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Precedent Creating Suggestions About the LTTE By Visiting Lankan Dignitaries To Any Nation Defeats The Objectives Against Global Terrorism!

When a Sri Lankan professor of the Sinhalese community visiting Canada takes the liberty to say that Canada should not ban the LTTE, there seems to be much circumspectly raised eyebrows about where this individual is coming from? Furthermore it make the entire Sinhala Nation aligned towards the cause of permanently ridding Sri Lanka of the vermin the LTTE have proved to be over decades wonder about the credibilities of such individuals and what his sense of patriotism is towards his motherland?

Professor of Law at the Colombo University Rohan Edrisinha,( Not To be Confused With Professor Rohan Gunaratne the International Terrorism expert residing in Scotland) who is also a director of the Centre of Policy Alternatives has said as quoted that the only way to go forward was for the Government and the LTTE to continue to talk to each other, to work out a political solution (understandably so) while Canada should also refrain from listing the Tigers - the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) a no no! - as this is a terrorist organization already condemned and proscribed by nations such as the USA and Great Britain and held in great contempt by superpower neighbours India and Pakistan whose stance against global terrorism has been resolute and irreversable!

While the opinons expressed are personal, it has to be borne in mind that they have been made to the media of a Nation (Canada) accused of harboring the LTTE terrorists ( admitted by their own intelligence sources of which CISIS the Canadian Intelligence Agency, news media particularly the National Post and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who keep constant tabs on LTTE activity within Canada have spoken out predominantly and negatively about the LTTE and yet somewhat perplexingly not seen as a security risk to Canada despite being one to Sri Lanka!) and the comments of this Professor seem to lacking in decorum while also inadvertently promoting the LTTE cause for secession in their native Sri Lanka regardless of the rhetoric at high level which continues to emanate from the Canadian establishment to the contrary. While it is a glaring and obvious reality that Canada is and continues to be a hotbed of LTTE activity whether 'over' or 'under' cover! Professor Edirisingha may be fanning the fires of LTTE direction towards their ultimate goal of Eelam despite whatever his conceived benevolences might be to his Native Sri Lanka.

What he says as interpreted by many discerning analysts is that it also implies that the Sri Lankan Government should bow down to the terrorist outfit and pave the way for division of the country, which might also be viewed by superpower neighbors India and Pakistan as detrimental to the security of the region and needs immediate clarification as to what objectives he had in mind when his pro LTTE sounding statements were made and perhaps reprimanded for posterity.
The LTTE while continuing to recruit cadre for their subversive activities and supplement their resources have been unrelenting towards de-commissioning weaponry, renouncing objectives towards a separate homeland and continue in gay abandon their baseless and hollow rhetoric at times intimidatory yet constantly in the direction of their objectives with impunity and tolerance from a Government which has all the resources and international support towards obliterating their terrorist image within reason.It is also unfortunate that as a result of blatant bipartisan support from the Norwegian peace monitors the SLMM which has been added grist to the LTTE mill, they continue unabated.The LTTE in reality need to be dissuaded, dismantled and scattered should they not agree to a resolution of the ethnic conflict within Sri Lanka presently in a benign state due to the Peace Process and Ceasefire and the longer the stalemate drags on the more apprehensive the Nation of Sri Lanka continues to be when it is truly deserving of the only viable means towards peace which would be the total elimination of the LTTE!

The LTTE have come under increasing pressure recently from many areas of observation about their clandestine activities undercover of the Ceasefire! The Human Rights Watch has strongly criticized the organization for continuing to enlist child soldiers in its cause and there has been much speculation of a secret light aircraft in their possession as a means to carry out further attrocities against the Nation and rather than dealing with the menace they continue to be in a forecful and resolute manner it seems somewhat futile and wishy washy that any further wasted dialogue should be indulged in as this charade of pretence towards a lasting peace seems to have gone on for long enough!
Especially considering the post Tsunami depletions of the LTTE which are fast becoming apparent and the undeniable animosities towards non-representation they face from within their own community, as well as the gathering of internecine enmity against them from within their own rank and file currently eating away in small proportions their infrastructure and a foreboding of things to come! perhaps it is time appropriate to give them an ultimatum to come clean or face the consequences!

Synonymously, the verbosities and pontifications by individuals towards the tolerance of the main source of oppression and antagonism towards the well being of Sri Lanka however intellectual they may be deemed by way of academic status have no place in the real order of things should they turn out to be mere bucket carrying sycophants of the LTTE which to all intents and purposes some of them appear to be where it is percieved that an attempt is being made to create a precedent and a totally unacceptable one as seems to be the case involving Professor Edirisinghe and his comments to the Toronto Star!! Ungainly and unprovoked at best!

There can be no tolerance of any intellectual or other approportioned level of national Representation towards precedent creating suggestionsto any nation if made in favour of a proscribed entity as it would defeat completely the objectives against global terrorism and a point for Professor Ediridinghe to ponder upon!


John Thompson, president of the Mackenzie Institute, told the Special Senate Committee on the Anti-Terrorism Act just this week that the Tamil Tigers, along with Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army, should be placed on the list of recognized terrorist organizations.

He said that Tamil fundraisers in Toronto are raising $2 million to $3 million a month, and that by listing the Tigers, this source of funding would be shut down.

Critics of the government of Paul Martin argue that Ottawa's refusal to do so has more to do with the large number of Tamils living in Liberal constituencies than it does with the Sri Lankan peace process.

However, the government maintains that the Tamil Tigers are necessary contacts if the peace process is to be successful.

Ironically also, a onetime Liberal Cabinet Minister Maria Minna who was involved with LTTE fronting organizations in Toronto a few years ago as participant to fund raising events and let go by the Jean Chretien Government is currently visiting Sri Lanka making many wonder what the objectives of her visit are despite being under the auspices of peace making and goodwill!



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