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Act responsibly or be chased out,’’ Gota tells BBC & envoys
by Franklin R. Satyapalan .-Full Report-

Defence Secretary's Warning Was Long Overdue Albeit Well Addressed To Those Concerned!
Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb
Jan.31st 2009. .-Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-01/02/09)

Swamy demands inquiry into Muthukumar’s death-the youth had been assured that he would be saved in time
Special Correspondent -Full Report-

Tigers turn on themselves
By Sudha Ramachandran -Full Report-

Lanka-LTTE war a lesson in use of force
Harsh V. Pant .-Full Report-


How the 2002 CFA ‘Helped’ Present Military Victories
Dilrook Kannangara-Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-08/01/09)

LTTE guns down and hangs fleeing civilians
Sri Lanka News-Full Report-
(The LankaWeb-08/01/09)

Tigers take to the jungle
By Sudha Ramachandran -Full Report-

LTTE is a hurdle to securing Tamil rights.-Full Report-(

LTTE has assassinated Tamil leaders at will -Full Report-(


Reply to Bruce Fein

  • Hope Bruce Fein will not Represent TerroristsWick. Gankanda Los Angeles, California, USA-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 13/02/08)
  • Tamil Statehood-A responsePunsri Abeywickrema-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 05/02/08)
  • "Tamils For Justice" should ask the Indian government for Tamil Statehood.L Peiris -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 03/02/08)
  • Bruce Fein the unfortunate victim
    By: Thrishantha Nanayakkara -Full Story- ( - 03/02/08)
  • Tamils for JusticeAsoka Weerasinghe Ottawa, Canada.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 02/02/08)
  • Self-evident truths on Tamil statehood: a reply to Bruce Fein
    C. Wijeyawickrema, LL.B., Ph.D -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 01/01/08)

LTTE Terrorists' Latest Addition- Human Cruise Missile

Sri Lankan Tamil Terrorists made another invention, this time it is a human cruise missile using a light aircraft to fly in a non-ballistic very low altitude trajectory hugging the sea in order to avoid radar detection.
For More Reports

Ninety percent of people, even if they don’t support the LTTE, they are scared. The killing doesn’t just happen back home in Sri Lanka. It happens in Paris, in Canada. They burned the library,1 they broke the legs of DBS Jeyaraj. They tried to stop the CTBC radio from organizing. A journalist was killed in Paris. The threat is not only in Sri Lanka. It’s everywhere, all over the world.
—Tamil community activist, Toronto, January 2006

"Norwegians are the diplomatic 'advance guard' of the US-European empire. They helped destroy Yugoslavia. They set Israel on the path to destruction. Now they will finish destroying Sri Lanka. Next: India."
- Francisco Gil-White

Prabhakaran's annual speech delivered from a deeper hole in the ground to rejoice Terrorism

* Pirabaharan killed all the persons he worked with before he became the leader of the Tigers.
* After Pirabaharan became the leader of the Tigers, he started killing all Tamil political leaders, elected mayors, university professors and many innocent Tamils who had criticized Tigers.
* In 1990 Pirabaharan wanted 100,000 Muslims in the North of Sri Lanka to get out within 24 hours - a text book example of ‘ethnic cleansing’.
* If all Tamils like Tigers, why is Greater Colombo flooded with Tamils from Tiger controlled areas?
* Why are none of the Tamil business people investing in Tiger controlled areas?
* Last thirty years, Tigers killed more Tamils than any body else.

Terrorist Air Attack
Full Report


The death of Fr. Karunaratnam & The tragedy of Tamil Civilians

The death of Fr. Karunaratnam & The tragedy of Tamil Civilians
Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 23/04/08)


V. Anandasangaree, President – TULF.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 23/04/08)

Extra-judicial killing of Reverend Fr M X Karunaratnam - LKA 002 / 0408 / OBS 060 -Full Story- ( - 23/04/08)

Caritas grieves murder of Catholic priest; renews calls for Australian engagement For more information contact Tim O'Connor 0417 284 831 -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 22/04/08)

R2P:The gifts of the Westerners by Lalin Fernando Courtesy The Island -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/04/08)

LTTE wants UNOCHA and INGOs to team up for anti Sri Lankan propaganda -Full Story- ( - 23/04/08)

Are Western foreign policies responsible for global terrorism?
Dr Howells -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 22/08/06)

Teaching Tamil Tigers (LTTE)- published by Australian Medical Journal (AMJ),

The Queensland doctor Whitehall has once again used a professional medical journal, the Medical Journal of Australia 3/17 December to whitewash Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger terrorists.The three page 'True Story' in the MJA, of the seemingly innocent & highly humanitarian medical adventure in the north of Sri Lanka, is generously interspersed with the Tamil Tiger terrorist messages

Intl diplomatic coup to erode SLs sovereignty?-Full Story- (The Nation - 30/01/08)

Christmas Offerings - True StoriesAsoka Weerasinghe Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 18/12/07)

Teaching Tamil Tigers Medicine While Learning Their Propaganda War! Dilrook Kannangara -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 18/12/07)

"Teaching Tamil Tigers (LTTE)" - published by Australian Medical Journal (AMJ), Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/12/07)

Whitehall 'whitewashes' LTTE terrorists again
By : Nimal LIYANAGE . -Full Story- ( - 16/12/07)


'Ruthless' LTTE inspired Al Qaeda in Iraq, says FBI-Full Story- ( - 13/01/08)

LTTE terrorists kill 04 villagers including a woman - Anuradhapura-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/11/07)


Please click on the link and see the news clip from

Watch LTTE Lorry Bomb Video
-Full Story- ( - 22/12/07)

Tamil Tigers : racket in Paris
-Full Story- (FRANCE-24-Reports - 09/04/07)

Sri Lankan Navy blows up LTTE TERRORIST gun ship

EELAM LTTE terrorists SHELL to Assassinate Foreign Diplomats

Tamil Tigers Fires At School At Kallar,SriLanka-trinco-part1

London Tamil Gang Crimes, Sky One.


