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 Sri Lanka, Sunday 16th of May 2021
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Some thoughts on Israelis in Gaza
H. L. D. Mahindapala 
When the first Israeli airstrike hit Gaza on Monday nine children and 13 others were killed, according to Washington Post. (Monday 10, May, 2021). By Saturday the  death toll had risen to over hundred and 33 of them were children. Simultaneously, Taliban bombs exploding in Kabul on Tuesday killed 85 Muslim school girls, according to CNN. What's the difference? How can we condemn the Israelis when the Muslims are committing the same crime of killing Muslims?  Can Muslim violence descend to a more inhuman level than in Kabul? In Africa? In Sri Lanka? How can... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

Five reasons why you don't need to panic about coronavirus variants
by Cassandra Willyard Courtesy Technologyreview.com
The hype around “scariants” is overblown. But we also shouldn't be too complacent. On May 10, the World Health Organization added a new virus to its list of covid-19 variants of global concern. The variant, B.1.617, is being blamed for the runaway infections in India. It is the fourth addition to a list that also includes variants first identified in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil. “There is some available information to suggest increased transmissibility,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead on covid-19, at a briefing.  With each new... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

ලංකාවේ ප්‍රථම හා විශාලතම Hyper Casual – eSports Championship අදින් ඇරඹෙයි
තරුණ හා ක්‍රීඩා අමාත්‍යාංශය
තරුණ හා ක්‍රීඩා අමාත්‍යංශය IMI Games සහ SLT මොබිටෙල් එක්ව පවත්වන ලංකාවේ ප්‍රථම හා විශාලතම Hyper Casual – eSports තරගාවලිය අද (15) සවස 5ට ආරම්භ වේ. ශ්‍රී ලාංකේය සයිබර් ක්‍රීඩක ක්‍රීඩිකාවන්ගේ කුසලතා ඔප්නැංවීම සහ සයිබර් ක්‍රීඩා නිර්මාණය කිරීමට අවශ්‍ය තාක්ෂණික පසුබිම හා දායකත්වය ලබාදීම මෙම තරගාවලියේ ප්‍රධාන අරමුණයි. තරගාවලිය ජයගන්නා 300 කට අධික ක්‍රීඩක ක්‍රීඩිකාවන්ට සියලුම තෑගි සහ Data ලබාදීමට SLT මොබිටෙල් ආයතනය ඉදිරිපත්වී සිටියි. ජාතික මට්ටමෙන් පැවැත්වෙන මෙම Hyper Casual – eSports තරගාවලිය අද සිට දින 02 ක් පුරා පැවැත්වෙන අතර ක්‍රීඩික ක්‍රීඩිකාවන්ට ක්‍රීඩා තරග 06 ක්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

World Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Speaks Up for the Rights of the Palestinian People During Eid Sermon
By A. Abdul Aziz
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad calls on Muslim nations to show a united front and to stand against the cruelties and injustices being perpetrated on the Palestinians The World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim, Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has strongly condemned the cruelties being perpetrated upon the Palestinian people by Israel during his Eid-ul-Fitr Sermon delivered on 14th May 2021. Speaking from the international headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, at the Mubarak Mosque in Islamabad, Tilford, His Holiness condemned the use of unjust force inflicted... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

Sri Lanka bonds go from Asia's worst to best after China loan
Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
Colombo, May 15 (Bloomberg) – Sri Lankan government debt is leading gains in Asian dollar bonds this year as investors bet that the nation will avoid defaulting on its short-term notes, with the help of a Chinese funding facility. Italian investment manager AcomeA SGR S.p.A., which added to its holdings of the nation's debt securities last quarter, sees the bonds as continuing to offer attractive yields, even if most of the gains have already been made. The Sri Lankan notes have returned 15% this quarter, extending year-to-date gains to 25%, the best performance... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

More than 61,000 vaccinated with Sinopharm COVID jabs yesterday
Courtesy Adaderana
Sri Lanka has vaccinated a total of 61,882 individuals with Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine on Friday (May 14), says State Minister of Production, Supply and Regulation of Pharmaceuticals Prof. Channa Jayasumana. https://youtu.be/NRpIccGuSN0 The first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine has been given to 276,762 people so far after it was rolled out among Sri Lankan nationals on May 08, according to the Epidemiology Unit’s progress report on COVID-19 immunization program. The Sinopharm vaccine was first administered to Chinese nationals residing in Sri Lanka after a consignment of 600,000 doses... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

