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What’s ‘National’ in Yahapalana’s National “UNITY” Government?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Since the January 2015 Presidential Elections, we have been experiencing a wave of irregularities bordering illegalities. That the holier than thou West has taken patronage of the ruling party together with their international coterie of players denies any prospects of highlighting or negating the irregularities taking place. However, these wrongs need to be etched into […]

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Maithripala Sirisena’s Election Promises

Friday, August 10th, 2018

Maithripala Sirisena left the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to contest under the SWAN symbol from the party National Democratic Front. His election manifesto was released at the Viharamahadevi Open Air Threatre in December 2014. His key promise was a ‘Compassionate Maithri Governance – a Stable country’. Over 62lakh people believed in this assurance & voted […]

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Sri Lanka’s Presidential Elections: Western Province/Gampaha District – Voters & Demographic Influence

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Shenali D Waduge Western Province comprises 3 districts (Colombo, Gampaha & Kalutara) Gampaha comprises 13 electoral polling divisions. The analysis covers 3 main elections – Presidential, General & Provincial Councils. Keeping to the official census statistics of 2012 the island’s population stood at 20,359,439 (20m) 5,851,130 (5.8m) or 28.7% of the Islands 20m live in […]

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Land-Resource Sell-Out: Companies becoming more powerful than Countries

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

The winners of globalization, international trade agreements, privatization, neo-liberal economic capitalism are none other than the multinational corporations. They are least bothered about religion, ethnicity, culture, or preservation of history or heritage. Everything is looked at from a commercial & profit making angle. All they desire is profit at any cost and where they select […]

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Germany arrests LTTE for killing Sri Lankan soldiers – Sri Lanka arresting Sri Lankan soldiers!

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

The title crudely portrays the hypocrisy that prevails in the present government’s policy in not siding with the national army against a banned terrorist movement that does not enjoy any international legal provisions given its status as a banned non-state actor and a country has every right to take action against it in the larger […]

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Sri Lanka take lessons from failed federal solutions!

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Only about 15% of the world’s countries are federal. The notion that the UN or the International Community have fixed templates for conflicts has proved an absolute sham. All of the countries the UN & international community have been involved in & helped deliver mechanisms for what they deem to be ‘the best solution to […]

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Dr. Krishan Ramasundaram says “What the Sri Lanka Army is doing for the Tamils the TNA is not doing”

Friday, July 27th, 2018

  Dr. Krishan Ramasundaram from the Arunalu People’s Alliance should shock many people in particular those who are holding supposed to be unbiased & non-partisan positions for their lies too are exposed by the statements made by this doctor who says the Tamil people in the North are happy with the Army, they treat the […]

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Federal constitutions are for large countries – Small Sri Lanka doesn’t need federalism or asymmetrical federation

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

 Federal constitutions exist in 26 countries including US, Canada, Russia, Australia, India, Brazil & federal features also prevail in China. What do these countries all have in common? Their size. It is because of the size & the difficulty in governing directly from the centre that federal constitutions were created to hand over some powers […]

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The removal of Chief Justice –  ShiraniB & Mohan Pieris & hypocrisy of NGOs & civil society!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

We have had 2 Chief Justices removed in the recent past. There was much fanfare over the removal of the first on the premise of unfair removal while the removal of the second was met with virtually complete silence. Let us take both these examples to highlight some of the hypocrisies that prevail. A country’s […]

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Minister Amunugama – Promote the Alliance of Buddhist Nations while acknowledging Senaka Weeraratne who conceived the idea

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

On 9th July 2018 the ‘Island’ Newspaper carried a report titled Minister Amunugama proposes alliance of Buddhist countries in the region”. Minister Sarath Amunugama declared that he would initiate the alliance while attending a seminar for heads of Pirivena in Kandy. While welcoming an initiative of this nature given that other international Buddhist organisations such […]

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Death Penalty in Sri Lanka: Who deserves to be put to death?

