Govt. of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir!
Posted on July 24th, 2013

By A. Abdul Aziz.

Holy Qur’an says:-

 “And We (Allah) made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign, and gave them refuge on an elevated land of green valleys and springs of running water.” (Al Quran 23:51)

If I say Jesus, peace be on him, died of natural causes, it would appear strange to many ears, even though when the same is said about billions of other humans, it seems but obvious, and is taken for granted.

Sir Francis Bacon, who has remained extremely influential through his works, especially as philosophical advocate and practitioner of the scientific method during the scientific revolution, once advised, “Read not to contradict “¦ but to weigh and consider.” I would invite everyone of Christian background to view the following video and read the materials provided with this premise, please.

Human memory leads to the illusion-of-truth effect, meaning that we are more likely to rate those statements true that we are familiar with, regardless of their veracity. As such familiarity impairs judgment and prevents people from noticing let alone accepting the obvious limitations in their views.

Familiar seems true and unfamiliar, however logical and rational, seems fictional.

With this prelude we invite you, to a 53 minute documentary, produced by the government of India showing how Jesus came to India to teach Dharma or religion.  This video has been the most popular among the seekers after truth.

The link of the Documentary:-


5 Responses to “Govt. of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir!”

  1. Nesta Says:

    A wonderful article indeed. I also had an opportunity to read one book on this subject written by ahmadiyya founder – the link:

    Any way well done lankaweb.

  2. Wickrama Says:

    If according to Islam, allah is the creator of anything and everything, why the hell did he create Jesus? (and of course Moses, Buddha, Guru Nanak etc, etc?) Why allah create such confusion by allowing(creating) other type of religions to flourish/exist in this world??

  3. Nesta Says:

    Wickrama – ur reply is irrelevant on the topic of the author

  4. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    But you can answer it anyway, if you represent allah.

  5. Wickrama Says:

    Nesta, my question is absolutely relevant to this “allah” business.
    Whole Islam depends on this imaginary allah.
    The question is to expose the absurdity of believing in an allah.

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