20 more COVID-19 deaths pushes toll to 941
Courtesy Adaderana
The Director-General of Health Services confirmed that Sri Lanka has reported 20 more deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday (May 15). As per the Department of Government Information, the reported deaths had occurred between May 07 and May 15. Among the deceased are 09 female patients and 11 male patients. They are identified as residents of Panwila, Kelaniya, Bulathsinhala, Gonapola, Gampaha, Kalawana, Polonnaruwa, Ambatenna, Kundasale, Kalutara-North, Nawuththuduwa, Maggona, Colombo 13, Colombo 14, Ruwanwella, Vavuniya, Neboda, Diyatalawa, and Passara. Accordingly, the total number of deaths due to... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

2,371 coronavirus cases reported in Sri Lanka today
Courtesy Adaderana
The Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry reports that another 585 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, moving the daily total of new cases to 2,371. This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 140,471. As many as 117,220 recoveries and 921 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Epidemiology Unit’s data showed that 22,330 active cases are currently under medical care.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 16/05/21)

China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars.
By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent
China has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars, state media announced early on Saturday. The six-wheeled Zhurong robot was targeting Utopia Planitia, a vast terrain in the planet's northern hemisphere. The vehicle used a combination of a protective capsule, a parachute and a rocket platform to make the descent. https://youtu.be/xgxXNaZ_pd4 The successful touchdown is a remarkable achievement, given the difficult nature of the task. Only the Americans have really mastered landing on Mars until now. All other countries that have tried... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

 A National Physical Plan for 2011-2030, was prepared under President Mahinda Rajapaksa   and gazetted in 2011. When the Yahapalana puppet government took over in 2015, this plan was discarded. Yahapalana said that the 2011 plan was now outdated as several key national and international developments have taken place since then. The Yahapalana government of 2015 produced an updated National Physical Plan 2017-2050     in 2019.  Yahapalana was a puppet government installed by the USA.   USA was hoping to take over  the island using Yahapalana .  USA used the National Physical Plan to prepare a... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Sarath Wijeisnghe President’s Counsel, former Ambassador to UAE and Israel and President Ambassador’s Forum
Foreign Policy (Henry Kissinger - America has no permanent friends or enemies- Only interests) Foreign policy is the set of rules or practices followed by a nation as a member of the global forum linked by the UN today as guidelines to the international organizations and the member states. This is the simplest definition in addition to detailed academic definitions. Set of rules could be written, direct, and indirect or in the form of speeches or declarations of the head... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Ontario's new Tamil Genocide Education Week hailed by some, called unfair by others
BY MIKE ADLER Courtesy Toronto.com
Tamil Canadians support bill, while some Sri Lankan Canadians say 'there is another side to the story' Anura Ferdinand of the Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition, and other members of the community objecting to Ontario’s passage of Bill 104, are shown during a Zoom call on May 10, 2021. - Zoom screenshot Tamil Canadians hailed its passage as a historic event, but other Ontario residents from Sri Lanka see unfairness in a bill proclaiming a Tamil Genocide Education Week. Members of the Sinhalese community reacted with... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

