Is Sri Lanka’s Eelaam Project shaping into a Reality?
Posted on September 18th, 2013

Shenali D Waduge‚ 

A question on everyone-â„¢s mind is whether TNA would be able to achieve what Prabakaran could not and why the Government that stopped Prabakaran would allow an Eelam to emerge under its defacto political party the TNA? The answer to that question is not as easy to conclude which is why Eelam is being described as a project involving various stakeholders who not necessarily desire the same objective.

Eelam a project of Tamil elite caste politicians:

Divide and Rule was the colonial strategy to plunder invaded foreign lands while keeping natives in continued conflict with each other. The strategy adopted for Sri Lanka was to divide people along ethnic lines. Thus, minorities were provided disproportionate status in education, employment and governance (on condition that they converted to Christianity) throughout colonial rule but reversed the status quo before handing over independence knowing the outcome. Governance at independence came to the hands of neither Sinhalese Buddhists representing the majority or Tamil Hindus but to a handful of English educate elite from both Sinhalese and Tamils who were trained to think and behave more like the colonials. It was this same English educated elite class of Tamils that objected to their own Tamil people gaining education when S W R D Bandaranaike introduced the Social Disability Prevention Act in 1957. These elite Tamil politicians educated in English went so far as to even write to authorities in London making their objection and these same elite Tamil politicians educated in English objected to the Sinhala Only policy when Tamil was never a language of administration and they did not speak a word of Tamil. The caste system within the Tamil community was broken only after Prabakaran not belonging to the elite or high caste realized it was an impediment to run a guerrilla movement where the ideology could not be hampered by divisions within -” so LTTE declared a ban on caste system yet the Tamil elite high caste wish to continue to dominate over the rest of Tamils.

Eelam a project of Tamil Diaspora

The flow of Tamils out of Sri Lanka to western climes increased with the July 83 riots and subsequently as a result of the massive propaganda campaign of the LTTE to promote discrimination and virtually all applications were addressed to countries that would eventually enable a steady flow of funds to maintain the LTTE terror as well as nations that would assist in funnelling illegal arms to Sri Lanka. The tide turned when in 2001 the West strategized to use terror as a means of advancing neo-colonial agenda to advance the notion of humanitarian military intervention and descend upon nations and eliminate their erstwhile leaders using media to promote them as -Ëœdictators-â„¢. The Tamil Diaspora whether they belonged to LTTE or not did contribute to the LTTE (by choice or force) because it meant a better living condition for them in a western nation which has now prompted them to be referred to as -Ëœeconomic refugees-â„¢. It is nothing we can hold against them as most Asians always think they can have a better life in the West. The LTTE used this to their advantage and without concern for Tamils. This self-interest remains a key feature in the silence of most Tamils in a dilemma even they find difficult to explain though many are now rising against the brainwashed -ËœTamil Only nation-â„¢ ideology to say life with the Sinhalese has never been that which LTTE had promoted. The Buddhist-Hindu ties are certainly one way to bring the two ethnic groups and cultures closer.

Eelam a project of Indian Government:

It has become a debate to determine as to when India began to train Sri Lankan militants on Indian soil to carry out a prolonged armed struggle in Sri Lanka against the Sri Lankan Government in cohesion with Indian South Asian strategy. Suffice it to say India has to at one stage admit that it trained Sri Lanka-â„¢s militants including females on Indian soil well before 1983 riots though it used 1983 as a prima facie case to openly admit training them. India cannot hide the fact that India clandestinely trained Sri Lankans without Sri Lanka showing any hostility towards India and that guilt is something India cannot escape from even with the excuse of its anger at President Jayawardena-â„¢s pro-US stand, allowing a Voice of America in Trincomalee or allowing Pakistan to refuel in Sri Lanka during the Indo-Pak war. In providing Indian Government support, Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi and most of the successive Indian Governments ended up inviting trouble to India-â„¢s Southern borders and what India thought to be an easy issue to solve between India-Sri Lanka and Tamil militants has ended up drawing too many foreign players that has left India-â„¢s national security a concern for its establishment. India could not have been naƒ¯ve not to explore the scenario of Tamil Nadu converging with Sri Lankan Tamils on a bogey of Eelam handled by different players and to eventually exclude Tamil ideology, Hinduism and Tamil nationalism altogether! When the genesis of all conflicts finds itself to the same doorstep India should have been aware that every opportunity is taken to attempt to divide lands and territories and create conflicts that benefit a handful of people while the collateral benefits amongst others is what keeps these conflicts from being solved. The mistake has always been in thinking that movements manufactured can be crushed. IPKF debacle should have surely taught lessons for India.

