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Electing Ranil As President Would Be Casting Sri Lanka To Damnation !

Having weathered many storms of adversity Sri Lanka is today poised to send one of her proudest sons into the high office of Executive National President.Through a Mahinda Rajapakse victory at the forthcoming elections , the Sinhala Nation contrary to the beliefs of her adversaries such as the pockets of Tamil diaspora overseas will be transforming the uncertainties which prevailed in the country for decades from being tentative and circumspect in as far as the future is concerned into one with much promise towards posterity and in doing so maintaining the legacy of fallen great Lakshman Kadirgamar and all the peers before him who sought for the freedoms of all communiities at the perils of their own existences and sometimes paid the ultimate price.

There should be no speculations about the other front runner for the post of President. Ranil seems more of a shot in the dark by his camp as far as the Sinhala Nation is concerned that is makes some of the more discerning within the Nation wonder at the man's self confidence and what it might be based on other than his own obstreperous ego given the man's bleak track record while the desperation with which he approaches what many see as a futile and losing effort becomes more and more apparent!

While his supportive reactionaries especially from segments of Tamil diaspora ,the Wanni LTTE and their parliamentary proxies prance in unison to a cacophonic staccato of meaningless jargon about his attributes, it is becoming quite obvious that he is not the candidate most likely to steer Sri Lanka through the administrative and economic turbulences ahead with his 'Bull In A Chinashop Attitude' , corporate and other forms of thuggery at times surreptitiously backed by a brooding and clucking mother hen of an outgoing President seemingly clutching at straws towards her own survival, while the better choice for president his opposite number Rajapakse takes his stance in the best interests of the Nation. It has to be conceded that Wickremasinghe has had his chances and cast them to the winds in bartering and gambling with the enemies of the Nation towards his own mendacious and power hungry means !

Contrary to the belief of some of the Ranil Wickremasinghe supportive dreamers, the elections,will be a contest between an also ran, Ranil Wickremasighe and President Elect Mahinda Rajapakse, supported by the Sinhala Nation whose patriotic fervour alone as displayed by the JVP, JHU, Sinhala Urumaya, and sections of the SLFP which has consumed the Sinhala Nation with a huge surge of adulation for him is the credence and strength towards his victory. The eventuality will probably be a fizzling out of effervescence in the Wickremasinghe camp and champagne cork popping euphoric jubilation in that of Rajapakse and the Nation!

Recent statistics have indicated that a majority of the Sri Lankan diaspora including many Tamils and Muslims, from various parts of the globe are supporting Mahinda Rajapakse as the better choice for President together with the Rajapakse supportive Sinhalese and other communities within Sri Lanka who according to projections will totally overwhelm and run into ground the UNP and Ranil Wickremasinghe who it is rumored is already looking for viable options to stem this surge for Rajapakse.The Tamil support is said to come from the more discerning and practical Tamils including those in the North and East of Sri Lanka who want no part of the LTTE hegemony already present in a pseudo, de-facto guise and related intimidations which at times runs from the sublime to the ridiculous related to the legitimacies involved.The Muslim support for Rajapakse stems from their mistrust in the LTTE based on their sufferings in the North and East and the many instances of broken election pledges delivered towards Muslim liberation and protection from the ethnic cleansings, displacement from their homes and abject suffering at the hands of the LTTE which no Wickremasinghe regime ever substantiated tangibly!

To those in circumspect speculation about the mood of the Sinhalese masses who have suffered intensely from the ravages of LTTE initiated attrocities Mahinda will be their unanimous champion as Ranil wickremasinghe has leaned too far in the direction of the terrorists in his attempt to secure power at any cost which has not gone unnoticed by the masses. It has earned him the dubious and ignominious title of 'Sinhala Traitor' ready to pawn the birthrights of the the Sinhala people and what chances of victory within a Nation of angered Sinhalese people would such an individual have?

It is a idealogy fast gathering momentum that in choosing Mahinda Rajapakse as President, the Sinhalese will be setting right many UNP indiscretions about National Security which has been compromised by the turning of a blind eye to the LTTE in return for their collaboration expected by a Presidency seeking Wickremasinghe whose efforts if succesful in a worst case scenario and unforeseable at present would be detrimental to the Sinhala Nation which is more than likely to be cast into a damnation far worse that at the time of Don Juan Dharmapala's betrayal of Ceylon to her colonial enemies.



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