LTTE supremo’s plaint Editorial Hindu-Full Story- ( - 01/12/07)


Mirror Mirror on the wall Show me the worst Terrorist of All
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/11/07)

LTTE terrorists kill 04 villagers including a woman - Anuradhapura-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/11/07)

‘LTTE responsible for 30,000 Tamil deaths"-V Anandasangaree, President of the moderate Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF)-Full Story- ( - 21/11/07)

LTTE Fundraising & Money Transfer Operations
Prepared based on paper by Shanaka Jayasekara -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 27/10/07)

Terrorist Fundraising & Money Transfer Operations
Shanaka Jayasekara, Research Assistant, Centre for Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism, Australia
-Full Story- (Centre for Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism, Australia - 27/10/07)

Attack is the best form of defence: LTTEAgencies Colombo, Oct 24: -Full Story- ( - 25/10/07)

Sethusamudram will only help LTTE, alleges Swamy
Lucknow, Oct 4 - -Full Story- ( - 05/10/07)

Peace attempts made by the Government of Sri Lanka (1985-2006)
Permanent Mission and Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Switzerland • -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 08/09/07)

IPKF was victim of vile LTTE propaganda: Tamil rights activist-Full Story- ( - 04/10/07)

Suicide blast, LTTE?s best weapon-Full Story- ( - 04/10/07)

LTTE staged 49 suicide attacks since July 2006-Full Story- ( - 04/10/07)


LTTE Supremo’s ‘Martyrs’ Day’ expected to end ethnic crisisBy Satheesan Kumaaran -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 09/09/07)

Army Seizes large haul of LTTE weapons including one suicide boat- Silavattura Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 05/09/07)

A lot of people have been telling me, ‘Please ask the government to liberate us’– Anandasangareee
The Island E. -Full Story- (The Island - 11/08/07)

Another Banned Terrorist Group In London
Glen Jenvey - 8/7/2007 -Full Story- ( - 08/08/07)

UNHCR Sacks for Terrorists
Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order of Sri Lanka-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/06/07)

LTTE: Technologically innovative rebels
By John C K Daly for ISN Security Watch (05/06/07) -Full Story- ( - 14/06/07)

LTTE behind train blast"
B. Muralidhar Reddy -Full Story- ( - 07/06/07)

LTTE: Technologically innovative rebels
By John C K Daly for ISN Security Watch (05/06/07) -Full Story- ( - 14/06/07)

Tamil charities 'fail to monitor funds'
-Full Story- (BBC - 31/05/07)

Maldives sink ‘Sri Krishna’ hijacked by Sea Tigers Seize four terrorists, rescue Indian skipper
Lanka likely to seek extradition
Latest bid to replenish depleted arsenal thwarted

by Shamindra Ferdinando -Full Story- (The Island - 18/05/07)

LTTE Hijacked Indian Fishing trawler destroyed while arms smugglingMinistry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/05/07)

A lorry apprehended with 479 I-com sets - Vavuniya -Full Story- (Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - 13/05/07)

Tamil Tigers dismantle seized Jordanian ship-Full Story- ( -01/05/07)

Abduction of UN employees by LTTE UN admits its Colombo office had not reported it Gotabhaya criticises UN inactionby Shamindra Ferdinando The Island-Full Story- (The Island - 28/04/07)

The American government’s assessment of Prabhakaran Courtesy The Island 23/24-04-2007. -Full Story- (The Island - 25/04/07)

Petrol station scam ‘was masterminded by the Tamil Tigers’-Full Story- ( - 23/04/07)

LTTE, Indian gangs linked to British credit card fraud -Full Story- ( - 23/04/07)

TERRORISTS' PETROL FRAUD -Full Story- ( - 23/04/07)

Put a Tamil Tiger in your tank-Full Story- ( - 22/04/07)

Tiger Tax (People & Power, Al Jazeera).-Full Story- ( - 07/03/07)

Sensational seizures deepen anxieties
V. Jayanth -Full Story- ( - 16/02/07)

TMVP led by Karuna says it is high time that Human RightsWatch come up with new procedures to do way with fraudulent affidavits, wrong feedbacks responsible for misleading your organization.
Ms. Padhmini Secretary Tamileelam Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) 11/3A, Scohofield Place, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 15/02/07)

British Tamils are intimidated into giving money to terrorists-Full Story- (The Times UK - 06/02/07)

Prabha cannot win Lanka war: Karuna-Full Story- ( - 27/01/07)

Norwegian support to LTTE
-Full Story- (Svik organisation - 01/01/07)

Re: “Tamils need real autonomy”says S.J.S. Chhatwal (The Ottawa Citizen) : A response
Asoka Weerasinghe Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 12/01/07)

By Gomin Dayasri
(This is an extract of the address delivered at the Olcott Memorial Lecture by Gomin Dayasri organized by the Old Boys Association of Ananda College.As a member of the Sri Lanka delegation, GOMIN DAYASRI participated in the peace talks with the LTTE recently. He is also a member of the minority committee report in the panel of Experts and as a lawyer he appeared in the PTOMS case and North East de-merger case.)
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 21/01/07)

Victory in Vaharai
by Dayan Jayatilleka
Courtesy The Island 22-01-2007.
-Full Story- (The Island- 22/01/07)


"Norwegians are the diplomatic 'advance guard' of the US-European empire"
Akila Weerasekera Minnesota,USA . -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 16/12/06)

University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), Sri Lanka
The Choice between Anarchy and International Law with Monitoring
University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) Sri Lanka UTHR(J) Special Report No. 23 -Full Story-(UTHR-13/11/06)

Hubris and Humanitarian Catastrophe
Date of Release: 23rd August 2006 UTHR(J)Special Report No. 22-Full Story- (University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) - 24/08/06)

Ketheeswaran Loganathan and the Tamil Dissidents Dilemma Date of Release: 15th Aug 2006
. -Full Story- ( - 16/08/06)

Seven vital points for peace talks from government
by Department of Government Information-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 12/10/06)

The Humanitarian Mission of the SL Armed Forces
-View Video in Sinhala- (The LankaWeb - 05/10/06)
LTTE behind Pottuvil massacre: Sole survivor -View Video in English- (The LankaWeb - 05/10/06)

The Norwegian Peace Facilitators in Sri Lanka
Report prepared by Norwegians against Terror (NAT) Oslo, Friday 13th January 2006

-Full Story- ( - 21/01/06)

Who Killed Mr Raviraj MP

Looking behind Raviraj assassination
by Lucien Rajakarunanayake
(Courtesy Island)
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/11/06)

Analysis by International Center for Strategic Defense (ICSD)International Center for Strategic Defense (ICSD) -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/11/06)

They gather like vultures at the smell of death- the anti war-lobbyists, without consideration for the bereaved.
By Charles Perera -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 14/11/06)

A.A.M.NIZAM MATARA. -Full Story-(The LankaWeb-13/11/06)

Tamil National Alliance's Raviraj feels sorry for poor Northern children
Munza Mushtaq - Reporting from Colombo
-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune- 19/11/06)

LTTE lays 8000 AP mines to chastise fleeing civilians-Vakarai
Sri Lanka News-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 23/11/06)

View Video

Mano Ganeshan fled to Chennai after Sri Lanka Police revealed that he was in the hit list of the LTTE
Mon, 2006-11-20 02:26
By Walter Jayawardhana -Full Story- ( - 21/11/06)