Nevertheless inspite of the dangers to India it is ready to apply its own incursions via economic domination of Sri Lanka, political bullying and other incursions to which Sri Lanka lacks the strategy or personnel to counter.

Eelam project of India-â„¢s intelligence and other intelligence:

-ËœLTTE are our boys-¦ we will handle them-â„¢ was the message given to the IPKF commanders sent to Sri Lanka depicting the close ties established between Indian intelligence and various groups of Tamil militants that India helped train. Many a time the Indian army had accused the Indian intelligence of supplying wrong information that proved detrimental to its own troops. That intelligence agencies have followed a line of their own out of the scope of their governments is nothing that needs to be repeated -” it is often believed that they run a shadow government with their own polices sometimes running contrary to the country-â„¢s national policy and jeopardizing the cordial relations between nations -” possibly that being their agenda having aligned to divergent interests of their own. Nevertheless, the fact that Rajiv Gandhi-â„¢s assassination itself was connected to a string of controversial claims speaks volumes of such possibilities. It is not a can of worms any government would dare open on any grounds lest it would reveal too many skeletons from the closet.

Eelaam a project of Tamil Nadu politicians:

Eelam or Nation for Tamils only emerged not in Sri Lanka but in India-â„¢s Tamil Nadu where Tamils were showing their dissatisfaction against Hindi. The various calls to separate were however crushed by India-â„¢s central government though it has not stopped the Tamil nationalism rising in Tamil Nadu. The only issue has been the fact that Tamil Nationalism via Eelam has been usurped by non-Hindus though Hindus constitute the majority of Tamils in both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. No Tamil Nadu politician has dared to use the separatist issue as an election slogan in Tamil Nadu. The various calls made related to Eelam in Sri Lanka has at best only got the attention of the Indian Central Government for it has been a good bargaining platform to coerce the Indian Government while the Indian Government sheepishly uses it to get Sri Lanka to agree to its terms and conditions. In other words the Eelam slogan used by Tamil Nadu politicians and referred to in turn by Indian Government has at best served their interests and not the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Eelaam a project of the Church

The links with LTTE and the Church is a factor that has been raised even in India. Sri Lanka-â„¢s North, East and Tamil Nadu have been experiencing a rise in conversions helped by the numerous charity organizations that have been using -Ëœcharity-â„¢ to hide their inner mechanizations. Numerous articles by Indian authors give detailed links to these ties. Father Emmanuel heads all the Tamil Diaspora organizations under his umbrella the Global Tamil Forum. Father Emmanuel calls Prabhakaran Jesus Christ, LTTE the soldiers of Christ, suicide bombers the martyrs of the Catholic Church to whom the Church provided a Catholic burial, and self proclaimed himself, the Moses who would lead the Tamil nation from the bondage of the Sinhalese-Buddhists to the land chosen for them by God: Ealam. Numerous other members of the clergy have openly spoken on behalf of the LTTE or been chief guests at LTTE events and have been associated with some of the orphanages from which LTTE recruited their child soldiers. Rajappu Joseph Bishop of Mannar, declared open the -Embassy of the Tamil Eelam-, the Eelam House in London. LTTE Voice of Tigers tied up with Radio Veritas, a Catholic broadcasting station run by Asian Catholic Bishops Conference based in Philippines.Tamil Nadu is a major benefactor of Church funds and Christian humanitarian organizations. The power of the Church is such that the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu even repealed the anti-conversion law (in 2004) implemented by her own Government.