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

  This government loves to keep the people busy by regularly throwing issues to keep them busy. These are excellent methods to divert people’s attention from the real issues that questions the governments inefficiency. We’ve had a string of such public diversions – New York Times, Wijayakala and now it’s the death sentence.   When […]

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Sri Lanka’s Presidential Elections: Western Province/Colombo District – Voters & Demographic Influence

Friday, July 13th, 2018

A crucial election is forthcoming. Since 1948 Sri Lanka has been a vibrant democracy evidenced by the stream of elections held. We’ve had 1 referendum, 5 local government elections since 2002, 7 provincial council elections since 1999, 16 General Elections since 1947 & 7 Presidential Elections since 1982. Numbers play an important game in deciding […]

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If India is sold Mattala-Galle-Palali-Trinco & Colombo will Sri Lanka be sovereign?

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Governments are elected to power to protect the territorial integrity & sovereignty of a country not to sell it or privatize it to foreigners thereby reducing the country’s relevance globally as an independent & sovereign nation. After selling the country’s resources, we would have no requirement for a jumbo government because they have no asset/resource […]

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UNP MP Wijayakala wants to resurrect LTTE – send her to Vishvamadu & see how LTTE families greet her!

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Following the resignation of UNP MP Wijayakala following her public outburst of wanting to resurrect the LTTE, she was asked to resign from her Ministerial portfolio. However, there is news of posters being displayed throughout Jaffna in Tamil which translated read this message – Politics without any personal benefits. Maheswaran gave his life for the […]

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Vijayakala’s Treachery: Removal from Ministerial Post is not enough

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

When a MP, not once but several times publicly & openly professes to revive a terrorist movement that murdered thousands of innocent people it is an act of treason that cannot be erased simply by removing the person from his/her post. From 1980s to 2009 a wave of horrendous murders, suicide missions, assassinations were committed […]

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UNP’s Minister for Child Affairs is a woman who wants to revive LTTE which recruited child soldiers

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

The UNP leadership boasts of allocating Ministerial Portfolios to some scientific method which is yet to explain how or why the UNP gave ministerial portfolio of children to a woman who wants to revive the LTTE. For the benefit of everyone who supports the UNP & the rest of the citizenry in Sri Lanka as […]

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Wijayakala’s LTTE Resurrection: Tamil Racism Self-Exploding

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

UNP MP Wijayakala Maheshwaran’s public speech revealing her desire to resurrect the LTTE needs to be looked at from a different angle. Certainly, her statement has violated the National Constitution, the oath taken by MPs & to publicly claim that a banned terrorist organization needs to be revived warrants not only disciplinary action but removal […]

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Western Human Rights Hypocrisy: Only in 1929 that WOMEN in Canada became ‘PERSONS’

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

The West loves to self-appoint itself as the paragons of virtue, to bear the ‘white-man’s burden’ of ‘civilizing’ the world and point fingers of allegations believing itself to be the beacon of justice. Little does the West realize that when it was still in its primitive years the countries or rather territories that are today […]

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Northern Tamils: Killing an innocent leopard is no way to take revenge on LTTE for losing to the Military

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Strange things are happening up North. Wiggy & TNA bellows to all foreigners landing in the North that they insist on a separate state whereby they can ‘look after’ their own people. In the midst of all those sop stories to the gullible Westerners who sees this as a gift horse for their own geopolitical […]

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සාමකාමී සහජීවනය හා සංහිදියාව යනු කුමක්ද කියා එල්. ටී. ටී. ඊ. සංවිධානයේ ගම්මානයක අය හා හමුදා නිලධාරියෙක් ලොවටම කියාපායි.