Funding the “Final War” LTTE Intimidation and Extortion in the Tamil Diaspora -Full Story- (Human Rights Watch 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor New York, NY 10118-3299 USA )

A-9 road will be re-opened when the LTTE renounce terrorism .Sri Lanka News-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 01/11/06)


Al-Qaeda follows LTTE text book on terror faithfully -Glen Jenvey

Let us look at the facts:
1. Fact one: The LTTE invented the modern suicide bomber and deployed it into all their rank's against both political, military and civilian targets. You now see Islamic groups copy the LTTE with suicide attack's.
2. Fact two The LTTE attack shipping off the coast of Sri Lanka blowing ships or piracy. We then saw attacks on the USS Cole off Yemen and then you see piracy off the coast of Somalia a strong hold for Al-Qaeda followers.
3. Fact three The LTTE attack the World Trade Centre in Sri Lanka you then see attack's by Al-Qaeda on the World Trade Centre in New York, America.
4. Fact four The LTTE has a women's section deployed into it's rank's. You see Al-Qaeda and Chechen terrorist's who took over the Russian theatre, use black widow women suicide bombers.
5. Fact five : Attack's on civilians in bus and trains in Sri Lanka where innocent passengers were killed, Al-Qaeda in London bombed public civilian transport in the 7/7 attack's on London transport.

The fact's are clear other terrorist groups copy the LTTE in all sorts of way, it's time the world woke up to the international threat from the master's of terrorism the LTTE and started not just banning them but taking notice of the 70 thousand dead in Sri Lanka and thinking could they allow others groups who are clearly copying the LTTE's terrorist methods to commit 70 thousand dead in their own country's which have a bigger population than small island nation of Sri Lanka. The worlds masters of teaching evil act's against civilians with massive numbers of deaths and casualties is the LTTE the question is when will the west take action against Al-Qaeda’s teachers and take the LTTE text books of terror away from the rest of the worlds terrorist organizations by closing down the LTTE offices based in many country's around the globe. Someone has to come up with the idea's for terrorist group's like al-Qaeda to inflict pain on the west, and i would say the groups that inspire the leadership of al-Qaeda with text book terror tactics that work are the LTTE. Glen Jenvey worked for several military attachés covering terrorist groups, including al-Qaida and their members in Britain. His sting led to the capture of Abu Hamza al-Masri, a major terrorist. Multiple other terrorists were also caught due to his efforts. He has been profiled and interviewed in major media across the globe, including in the US, UK, Russia, India, etc. He co-authored the book "War of the Web" with Jeremy Reynalds.


With the startling revelations of the LTTE attempts to bribe US officials with big money, it is high time the government of Sri Lanka and the international community look into this matter in detail.

Why is it that people like Ulf Hendricsson , BBC reporters and some others keep defending the LTTE in spite of their horrendous terrorist activities and eviodence to the contrary.

Specially the timing of the present accusation of killing foreign aid workers by the Sri Lankan Army, may have been intended to diffuse the extremely damaging news items on LTTE activities in the USA, and Canada. Has Sri lanka become a scape goat of Big time bribing.

Dhananjaya Senanayake

That the LTTE has flouted the spirit of the peace process with total impunity to strengthen its ability to wage war should be a matter of concern for the international community. SINCE THE end of last year, the Sri Lankan media have reported off and on about the newly acquired air capability of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Anton Balasingham Regrets Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
By Darmitha-Kotte -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 30/06/06)

Tigers stand self-condemned: DR Kaarthikeyan-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

LTTE's regret meaningless: Justice Jain-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

LTTE should apologise in court: Lanka-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

LTTE extends hand of friendship to Karunanidhi-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

Tigers make a new move, but stripes are the same-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

Delhi rejects Tamil rebels apology
-Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

Tigers almost admit Gandhi killing, India unmoved -Full Story- ( - 30/06/06)

Tiger justice! -Husband and wife executed by LTTE pistol gang for not attending the civilian military training program -Full Story- (The Daily Mirror - 25/05/06)

Sivapalan Sathyamoorthi UK
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 18/05/06)

Editorial: Peace Prospects in Lanka-Full Story- ( - 27/01/06)

Tamil Tigers blamed after landmine kills nine sailors-Full Story- ( - 13/01/05)

LTTE testing the waters in Tamil Nadu? V. Jayanth -Full Story- ( - 08/01/06)

'We are ready for war...' -Full Story- ( - 06/01/06)

TAMILS OF JAFFNA -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 07/12/05)

Stop Child Soldiers
Your War takes Our Lives!
Protect Children's Rights!

-Full Story- ( - 14/05/05)

Armed and dangerous: Taliban gear up with LTTE help-Full Story- ( - 07/01/06)

Desperate Tamil rebels snatch village children to serve as footsoldiers
Dan McDougall in Kalkudah Sunday January 1, 2006. -Full Story- ( - 04/01/06)

Wider Significance of the Incidents in Pesalai and the University of Jaffna

The cancer of political killings has to be removed
by Kethesh Loganathan -Full Story- (The Daily News - 28/12/05)

Senan Padai claims responsibility for the killing of Joseph Pararajasingham
-Full Story- ( - 27/12/05)

We are helpless over the escalated violence, say the Tigers LTTE asked to ensure peace --Full Story- (Hindu - 25/12/05)

SLDF Calls on Donor Co-Chairs to Push for a Southern Consensus on a Permanent Political Solution and Reform of the Sri Lankan State
The Sri Lanka Democracy Forum (SLDF)-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/12/05)

LTTE is running a torture chamber in Batticaloa - SriLankaTamil Broadcasting Corporation News Report-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 17/12/05)

LTTE attack on a mosque in Eastern Sri Lanka confirmed
TBC news report 13 December 2005-Full Story- (TBC news report - 15/12/05)

Investigate fully Norway's role in Sri Lanka and withdraw from monitoring mission -- Hoglund, Norway's Progress Party spokesperson for foreign affairs By H. L. D. Mahindapala . -Full Story- ( - 16/12/05)

Tamil charities raided again
-Full Story- ( - 14/12/05)

Policemen injured in Sri Lanka blast
V.S. Sambandan-Full Story- ( - 14/12/05)

Preying Tigers eye aid
A year after tsunami hit, Sri Lankans face another threat, DOUG SAUNDERS writes -Full Story- ( - 13/12/05)

We escaped from a rebel revolt
by Jessica Mangold
-Full Story- ( - 13/12/05)

Grenade blast wounds 17 police in Sri Lanka-Full Story- ( - 13/12/05)

Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels attack army patrol, wound two soldiers-Full Story- (AOL - 13/12/05)