සේවක ගැටලූ කෙරෙහි අවධානය යොමුකිරීම
කම්කරු අරගල මධ්‍යස්ථානය
සභාපති, ශ‍්‍රී ලංකා රාජ්‍ය ඉංජිනේරු සංස්ථාව, අංක 130, ඩබ්.ඒ.ඞී. රාමනායක මාවත, කොළඹ 02. 2021/05/14. සභාපතිතුමණි, සේවක ගැටලූ කෙරෙහි අවධානය යොමුකිරීම ශ‍්‍රී ලංකා රාජ්‍ය ඉංජිනේරු සංස්ථාව එක් කලෙක මෙරට ඉදිකිරීම් ක්ෂේත‍්‍රයේ දැවැන්තයා ලෙස වැජඹුණු බව  සාමාන්‍ය පිළිගැනීමයි. එහෙත් එහි වත්මන් තත්ත්වය අතිශය ඛේදජනක ය. මේ වනවිට ඉංජිනේරු සංස්ථාව තුළ අර්බුද රැුසක් පැන නැගී ඇති අතර එහි ඉදිරි පැවැත්මද අභියෝගයට ලක් කෙරෙන පසුබිමක් නිර්මාණය වී තිබේ. ඊට බලපා ඇති බොහෝ සාධක පිළිබඳ අවබෝධයක් අප සතු වන නමුත් මෙහිදී එහි සේවකයන්ට මුහුණ දීමට සිදුව ඇති ගැටලූ කීපයක් කෙරෙහි ඔබගේ අවධානය යොමු කිරීමට අපේක්ෂා  කරමු. 02.  මේ වනවිට... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Covid vaccine centres open in Sri Lanka: 56 vaccination centers operating today
Courtesy NewsIn.Asia
Colombo, May 14 (NewsWire) – The coronavirus vaccination programme will be conducted today, despite an islandwide travel restriction being enforced from today till Monday (17). The vaccination programme will be carried out in 56 vaccination centres in the Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara Districts. The public will be permitted to travel to their nearest vaccination centre to receive their vaccine, despite the travel restrictions. Nearly 145,000 people received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine within the last two days.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Vaccination drive to move to other districts after process concludes in W. Province
Courtesy Adaderana
The vaccination program will be expanded to Kandy, Kurunegala and Ratnapura districts after concluding the process in Western Province, Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi said today. https://youtu.be/aLdz-uMTBLA People in selected MOH areas of the aforesaid three districts will be administered COVID jabs, the she stated delivering a statement on the country’s inoculation drive. As many as 1.1 million people in the Western Province have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus so far, the health minister said further. “We intend to vaccinate a total of 13 million people in... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Daily COVID-19 cases count leaps to 2,269
Courtesy Adaderana
The Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry reported that 1,380 more persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka on Friday (May 14), as the daily count of new cases moved to 2,269. According to the Government Information Department, the new cases reported today are associated with the New Year coronavirus cluster. This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 138,065. As many as 110,108 recoveries and 923 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

SriLankan issues notice on testing COVID requirements for passengers travelling to Australia
Courtesy Adaderana
Passengers travelling on SriLankan Airlines to Australia are now required to provide a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to check-in for flights. As per the latest health guidelines issued by the Australian High Commission in Colombo, the prerequisite will come be enforced from tomorrow (May 15), the national carrier said in a notice issued today. The testing requirements will include: • A negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result is required for travellers to or transiting through Australia. Evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken 72 hours... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Sri Lanka’s daily COVID deaths hit record high as total exceeds 900
Courtesy Adaderana
Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 death toll surpassed the 900-mark today (May 14) as 31 more victims were confirmed by the Director-General of Health Services. This is reportedly the highest-ever coronavirus deaths Sri Lanka has posted in a single day since the outbreak of the pandemic last year. According to Epidemiology Unit’s data, new fatalities have moved the total to 923.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Sri Lanka, World Bank ink agreement for COVID vaccine deployment
Courtesy Adaderana
The Government of Sri Lanka and the World Bank on Thursday (May 13) signed a USD 80.5 million additional financing to help Sri Lanka access and distribute COVID-19 vaccines and to strengthen the country’s vaccination system and pandemic response.  Secretary to the Ministry of Finance Sajith Attygalle signed on behalf of the Government and Faris World Bank Country Director for Sri Lanka Hadad-Zervos signed on behalf of the World Bank. “Solidarity and support of all stakeholders is key to fight this pandemic,” said Faris Hadad-Zervos, World Bank Country Director for Sri Lanka.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Govt. to purchase vegetable produce brought to Dambulla Economic Centre
Courtesy Adaderana
The government has decided to purchase stocks of vegetables the farmers had brought to the Dedicated Economic Centre in Dambulla today (May 14), says Matale District MP Pramitha Bandara Tennakoon. The decision has been taken during a meeting with Minister of Public Services, Provincial Councils & Local Government Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, Prime Minister’s Office, Finance Ministry, Agriculture Ministry and several other stakeholders. The trade association of Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre, Dambulla Divisional Secretariat and Dambulla Municipal Council have also taken part in the said meeting. Farmers have brought nearly 500,000kg... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Illegal migration attempt thwarted; 30 suspects under arrest
Courtesy Adaderana
A total of 30 individuals who are suspected to have attempted to illegally migrate to a foreign country via sea routes have been taken into custody. The operation was carried out on the 13th and 14th of May by Sri Lanka Navy and the Coast Guard at Samindugama area. Fourteen of the suspects and a house owner who had provided them with lodging facilities were apprehended on the May 13. Expanding the operation with the assistance of Chilaw Police today (May 14), the Navy and Coast Guard managed to apprehend... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 15/05/21)

