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Bonding Between The JVP And SLFP Needs To Be Firm And Unshakable!

It seems to be an auspicious sign for the Nation that the two players in the Administrative teledrama which has caused a few national anxieties of late appear to be soft-pedalling in their tones of voices and that there seems to be a degree of conciliation thrown in rather than attempting to stifle each other in the process of policy related matters which should appropriately be towards the collective the good of the Nation rather than in disagreement as the issues purported are undoubtedly critical both towards the existence of the Status Quo as well as the recovery from the Tsunami against many odds sometimes created and often originating from the unscrupulous Opposition Camp.This is no time for internal bickering and to the contrary a time for healing and ironing out of differences where the enemies of the State should not be given the slightest opportunity to gain any advantage towards their own unscrupulous objectives where the Wickremasinghe, Peiris,Senaratne brigade as well as the enclave of the Balasingham, Thamilselvam and Madame Tussad's version of Velupillai Pirapaharan should take note of their shortcomings towards any ambitions in this direction!!

While the issue over which the dissentments arose in the first place seem to be semantically coined and the contestations relative to the coalition agreement of the UPFA between the JVP and the SLFP/MEP and hotly contested by all concerned it seems to a degree petty considering the greater priorities involving the post Tsunami restoration work where differences need to be cast aside, great patience and wisdom needing to be exercised and the initial bonding of the UPFA maintained at all costs as otherwise there may be too many extraneous factors such as the motley array of happy go lucky opposition factions comprising both of the LTTE and the UNP waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce on any Governmental indiscretions and make capital out of it towards their own ends and if the soft sentenced statements of both the JVP and SLFP suggesting that the storm in a teacup is over, it certainly seems grist for a still intact UPFA Mill to continue reinforcing the Nation towards re-building and posterity!
It must indeed be interpreted as a welcome sign where neither party is prepared to risk it's
collapse and plunge the nation into further uncertainty towards the Post Tsunami future
where all the tools seem to be set in place for a complete re-furbishing of a battered nation from the devastations of terrorism as well as the Tsunami and the priority involved monumental!

It has to be acclaimed with confidence that the JVP have been an astute force within the UPFA which has maintained their end of the contract within the coalition where they have always stood for their integrity toward the liberation of the nation from its oppressors as well as being straight as a ramrod in their administrative dealings relative to their commitments as a coalition partner
and have resorted to shooting from the hip at anything irregular and contravening the statutes which maintain the Sri Lankan Constitution which at times seems unpalatable to the major partner in the coalition at leadership level for some incomprehensible reason! but should rest assured that it is indeed in the best interests of the nation , and assimilated fearlessly and resolutely as a fact of the times. The stance of the JVP which all concerned should be thankful for and something the Hon. Minister of Tourism, a fine son of Lanka and a significant cog in the UPFA wheel has always acknowledged as imperative towards the well being of the nation and no bitter pill for others of similar ilk to follow suit through acceptance of its rationale

As an outstanding example of JVP resilience towards principles and rather unfortunately for some however, there has been an unnecessary anomaly in the form of UN Secretary General Koffi Annan's indiscretionary rhetoric in sympathy over the demise of LTTE Terrorist Kaushalyan which appears to be a liberty the UN Secretary General was not entitled to considering the United Nation's stance against Global terrorism and somewhat contradictory which the JVP and its allies have unhesitatingly pointed out and goes to prove that they would spare no pains towards overcoming any adversities created by organizations such as the UN or for that matter Norway, another bucket carrying sycophant for the LTTE as many envision them to be!!

The former who appear to be the latest on the LTTE bandwagon somewhat incredulously has shown a bi-partisan attitude towards the LTTE according to many unwavering political analysts and quite appropriately the JVP have invited attention to the fact and questioned the direction of the UN! This is an attitude the JVP have had no reservations about, which the Nation of Sri Lanka should be thankful for and one which could eventually pave the way for an integrated, terrorist free forceful sovereignity which could once again steer in the positive direction Sri Lanka was headed in prior to the wretched oppression caused by internal armed insurrection lasting many decades and instigated by the LTTE. For which such a high price has been paid to such
little avail!

Ironically the term cohabiting comes to mind as previous instances of a bourgeoise and bureaucratic UNP administration failed in its effort towards cohabiting with the President as the CEO in charge of the nation unflinchingly aligned to her PA policies which was the tour de force in Sri Lanka's redemption at the time and for a second time around a cohabitational situation seems to be of the essence towards Sri Lanka's progress into an opportunistic future from which there should be no looking back if the bonding between the JVP and SLFP is to be firm and unshakable!



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