Sri Lankan military ready to resume fighting Hindu Tamil Tigers Terrorists
-Full Story- ( - 13/12/05)

New ruse by LTTE to fill their kitty
By Norman Palihawadane The Island Publication Date : 2005-12-12 -Full Story- (ANN - 13/12/05)

Sri Lanka on peace track despite violence in North EastCOLOMBO DIARY | PK Balachandran-Full Story- ( - 13/12/05)

Terror Ultimatum? -Full Story- ( - 12/12/05)

Rajapakse for separating roles of facilitator and monitor V.S. Sambandan -Full Story- (Hindu - 11/12/05)

Rebels warn Sri Lanka last chance to avert war-Full Story- ( - 11/12/05)

Tigers demand urgent talks to defuse Sri Lanka war fears-Full Story- ( - 11/12/05)

Sri Lanka peace: Norway not in hurry
. -Full Story- ( - 09/12/05)

Move to make Norway quit truce monitoring-Full Story- ( - 09/12/05)

Sri Lanka`s bid to woo rebels-Full Story- ( - 09/12/05)

Tigers cannot afford full scale war –– new Army Chief. -Full Story- (The Island - 07/12/05)

Why is LTTE resorting to violence now?COLOMBO DIARY | PK Balachandran-Full Story- ( - 07/12/05)

Ready for peace, says Sri Lankan Army chief V.S. Sambandan COLOMBO:-Full Story- (The Hindu - 07/12/05)


India asks European Union to ban LTTEBy S. Venkat Narayan -Full Story- (The Island - 06/12/05)

Tamil Tigers illegally fundraising in Toronto: community member
CBC News-Full Story- (CBC - 01/12/05)

The Meaning of the Killing Spree -University Teachers (UTHR) slam Ranil for sacrificing human rights to remain in power-Full Story- (UTHR (J) - 02/11/05)

Australia: Another Police Raid on LTTE FrontTamil Broadcasting Association-LONDON-Full Story- (Tamil Broadcasting Association-LONDON - 30/11/05)

Rajapaksa says Prabhakaran has extended hand of friendship-Full Story- ( - 29/11/05)

Tsunami prevented LTTE from starting war: PrabhakaranPK BalachandranIn-Full Story- ( - 29/11/05)

It's a period of trial for Lankan leadersCOLOMBO DIARY | PK Balachandran-Full Story- ( - 29/11/05)

Karuna wants India, UK to replace Norway as peace brokerPK BalachandranIn -Full Story- ( - 29/11/05)

Prabhakaran adopts 'wait and watch' policy towards RajapaksaPK BalachandranIn -Full Story- ( - 29/11/05)

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) World Tamil Association (WTA) World Tamil Movement (WTM) Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) Ellalan Force
-Full Story- ( - 02/10/05)

Turning a Blind Eye to Terrorism
-Full Story- ( - 02/10/05)

My Testimony 21 – 09 – 2005
Our Madam Rajini
-Full Story- ( - 10/10/05)

Two Jaffna principals gunned down by LTTE -Full Story- (Daily News - 13/10/05)

Sri Lanka arrest 'linked to Kadirgamar killing'-Full Story- ( - 12/10/05)

Hindu priest, soldier killed in Sri Lanka violence
-Full Story- ( - 15/09/05)

Addiction to Murder – why V. Prabhakaran cannot shake off the Killing Habit. R Chandrsoma -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 06/09/05)

Part II: Defiance, Hope and Betrayal – The Times of Sivaram-Full Story- (UNIVERSITY TEACHERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (JAFFNA) SRI LANKA. - 12/09/05)

Supplement to UTHR(J) Special Report No.19: Part IIUniversity of Peradeniya – May 1983: -Full Story- ( - 12/09/05)

Impunity in the Name of Peace: Norway’s Appeasement Strategy Claims Another Victim
University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), Sri Lanka -Full Story- ( - 18/08/05)

LTTE leadership okayed the murder of the Jaffna Police Officer
-Full Story- ( - 10/08/05)

Police probe shows LTTE behind the killing of Jaffna top cop
-Full Story- ( - 10/08/05)

Tigers still preying on children-Full Story- (The Island - 03/08/05)

Tamil rebels 'recruit children' . -Full Story- (BBC - 26/07/05)

European Union and LTTE Editorial -Hindustan Times-Full Story- (The Hindu- Editorial - 29/09/05)
General Assembly Fifty-ninth session Agenda item 148 Measures to eliminate international terrorism Security Council Sixtieth year
. -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 12/09/05)

London Bombings Global Terrorism RevisitedBy Ratanapala -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/07/05)

Double standards in dealing with terrorismD. N. Kannan-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/07/05)

London Bombings on July 7, 2005-An Open Letter to Prime Minister of Canada Ira de Silva London, Ontario, Canada-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 11/07/05)

Nepal suicide squad being trained by LTTE -Full Story- (deccanherald - 11/07/05)

Tamil Tigers training Nepal's Maoists: Report-Full Story- ( - 11/07/05)

A Story of an Impoverished Man’s Murder by the LTTE’s Guns
Translated from Tamil into English by N. Aseervatham-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 08/06/05)

Dangers of the LTTE's air capability
R. Hariharan _Editorial The Hindu
.-Full Story- (The Hindu- Editorial - 22/05/05)

India to keep distance from LTTE -Full Story- (The Times of India - 22/05/05)

No LTTE dictatorship: India to Norway -Full Story- (timesofindia - 13/05/05)

LTTE dictatorship will not be acceptable: India. -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 13/05/05)

Rajani Thiranagama: A true heroine of our times-Full Story- ( - 25/04/05)

From Tsunami Orphans to suicide bombers? -Full Story- (The Coffe Guy - 24/04/05)

LTTE: Education of tamil children
-Full Story- (The Coffee Guy - 24/04/05)

Tamil Tigers are 'lying' - SLMM-Full Story- (BBC - 06/04/05)

Tamil Tigers 'attack navy boat' -Full Story- (BBC - 06/04/05)

LTTE recruited 106 children since tsunami: UNICEF-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 06/04/05)

Suicide terrorism: a global threat -Full Story- ( - 13/03/05)

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
-Full Story- ( - 13/03/05)

Long-Term Legal Strategy Project for Preserving Security and Democratic Freedoms in the War on Terrorism
-Full Story- (mipt.or - 13/03/05)

Does Funding Trickle Down to Terrorists? -Full Story- ( - 14/03/05)

U.S. Interagency Efforts To Combat Terrorist Financing-Full Story- (US - 14/03/05)

Executive Order 13224
-Full Story- ( - 14/03/05)

