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  Despite Presidential Assurances The Nation Could Be On The Verge Of Disaster!
It appears as though the President of Sri Lanka too is now on the verge of granting an unexpected and unwarranted status seen as a pseudo recognition by many, to the Liberation Tigers the LTTE , that of sole representative of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka.
There are many non LTTE supportive Tamils who are irked by this concept and needless to say there will be many questions asked by them as to how the President has had the mandate to make such a contentious decision.

Regardless of her attempts to downplay the LTTE's role in the P-TOMS that as expressed by her repeated broadcasts to the Nation it has no legal binding which would affect the Sovereignity of the Nation, in an almost apathetic disposition she fails to percieve the dangers it would pose to the Nation as it is indeed a granting of legitimacy to the LTTE in order to participate in the P-TOMS and needing Parliamentary assent as well as the approval of the Legislature in order to accommodate the LTTE as participants officially.

This is one of the key issues the JVP has been opposing all along in its vehement opposition to the the proposal saying this would give the (LTTE) legitimacy as the sole representatives of the Tamil people and a possible opportunity for the LTTE to better their objectives towards Eelam as the tell tale signs have been showing for a long time through their many ceasefire violations, child conscriptions, murders of political opponents, the building of airstrips and their overall projections toward supplementing all the means towards secession though the rhetoric is to the contrary and the obviously blinkered vision on the part of the President accepts their singsongs! .

As an uneasy calm prevails in Sri Lanka the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna now appear to be making huge supplementations to their credibilities by their resolve not to back down from opposing the P-TOMS as the climate within the Sinhala Nation appears to have digressed from circumspect questions to a now angry rumbling that what the Government is on the verge of entering into, ably backed by the Foreign Donors and Norway is nothing but a big sell out of Sri Lanka's Sovereignity for which they might have to pay dearly in the long term!

Somewhat curiously and all of a sudden the dialogue of the Kumaratunga camp seems to be leaning towards a soft stance that the LTTE have attended several rounds of peace talks with the Government ( which one? being a good question!) and participated at the Oslo donor conference when all that transpired was a stalemate which not only was somewhat embarrassing for the President through LTTE posturings but also meaningless if the President considered the final outcome of the conferences which were a waste of Taxpayer's Money in any way a success as she recieved a pretty evident snub overall from the LTTE.

And in true opportunustic fashion the LTTE argue that their invitation to participate has been a granting of legitimacy to their organization which exposes much transparencies in present day Government policy as it now continues the same trend of recognition which the previous administration granted to the once proscribed terrorist group now demanding further recognition.If this is not prime administrative bungling at the highest level it certainly portrays a week kneed attitude towards the overall perspective of leniency to a group of fully armed terrorists who have managed to hoodwink the nation's leaders by virtue of their imperceptions when they should be confronted as to how and why they expect servitude from the Government while continuing to remain as terrorists with impunity and a point the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna have been trying to make for a long time.

The JVP withdrawal of support for the UPFA needless to say, should the fences not be mended fast will have the expected ramifications for the Nation as well as the ruling party as already the first cracks appear to be surfacing with the latest scenario in the Provincial Councils which the JVP appear to in fair command of and perhaps a sign of things to come relative to where the UPFA is headed politically and administratively. A disaster !
The latest Western Province resignation of an incumbent Government Representative perhaps signals further perils in store for an already shaky UPFA who just might end up clutching at straws from the UNP and TNA Camp in a somewhat futile manner.In the face of all the goings on the President is reported to have recomennded proroguing the Provincial Councils which is by no means a positive sign at all towards the well being of her integrity!

Needless to say as an aftermath to the JVP pullout, in the face of many administrative insecurities they are bound to be faced with, the SLFP and other mediators on behalf of the President now have their work cut out in their reconciliatory attempts to get back JVP support for the UPFA Government as the Prime Minister in a valiant attempt to convince the JVP to return to the fold is reported to be still in the process of negotiations.Thus far the JVP have been non committal and have shown no signs of responding to the negotiations by the Government where their stand remains defiant that they will not waver unless the P-TOMS is either rescinded or re-structured at best but should the current trend continue it may be curtains for the UPFA towards continuing in power as there seems to ne a strong patriotic surge within the Nation that the majority of the Sinhala Nation are behind the JVP and the JHU in their stand against the P-TOMS! which will decide the direction the Nation is headed politically and administratively regardless of assurances by the President that all seems to be in order and that there's no cause for concern!

A once famous emperor of an all powerful Empire too was known to have expressed similar sentiments to his subjects prior its destruction and it is hoped some remedial action would be taken towards averting the destruction the Nation of Sri Lanka might face through similar circumstances due to Presidential neglect tantamount to apathy !



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