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

ෂෙනාලි ඩී වඩුගේ මෙම හමුදා නිලධාරියාගේ සමුගැනීම නිසා බොහෝ විවේචකයන් කම්පනයට පත් වී ඇති අතර ඔවුන්ට කට උත්තරද නැති වී ඇත. මෙම විස්මයජනක සිද්ධිය නිසා අපේ ගෞරවනීය ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය හමුදාවට එරෙහිව පතුරුවන ලද ව්‍යාජ චෝදනා හා ගැරහීම් සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම පාහේ වැළලී ගොස් ඇත. ශ්‍රී ලංකා හමුදාවට එරෙහිව ˜පච˜ ප්‍රචාර ගෙනගිය චූදිතයන් අතරට විදේශීය රාජ්‍යයන් හා ඒවායේ […]

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US exit from UNHRC & US-sponsored UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

US exit from UNHRC & US-sponsored UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka   It is not the exit of the US from the UNHRC that should draw our attention but the cause cited for US withdrawal. If the US claims to the UNHRC to be a cesspool of political bias’ by the ‘hypocritical & self-serving’ it […]

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The foreign hands behind the LTTE

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

If you wondered why LTTE could not be defeated for 3 decades there is no one reason. When you look at the plethora of players that were backing the LTTE over the years, you will never want to stop showering accolades at the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as well as the political leadership that had […]

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Have US-NATO soldiers been honored by Terrorists as Sri Lanka’s Military Officer has?

Monday, June 18th, 2018

No accolade is enough for Col. Ratnapriya or the rehabilitation locally designed & implemented under the previous government which after 9 years reaped results in the manner that one single officer was honored by an entire village of former LTTE cadres & their families by carrying him on their shoulder. These former LTTE cadres including […]

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When EPRLF kidnapped an American couple in 1984 & sought ransom paid to Tamil Nadu Government

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

On 10 May 1984 an American couple Stanley & Mary Allen were kidnapped by Jaffna. The kidnapping was timed with the visit of Snr George Bush former CIA director’s visit to New Delhi. EPRLF demanded Rs.50m in gold paid to the Tamil Nadu Government (very strange request) plus the release of 20 EPRLF cadres […]

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Reparations: Sri Lanka’s War Victims are Not ONLY Tamils & certainly NOT Banned LTTE

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Sri Lankan Government has approved a proposal by a Tamil MP to pay reparations for war-affected & missing persons which include families of LTTE unlawful combatants. LTTE remains a banned terrorist organization, without first holding LTTE on trial for its war crimes against the State of Sri Lanka & its people what kind of […]

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The Sri Lankan Tax Payers burden: Maintaining a corrupt Government that has lied to the People

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

The present government came to power assuring the citizens of Sri Lanka an uncorrupt, transparent, no-wastage government. That promise was thrown to the bin after coming to power. The people were sold that the Cabinet would be just 25 MP (100 day program) however 19a created a bogus national government with the right to unlimited […]

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LTTE village & a Sri Lankan Military Officer show the world what Reconciliation & Peaceful Coexistence is all about.

Monday, June 11th, 2018

It was a farewell that has shocked & left plenty of critics speechless. It has put to rest & completely nullified the lies that have been spread against Sri Lanka’s Army. The culprits include foreign governments/envoys, INGOs/NGOs, UN & even the present government in particular the Tamil leadership & the LTTE diaspora who must be […]

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Linking Colonial Imperialism to NeoColonial Imperialism & Future of Nation States

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Nothing happens in isolation. Everything has a connection & it is left to us to join the dots & make the distinctions. Where is the world going, what is the future for the global community can be seen in understanding the geopolitics & global dynamics at play. It is in understanding how industrialization, the capitalist […]

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How civilized was the world before the white man invaded to civilize them?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Have you ever thought of how humans evolved, whether the world map looked the same as present, how people migrated, how civilizations developed, who white people emerged if all humans evolved from Africa? Don’t these and more questions haunt you and have you ever tried to find out? Think about it and you will be […]

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Sinhale Buddhists – Your Nation Needs You more than ever

Monday, May 28th, 2018

You are the majority in our Island. History is witness to your status as majority.  History is also witness to how you came forward to defend your soil & protect fellow citizens as the majority should when confronted by invaders from South India and the 3 Christian European countries. History stands witness to the many […]

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