Has the COVID Pandemic exposed the lack of a social conscience within the Sri Lankan society?
By Raj Gonsalkorale
The norms of society are the sum of our collective values and priorities – as society shapes us, we shape society. In addition to a sense of right and wrong for personal action, individuals possess a sense of right and wrong for collective action – what might be called social conscience. Individual conscience compels us to act morally in our daily lives, avoiding or helping to relieve the immediate suffering of others, whereas social conscience compels us to insist on moral action from the wider institutions of society and to seek the transformation of social... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

සිංහල බෞද්ධ විරෝධී කළු සුද්දන්ට රන්ජන් ඉගැන්වූ අපූරු පාඩම
චන්ද්‍රසිරි විජයවික්‍රම
රංජන් අල්ෆොන්සෝ රාමනායක නමැති පංචස්කන්ධය පිළිඹඳව විමසා බැලිය යුත්තේ, ඕපා දූප කතා ලෙස නොව, මෙම බොහෝ දුරට අහිංසකව සිටි හා නොමඟ ගිය පෘතග්ජන මිනිසාගේ, ගුණ හා නුගුණ අයුතුලෙස අපහරණයකල, ලංකාවේ සිංහල බෞද්ධ විරෝධී කළු සුද්දන්ගේ ක්‍රියාකලාපය එමඟින් එලිදරව්වෙන නිසාය (උදාහරණයක් වශයෙන් රන්ජන්ගේ අවුරුදු 4, බොදු බල සේනාවේ ඥානසාර හිමියන්ගේ 19 සමඟ සසඳන්නට කෙනෙක් සිටියාද?). මෙහිදී දෙයාකාරයක "පාවා දීම්" දෙකක් සිදුවිය. එකක් නම් දිරච්ච ලණු දෙමින්, රන්ජන්ව මුරුංගා අත්තේ නග්ගවමින් ඔහුගේ ආත්මය ඔහු ලවාම පාවා දෙවීමට සැලැස්විමය. අනික නම් රන්ජන් විසින් ඔහුව විනාශකල එකී නොකී මුළු කළු සුද්දන් රැළම ජනාධිපති ගෝඨාභයට, නිරුවත්කර භාරදීම නොහොත් පාවාදීමය. මීට පෙර... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

කොරෝනා වසංගතය හමුවේ පෞද්ගලික අංශයේ සේවකයන්ට අඩ වැටුප් ගෙවීම හා කිසිදු සෞඛ්‍ය ආරක්ෂණ ක‍්‍රම භාවිත කිරීමකින් තොරව ආයතන පවත්වාගෙන යාම සම්බන්ධවයි
පෞද්ගලික සේවක මධ්‍යස්ථානය
අමාත්‍ය නිමල් සිරිපාල ද සිල්වා, කම්කරු හා වෘත්තිය සමිති සබදතා අමාත්‍ය, කම්කරු හා වෘත්තිය සමිති සබදතා අමාත්‍යංශය, කිරුල පාර, කොළඹ 05 2020/10/13 ඇමතිතුමනි, කොරෝනා වසංගතය හමුවේ පෞද්ගලික අංශයේ සේවකයන්ට අඩ වැටුප් ගෙවීම හා කිසිදු සෞඛ්‍ය ආරක්ෂණ ක‍්‍රම භාවිත කිරීමකින් තොරව ආයතන පවත්වාගෙන යාම සම්බන්ධවයි කොරෝනා වසංගතය මෙරට තුළ වඩාත් සීඝ‍්‍රයෙන් පැතිරෙමින් පවතී. මේ නිසා රාජ්‍ය අංශයේ සේවකයින් සදහා සේවා මුර ක‍්‍රමයක් මෙන්ම නිවසේ සිට වැඩකරන ක‍්‍රම වේදයන් හදුන්වා දී ඇත. රෝග ව්‍යාප්තිය වැලැක්වීම ස`දහා අවම වශයෙන් මෙවනි ක‍්‍රමවේදයක් පෞද්ගලික අංශයේ සේවකයන් සදහාද හ`දුන්වාදිය යුතු වේ. 02.  කෙසේ වෙතත් එවැනි රෝග ව්‍යාප්තියක් වැලැක්වීම සදහා... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