Eelaam a project of the West:

The West that is well aware of how conflicts arise and how helpless Governments are does not have to be told who the terrorists are. 3o years of terror has shown us that Western politicians have preferred to take the side of the terrorists primarily because the -Ëœterrorist-â„¢ situation gives them leverage to push governments to adhere to their objectives. Given that conflicts take place in Third World developing countries who need to take loans to purchase arms and ammunition and expand its military to defend itself, Western Governments have made merry with terrorism to continuously strangulate Third World nations into debt. Many of these Western governments have interests of their own -” either they are puppets of those who tell them where to wage wars and when to wage wars or they sponsor conflicts because it suits the neo-colonial agenda applying maxims of trade and geopolitical leverage in which again the same handful of people end up pocketing profits from the woes of others. They have the explicit backing of the UN because the same people influence how the -Ëœpeace-â„¢ bastion runs with only Russia and China now providing any balance and so these two nations and their allies will soon form the two camps that would eventually lead to the ultimate showdown on account of the nuclear and chemical arsenal both camps have in their possession.

Eelam a project of arms profiteers

Anyone that manufactures arms does not do so for a hobby and the scale of the manufacture ensures sales are not meant only for defence of one-â„¢s nation. What we need to at all times remember is that politicians themselves are people who are owned by a handful of people not seen but very much in control of all that we do. It is no exaggeration to say that they control every action and inaction taking place around the world -” they decide to give jobs or make people redundant, they will create jobs where they find cheap labor, they will increase taxes and have no qualms about destroying the environment or destroying lives of people. All the contemporary conflicts are manufactured and engineered by these people. If at all anyone needs to be charged for war crimes it is them.‚  Is it now difficult to understand the Eelam Project and those involved?

Where do Sri Lankan Tamils fit into in this agenda?

In many ways Tamils have been the bait of all the parties we call stakeholders -” they have been victims of their own cause or for their own cause. A handful have certainly benefitted by now living overseas from where they take care of their families back home, however if Tamils were to dislocate themselves from the caste factor they would realize that a significant number of Tamils have never enjoyed anything called progress in their lives. It was this number that the Sri Lankan army saved having been the flock from whom LTTE chose their cadres, picked their child soldiers and those who were virtually slaves of the LTTE and if they are reluctant to even appreciate being saved by the Sri Lankan army it is because they have come to accept their fate which is no different to whatever party that handles them. They are now being steered by the TNA who have taken over from the LTTE and it will be from this group that the new LTTE is likely to emerge wherein LTTE cadres that escaped are likely to have returned as -Ëœholidaying-â„¢ expats, -ËœIndian-â„¢ beneficiaries or as Indian labor to the numerous Indian projects set up in the North.

As for the Tamils, is it too much to expect that some gratitude for the development seen in the past 4 years that had never been seen throughout LTTE de facto rule is something to make them renounce the TNA? Or do they think that it is the duty of the Government to develop these areas and they need not show any special gratitude and it is not for others to question their allegiance to the TNA irrespective of LTTE existing or not?

Where have Sri Lanka-â„¢s politicians gone wrong?

The LTTE prevailed during the terms of 5 Presidents and it took the 5th to eliminate the scrooge of terror after 3 decades of death and destruction. Sadly there is little that can be said of the main opposition and one wonders if there is such in Sri Lanka given the irrelevant and lack of national interest topics it ties itself to and never speaking on behalf of the majority to ever come into power.

In looking back we can conclude that it was the lack of real will that stopped the country-â„¢s leaders from taking the all-important decision to defeat terror made difficult because most advisors were of the opinion that they were faced with an -Ëœunwinnable war-â„¢ combined with the lack of faith that Sri Lanka-â„¢s armed forces had the capability to take on the LTTE. It served them better to use the LTTE and the period of terror to hide their weaknesses and that became a perfect way to remain in power. The promise was that terror would be over after the next election victory! Sadly the proponents of this unwinnable war theory continue to remain holding very influential posts still and unapologetic of their actions that continue to haunt their current role.

It took push and pluck to go beyond Mavil Aru, the liberation of the East and the onward march to take over the North while several other factors also contributed including luck that had been a distant feature for the army put right through the efforts of the Defence Secretary.

Nevertheless what needs to be reiterated is that it was not only the lack of will to solve issues but the fact that leaders chose to use the chaos in Sri Lanka for their own political advantage. Whether the same lack of will prevails to crush the rising extremism gathering momentum is also being question given that external forces are now influencing the other minority in Sri Lanka. The fact that it has reached levels where the public are noticing the change shows that the politicians have been asleep or are taking a lacklustre approach signalling the possibilities of inviting another looming catastrophe unless addressed.

