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Latest Norwegian-LTTE Posturing In Kilinochchi Seems To Have A Familiar Hollow Ring To It!

With respect to the latest developments in Sri Lanka as an aftermath of the Tsunami devastations affecting all communities which have suffered extensive damage, despite what some analysts may believe is a negative response by the Government of Sri Lanka which appears resigned to the existence of the LTTE in their terrorist guise, perhaps also fatigued and bedraggled as an aftermath of the Tsunami, the Peace Process mirrored as 'the proverbial roasting jack seed' appears to have been once again entrusted to the capabilities of puerile intermediary Norway 'the cat' towards extricating it from the fires of remission it now rests in with some irony as the latest pro LTTE brigade of Norwegian Intermediaries perhaps better
labelled as some skeptics do as interferers given their past track record of pro LTTE dabbling, met with their adulated blue eyed terrorist boys of Sri Lanka in Killinochchi with no Government representation .The theatrical pageant which seems to be how many Sri Lankans have percieved it, also featured the re- surfacing of, ' once thought to be dead' rebel head honcho Velupillai Pirapaharan who has not been claimed by the Tsunami after all and a good time was apparently had by all. His sidekick Pottu Amman however is still unheard of!
The intermingling of the Petersens, Solheims, Helgesens etc etc with the Balasinghams,Thamilselvams,Soosais et al appears to have renewed the strength of the LTTE rhetoric where it has been reported that there was an immediate condemnation of the Sri Lankan Government by the terrorists who despite the beatings they seem to have taken as a result of the Tsunami catastrophe appear to show no ill effects at least of their verbal capabilities now that their barkings about renewed aggression have softened probably due to the heavy losses the Tsunami has inflicted on their fighting machine both in areas of equipment as well as personnel and perhaps time the Sri Lankan Authorities paid greater attent to the realities of their depletions and evaluated this to be an opportune time to effectively deal with a disoriented enemy in a manner which would eliminate their oppression to Sri Lanka as a threat to her sovereignity and territorial integrity where some planning and manouvering would be involved as the ruling entity towards a strategic move.

This conclusion is based purely on informnation about conflicting reports of accusations by the LTTE that the Government of Sri Lanka is utilizing Tsunami Aid towards weapons purchases, a blatant baseless lie based on conjecture and speculation but something which could also be interpreted as a diversion or a smokescreen of intent to distract all concerned from their own activities towards their survival as reports of light aircraft with Kamikazi type capabilities have been sighted in LTTE inhabited territory making practise runs which appears to have caused some apprehensions within the Status Quo albeit the response which appears somewhat lukewarm to the presence of an overall security threat which would be the ultimate concerns of the Nation and needs to be viewed with real intent towards countering if it is indeed a threat.After all does not the LTTE carry a reputation as being a stop at nothing outfit still armed and dangerous even to a degree ?

There have been many derogatory inferences by the likes of Velupillai Pirapaharan and re-incarnated idealogue Anton Balasingham made manifest through their rhetoric which has not been complimentary towards Government efforts at providing aid to the North and East of Sri Lanka purported to be under LTTE control whether or not this is true, while the reality of the Goverment's effort has been genuinely appreciated and broadcast to the world as very positive and unbiased contrary to LTTE rhetoric intended to undermine it.

Perhaps it is fast becoming a fact of life in Sri Lanka that the impure designs of the LTTE combined with the bi-partisan support they get from Norway does not augur well towards a realistic approach to peace as all it has done thus far is provide a platform towards a continued existence of the LTTE , an internationally proscribed terror group who instead of being dismantled and dispersed for their criminalities may well be planning an attempt to catch the Sri Lankan Authorities unaware as all the harranguing and bellyaching by the parties involved in the present coming together of LTTE and Norwegian personnel with no Govermental representation nor a mandate for the LTTE as overall representatives of the Tamil community only continue to transport a meaningless charade.

An interesting comment has been made by the Norwegian representative Hilde Johnson who had been part of the recent Norwegian delegation to Kilinochchi that the LTTE need to be given access to direct aid relief finances and a greater autonomy towards handling their end of the crisis at a time when they are in all probabilities desperately looking to rebuild their war chest , armed personnel and resources which they hardly conceal as a priority at times and due a show of bi-partisan leaning by Norway it seems preposterous that such an entity has been re-invited to take up the Peace negotiations when all they might be doing is supplementing LTTE confidences towards justifying their claims to the North and East of Sri Lanka while arrogantly naming it their Tamil Homeland which is a misconception at best and a felt need for the Government to restore and fortify what rightfully belongs to all Sri Lankas by way of Sovereignity and Territory and primarily as part of the Sinhala Nation by whatever means available to them.
Given the stark reality that the LTTE have virtually become an intolerable entity within Sri Lanka and the end theoretically at least, justifies the means towards intolerance as in the case of eliminating 'vermin' where the terminology could be transposed to that incorporating terrorists and the continued tolerance perhaps meaningless! The real question then becomes whether or not this could be effected by peaceful means and would re -open a can of worms cross referencing it negatively to the Peace which has lasted close to 3 years now! a catch 22 situation and a dilemma for the administration undoubtedly!

Sadly the LTTE and their supportives have not made use of an opportunity towards a pluralistic approach in resolving the ethnic divide and continue their pretences about their sense of assumed righteousness towards their own community through continued lies and innuendo while probably believing in their succeses towards secession and dividing Sri Lanka where perhaps it might be appropriate for the majority ruling party to take the reins in an effort towards asserting their democratic and sovereign rights while enlisting all the present anti terrorist agencies commited towards eliminating global terrorism at a time when the LTTE terrorist entity unrelenting as they are towards their terrorist cause have very little cause or means towards justifying their actions or existence and a two pronged effort towards rebuilding Tsunami Ravaged Sri Lanka in restoring sanity and order into many disrupted lives. While asserting overall authority within Sri Lanka where mediations with unrelenting terrorists could further jeopardize Sri Lanka's Integrity and afford an internationally condemned band of terrorists and their interpol wanted criminal leader safe haven in reality they have no real rights towards their existence!

There are strong believers in the merits of jetissoning Norway from further involvement in Sri Lanka's peace process with a viable alternative in mind towards communicating with Sri lankan Tamils unaffiliated to terrorists with no mean abnormalities surrounding the concept. There are suggestions by this same school of thought towards enlisting and engaging all the anti Pirapaharan forces available towards a seek and apprehend mission in pursuing international legal accords in an all out effort to initiate and bring about justice while avenging all the harm done to two Sovereign Nations and discarding all the futile efforts of the present negotiations which short of ridiculing Sri Lanka rights as a Sovereign Democratic Nation seems a wasted effort based on the latest posturing involving Norway and the LTTE which seem to have a familiar hollow ring to it!



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