සෞඛ්‍ය වෛද්ය නිළධාරීන් ඇතුළුව #කොවිඩ් නිවාරණ කටයුතුවල යෙදී සිටින සෞඛ්‍ය කාර්යමණ්ඩල මුහුණ දී සිටින අනවරත ගැටළු සම්බන්ධවයි.
සමස්ත ලංකා වෛද්‍ය නිළධාරීන්ගේ සංගමය.
පවිත්රා වන්නිආරච්චි මහත්මිය ගරු සෞඛ්ය හා දේශීය වෛද්ය අමාත්ය සෞඛ්ය හා දේශීය වෛද්ය අමාත්යාංශය කොළඹ 10. මහත්මියනි, සෞඛ්‍ය වෛද්ය නිළධාරීන් ඇතුළුව කොවිඩ් නිවාරණ කටයුතුවල යෙදී සිටින සෞඛ්‍ය කාර්යමණ්ඩල මුහුණ දී සිටින අනවරත ගැටළු සම්බන්ධවයි. ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුල කොවිඩ් වසංගතය ආරම්භ වූ 2020 මාර්තු මාසයේ සිට අද වන තුරු කිසිදු දිරි දීමනාවක් හෝ විවේකයන් නොමැතිව තවදුරටත් නිවාඩු ලබා නොගනිමින් සේවය කරන සෞඛ්‍ය වෛද්‍ය නිළධාරී කාර්යාල වලට අනුයුක්ත සෞඛ්‍ය වෛද්‍ය නිළධාරීන් මහජන සෞඛ්‍ය පරීක්ෂකවරුන් ඇතුළු සමස්ත කාර්ය මණ්ඩලයේ සේවය තවදුරටත් ලබා ගැනීමට නොහැකි තත්වයක් උද්ගත වෙමින් පවතී. සෑම දිනකම... -Full Story- (LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

රාමසාන් දින පණිවුඩය
මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ,ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාත්‍රාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජයේ,අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය
රාමසාන් උපවාස කාලය අවසන් කරමින් ලොව පුරා විසිරී සිටින ඉස්ලාමීය බැතිමතුන් සමඟ එක්ව ඊද්-දුල්-ෆිතර් උත්සවය සමරන ශ්‍රී ලාංකේය මුස්ලිම් ප්‍රජාවට මාගේ සුභාශිංසනය පළ කරමි. ඉස්‌ලාම් භක්‌තිකයන්ගේ ශුද්ධ වූ ග්‍රන්ථය ලෙස සැළකෙන අල් කුරාණයේ නියම කොට ඇති පරිදි මාසයක් පුරා ඉටුකරන රාමසාන් උපවාසය ආගමික වශයෙන් මෙන්ම අධ්‍යාත්මික වශයෙන් ද ලොවට ගෙනඑන පණිවුඩය ඉතා වැදගත් වේ. උපවාස කාලයේ දී අන්‍යයන්ගේ කුස ගින්න පිළිබඳව නිවැරදි අදහසක් ඇතිවීම මගින් ඉස්ලාමීය බැතිමතුන් පරිත්‍යාගශීලී සමාජයක් උදෙසා උස් පහත් භේදයකින් තොරව පෙළගැසෙනු ඇති බව මාගේ විශ්වාසයයි. ආගමානුකූල නිවැරදි ඉගැන්වීම් තුළ ශික්ෂණය ලැබූ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act has been carried in the Ontario legislature and received assent by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and it is now a law in Ontario.
Action Team - SLCAC
Dear friends, Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act has been carried in the Ontario legislature and received assent by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and it is now a law in Ontario. We will be convening a meeting on this Friday evening (14th May) at 8pm, and we invite all law and pre-law students and lawyers within the Sri Lankan community or if you have questions on Bill 104 to join us to discuss the various options and next steps. We believe there is still hope of defeating this in court. Register in advance for this meeting:https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUpdOChpz4tH9Lh39C2b5xuMYVZv0Oj7qwH Contribute... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

