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Thamilchelvam's Threat That "War Is Inevitable", Ignorant And Irresponsible!

Responding to the latest unconfirmed report that LTTE spokesman S.P.Thamichelvam has informed the LTTE proxy in Parliament the TNA at a confab in Killinochchi that war is inevitable, it seems as though the LTTE leader through this statement has displayed rank ignorance with nothing to assure or guarrantee chances of a victory over the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

If called upon to do so! would need to get into high gear to face this 'inevitability' and ward off the terrorist' plague' which calls themselves the LTTE if they half as much as intend even metaphorically to perpetrate any aggression against Sovereign Sri Lanka! As disastrous as it may sound for the best interests of Sri Lanka and given how far the Nation has progressed since the signing of the Peace Agreement and ceasefire such rhetoric can only be deemed irresponsible!

While being drawn into a war or even the very suggestion of war seems meaningless and detrimental to all concerned. There maybe every reason to believe this is a misguided and futile bluff by the LTTE in desperation to intimidate a somewhat shaky President weakened by the exit of the JVP from her administrative coalition.

Tthe LTTE response to the recent Supreme Court decision to further review the P-TOMS with a view towards rescinding LTTE participation by virtue of their terrorist categorization which has probably added to LTTE frustrations synonymous with the Government's refusal to acknowledge LTTE requests for armed escorts to assist their movements which is somewhat of a joke also!

Perhaps this is time appropriate for the Government of Sri Lanka to muster all its resources to finally vanquish the LTTE threat completely which might include a prudent recall of Major General Janaka Perera and installing him in charge of overall operations if upto the task consentually in the event of any ideas by the LTTE of a return to attrocities fanciful as it sounds.

Someone who once instilled terror into their hearts and had them on the run! A governmental response could also include enlisting the support of the rebel forces of Karuna into the fray in the event that the LTTE in a worst case scenario decide to violate the Peace Agreement and Ceasefire.

This might not seem such a bad idea from a Government standpoint of jurisprudence as it involves the defence of a Sovereign Nation against internationally condemned terrorists! Given all the accusations of surreptitious and covert support by the Government as alleged by the LTTE, it could well prove to be assertion of the allegations with just cause, perhaps, to acknowledge it officially and grant a bill of landing to the Karuna Factor, being the more sane and negotiable by comparison with the rabid LTTE in how they have presented themselves!

The move to enlist Karuna support could probably be done with fair compensation as official recognition of being the overall Tamil Representation, offered as an incentive conditional to Karuna acceptance, if Thamilchelvam's verbosity proves to be intentional towards a resumption of aggression against Sri Lanka!

It would be in his best interest, that of the Sri Lankan Tamils as well the LTTE proxy in Parliament for such an irresponsible eventuality never to transpire and the sooner Thamichelvam is dissuaded from continuing this kind of rhetoric the better it will be for all of Sri Lanka and his personal well being!

Shownig a degree of responsibility and sanity however, the TNA leader V.Sampanthan is reported to have argued with the LTTE that such a move would never be accepted by the International Community nor World Superpowers monitoring the situation closely, and very rightly so as it would be a bold and unequivocal move towards violating the signed Peace Accord and Ceasefire, something which would be disastrous for the LTTE and never augur well towards the recognition they so desperately seek globally.

Tantamount to the very accusations (proven beyond reasonable doubt of course) that these are a group of unrelenting, non rehabitable and dangerous terrorists who can never be relied upon to maintain any integrity relative to their signed accords beyond lies and innuendo.

Thamilchelvam is reported to have gone one step further towards maintaining his audacity relative to his own rhetoric by saying that "there are foreign countries willing to support them and that it should not be a concern that the International Community would oppose any LTTE Aggression! "

If this be the basis upon which an individual such as Thamilchelvam whose irrational mentality and his imperviousness to logic and reasoning has been granted acceptance of leadership by his own community he is surely capable of leading them further into a hell of his own creation from which there will be no turning back from their own total demise!

Using the most basic of logic and reasoning together with simplest of supportive evidence( which of course does not apply to any terrorist supportive Nations) there is no country in the world ready to support the LTTE in their cause should they decide to return to internal armed insurrection against the Government of Sri Lanka and the majority Sinhala Nation., an action which must never be dignified or classified as any war!

A misnomer in the case of Sri Lanka as what has transpired over the many past decades has been an internal armed terrorisit insurrection supported by wishfully thinking frustrated expatriate Tamil diaspora and not a war! Not even a Civil War!

The only truism of Thamichelvam's loosely worded rhetoric seems to have emanated in his acceptance that "his fighters are losing their edge" and certainly a reality which seems to have infiltrated their nefarious camp of terrorists since the December 26th Tsunami.

The frustration in his deeply sentimental proclamation to the media seems perversely apparent as the speculations mount about what motivates such an individual to dispense such imbecilic idealogies and how he would expect his community to support him should his rank and file be decimated.

This case seems an eventuality and a foregone conclusion now that Superpower neighbour India too has indicated a full logistical and all round support for Sri Lanka at any given hour of need! where another confrontation between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Armed Forces seems not only futile towards any rational objective but also ludicrous from any perspective!



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