While politicians including those in government and opposition must share guilt for lack of will in solving crisis situations before they boil over, locals of all ethnic groups too have enjoyed collateral benefits of the war and constantly work towards creating such through the foreign apparatus ever ready to fund such.

What choices are left for the Government?

President Premadasa achieved what in today-â„¢s context appears to look the impossible. Not only did he send the IPKF packing back to India he also declared a British High Commissioner persona non-grata for interfering in local elections and was also able to declare null and void the first election held following the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord and the Provincial Council system when the chief minister of the merged N-E provincial council declared a unilateral declaration of independence in 1990.

Thinking that with the demise of the LTTE all troubles were over and the rest could be handled on using political cunning on the logic of taking issues on a come what may basis has shown the Government has made a mistake.

Officials have never questioned some of the key statements that external forces have floated and without question our politicians have come to accept. Why are we not asking proof of animosities between Sinhalese-Tamils to justify -Ëœethnic-â„¢ problem, why have we not questioned the legal jurisprudence of Geneva laws in relation to LTTE which was a designated terrorist movement since 2001?, why have we not questioned the validity and proof of a -ËœTamil homeland-â„¢, why have we not questioned on what premise that more than half of the Tamils can live amongst Sinhalese while Sinhalese are forbidden from the North and calling for a Tamil Only homeland in the North, why have our Governments not insisted that all communities must live anywhere in Sri Lanka as it is their constitutional right, why has the Government silently accepted -ËœSinhala colonization-â„¢ slogans-¦.and there are many more issues that the Government with a will needs to now correct without keeping silent and using them for political advantage only.

Denazifying the LTTE as the Allies had done to the Germans should have adequately stopped the present calls by the TNA and Chief Ministerial candidate to use LTTE insignia, LTTE slogans and now even the calls to take up arms as well as the obnoxious calls for the military to withdraw the army from the north. 6th amendment to the Constitution is also sufficient to ensure separatism is legally taken care of. There is also the provision available to completely repeal the 13th amendment signed virtually under duress and a system that the people of the nation did not ask for and are not benefitting from. There was also the need to have dealt with the issue of illegal immigrants given that the census data does not make sense with ground realities but in arranging temporary ID cards the Government is virtually giving a walk over to the TNA. In so delaying decisions the entire country and possibly even the Government are in tenterhooks on how to handle the present scenario given that conditions for action will not be the same as when President Premadasa was able to annul the north election.

Political cunning serves only politicians. We now need leadership of a different kind based on the interest of the people and the nation.

Let us not repeat the same mistakes




35 Responses to “Is Sri Lanka’s Eelaam Project shaping into a Reality?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    You missed the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

    Tamil Elam is a project of SL Tamils.

    They are MORE into it than TN, diaspora, church, Endia, etc.

    The more we EVADE this truth the more difficult to stop it.

    It is like a rugby match. We THINK the ball is with player 1, player 2, player 3 and tackle them. But actually the ball is with player 4 and he goes for a TRY without us tackling him.

    We blame all MINOR players and tackle them. But REAL Tamil Elamists – SL Tamilians – get away and may achieve Tamil Elam.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    BR and NR were always pro-Tamil Elam. BR even talk of “Tamilian self rule”!! Promised 13 amendment full implementation to Endia in 2008.

    Now MR is NEUTRAL between unitary SL and TE.

    Gota is impotent NOW. He makes EMPTY statements from time to time and that’s all about it. ALL FART BUT NO SH*T!

    Only Sinhala civilians get killed for asking for clean water. Tamils ALWAYS get away with division of country, threats of violence, etc. This is the STATUS of SL today. It is worse than CFA time.

    Prove me wrong.