Coronavirus: 24 fatalities moves death toll to 892
Courtesy Adaderana
The Director General of Health Services today confirmed another 24 deaths that had occurred during the period from 08th to 13th May, due to Covid-19 virus infection. Accordingly, the total number of deaths due to Covid-19 infection in Sri Lanka has now moved to 892.... -Full Story- (LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

Sri Lanka’s daily coronavirus cases count climbs to 2,249
Courtesy Adaderana
The Ministry of Health says that another 1,174 persons have tested positive for coronavirus in the country, increasing today’s tally of Covid-19 cases to 2,249. All new cases reported today are associated with the New Year Covid-19 cluster.  This brings the Sri Lanka’s total coronavirus cases count to 135,796 while total recoveries stand at 108,802. 26,126 patients infected with the virus are currently under medical treatment.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

People over 60 years without health complications to receive Sinopharm jabs
Courtesy Adaderana
Sri Lanka has decided to administer the first dose of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine to people who are over the age of 60 years, without any health complications. State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID Disease Control Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle said the decision was taken during meeting of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. https://youtu.be/0M9UBd98sJI... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 14/05/21)

Covid: Will UK vaccine success keep virus at bay?
Nick Triggle Health correspondent Courtesy BBC
Next week will see the most significant lifting of restrictions yet in England, with indoor mixing to be allowed. The rest of the UK is making similar steps. It means the onus is increasingly shifting on to the vaccines, rather than social distancing and restrictions, to keep the virus at bay. How well do they work? And is there now enough immunity in the population to protect us all? The vaccines are working wonderfully The UK has benefited from both... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

හරිම කණගාටුයි ෆීල්ඩ් මාර්ෂල් තුමනි.....
Lal De Alwis FB
-සුදුකොඩි කථාව වැනිම ඉතා නින්දිත ප්‍රකාශයක් ඔබ නැවත කළේය. මිලේනියම් සිටි කුප්‍රකට මහා පාවා දීම සිදු වී දැනට වසර දහසයක් පමණ ගතවී ඇත. එවකට හමුදාපති ලුතිනන් ජෙනරාල් ලයනල් බලගල්ල සහ හමුදා බුද්ධි අංශ ප්‍රධානියා වූ බ්‍රිගේඩියර් කපිල හෙන්දාවිතාරණගේ ඍජු අධීක්ෂණය යටතේ ක්‍රියාත්මක දුරදිග විහිදුම් බළකායේ බුද්ධි මූලස්ථානය පොලිස් සුනඛ අංශයේ පොලිස් අධිකාරි කුලසිරි උඩුගම්පල විසින් මාධ්‍යයට හෙළිකිරීම තුළින් සිදු වූ විනාශය රටම දන්නේ ය. මෙය මාධ්‍යයට හෙළි නොකරන ලෙසත් එහි වගකීම තමන් භාර ගන්නා බවත් මෙය ජාතික ආරක්ෂාවට සම්බන්ධ ඉතා සංවේදී ස්ථානයක් බවත් හමුදාපතිවරයා සහ බුද්ධි අංශ ප්‍රධානියා පුනපුනා කීවත්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

Besides COVID-19, India is also fighting with vulture journalists, who are spreading more panic and despair than pandemic
By Bureau Report  courtesy The Australia Today
Picture Source: ScreenShot Twitter

BarkhaDutt No one, I repeat, no one should die due to lack of medical care. Every death is painful and heart-wrenching, even if the country’s medical system is overburdened and doctors are toiling hard to save the Covid-19 patients amid an unprecedented surge of cases in the second wave. Then, there are journalists and reporters, toxic ones, who rub salt into India’s wounds by manipulating national tragedy to carry out their agenda against the state. They go on to the extent of distorting... -Full Story- (LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

Were Norway and Solheim pro-LTTE?
By Noor Nizam - Peace and Political Actvist and Political Communications Researcher, May 12th., 2021.
RENOUNCED INDIAN JOURNALIST M.R. NARAYAN SWAMY SAYS - "IN REALITY IT WAS NOT". I fully disagree with the statement - M.R. Narayan Swamy has made in an article published by the https://www.themorning.lk/were-norway-and-solheim-pro-ltte/ the above dated May 9, 2021, "that Norway was pro-LTTE when in reality it was not". NORWAY WAS INDEED PRO-LTTE SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MILITANT MOVEMENT IN 1976 BY VELUPILLAI PRABHARAN AS THE SUCCESSOR TO AN ORGANIZATION HE HAD FORMED IN THE EARLIER 1970s. ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

