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Forthcoming Presidential Election Needs To Be A Stepping Stone Towards Disbanding The Terrorists !

As time approaches the much anticipated and now hotly contested Sri Lankan Presidential Election, sadly, it must be emphasized that the intelligence quotient (IQ ) of a once revered President seems to have taken a vacation, even temporarily, at a time when all her resources both mentally and politically need to be mustered towards the uplifting of her successor.

Mahinda Rajapakse whom she now appears to be at loggerheads with over an issue very relevant to the unitarity and security of Sri Lanka which Mr. Rajapakse has emphatically attempted to safeguard through his own sense of patriotism.

Mahinda signed agreements with the JVP and JHU, which seems to have angered both herself and sibling, Foreign Minister together with the rest of the opposition bandwagon of Ranil Wickremasinghe.

This makes the more discerning wonder what it is that motivates their chagrin? It has even resuscitated sleeping sloth such as Jayalath Jayawardena to suddenly rush off into the deep recesses of the Wanni in search of restitution from an unlikely ally the LTTE!

As The President continues her eloquence even at the level of the United Nations about her own concept of Federalism through Pluralism which she says is imperative to the well being of Sri Lanka. This would by her vision involve further conciliatory negotiation with the Terrorist LTTE as though they were the entire representation of the Tamil Community and not an internationally condemned bunch of terrorists.

She also somewhat contradictorily attempts to point out the mendaciousness of the LTTE alluding to their violent nature and appeals to the International Community for help towards rehabilitating them towards Sri Lanka's needs, obviously a lost cause where she appears to have become somewhat disoriented about the real needs of the Nation at this vital juncture of re-electing a President.

She fails to realize that she is not expected to utilize her Executive powers towards her own misconceived notions about what is best for Sri Lanka and that her present foremost obligation to the Nation lies in a collective area involving the well being of its inhabitants which need to be liberated from the oppression they have faced from the LTTE for decades rather than provide means for them to continue their atrocities and projected inroads towards the Eelamization of Sri Lanka any further!

Just days ago she has taken the liberty (if the press reports are accurate ) to suggest that she is the sole authority entitled to oversee who should be Presidential nominee in a somewhat puerile attempt to intimidate her former ally and SLFP nominee Mahinda Rajapakse.

She has emboldened herself to suggest the possibility of an alternative nominee which lends further credibility to her state of disorientation which she is well advised to come to terms with and rescind if true as it would in her best interests lend even a degree of credence and dignity to her outgoing perspective which seems to have been tarnished sadly amongst a greater percentage of the Nation which once loved her and hailed her as a matriarch!

She appears to be showing great reluctance to let go of the reins without a final hurrah! about the authority she once held, thanks to another misguided President who contributed greatly to the imbalance of the status quo and amended the constitution towards an uncontestable supreme authority and a sad reality of the times towards putting the Presidents latest rhetoric into perspective!

What Presidential Candidate Mahinda Rajapakse has done through the signing of the agreement conditional to support from the JVP and JHU towards assuring him victory has been analyzed by many political experts as beneficial towards the integrity and unitarily of Sri Lanka beyond any semblance of doubt where the LTTE would not be palavered to nor their tunes danced to!.which they seem to have got accustomed to through a previous Prime Minister.

The incumbent President who sings a different tune the closer she gets towards her exit from Presidential Power which is probably the reason why the LTTE appear to be campaigning furiously towards an unforeseen Wickremasinghe win!

Although the agreement between Prime Miister Rajapakse and his political allies is being interpreted by some as detrimental to the Nation, particularly by the likes of the President, the Foreign Minister and Leader of the Opposition as it probably throws into limbo their own agendas it is no cause for alarm except in the minds of the rabble rousers and war mongers such as S.P.Thamilselvam and Anton Balasingham to name a few if they would care to put their moneys where their mouths are!

Whilst the policies of a victorious Rajapakse in fact assures further the preservation of State, property, its overall security and a totally different approach towards dealing with the LTTE which does not necessarily suggest a return to hostilities and has merely suggested alternatives to the P-TOMS, The ISGA it has in no way indicated a confrontational attitude with the LTTE as a likely possibility despite some lopsided interpretations!

Very correctly Mahinda Rajapakse and his allies the JVP and JHU are concerned about national conciliations towards the fully armed unrelenting Tamil terrorists and have vowed to prevent a turn of events which would prevent granting any de-facto recognition to them.

The President and her colleague Ranil Wickremesingha seem to care little about this, despite, recent LTTE rumblings about their right to secede unilaterally which is a pile of rubbish if aligned to rational thought and patriotic National resolve through "The Will Of The People By Their Undivided Resolve Towards Maintaining A Nation Shared By All The People Without the Dictates Of Terrorism!"and the projected realities to this theme within the framework of a United Sri Lanka! a huge concern bearing great responsibility for all Sri Lankans in this respect.

One political analyst has envisioned in a most interesting offer to the media that, quote" One third of the land area and two thirds of the coastline handed on a platter to the LTTE will surely be a giant veto power that will dictate to the Central Government towards the detriment of all other citizens. The danger of this is even more amplified when one considers the neighbouring Tamil Nadu State's scandalous interest in the creation of Eelam in Sri Lanka. It is extremely naïve for anyone to think that the Tamil Nadu politicians such and Vaiko are interested in the creation of Eelam for humanitarian reasons such as the welfare of the downtrodden Sri Lankan Tamils rather than a desire to create a sovereign state to house the Tamil racist supremacists of the world. end quote and a very plausible evaluation with plaudits to the writer!

The Forthcoming Presidential Election, therefore, has to be a stepping stone towards disbanding the terrorists and preventing their propagation as an indomitable terror group who through their unrelenting defiant attitude will have only themselves to blame, if their attempts to achieve their contentious ideologies are a wasted effort where the long arm of justice eventually prevails over their apathy, they miss out on the opportunity to lay down arms and join mainstream society and the condemnations from their own community wax rife in the ultimate rejection towards oblivion!



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