  3. douglas Says:

    “Is Sri Lanka’s Eelaam Project shaping into a Reality?” I would say YES. Why? It is all because of the way we conducted our Governing affairs after the war. MR in a “Triumphant Mood” forgot everything and went into hold elections for the Provincial Councils in the South. He should have first looked at the 13th Amendment and its effects on the country as a whole. Having rushed through such elections and planting his “goons” in the Local Administration, a monster was created. We daily see how these “goons” are behaving without even getting engaged in bringing some form of decency, value and meaning to the Local Administration. Then came the 18th Amendment that which gave the impression of him to the world as “THE MAN” in all matters of Governing. The only Institution that would have any semblance of “impartiality”, the Judiciary was also put into discredit. It is also no secret that all major appointments to run the State Institutions were also filled with his immediate family members or “yes” men and women. A good example of it, as highlighted by the COPE is the two institutions handed over to his own Brother-in-Law. He cannot and will not “sack” or “politely” ask him to vacate those positions. The mess created in the Foreign Affairs by way of planting “friends and relations” into the Embassies and High Commission offices abroad. The behavior of some of the Ministers and their sons and relations in day to day work in the Government Institutions and at social gatherings. The rampant “corruption scandals” that go unchecked. The unethical and undue interference by the Foreign Embassies personnel and our own people accepting them with open arms to discuss matters relating to internal Governance. In this respect it is relevant to mention the visit of USA Representative’s visit to Naga Vihara to meet Rev. Sobith to discuss the proposed Constitution. The “LIST” will go on and on…

    All these are being highlighted in the International Arena and presented to the world in such manner by a “DIFFERENT CROWD” of the Tamil Community to impress upon them that nothing could be “settled” or “Look For” under this administration. This time they have got a man to spear head the campaign in a different “style” and the “modus operandi” will be quite steady and made “logical”.

    As presently constituted, I doubt the present “team” of MR would be able to handle this “Impending Threat”. That is why I answer the question “YES”. Well I hope my opinion can be changed.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Is Sri Lanka’s Eelam project shaping into a reality? probably yes. Could Eelam be realized. Absolutely no. The Tamil diaspora has only managed to bring human rights charges based on a questionable source and only been successful partly due to the Tamil leader Ms Navi Pillay of the UNHRC and her highly biased opinions.

    Could human rights violations lead to a separate state. There is no prior evidence of it. Can Eelam be achieved through a new insurgency? no because now Sri Lanka has a seasoned military whose presence in the provinces that would have gone to make Eelam is strong and the fact that the Northern and Eastern provinces have now been delinked.

    Can Eelam be achieved through the UN? NO because this would be a Security Council decision and both Russia and China stand by Colombo and would veto any such actions. It may even have the reverse effect of “Sinhalizing” the Northern and Eastern provinces in addition to the military presence when faced with such a demand in the Security Council (where France Great Britain and the US have already been persuaded by the Tamil Diaspora may bring the issue up in the Security Council) would lead to an increase of the military personnel and the disbanding of the TNA.

    At this stage Eelam cannot be achieved for the odds now favor Colombo who has signed a Strategic partnership with China. Even if India gives new support to the Sri Lankan pro LITE Tamil Colombo can bring the Chinese naval forces to be stationed in all the harbors of the lands that would become Eelam.

    Blow for blow Colombo is more powerful than Chennai and New Delhi for Colombo commands a military and the security of a nation which Chennai does not and Colombo has allied with the growing powers of Russia and China while New Delhi is still on the defensive with both Pakistan and China and her closest ally the US is in deep financial crisis.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    You can’t say absolutely no. It is happening.

    Lets accept the bittern truth and FIX it. No point denying.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    My reply to Jayantha, elsewhere:

    I don’t think any of us trivialize the achievements of the President, or fail to recognize the compassion that drives him. I, in particular, love and honor the President for rescuing Sri Lanka’s fallen crown from the gutter when all other leaders advanced to the rear. However, great men are not infallible, and sometimes their achievements lead to vested interests and onwards to softness that clouds the thinking.

    Recall that Republican Rome built upon the efforts of citizen-soldiers leaving their ploughs to take up the sword in defense of their country, soon led to great wealth and imperial political sophistry. That in turn led to an unwillingness of the wealthy citizens to fight and die for their country and as it turned out, for themselves. They began to rely on foreign mercenary armies to do their fighting for them, and inevitably their hired hands seized the helm. When the Vandals sacked mighty Imperial Rome, there were no citizen-soldiers wedded to the nation to turn back the tide, but the hired mercenaries joined the enemy to sack Rome! Why fight and die when you can share in the plunder of the wealthiest city in the Roman Empire?