ජාතික වෙසක් උත්සව සමරු මුද්දර ත්‍රිත්වය අග්‍රාමාත්‍යතුමාට පිළිගන්වයි
අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මාධ්‍ය අංශය
ජාතික වෙසක් උත්සවය වෙනුවෙන් නිකුත් කළ සමරු මුද්දර ත්‍රිත්වය, මුල්දින කවරය සහ සිහිවටන පත්‍රිකාව ජනමාධ්‍ය අමාත්‍ය කෙහෙලිය රඹුක්වැල්ල මහතා විසින්  අද (12) දින අරලියග මන්දිරයේ දී ගරු අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතාට පිළිගන්වන ලදි. මෙවර ජාතික වෙසක් උත්සවය උතුරු පළාතේ පිහිටි ඓතිහාසික නාගදීප රජ මහා විහාරස්ථානය කේන්ද්‍ර කර ගනිමින් පැවැත්වීමට නියමිතව තිබිණි. ඒ අනුව මෙවර ජාතික වෙසක් උත්සවයේ සමරු මුද්දර සඳහා ඓතිහාසික වටිනාකමකින් යුතු උතුරු හා නැගෙනහිර පළාත් වල බෞද්ධ සිද්ධස්ථාන වල චිත්‍ර යොදාගෙන තිබේ. වව්නියාව සපුමල්ගස්කඩ විහාරය, යාපනය කදුරුගොඩ විහාරය සහ වව්නියාව මඩුකන්ද දළදා විහාරයේ කේන්ද්‍ර කර ගනිමින්... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පොදුජන සන්ධානයේ පක්ෂ නායකයෝ අග්‍රාමාත්‍යතුමාගේ ප්‍රධානත්වයෙන් රැස්වෙති
අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මාධ්‍ය අංශය
කොවිඩ් වසංගතය පාලනය කිරීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් ගත යුතු කඩිනම් ක්‍රියාමාර්ග පිළිබඳව අවධානය යොමු කිරීම ඇතුළු කරුණු කිහිපයක් මුල්කරගනිමින් ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිදහස් පොදුජන සන්ධානයේ පක්ෂ නායකයෝ ගරු අග්‍රාමාත්‍ය මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතාගේ ප්‍රධානත්වයෙන් අද (11) දින පස්වරුවේ අරලියගහ මන්දිරයේ දී රැස්වූහ. රජය මේ වනවිට කොවිඩ් වසංගතය පැතිරයාම පාලනය කිරීම වෙනුවෙන් ගෙන ඇති පියවරයන් මෙහි දී පක්ෂ නායකයන්ගේ අවධානයට ලක් වූ අතර අනාගත තත්ත්වයන්ට මුහුණ දීම සඳහා ඒ ඒ ප්‍රදේශවල අතිරේක ප්‍රතිකාර මධ්‍යස්ථාන ඉදිකිරීම පිළිබඳව සාකච්ඡා කෙරිණි. එන්නත්කරන වැඩපිළිවෙල සාර්ථක අයුරින් ඉදිරියට ගෙනයාමට අවශ්‍ය බව මෙහි දී අග්‍රාමාත්‍යතුමා පෙන්වා දුන්නේය. මෙයට අමතරව... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

Sri Lankan woman's death in spotlight as Japan debates immigration bill
Courtesy Mainichi.jp
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The death of a Sri Lankan woman detained at a central Japan immigration facility has been in the spotlight as parliament debates a controversial bill to revise the immigration law that is feared will worsen conditions for asylum seekers in Japan. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210512/p2g/00m/0na/057000c While ruling parties aim to pass the bill during the current parliament session through mid-June to resolve the long-term detention of foreign nationals facing deportation orders, opposition forces have called for its abolishment as the government has yet to figure out the circumstances surrounding the Sri Lankan's... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

Sri Lanka registers 2,573 new COVID cases within the day
Courtesy Adaderana
The Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry reports that another 957 persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka, moving the daily total of new cases to 2,386. This brings the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in the country to 133,484. As many as 107,657 recoveries and 801 deaths have been confirmed in Sri Lanka since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Epidemiology Unit’s data showed that 24,977 active cases are currently under medical care.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

