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The Coming Together Of Indian And Sri Lankan Policy With Respect To LTTE Terrorism Carries A Clear Message!

November 27th,2008
Very significantly for Sri Lanka the Indian Government's recent assertion that the LTTE is a lethal terrorist outfit needs to be interpreted as a death knell to the LTTE's existence! While this comes at a time when everything points to the LTTE terrorist group's demise in Sri Lanka, it also sends out a clear warning to all supporters of terrorism in any form anywhere in the world irrespective of the LTTE being close to elimination but most importantly conveys a message to 'the enemy within', relative to Sri Lanka as well as India where specifically the verbose Tamil Nadu politicians of the likes of Karunanidhi and Vaiko to name a few ringleaders who constantly agitate on behalf of the terrorists while using their own interpretations of the imagined plight of ' imperiled' Tamil people which is falsely portrayed to suit their convenience and their support of the LTTE while also intended to misinform the more gullible of the world whose knowlege of the goings on in Sri Lanka are either very minimal or non existent .

It needs to be greatly emphasized that any dealings with such a terrorist groups could be deadly and counterproductive to democracy to quote a recent news bulletin in the Sri Lankan Guardian and comes at a time when India has been thunderstruck by the vicious terror attack in Mumbai.

It may be a good idea in hindsight therefore to be very watchful of these sycophants named previously towards incarceration, long imprisonment and any apropriate punitive steps taken by the authorities to stifle these terrorist proactive elements with their deliberately pro terrorist rhetoric who continue to broadcast on behalf of the LTTE while using the Tamil people's imagined peril as an excuse.

In an almost psychic manner of anticipation and coinciding with the terror that struck India today The Indian Government's assertion relative to LTTE terrorist activities in saying thatTamil Nadu politicians should be mindful of the LTTE killing machine and that there is also the threat of the increasing complexity of “extremism” and “terrorism” in India which the Indian media had highlighted recently. This dangerous trend threatening the very foundations of the Indian Union, has constantly been presented by various media almost with premonititive anticipation and today India is in turmoil where there could be parallel repercussions to Sri Lanka said with no imagined anticipation but the realities of past events.

Sadly as a consequence of unheeded warnings perhaps by various perceptive sources of the dangers as well as lax security, the Indian Government is now in the midst of coming to terms with dealing with the carnage in Mumbai and there seems to be a bizarre interpretation needed to be made to this relative to Sri Lanka which the Sri Lankan Administration should also be more than mindful of with respect to the security of Colombo and all Sri Lankan cities and town for as long as the LTTE terrorists exist.It also needs to be emphasized that certain agitators whose rhetoric in distractive guise albeit terrorist supportive poses a huge threat to the entire region of South Asia as portrayed through the tragedy in Mumbai.

While it is too early to speculate whether the LTTE had any direct hand in the carnage in India or whether it was in joint collaboration with Al Quaeda et al, there is a sinister ring to the events in India which points to the grim reality that nothing seems secure in dealing with the terrorists should they be permitted to exist in any form or guise. It also becomes painfully aware that any source, group or individual promoting their cause adds to their morale that they have a cause for their existence and operations and time appropriate that the world unites to snuff out terrorism with no quarters given and none asked! A time for Indian agitators on behalf of the LTTE and other supportives of Sri Lankan terrorism to be warned in conjunction with the Indian Government's assertion that they are in close scrutiny of all their activities for which there could be dire reprisals.

Terrorism today has raised more than its ugly head in the very diverse forms it now presents itself globally but one thing is uncannily apparent about this wretched aberration of mankind! it is completely destructive and of no beneficial means whatsoever to the continued well being of mankind and anyone deluded into beleiving that it could be a means of liberation needs to be psychiatrically evaluated but prior to that incarcerated and put through the motions of the punitive entitlemets they have acquired through their apathetically fanatic obsessions.

In this respect both the Indian and Sri Lankan Governments are headed in the right direction towards ridding the world of a scourge which threatens all mankind and woe be unto anyone who dares to contradict this!



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