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A Welcome Alternative To The Idealogies Of The Pirapaharan Brigade !

Perhaps there would be great hindsight in heeding the entreaties of the breakaway LTTE Leader of the East- Col Karuna towards granting him legitimate political recognition as well as acknowledging him to be a true and dedicated representation of law abiding freedom loving Tamils in Sri Lanka as opposed to the corrupt, criminally laible and insurgent mainstream LTTE whose one time leadership of Velupillai Pirapaharan seems to have evaporated into oblivion or dispersed over some unknown horizon and replaced by SP Thamilchelvam and a few other sycophants of the same mendacious LTTE bandwagon which in reality has no claim to true overall Tamil Representation regardless of how hard they try as the tools they seem to carry as proof of this claim seem virtually non existent beyond threats, intimidations and misconceived force which too may be beyond the norm of reality and borders more on theatrics conjecture and innuendo especially after their post tsunami depletions!!

If analysed objectively the testimony of once belligerent and now moderate Karuna (whose real name is V. Muralitharan) rings true that it is indeed a false notion to believe that the mainstream LTTE are the 'True Representatives' of the Tamils where he has urged the Sri Lankan Government to consider inviting his group of breakaway faction LTTE moderates to the peace table on behalf of all Sri Lankan Tamils which undoubtedly will not digest within the mainstream LTTE nor their worldwide diaspora of supportives, and acceptance of this request posing a catch 22 situation for the Administration having two LTTE factions to deal with but yet a viable and logical opportunity provided perhaps towards a choice of which group merits the greater recognition towards the well being of Sri Lanka! A choice which probably needs to be made on the consensus that there are greater peace loving and moderate Tamils within Sri lanka who want no part of the Pirapaharan idealogies to govern their existence and freedom than there are Eelam friendly mainstream LTTE supportive Tamils who may soon be reaching for a bushel to hide under as their meanderings and vacillations depicting the transparencies of their impure objectives become more and more apparent by the day and the credibilities of Karuna or V.Muralitharn gain greater momentum and strength as the voices in favour of Karuna within his own Tamil community appear to grow louder in his favour!

There also seems great credence to the intensity with which Karuna has depicted peace facilitators Norway as partisan and worthless by virtue of what little they have accomplished or contributed towards a real and lasting peace within Sri Lanka which though presently benign still remains in circumspect impasse with a bit of mainstream LTTE sabre rattling taking place occassionally to promote the uncertainties of the direction Sri Lanka is headed relative to a lasting peace and there seeems to be great wisdom in the suggestion to discontinue Norway's further participation while inviting Superpower neighbour India to take over Norway's Role ( a matter of selective choice for India naturally) and one which could have far reaching ramifications for the mainstream LTTE as India is still in the hunt for Velupillai Pirapaharan for his role in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination where perspectives over the peace issue could change for the better from a Sri Lankan as well as a regional standpoint if the mainstream LTTE are coralled and disposed of once and for all.

An endearing presentation of intent by this probable future leader of all peaceloving Sri LankanTamils towards their solace and destiny within a more pluralistic and tranquil existence in a homeland common to all Sri Lankans appears to attest to the calibre of the man who continues to provide assurances to his community as well as all rational and tolerant Sri Lankans at the end of their tether with the mainstream LTTE that despite the obstacles he faces, he is determined to pursue a moderate path towards a lasting peace within Sri Lanka and lends much credence towards the expectation that in him Sri Lanka could easily perceive a true champion who is capable of vanquishing Pirapaharan's LTTE and gaining much political ground towards the acceptance of his credentials as the leader of his community and probably justifies all the support in whichever feasible way it could be provided towards his strategies directed at upstaging his internecine LTTE rivals provided it does not give too much leeway for freedoms defeating the cause towards a pluralistic Sri Lanka or disrupts the existing Ceasefire and Peace Process which by no means is a cakewalk towards accomplishment for the incumbent administration through letting Karuna unleash uncontrolled fury against his internecine rivals and to the contrary needs to be a planned,smooth functioning operation involving the recognition of the appropriate Tamil representation where dialogue and mediation should take pride of place and be of the essence towards proper resolution!

That the expectations of a politically correct Tamil representation towards plurality distanced from anarchy, insurgency and hinged on the legitimacies governing the rights towards existence of all Sri Lankans provided within the Constitution could emerge from the rivalry within the LTTE seems a fair prospect in the not too distant future if the demeanor of Karuna is to be accepted as a sign of the times towards the progresss and well being of Sri Lanka and perhaps a welcome alternative to the idealogies of the Pirapaharan brigade!



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