    Many at LankaWeb believe correctly that the Eelamists are gaining in PEACE through strategy in these PC Elections, what they failed to WIN through murderous terrorism and WAR, by using foreign powers to frighten and blackmail the leaders of the GOSL. How is it that the same leaders who confronted the entire world to vanquish the Eelamists in battle in 2009 are running scared today … even as the TNA issues Separatist manifestos mimicing the Vadukoddai Resolution, and their CM Candidate makes pronouncements that echo those of the late unlamented SunGod … Velupillai Prabhakaran?

    Kissing babies in the Eelamist dominated North is not going to change that reality. If it did, then all the heartfelt assistance and compassion SHOWERED upon the people of the North and East since the end of the war, far exceeding assistance to war victims in the South, would have changed their minds and created majority support for the GOSL against the Separatists. Instead, what we see today is majority support for the Separatist cause among all classes of Tamil people in these areas. It seems, as Lozenro frequently warns us like a Prohpet crying out in the Wilderness, Eelamist Tamils are UNGRATEFUL and equate KINDNESS with WEAKNESS. Clearly, we must HALT this FOLLY NOW!

    Let us therefore HEED the stark lesson to be derived from human history from times immemorial: Perceived WEAKNESS BEGETS greater AGGRESSION.

    MARK MY WORDS: If the GOSL thinks these PC Elections will satisfy the Eelamists … they could not be MORE WRONG!

    Indeed we must love and assist the people of the North and East, as our fellow citizens irrespective of their brainwashed mindset, to achieve parity with the citizens living in the rest of the country as a matter of dharmishta governance, and of Buddhist ethics and morals.

    Any compassion we show must now be BECAUSE we are better human beings, and NOT BECAUSE they deserve it. Accordingly, we must offer bread and bind their wounds with one hand, while holding the sword in the other without COMPROMISING ONE IOTA on the BASIC PRINCIPLES required to achieve a secure and prosperous Sri Lanka, as our own native wit tells us.

    The compassion and active help to overcome the ravages of 30 years of war, that they largely inflicted upon themselves by supporting the Eelamist cause, must not be confused with granting a path to Eelam, or compromising the duty to all citizens of Sri Lanka to preserve the cohesion and territorial integrity of the country. As the dark history of the past 30 years teaches us, the territorial integrity, security and cohesion of the nation will ultimately determine their safety and the realization of their expectations for a better life in the future. NOTHING can be done to develop the nation and improve their lives unless the writ of a SINGLE government prevails over the entire country.

    Our disappointment, as PATRIOTS, with the FAILURE of the GOSL to repeal the 13th Amendment, and HALT the Devolution of Power to unrepentant Separatist PROXIES of defeated terrorist organizations, is indeed PALPABLE. The reason for this MONUMENTAL FAILURE is CLEAR: the GOSL is unwilling to confront the foreign enemies jealous of a resurgent Sri Lanka. Our purpose in CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZING the failure to dismantle the communal parties and system of power devolution on communal basis embedded in our Constitution amended by foreigners, is to get our beloved Government to take those steps to PROTECT THE NATION before it is TOO LATE to do so.

    It is not that we LOVE President Mahinda Rajapaksa LESS, but that we LOVE our Motherland of Sri Lanka MORE!

    When President Rajapaksa, and all of us, are LONG GONE and can no longer DEFEND and PROTECT the Motherland … a system of governance set in place now must exist to ensure that Sri Lanka continues to flourish as ONE INDIVISIBLE NATION, of ONE INSEPARABLE PEOPLE, sharing ONE GLITTERING DESTINY forever!

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Just saw an article in the India Times (9/18/13) under “World News” and under “South Asia”. The Times of India have given a lot of press coverage to the TNA and they are pushing their propaganda which is then published. Everything the TNA has stated to the “Times of India” is a lie.

    It is time to question the moral turpitude of the TNA and their quest. One must ask this simple question: If Eelam was created would the Tamil citizens of Eelam allow Buddhist Sinhalese to live in that new state or banish them out? Would the rights of the minority Sinhalese take precedence in this Eelam or be cast out along with those who dare demand such rights. Then in this light why should Colombo bend so much to the TNA and their constituents when their demands are short of demanding a separate state?

