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Should A Clear Cut Government Policy Incorporate The Inclusion Of Karuna's Support Towards A Better Nation?

November 23rd 2006

Perhaps it's time for the Government of Sri Lanka to stop beating about the bush in dancing to the tunes of Foreign Aid donors and embarking on a clear cut policy conducive to the proper resolution of Sri Lanka's woes(many and varied ) and perhaps time appropriate also for certain pundits to cease harping on antiquated Stalinist, Leninist and Lincolnian dogma as draconian and let the Administration shove its pragmatism on the back burner and get on with the job of eliminating terrorism in Sri Lanka for as long as the LTTE terrorists refuse to relent their criminalities with whatever means it takes as otherwise the only accomplishment one can envision for this troubled nation is a never ending bellyaching by the self styled Pundits and the continuity of the LTTE terrorists who really have no right to exist within the nation as an acceptable entity.

Their muffled voice engines continue to maintain a defiance which is unrealistic towards any closure, attempt at every turn to promote their own survival and in so doing reject any reasonable offers put forth by the Administration almost in mockery while the blinkered world audience looks on! It is a quest for closure that the GOSL faces as the biggest challenge and while accomplishing this is no mean task it still needs deliberation as to whether or not bending to the will of proscribed terrorists is an option at all.
As an alternative to a continued military option however there seems to be another which stems from the reasoning of another Tamil Faction joined iin unison by many voices from within the Tamil Community which are being heard as of late over the LTTE cacophony asserting their non existent rights towards any restitution and voices loud and clear in favour of rejecting the Eelamist goal of Tiger separatists and well worth a listen.The noteworthy aspect of these voices stems from the indelible conviction of an anti Wanni LTTE taskforce which has grown in stature relative to acceptable sincerities as opposed to the con artistry of the LTTE and their own pathetic supportives and are pursuing a more realistic approach on behalf of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka where denouncing terrorism and violence as the credo adopted by Velupillai Prabhakaran stands out for its prime importance and an alternative to a military solution.

Case in point being that the Government has two options if viewed in the proper perspective!
Perhaps Sri lanka is at a historic cross roads where a Nation preserving choice has to be made towards accepting the proposals of the now internationally known Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) also known as the Karuna Group where its leader Muralitharan popularly known as Col.Karuna has appealed to the major parties in the democratic mainstream within Sri Lanka to accept their presence as a viable democratic entity representing the Tamil community of Sri Lanka and has offered the Administration a very logical and rational means towards ending their war against Prabhakaran’s oppressive regime and finding a "political solution that could fulfill the fundamental rights and political aspirations of the Tamil people within a United Sri Lanka and a very admirable suggestion to say the least! This could easily set off a chain reaction amongst a vast contingent of Prabhakaran supportives said to be totally disgusted with their commissions within the impure enclave towards switching camps in favour of Karuna but for the present perhaps wishful thinkning albeit no impossibility!
It also appears to be a welcome change provided their assertions are heard and accepted as a political entity far removed from the insincerities of the TNA (LTTE proxy) who once pussyfooted their way illegally into parliament to take up the cause of the mainstream LTTE ( fast weakening in their effectivity and presence of any credibility in Parliament!) and are finding their Waterloo at every turn of their political existence as a non credible and untrustworthy entity which blasphemes its way towards proclaiming an illicit dogma and are being shamefully exposed for their indiscretions and there are many in hindsight who now believe the Karuna loyalists may be the balm necessary for Sri Lanka provided their presence is utilised with prudence.

Waxing strongly on the proclamation "We no longer wish to associate with arms and weapons, or to cause destruction and death by continuing a meaningless armed struggle by associating with goals that are impossible to accomplish. The weapons that we carry today are only temporary" while boldly and very convincingly rejecting also the claim of the Wanni Tigers that "they are the sole representatives of the Tamils," Karuna's TMVP has stated in a major policy statement that no political solution can come without their participation and given the circumstances there appears to be sound reasoning towards hearing out their idealogies in favour of this claim as the better alternative to negotiating with the Wanni tigers who merit every aspect of complete annihilation and elimination either militarily or even conceptually through banishment, incarceration by every conceivable means and societal ostracism as a bunch of worthless pariahs as opposed to the felines they name themselves after!
Needless to say at present the Karuna faction is involved in a categorically covert campaign not necessarily through peaceful means towards suppressing their LTTE countrerparts and doing a pretty good job of it and in so doing extending a helping hand towards containing the Wanni tigers whos very cores of existence it is said are shaken at the mere mention of Karuna's name particularly in the case of Velupillai Prabhakaran who is said to be deepening the bunker he is hiding in, by way of excavation, with an exit leading out to the fringes of the Indian ocean in case the need arises for a quick getaway and perhaps into the waiting arms of the Indian Authorities, Interpol and the long arm of the law!

This campaign which they (the KF) have termed "a temporary armed struggle towards preserving the unity of the nation and in support of their majority brethren (an obvious reference to the Sinhalese) from the repression and murderous frenzy of Prabhakaran's conscienceless killers from their viewpoint entails goals which they see as accomplishable in the best interests of all Sri Lankans whether acceptable by the mainstream Sinhalese or not but to maintain vehemently that they have rescinded the pursuit of'Eelam' as a goal that cannot be achieved seems cause enough to be deserving of acceptance as a group whose benevolent aspects could blossom towards an eventually peaceful terrorist free Sri Lanka.

And the response of general admiration by the Sinhalese towards someone whose open declaration of sincerity towards a peaceful Sri Lanka could never be hypothetical anymore when one analyses the importance Karuna's unequivocal proclamation that, " Because 'Eelam' is an outcome of nationalistic chauvinism and against our brethren, we opted out of it. We are not prepared to negotiate or struggle for meaningless and practically impossible issues such as 'separation' and 'self state'.“We expect a political solution that could fulfill the fundamental rights and political aspirations of our people within the united Sri Lanka. That solution should satisfy not only our people but also the Sinhala and Muslim brothers. The people of all nationalities should live fearlessly and peacefully in their motherland. This is our firm stand." to which it must be said Bravo Karuna!
One cannot help feeling a twinge of comfort needing to be taken from the mindset of a once belligerent fighter,coerced into forced aggression under threat and duress induced by the criminalities of a heinous brute such as Prabhakaran, that there just might arise the conscience that is truly needed to liberate Sri Lanka from her real enemies!

The question is, will all Tamils with the exception of the sensible ones respond to Karuna's dialogue which to all intents and purposes seems capable of delivering the goods by way of overwhelming the LTTE both morally and psychologically given the opportunity and also needing to be well co-ordinated toweards acceptance? which if they don't according to many analysts would be to their great disadvantage and detriment!

As the Old Saying Goes~"Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained!" perhaps.



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