Sri Lanka: Use of Fund Resources-Request for Emergency Assistance--Staff Report; Staff Supplement; and Press Release on the Executive Board Discussion for Sri Lanka
-Full Story- (imf - 09/03/05)

Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Speaking Points Press Conference Colombo, Sri Lanka, 8 March 2005-Full Story- ( - 09/03/05)

No self-rule for Tigers, S.Lanka Marxists vow-Full Story- (Reuters - 03/03/05)

Setback for Tigers V.S. SAMBANDAN in Colombo -Full Story- (The frontline - 26/02/05)

It's high time Norway gave way to India: Col Karuna-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 25/02/05)

In Lanka, it's Tiger vs Tiger-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 25/02/05)

Tsunami a blessing in disguise for Sri Lanka?Sivananthan Mudali Toronto-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 10/02/05)

That photograph of Prabhakaran
J. Annesley Fernando Moratuwa-Full Story- (The Island - 04/02/05)

Critical role awaits world community in Lanka next year -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 21/12/04)

Tamil Political Culture and International Engagement Were at Stake in the Human Rights Watch Conferences
Sri Lanka Democracy Forum-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 19/12/04)

"Barrier for peace talks comes from Prabakaran" - JVP-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 17/12/04)

JVP responds to Co-Chairs -Full Story- (The Daily News - 17/12/04)

Need of the Hour for Peace in Sri Lanka: A Human Rights Accord, Not ISGA
Sri Lanka Democracy Forum -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 13/12/04)

Fresh wave of child soldiers in Sri Lanka after tsunamis-Full Story- ( - 27/01/05)

A blind eye to Tamil terrorism
National Post Tuesday, January 18, 2005 1 | 2 |
-Full Story- ( - 21/01/05)

The Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) is associated with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE). -Full Story- ( - 21/01/05)

Hunting Season Has Opened for the Tigers'
By Annieke Kranenberg / [de Volkskrant 07 01 2005] -Full Story- (de Volkskrant 07 01 2005 )

Why Prabhakaran rejected Rajiv's offer of "secret" pact -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 14/11/04)

LTTE Suicide Bombings: Global Ramifications of a Deadly Ideology
Movement Against Terrorism (MAT) prepared this research paper and submitted and it was distributed by Proteg at the one-day international conference on “India’s Sri Lanka Policy’ held on 30 October in New Delhi, India.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 14/11/04)

Living in Fear Child Soldiers and the Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaHuman Rights Watch -Full Story- (Human Rights Watch - 12/11/04)

The LTTE Proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority and Future of the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
Gamini Keerawella Professor of Modern History, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan -Full Story- (INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPING ECONOMIES-Japan - 07/11/04)

The Batticaloa Fiasco & the Tragedy of Missed Opportunities-University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) Sri Lanka
-Full Story- (uthr - 04/06/04)

The Batticaloa Fiasco & the Tragedy of Missed Opportunities

-Full Story- (uthr - 04/06/04)

-Full Story- (University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) Sri Lanka - 04/06/04)

Norwegians exposed
Colombo Voice Documents related to the Sri Lanka Peace Process -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/03/04)

Living in Fear Child Soldiers and the Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaHuman Rights Watch -Full Story- (Human Rights Watch - 12/11/04)

The LTTE Proposals for an Interim Self-Governing Authority and Future of the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
Gamini Keerawella Professor of Modern History, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan -Full Story- (INSTITUTE OF DEVELOPING ECONOMIES-Japan - 07/11/04)

Transcript of the press conference held at the conclusion of the third session of the first round of Peace Talks in Oslo, Norway.(The statement issued by the Royal Norwegian Government at the conclusion of the third session of peace talks between the Government and the LTTE in Oslo)-Full Story- (Peace in Sri Lanka - 28/10/04)

Bye.. Bye.. Tamil Eelam, Welcome back Federal state within a United Sri lanka.
K.T.Rajasingham Oslo, Norway, Dec. 05: Sri Lankan -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 28/10/04)

Sri Lanka's peace process As good as it gets?-Full Story- (Economist - 15/10/04)

Karuna starts party to liberate Tamils from Prabhakaran-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 14/10/04)

Colonel Karuna Talks to Tamil People - on the Tamil Peoples’ Mandate for the TamilEela Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal – His New Political Formation-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 13/10/04)

I opposed Premadasa-LTTE alliance against Indians: Karuna -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 08/10/04)

Lankans should stop viewing India as a threat, says UNP -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 09/10/04)

Sri Lanka: Human rights organizations urge visiting Tamil Tiger delegation to end killings & recruitment of child soldiers -Full Story- (Amnesty International - 07/10/04)

Tamil Tigers dub new peace effort waste of time -Full Story- (The Himalyan Times - 06/10/04)
US says LTTE has trained other terror groups
-Full Story- (Hindustan Times - 10/09/04)
Subramanian Swamy Demands Ban on Tamil National Alliance -Full Story- (Asian Tribune - 10/09/04)

by James Ross -Full Story- (260404-2)(The New Republic - 26/04/04)

Brutal LTTE murders in Kanakampuliadi
30th January 2004. Blala reporting from Chavakachcheri.-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 04/02/04)

LTTE rules out foreign military intervention in Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 17/12/03)

LTTE slaughters eight of Karuna's cadres near Colombo -Full Story- (The Hinsustan Times - 26/07/04)

July has shaped post-independence Lankan history -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 25/07/04)

LTTE to oppose Chandrika's plan to consult MPs -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 16/07/04)

JVP opposes Chandrika's bid to resume talks with LTTE . -Full Story- (Deepika Global - 14/07/04)

LTTE bra bomb stuns cops -Full Story- (The Himalyan Times - 14/07/04)

Money collected in Europe and North America by the LTTE for terrorist activities are banked in Denmark and Norway – Colonel Karuna Amman.-Full Story- (Asian Tribune - 14/07/04)

“It was the Tigers who killed my husband,” – Mangayarkarasi Amirthalingham-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 14/07/04)

Prabakaran's extradition

Prabakaran's extradition call on suspended animation.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 03/06/04)
Panel probing Rajiv's death gets extension

. (-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 02/06/04)

-Full Story- (India Today - 02/06/04)
26 sentenced to death in Rajiv Gandhi assassination
-Full Story- (CNN - 02/06/04)

The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi : Unanswered Questions and Unasked Queries/Subramanian Swamy. Delhi, 2000, ix, 317 p., ISBN 81-220-0591-8.

-Full Story- (vedamsbooks. - 02/06/04)

Rajiv Gandhi assassination case rages on

-Full Story- (Rediff - 02/06/04)

Attempt on former PM Rajiv Gandhi's life linked to Air India case

-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 02/06/04)

Beyond the Tigers : Tracking Rajiv Gandhi's Assassination/Rajeev Sharma. 1998, xxv, 278 p., ISBN 81-7479-030-6.

