the stupidity of the likes of Ranil Wickremasinghe and his ilk and to a degree one could even link the recent pro LTTE policies of Madame President herself to the manifestations of unrest and violations of the Peace Agreement and Ceasefire which the LTTE have successfully executed under cover of its impervious protection well suited to their means !

It seems somewhat of an obnoxious stand on the part of the HRW to have the affront to instruct Sri Lanka's law enforcement agencies to soft pedal on what is tantamount to implementing the law during a State of Emergency and High Alert as it is a matter for the Nations highest lawmakers beyond which it would be interference into the internal affairs of a Sovereign Nation where one of its most prominent members of Parliament, an Intellectual of the highest order, a Statesman, Internationally recognized Peace Envoy and proud Son of Lanka has been gunned down by the viles of terrorism which is one of the chief reasons why Sri Lanka finds it a monumental task to quell the attrocities of the LTTE today. In this respect the interferences of Norway too could be typified as an example and the Human Rights Watch is best adviced to solicit their efforts in other areas of the globe which probably have a greater felt need than in Sri Lanka today! as Sri Lanka is fully capable of handling related matters within the highest precepts of the law.

Curiously enough there seems to be uncanny similarities to the meanderings of the HRW with those of the Norwegian Peace Monitors as Human Rights Watch in its statement of a somewhat high handed nature issued in connection with the killing of Lakshman Kadirgamar has indicated that the responsibility for the murder of Kadirgamar, a Tamil politician who had long been critical of the LTTE, ‘has not been determined.’ However it said that the Sri Lankan authorities have blamed the LTTE for the murder, but the investigation is continuing.’ It might be added to this phraseology of seeming convenience by the HRW that all preliminary investigations point to the indelible hand of the LTTE stamped all over the Kadirgamar assassination where confirmed shortwave dispatches of the LTTE have been intercepted by Military intelligence and recorded as admission by LTTE cadre to the despicable crime so what is the HRW babbling about?

There is however an apparent cover up by the Human Rights Watch which has been launched hurriedly and somewhat confusedly point out that the LTTE denied any role in the murder, blaming forces opposed to the cease-fire agreement(Has a familiar ring to it does it not?) but Human Rights Watch has raised the all important question about the reliablity and credibility of the denial by the LTTE where it has hastened to remind the media that the “LTTE has issued similar denials even in other cases of political assassinations in the past where it was proved beyond reasonable doubt that they were clearly involved.” Interpol and the Indian Government must attest to this as Sri lanka's Public Enemy Number One Is still at large and the HRW's rhetoric but a weak albeit legitimate offer at best to soften and placate many areas of anger and rising intensities in questioning the legitimacies of the LTTE !

Indeed at this critical juncture of Sri Lankan affairs, the Government needs to exercise an all out drive with no holds barred to bring to justice the perpetrators of this particularly heinous crime which has taken the life of its Foreign Minister as well as others being committed by the LTTE almost synonymously elsewhere in Sri lanka and imperative that the security and investigative forces follow every avenue and means available towards accomplishing this task and maintaining law and order while securing the Nation from further attrocities and what it does not need is the advice of pundits such as the HRW to carry out related duties far removed from being of an excogitative nature which all but appear to be a hindrance and a deterrent towards the task!

After all have they not been doing it for decades despite the glitches and Faux Pas' which at times have been a direct result of external interference despite which Sri Lanka continues to stand tall as a Sovereign Nation!



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