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The Timing Of JVP Dissentions Within The Administrations Inopportune And Inauspicious!

This is a very inauspicious time for any internal crises within the ruling coalition in Sri Lanka the UPFA if rumbles by the JVP are to be interpreted as a pointer. Neither is this a time for political blackmail or character assassination of the President for her attempt to bring in some moderation and conciliation towards the LTTE at a time when their ineffectivities towards aggression stand out crystally clear and the President has perhaps taken an opportunistic attitude which might be the best thing for the Nation from various standpoints including the signals sent out to the international community where healing wounds and patching up ethnic differences towards a greater harmony if feasible without compromise might turn out to be the better option as it would not only consolidate the Peace which is now headed towards a third year but ensure the legacy of this President as one who has permanaently disposed of an ethnic discord which has lasted for decades with a heavy toll in lives and property if she becomes the architect of the desperately sought after permanent peace in Sri Lanka which she probably well deserves.
The reports coming out of the JVP camp about warnings to the President and the SLFP that they would have no trepidations about quitting the UPFA Alliance based on their interpretations that she has made unilateral and short sighted decisions indicate a somewhat myopic view and irresponsible attitude by the big guns of the JVP themselves whose timing to bellyache about breaches of agreements between the JVP and SLFP is very inopportune as the priorities facing the Nation struggling to rebuild after the horrors of the Tsunami take a far greater precedence than reasons for internal political bickering which may appear to be in need of resolution but should nevertheless be transfered to a back burner at least for the time being as National unity is of the essence towards success of the rebuilding of post Tsunami Sri Lanka which must incorporate all its etchnicities and political parties together with every resource available towards the cause.

The JVP discord over the Government's handling of emergency Tsunami relief and the proposed rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts on the basis that the existing mechanisms in place wouldn’t be adequate to meet the gigantic task at hand seems to be an overreaction based on needless paranoia as the Government's effort towards Tsunami relief has been highly commendable where even the LTTE who despite some initial bickering have conceded that the Government effort supported immensely by the many countries participating in the Aid Program has been fair and impartial which speaks much for the reality of it all where the tasks are gargantuan and back breaking and some graciousness needed towards commendation rather than criticism based on ego and a need for recognition and it must be reiterated that all of this animosity has to be shelved in the best interests of the Nation .

While the JVP seems opposed to the LTTE being given a pivotal role in a high powered rehabilitation committee which seems understandable from their standpoint that the LTTE was taking advantage of the crisis triggered by the Tsunami to secure recognition despite it being an internationally proscribed terrorist organisation, perhaps there needs to be a greater emphasis towards at least a conditional importance of LTTE participation in the rebuilding of Sri Lanka if the condition is relative to the decommissioning of weapons. waiving off separatist idealogies and a turn around of attitudes which might indicate a positive response towards plurality and the need to lay down differences towards working for the common cause if indicated by the LTTE but in order to get such a response, the opportunity must be provided to them rather than snuffing them out completely which is what the President to all intents and purposes is probably trying to accomplish and deserves much support if Sri Lanka is to get back onto a progressive mode with so much work ahead.

The information available to the nation at a very credible level indicates that the politburo of the JVP has protested what it sees as the 'abrasive ways' of the SLFP contributing towards mismanagement where the administration is purported as being run according to "the whims and fancies of a few old friends and associates" as quoted with no respect to the participation and decision making involving the JVP highlighting the Government's attitude as appearing to be somewhat unilateral and hence their sounding a real threat of intent to pull out of the UPFA alliance of which they are a partner where pulling out does not seem to be the best alternative to a Nation in compounded crisis and a dialogue relative to the JVP dissentions of the utmost importance as the Government also needs to recognize their participative role as a pivotal one towards the progress of Sri Lanka!

It seems somewhat apathetic on the part of the JVP however to demand their pound of flesh from the Government at this most critical time towards National Unity ( Sinhala Unity in particular!) threatening political blackmail as an alternative which it appears to be tantamount to as it then makes them no different from the opportunistic LTTE who always crouch in the shadows awaiting a chance to spring for the jugular in the manner of the wild felines they are named after and for the JVP to have made a public outcry of this rather than resorting to a more diplomatic and tactical approach towards their grievances shows them in somewhat poor light for which there is much to be accounted for towards a correctional attitude and much ground to be covered during the days to come as there is no need for the Goverment to dwell on speculated insecurities towards its existence where reciprocity of agreements and accords within the UPFA coalition needs immediate resolution without malice between the coming together of the two giants of recent Sri Lankan Sinhala political acumen whose trend of united thought and actions is paramount to the continued existence and well being of the Nation!



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