C-Full Story- (Vedambooks - 02/06/04)

News Index

-Full Story- (rediff - 02/06/04)

Threats to Shri Rajiv Gandhi and his Security-VOLUME IV Chapter II

-Full Story- (The India Today - 02/06/04)

DMK helped LTTE assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.

-Full Story- (Sinhaya - 02/06/04)

By Killing Rajiv Gandhi Tamil Tigers did not achieve their Tamil Eelam.

-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 02/06/04)

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: The Sinhalese Angle

-Full Story- (Sangam - 02/06/04)

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: Wading through the Paper Maze

-Full Story- (Sangam - 02/06/04)

Growth of Sri Lankan Tamil Militancy in Tamil Nadu

-Full Story- (Tamil Nation - 02/06/04)


Former LTTE commander Karuna accuses Prabhakaran of perfidy -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 14/07/04)

Prabakaran is interested in a final assault against Sri Lankan forces and not in the peace talks – Colonel Karuna Amman-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 13/07/04)

Subramanian Swamy clarifies LTTE – Al Qaeda link -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 09/07/04)

Hear no LTTE, see no LTTE and speak no LTTE?The Island Editorial -Full Story- (The Island - 09/07/04)

Hanuman's Tail on Sri Lanka Again
By Subramanian Swamy - President, Janata Party of India & Fmr. Union Commerce & Law Minister-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 05/07/04)

Chandrika not to give LTTE complete control over North East-Full Story- (The Hindu - 04/07/04)

THE KARUNA FACTOR-Full Story- (The Hindu- 02/07/04)

ISGA Proposal is something aimed to "create a de facto separate state" – US State Dept Official.-Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 24/06/04)

LTTE hints at resumption of hostilities -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 18/06/04)

No engagement with LTTE'-India -Full Story- (The Hindu -26/05/04)
`LTTE a principal party to talks' By V.S. Sambandan -Full Story- (The Hindu - 10/05/04)
Rajiv could have been saved if he had heeded advice -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 04/05/04)
Colonel Karuna - "We are very much within Sri Lanka -Full Story- (The Asian Tribune - 22/04/04)
Why Ranil failedby S. Francis Perera -Full Story- (The Daily News - 21/04/04)
Prabhakaran takes direct control of LTTE's structures in Batticaloa -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 21/04/04)
Tamil Tigers warn Lankan Govt not to take up arms again
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 21/04/04)
Chandrika likely to evade issue of devolution for now -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 20/04/04)
Chandrika grants interim aid to displaced persons in east -Full Story- (The Hindu - 20/04/04)

Norwegians exposed
Colombo Voice Documents related to the Sri Lanka Peace Process -Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 26/03/04)
Amendments to ceasefire will affect peace process - GL -Full Story- (The Daily News - 26/03/04)

The Man is Ten Feet Tall-Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 29/10/03)

Reinventing the Sri Lankan State or creation of two states?
By Gamini Weerakoon Editor -Full Story- (The Island Editorial - 28/10/03)

Reuters' Report On Local News Item Relative to LTTE Counterproposals And Their Acceptability Rather Far Fetched!
Duttagamini Singhaputhra-World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb-Full Story- (The Lankaweb - 27/10/03)

Sri Lanka Constitutional Reform
by A.L.M. Abdul Gafoor
Appropriate Technology Foundation, the Netherlands. -Full Story- (The Lankaweb - 27/10/03)

Rewarding Tyranny: Undermining the Democratic Potential for Peace Special Report 17,UTHR .-Full Story- (UTHR - 09/10/03)
Where India stands while our politicians go begging
We Received this informative article from a friend of mine in India and thought of sharing it with you.
-Full Story- (The LankaWeb - 24/09/03)
Sri Lanka ditched India, joined US-EU bloc at Cancun -Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 24/09/03)

From now, Singh will take advice from Dixit-Full Story- (The Times of India - 27/05/04)
JN Dixit appointed National Security Advisor
-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 27/05/04)
Tigers don’t change stripes-JN Dixit -Full Story- (The Indian Express )
Dixit warns of disintegration-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (The Hindu )

'Kashmir not a territorial dispute'-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (The Hindu)
Disappointed with America-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (Indian Express )
Some skill, some savvy-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (Indian Express )
The challenge of peace-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (Indian Express -)
Gujarat factor ‘prompts’ JN Dixit to join Congress-JN Dixit
-Full Story- (Indian Express )

India tenacious about seeking Prabhakaran's extradition: Sinha-Full Story- (Deepika Global - 15/10/03)

Osama squads to fight the LTTE-Full Story- (The Times of India - 20/08/03)

The Maneater-Full Story- (The Indian Express - 19/08/03)

LTTE killings continue with impunity: Amnesty-Full Story- (The Times of India - 08/08/03)

Prabhakaran will never eschew terror: Douglas-Full Story- (The Island - 25/06/03)

The Three Questions of Mr. Blair-Full Story- (The Island - 25/06/03)

LTTE's roadmap to Eelam threatens to balkanise India: Lankan analyst-Full Story- (The Hindustan Times - 22/06/03)

Customs under pressure to release seized separatist propaganda material-Full Story- (The Island - 22/06/03)

The humourist-Full Story- (The Island - 13/03/03)

Time to say: Go to hell! -Full Story- (The Island- 12/03/03).

LTTE guilty of recruiting children: Monitors-Full Story-(The Times of India- 16/08/02) .

Four Tamil Liberation Movement activists held in India.-Full Story-(The Hindu- 15/08/02)

Nedumaran outfit banned .-Full Story-(The Hindu- 15/08/02)

Nepal accuses LTTE of supporting Maoists.-Full Story-(The Week- 09/08/02) .

The meaning of EelamBy Michael Roberts .-Full Story-(The Island- 09/08/02)

Japanese ambassador meets Sri Lanka rebel leader-(yahoo - 08/08/02).