All local, foreign overseas arrivals to undergo 14-day mandatory quarantine
Courtesy Adaderana
As per new health guidelines, all overseas arrivals including Sri Lankans should undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days at a quarantine facility. https://youtu.be/wz4eyJBV3Wk This measure will be carried out irrespective of their COVID-19 vaccination status, Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena stated issuing a notice today (May 12). Sri Lankan Seafarers or Sea Marshalls returning home will also be subjected to the aforementioned mandatory quarantine period. Local and foreign staff members of Diplomatic Missions and their families too should undergo the 14-day... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

Those who had AstraZeneca first jab, should take Sputnik V with adenovirus 26 – Specialist
By Rathindra Kuruwita Courtesy The Island
If those who have taken the first dose of AstraZeneca are to receive a second jab of Sputnik V, they should take the first Sputnik V vaccine with adenovirus 26 (Ad26), Consultant Immunologist and head of the department of Immunology-MRI, Dr Nihan Rajiva de Silva says. Dr. de Silva said that the first dose of Sputnik had Ad 26 and the second had adenovirus-5. “Adenovirus-5 is common. We may have been exposed to that and we may have developed antibodies. Adenovirus-26 is rarer and we will better respond to that.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 13/05/21)

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  • THE ANCESTRY OF RAVANA A close study of the Ramayana, particularly the last book or Uttara Kanda, reveals that Ravana, the enemy of Lord Rama, was not a Dravidian, as many people have thought, but related to the Sri Lanka, who are considered to be Aryans-that Ravana was a migrant to Sri Lanka from the Vedic family of the Yadus, perhaps deriving originally from the city of Mathura south of Delhi. The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from the north was from Gujarat and of the Yadu family, which dominated the southwest of India and from the region of Gujarat had access to the sea on which they travelled far in their trading and colonizing ventures. The Ramayana tells the Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, had close connections with region of the Yadus, which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura south of Delhi.
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    123,000 BC - Oldest human found in Lanka - Pathirajawela in the deep South.
    12000 BC - MaduruOya findings World's oldest findings of the use of Steel, Copper, and irrigation technology
    7500 BC - Connections between Cambians, Sri Lankans, Ramayanaya & Mahabharataya The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from north India, were from the Yadu family from Gujarat. Yadus dominated the southwest of India (which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura, just south of Delhi).
    6000 BC - Lankan city on Mahamevuna Uyana - Archeologists uncovered 35 feet under the present Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradapura,
    3000 BC - Sigiriya is considered the AlakaMandava of the Ravana
    2517 Ramayanaya and Sri Lanka According to Ramayana story, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, belongs to a family of migrants from North India who had close connections with region of the Yadus,
    2517 BC - Ravana gets killed in Balangoda during March, 2517BC Ravana, while attending to the wounds suffered in combat by Vibishana (his brother) in Balangoda,
    1000 BC - Sri Lanka has the latest technology : Iron technology is evident in SL
    900 BC - Anuradapura, a major town of, at least 10 Hectares (25 Acres). Anuradhapura was at least 10 ha in extent by ca. 900 BC (perhaps much more). By then prehistoric stone tool technology had been completely superseded by that of iron
    700 BC - Anuradapura Town, 50 Hectares (125 Acres) .
    600 BC - Earliest Proof of Brahmi writing in Lanka At 600-500 BC, the very first appearance of writing (in Brahmi letters almost identical to the Asokan script 200 years later) marked the beginning of the Early Historic period. This writing, radiocarbon dated on charcoal and checked by thermoluminescence dating, is inscribed on potsherds signifying the ownership. Among the names, was Anuradha.
    483 BC - Vijaya lands in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya is built in Thiriyaya. Buddha's relics are enshrined in Mahiyanganaya Dagaba Sarabu Maharahatan Vahanse picked Budda relics from the burning cortege and arrived in Mahiyanganaya
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    -Unethical conversion violates the UN convention on the right of the child


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"Human Rights Watch, one of the world's best-financed and most influential human rights organizations? It turns out that they cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true".-Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Amnesty and HRW may research their material and appear to be neutral in their assessments every time, no one can really evaluate their impartiality unless one sets out to investigate their background funding, behind-the-scenes researchers and the influences under which they operate. Read "Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI) in Sri Lanka"


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