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It Needs More Than Lip Service In Dealing With The LTTE Who Are Terrorists And Have No Right To Legal Recognition!

There seems no earthly use of continued lip service towards tolerance preached by any foreign source of authority as the LTTE continue their attrocities in the North and East of Sri Lanka. They simply fall on deaf ears as far as the LTTE are concerned as their attrocities continue while a Ceasefire and Peace Agreement exists and in violation of both which is fast becoming a joke!

It has been reported that the co-chairs of a group monitoring Sri Lanka's peace process during a meeting in Brussels, Belgium has addressed the Tamil Tiger rebels (LTTE) to put an immediate end to violence which continue in Sri Lanka under many guises but always attributable to the LTTE where warning of unspecified serious consequences are said to have been issued according to the latest Reuter's Report.These warnings which need to be more classified and put into perspective on a more tangible basis than rhetoric have not been stipulated specifically towards definition.

This is probably a golden opportunity for these nations who condemn the LTTE to go all out and proscribe them if they already haven't, in conjunction with Sri Lanka also re-proscribing them towards correcting a grievous error committed by the UNP regime of recent past history. Regardless of all the dialogue which takes place about what's best for Sri Lanka, broadcast by various mediators who preach tolerance in the face of grave provocation it would be a very plausible initial step towards quelling the ongoing LTTE attrocities even to some degree.

The latest meeting between the European Union, Norway, Japan and the United States the four co-chairs of a 2003 Tokyo conference on reconstruction and development of Sri Lanka -- has taken place as violence continues in the Tamil-dominated Jaffna peninsula. At least one person has been reported shot and wounded on Monday as Sri Lankan troops and protestors clashed, with each side accusing the other of trying to provoke further violence.
While Norway which continues showing sympathies towards the LTTE as always, cannot be expected to take this stance logically and the United States having already banned the LTTE playing an anchor role, it would be a welcome step if the European Union still on tenterhooks about whether or not to ban them and Japan joined hands towards proscribing the fully armed unrelenting LTTE. It has to be observed critically in favour of proscription that the LTTE have re-opened their sporadic hit and run tactics, setting off land mines and continue their attempts to intimidate the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in an attempt to once again intimidate the well being of the Nation!

The latest address by their leader in hiding (or a theatrical double) the invisible Prabhakaran, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have threatened to resume their two-decade struggle next year unless Colombo comes up with a viable power-sharing blueprint, saying this is its last chance to avert a return to a war in which more than 64,000 people have died.
So what greater mandate do these Countries issuing warnings to the LTTE need towards outright proscription and sending a strong message to back off on their fang baring and incongruous ultimatums regardless of whether or not they might be fangs bared by toothless tigers as the greater implication now rests on securing and defending the Nation of Sri Lanka from its greatest enemies the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam! And how better to do it? than by cornering them and imobilising their effectivities through a clear warning where it would be the Donor Nations and the Nation of Sri Lanka delivering the ultimatums!!

"Interestingly also The co-chairs have condemned the LTTE's enforced boycott of the Presidential election in parts of the North and East, which they allege have deprived Tamil voters of the right to vote and in more stronger terms the recent escalation of violence in the North and East. The co-chairs have ordered the LTTE to put an immediate end to their on-going campaign of violence where the failure to demonstrate a willingness to change would not be without serious consequences. Whatever these consequences are, from a Sri Lankan security standpoint, they need to be applied in a manner which would be felt by the LTTE rather than hot air which continues to fan their deaf ears on a regular basis and would be worthless unless made manifest towards thwarting any ambitions towards their real objectives which needs no rocket science to figure out!

However, delving further into the theme of dialogue and negotiation, the merits of which continue to be debatable as opposed to the application of more stringent and effective means to quell the LTTE( termed draconian by some!) the group of co -chairs has welcomed the Presidential bid towards the Government and LTTE holding talks to review implementation of a ceasefire agreement between the two sides.Something which is now taking on the air of an ongoing revolution of a somewhat eccentric wheel meandering and swaying from side to side not only in indecision but in meaningless direction where the issues which need settling are fast becoming very relative to the illegalities of the LTTE and the Sovereign Democratic Rights of the Sinhala Nation whose Constitutional and Legal Authority is being questioned, needled and hampered by a group of terrorists who have no rights to their existence!

All this on the part of the LTTE whose theatrics extend further in turning down all the viable hosts and venues offered to them while requesting only the LTTE friendly hosts whom they think fit such as Norway and venues conducive towards their security and convenience notwithstanding the adage that beggars whom they have now turned out to be are hardly choosers.! They are no more kingmakers towards establishing the ruling party nor are they the complete representation of the Tamil community and in reality should thank their lucky stars they have come this far towards their tolerance and existence in Sri Lanka.

The rebels have rejected Japan's offer to host peace talks, saying they wanted only to go to peace broker Norway, and that the Government was trying to freeze them out of Europe. The EU has barred LTTE delegations from entry and has said it is considering listing the organisation as a terrorist group, as Britain and the U.S. have. More than 1,000 people marched through Colombo to the European Commission offices ahead of Monday's meeting in Brussels to demand such a listing. Mere consideration by the EU towards proscription is hardly acceptable as a genuine gesture which would further expose the LTTE's categorization as terrorists and the sooner they are made to realise that they cannot continue in their present guise as terrorists the better!



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