Thesawalamai Law in 'full' force-(The Sunday Observer-21/07/02)

LTTE uses monitors as shields-(The Hindu - 15/07/02)
SLMM says serious violation by LTTE-(The Island - 15/07/02)
Tamil rebels detain truce monitors-(BBC - 15/07/02)
India reaffirms stand on LTTE chief's extradition-(Times of India - 13/07/02)
TULF takes internal dispute to LTTE -(The Hindu-18/06/02).
LTTE strike hits life in Jaffna-(The Hindu-13/06/02).
LTTE creating an impasse?-(The Island-13/06/02).
Amnesty to discuss child soldiers with LTTE -(The Times of India-13/06/02).
Push Lanka to extradite LTTE chief: Cong to Jaya -(The Times of India-11/06/02)
LTTE denies plot against Prabakaran-(The Hindu - 02/06/02)
LTTE deny assassination plot against Prabhakaran-(Times of India - 02/06/02)
Lankan Muslims return to find themselves homeless-(The Times of India-29/05/02).
Centre wakes up to Tigers' cell in TN-(yahoo-25/05/02).
Prabhakara - a vegetarian? -(The Island-16/05/02)
Swamy urges Centre to carry out SC orders-(NDTV-15/05/02)
India to Extend Proscription of Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels-(Xinhua -13/05/02).
LTTE urged not to harass civilians -(The Hindu-12/05/02).
Prabhakaran's web of deceit -(The Island-12/05/02).
Navy sailors were unaware that Pottu Amman was in their hands-(The Island-12/05/02).
2 Lankan Tamils held with explosives -(The Times of India-07/04/02)
Amnesty International concerned about forced LTTE child soldiers-(The Island-07/04/02).
Kidnappers waive ransom-(Scotsman -05/05/02).
LTTE resolution ludicrous: Swamy-(The Insland -05/05/02).
LTTE May Day rally demands `arrest' of Jayalalithaa -(The Hindu-02/05/02).
Amnesty says LTTE violating truce-(ptinews-01/05/02).
LTTE violating ceasefire with abductions: Amnesty-(The Deccan Herald-01/05/02)
Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels Accept Government Authority: FM -(The People's Daily-30/04/02).
Balasingham flew east to avoid Indian Air Force radar ?-(Hindustan Times -29/04/02).
Sri Lankan Air Force Chief Accuses Tamil Rebels of Changing Flight Route-(Xinhuanet-30/04/02).
Jaya to demand LTTE chief's extradition-(NDTV -27/04/02).
Weapons seized from three LTTE boats -(The Hindu -26/04/02)
Sri Lankan navy 'intercepts Tigers' -(BBC -25/04/02).
Civilians of Ampara-Batticaloa complain to Norway about LTTE extortion in East-(The Island -25/04/02).
Balasingham flies to Maldives-(The Hindu-25/04/02).
Chandrika call to stamp out terrorism-(Gulf News -24/04/02).
LTTE puts ministers in their place-(Hindustan Times -24/04/02).
US ban on LTTE will not be lifted-(ndtv-20/04/02
Lankan media sees red at demand for Prabhakaran's extradition- (The Indian Express-19/04/02).
LTTE says ban must be lifted before talks- (The Times of India-19/04/02).
Tamil Nadu demands extradition of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger supreme- (The Hindustan Times-17/04/02)
VHP casts shadow on Sri Lanka: LTTE, RSS hidden agenda- (The Dawn-16/04/02).
Rebels sniff socks to save boss - (The Herald Sun-16/04/02).
Tamil Tigers hide their claws in gesture for 'peace' - (The Dawn-16/04/02).
Indian-origin Tamils back LTTE- (ndtv-16/04/02).
Tamil Tigers hide their claws - (The Observer-15/04/02).
LTTE okays role of Muslim Cong - (The Hindustan Times-15/04/02)
LTTE supporters in TN active again - (The Economic Times-15/04/02).
Prabha both president and PM of 'Eelam' - Bala- (The Island-15/04/02).
Rajiv Gandhi's ghosts haunts Sri Lanka's peace process - (The Island-15/04/02).
Press conference chess.- (The Island-15/04/02)
Tigers' leader acts the pussycat but sidesteps his past.- (The Independent-15/04/02)
Jaya vows to thwart Balasingham's visit Tamil Nadu- (NDTV-13/04/02).
No quarter to Balasingham in T.N.- (The Hindu-13/04/02).
Where Prabakaran didn't do his homework- (The Hindu-13/04/02).
Pirabhakaran struggles with words of peace - (The Hindustan Times-13/04/02).
Extradite the Tiger or face consequences: Vazhapadi to Lankan Govt - (Newsindpress-13/04/02)
TN Assembly to pass resolution for extradition of Prabhakaran
- (Newsindpress-13/04/02)

India says extradition request for Tamil Tiger chief still in force- (yahoo-13/04/02).
Indian PM rebuffs request to lift ban on Tamil Tigers -(yahoo-12/04/02).
Jaya to write to PM on extraditing Prabhakaran-(yahoo-12/04/02)"
Ban bargain to block extradition -(yahoo-11/04/02).
Terror warlord steps out of shadows to talk peace -(The Times (UK)-12/04/02)
Taste of life in LTTE land-(The Deccan Herald-12/04/02).
Tamils must get their own state, Tiger leader says -(The National Post-12/04/02).

