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Perplexities Of The Joint Mechanism And The Non Entitlement Of LTTE Participation

There seems to be many unanswered questions regarding the Joint Mechanism for Tsunami Relief. Predominantly, why is there such a paramount importance attached to appeasing the LTTE terrorists and their participation when the greater priority points towards alleviating the sufferings of the general public in the areas affected regardless of their ethnicities, political leanings, social status and only taking into consideration their identities as law abiding ciitizens.

The Joint Tsunami in fact should be a joint effort by the Government, the relief agencies, the armed forces and the affected victims excluding implicitly the LTTE terrorists who have no claim to any restitution based on their terrorist image and identities as ruthless criminals who have not thus far renounced their terrorist intentions.

Their arrogance and audacity continues to be reflected in their latest rhetoric, forcible youth conscriptions, ceasefire violations, hartals and internecine conflict within their own community and to add insult to injury are now going about constructing a small aircraft landing and takeoff capable airstrip in a secluded part of the Wanni.

Perhaps an assignment for the Sri Lankan Air Defence to search and destroy in guarding and asserting Sovereign Sri Lankan Territory.It is in fact a violation of the Peace Process that it has been constructed and a full entitlement for the Sri lankan Authorities to initiate its nonfunctionability.

It is also quite perplexing as to why the relief work which had begun in earnest and initially carried out equitably by many Government Departments, international and local relief organizations, the Armed Forces and even the general public who pitched in with their undivided efforts with no expectations of recognition or compensation cannot continue without any labelling or titles attached to it.

Is there a darker side to the Presidential urgencies suggesting an agenda beyond the perception of the average citizen of Sri Lanka involving the root of all evil , money if the form of pledged donor aid which may be visualised as compromisable if the LTTE are by some inconceivable rationale not involved ?

Mythical by way of conception at best if there is even a semblance of truth to this rationale as there should be no pre-conditions involving the LTTE towards the receiving of Donor Aid, has never been stipulated as such by the donors and should not be used as a bargaining tool to appease the terrorists and entice them towards a so called lasting peace which would be a pipe dream at best to those concerened.

Was it not the governmental response, the armed forces, the relief organizations and the general public that responded post haste to help the people as well as the terrorists in the first few weeks of the disaster when the terrorist outfit was in disarray.

Perhaps regrettable in hindsight that the honorable disregard by the Armed Forces to initiate immediate mopping up operations to negate the capabilities of the terrorists in Mullattivu at a most opportune time has come back to haunt all of peace loving Sri Lanka.

If the relief operations thereby initiated through rapid deployment worked without any fault at its inception and are working smoothly upto now as observed by many independent sources.

Why it should be handed over to any terrorist participation despite the rhetoric which spews from the likes of their spokespersons such as Anton Balasingham. S.P.Thamilselvam etc who know perfectly well that their claims to be included in the Joint Mechanism are unfounded and unjustifiable and is a travesty of justice within the democratic institutions set in place constitutionally within Sovereign Sri Lanka.

Therefore it would stand to very good reason that the opposition to the Joint Tsunami venture involving the LTTE, and their participation, from many viable sources within the Nation being broadcast in no uncertain terms inexorably true within the perspective of Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Teritorial Integrity and the freedoms of her peace loving law abiding citizens from every walk of life which refutes terrorism! Grant the LTTE any leeway and bingo! one can rest assured they will be off to a flying start towards re-constructing their platform for Eelam all over again!

Sadly, what appears to have begun in all sincerity seems to have become trulty complicated purely because it involves the LTTE and consequently, as expected, there has arisen much national opposition to this not only from Coalition Partner the JVP but also the Jathika Hela Urumaya, important sections of the High Buddhist Clergy, many minority communities, predominantly the Muslims, non LTTE supportive Tamils and various other sources of discerning repute. All indicating dissention and the dangers involved in conciliation to the LTTE as a harbinger to impending doom involving fully armed unrelenting terrorists, permitting them access not only to the vulnerabilities of the Nation but also to the entire region of South Asia.

The LTTE, it has to be logically concluded, have never shown sincerity towards the welfare of the people living in the occupied areas other than to be their scourge in forcing them to respond to all their mendacious demands such as extortion, child conscription, rebuilding their insurgent means and growing bolder in how they meander to a vast audience. As though they have any legitimate right to do so with the sole objective being their well known pursuit of secession at any cost whether it be through orchestrated theatrics, blackmail or the barings of now weakened fangs now that their insurrection days appear to be a far cry from reality given their debilitations!

It has become very apparent that all the LTTE now want is to hinder to a maximum the Government agencies involved in the reconstruction and rehabilitations activities in the so called LTTE controlled areas in the event that the Government does not bend to their will and in the eyes of the more discerning both nationally and internationally the Joint Tsunami Mechanism is fast becoming a joke.

A bargaining tool for the LTTE on one hand and possibly an imagined olive branch by presidential perception where neither seems to be the case and the victims of the Tsunami further victimised by both Governmental and Terrorist indiscretions!

In the best interests of Sri Lanka the Joint Mechanism in is present format should be discontinued towards involving the LTTE and a newly designed means to distribute Tsumani Aid as proposed by Coalition partner JVP and supportives where the major recipients and beneficiaries should be the civilians affected and none other.

It may be a difficult accomplishment given the circumstances of illegaly annexed territory in the North and East by the LTTE but an exercise in efficiency, strategy and astute maintenance of Sovereign Authority by the Government of Sri Lanka which the LTTE would undoubtedly have to face in the not too distant future. Fait Acompli in the end towards a lasting peace !



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