How LTTE sanitised the media-(The Times of India-12/04/02).
The importance of being Prabhakaran -(The Times of India-12/04/02)
Tamil leader promoted suicide bombings, now talks peace-(CBC-11/04/02)
Architect of suicide hits promises to end killing -(NZ Herald-12/04/02) .
The rise of Prabhakaran and his ragtag army -(yahoo-11/04/02).
Indian scribes irk LTTE spokesman-(The Hindustan Times-11/04/02)
Congress party slams Tamil Tiger chief -(yahoo-10/04/02)
Sri Lankan rebel chief wants Indian role in peace
Tigers still want independent state-(ITV-10/04/02)
Sri Lanka Rebel Chief Vows Peace, Wants Tamil State-(ABC-10/04/02)
Chronology of key dates in Tamil separatist campaign.-(The Hindustan Times-11/04/02)
Time not right to give up armed struggle: Prabhakaran- (yahoo-10/04/02)
Prabhakaran set to enter politics - (The Times of India-09/04/02).
LTTE chief draws tourists and reporters to Lanka- (The Times of India-09/04/02).
LTTE's chief negotiator returns to a political minefield in Sri Lanka- (wsws-09/04/02)"
Jaffna Road opening may be put off - (The Hindu-08/04/02).
A roadblock to peace- (The Island-08/04/02)"
Prabhakaran to tick off eastern commanders - (ndtv-08/04/02).
LTTE chief to guide MPs on Parliamentary conduct- (The Times of India-08/04/02).
LTTE may form political party, dump TNA- (The Hindustan Times-08/04/02).
LTTE invitation sends TNA into a tizzy - (The Hindu-07/04/02).
Prabakaran's bid to project new image -
(The Hindu-07/04/02)
Ethnic cleansing apology clears the way for Sri Lanka talks.(The Age-07/04/02)
Power for LTTE - (The Hindustan Times-06/04/02).
Expulsion of Muslims from north a 'blunder': LTTE- (The Times of India-06/04/02).
LTTE olive branch to Muslims- (The Hindu-06/04/02).
Sold On Death - (
A willingness to die in the act of murder- (The Seattle Times-06/04/02).
LTTE for levying entry tax on Jaffna highway - (The Hindu-05/04/02).
Tami Tigers open political office - (BBC-04/04/02).
LTTE exploits cease fire - Perumal- (The Island-04/04/02).
LTTE clamps obligatory service - (The Island-04/04/02).
LTTE now the 'sole representative' - (The Island-04/04/02).
Troops allege violation of truce by LTTE -(ndtv-02/04/02).
Armed Tigers violate ceasefire: Enter Kadiriveli-(The Island-01/04/02).
Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger Rebels Against Repatriation -(The People's Daily- 26/03/02).
Minorities fear LTTE rule -(The Hindustan Times- 25/03/02).
LTTE leader arrives in the Maldives -(The Times of India- 25/03/02).
Don't force the pace, LTTE warns Ranil -(The Hindu- 23/03/02).
LTTE tax threat -(The Hindustan Times- 23/03/02).
Eastern Sri Lanka still risky-(The Times- 23/03/02).
LTTE Organises a mammoth march to U.N.-A.A.M.NIZAM -MATARA.(LankaWeb- 21/03/02).
LTTE declares Trincomalee Eelam capital -(The Hindustan Times- 20/03/02).
LTTE for Thailand if India refuses venue for talks-(The Deccan Herald- 19/03/02).
LTTE rejects US charge, woos India-(The Hindustan Times- 19/03/02).
"The demand for an independent Eelam could not be given up before the government agreed to give the Tamils a political structure equal to it"-Karikalan-(The Hindustan Times- 19/03/02)
Tigers 'must give up demand for state' -(The Gulf News- 18/03/02).
LTTE chief to crack down on truce violators-(The Times of India- 18/03/02).
LTTE negotiator to return from exile -(The Norway Post- 18/03/02).
US, Lanka in talks on military cooperation -(The Times of India- 17/03/02).
US Assistant Secretary of State: LTTE must prove it's not terrorist group-(The Sunday Observer- 17/03/02).
Extortion by LTTE still goes on-(The Island- 17/03/02)"
US, Norway call on Colombo, Tigers to forge peace -(The Daily Star News- 16/03/02)
Tamil Tigers 'still recruiting children' - Amnesty International-(BBC- 13/03/02)
Tigers shoot dead abducted man -(The Times of India- 13/03/02).
Balasingham to return home soon -(The Gulf News- 13/03/02).
Amnesty slams LTTE over child soldiers-(The Times of India- 13/03/02).
Tigers under fire for rights abuses -(The Times of India- 13/03/02)
LTTE says will honour cease-fire -(The Times of India- 13/03/02).
US warning to Tigers: Fall in line or risk crackdown -(The Times of India- 12/03/02).
Honour truce terms, U.S. tells LTTE-(The Hindu- 12/03/02).
Muslim leader says community will not benifit from Lanka truce -(The Times of India- 11/03/02)
LTTE takes away goods by force -(The Island- 11/03/02).
Devananda welcomes MoU, warns of LTTE's motives-(The Island- 11/03/02).
LTTE chief Prabhakaran hails truce pact-(The Times of India- 08/03/02).
Ceasefire strong base to end war: LTTE chief -(The Deccan Herald- 08/03/02).
LTTE preparing for war - Anura-(The Island- 07/03/02)
Gangs linked to terrorism, study finds Members, tactics overlap-(The National Post- 06/03/02).
Gangs linked to terrorism, study finds Members, tactics overlap-(The National Post- 06/03/02)
Non-LTTE outfits face political oblivion-(The Hindu- 07/03/02).
Cache of LTTE explosives seized in Thailand -(The Island- 06/03/02).
Declawing the Tigers - (The National Post- 27/02/02).
Thoughts on the 'Ceasefire Agreement' -(The Island- 26/02/02). (Full Story)

Sri Lankan guerrilla dream comes to an end-(The National Post- 24/02/02).
LTTE orders Catholic clergy not to speak ill of them
US Ambassador Wills learns that Tigers don't change-
(The Island-20/02/02)
De-banning the LTTE -(The LankaWeb- 19/02/02)
Rights Groups Releases List Of Children Allegedly Recruited-(UN Wire- 17/02/02)
Children kidnapped to fight for Tamil army -(The Times (UK)- 14/02/02)
Colombo throws open northeast-( TheHindu - 13/02/02).
LTTE insists on Chandrika signing truce -(The Hindustan Times- 11/02/02)
LTTE demands taxes on fishing boats -(The Island- 09/02/02)
Global action against terrorism forces LTTE to talk peace-(The Island- 08/02/02)
In the Name of 'Peace': Terror stalks the North-East.-(UTHR -Information Bulletin No. 28 - 02/02/02)
LTTE has abducted 16 Muslims: Lanka Army-(The Times of India- 07/02/02).
UNICEF slams Tigers-(The LankaWeb- 07/02/02).
Sri Lankan Muslims Protest Against Tamil Rebel Extortion -(The People's Daily- 07/02/02).

Sri Lankan President Lashes Out at Tamil Rebel Enlisting Child Soldiers
-(The People's Daily- 07/02/02).
Key suspect in Rajiv killing for close ties with India -(The Times of India- 04/02/02)
Pottu Amman says Indian intelligence is in touch with him-(The Hindustan Times- 04/02/02)
Welcome to Tamil Eelam, birthplace of suicide bombs-(National Post - 31/01/02)
Deproscription, dignity and cooking the numbers in favour of the LTTE-(The Island- 26/01/02)
The Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at St. Andrews University says two of the Tamil Tigers who attacked an airport in Sri Lanka last summer were pilots who intended to steal a plane and crash it into the presidential palace. They were killed before they could reach a plane-(Boston Globe - 20/01/02)

Centre not to concede LTTE plea-
Terror intolerable under any name
Tamil guerilla leader slips into NZ-
Terrorist banker's secret NZ visit
Hunt for Tamil Tigers leads to our own backyard
LTTE won't be allowed to use Indian soil for talks: Swamy
PM requested not to allow LTTE presence in TN
India rejects LTTE plea for venue
DMK misgivings over LTTE bid
En route to another betrayal -
The roadblocks are gone: That's the easier part

"New brooms, in time, become old brooms" - (my string hopper-woman)-

"Govt. all out to wipe out terrorism" - Defence Minister
'LTTE should not enter cleared areas'
Kicking into our own goal-
Defeat LTTE terrorists
Navy, Airforce on alert to prevent LTTE arms shipment

and more reports.......

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