  8. thurai Says:

    Eelaam isn´t a Nation which allow Tamils to live peacefully. like fuel for the vehicles to run ,Eelaam assist
    run the life of the TNA Politicians. Dravida and Tamil (DMK,ADMK, etc) also cheat the Tamils in Tamilnadu.
    Definitely there is no foundation in the North for a Seperate State. There is divided community only. Even they all speak Tamils they already seperated themself. . Actions of Southern Politicians and the community lead to Temporaley unity among Northern Tamils. To stop the propaganda of TNA,Unity among Southern politicians is Important to stop the Eelaam propaganda and misuse of Tamil voters in the north.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    The fact that the TNA is allowed to run for the elections with its ILLEGAL MANIFESTO in place says volumes. Who is turning the region into ‘puppets’ via the Eelam project ? We can only think of various ex-Empires !

    Good bye all !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Says Vasudeva Nanayakkara : ” NPC won’t have special powers – No one could go against the Constitution”.

    Hello Vasu !
    The TNA has ALREADY BROKEN the Constitution via their MANIFESTO. Nothing new here to CONTINUE to break the Constitution.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA knows it is going to win the election.

    TNA supporters have now started to attack other candidates to threaten them to GIVE UP contesting so that it can get more seats.

    We knew 13 amendment will create HELL. And it has!!

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    If a released LTTE cadre can suicide bomb the TNA leadership Tamils will be crap scared to vote.

    That way govt. can win.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lorenzo, we agree with you re : “TNA knows it is going to win the election.

    TNA supporters have now started to attack other candidates to threaten them to GIVE UP contesting so that it can get more seats.

    We knew 13 amendment will create HELL. And it has!!”.

    However, GoSL & Supreme Court have ONLY to declare that the TNA MANIFESTO IS ILLEGAL and request them to have a new Manifesto that is in keeping with the Law of the Land. Simple solution.

    No need for suicide bombings of anyone, Lorenzo !

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why have the Show Cause case AFTER NPC Elections ? Why not BEFORE Elections ?

    ” Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court issues notice to Tamil party over election manifesto
    Wed, Sep 18, 2013, 08:23 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 18, Colombo: The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka today issued notice on the leaders of the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to appear before the court on 2nd October to show cause regarding the constitutionality of the TNA election manifesto.

    The apex court issued the notice when a petition filed by President of the Patriotic National Movement Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera against the TNA election manifesto was taken up for hearing.

    The Supreme Court granted leave to proceed with the petition but did not deliver an injunction order suspending the Northern Provincial Council election as demanded by the petitioner.

    The tri-member bench hearing the petitions comprised Chief Justice Mohan Peiris, Justices K. Sripavan and Rohini Marasinghe.

    Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera filed a petition in the Supreme Court on September 17 appealing to declare the election manifesto of the TNA is against the constitution.

    The petitioner cited in his petition that the TNA election manifesto has been unscrupulously targeted to establish a separate state in the unitary Sri Lanka.

    The petitioner further demanded to deliver an injunction suspending the Northern Provincial Council election until the examination of the petition is concluded.

    The petition requested the Court to ascertain whether the TNA manifesto is in contravention to the Sri Lanka Constitution as it has suggested forming a separate state in Sri Lankan soil.

    Petitioner has further cited in the petition that the manifesto is in line with the hidden agenda of the LTTE. In its election manifesto, the TNA, once considered as a proxy for the terrorist group LTTE during the war, has called for establishing power sharing arrangements in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a Federal structure. TNA secretary Mavai Senathirajah, leader R. Sampanthan and Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya have been mentioned as the respondents of the petition.

    Four more petitions have been filed in the court by Sinhala organizations requesting the court to suspend the Northern Provincial Council elections over the charge that the TNA manifesto violated the Constitution.

    The petitioners claim that the TNA manifesto violates the sixth amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution which says that no political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.

    Under the Constitution, the Supreme Court has power to proscribe any political party or other association or organization found guilty of having the objective to establish a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.

    TNA leaders have vehemently rejected the allegation that its election manifesto demanded a separate state of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.

    However, comments made by the party’s Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern Province, former Supreme Court judge C. Vigneswaran glorifying the slain terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran as a hero not a terrorist, has fueled fears in the southern polity that the party is attempting to revive the arms struggle to achieve the separate state goal”.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    If we keep the current TNA leadership alive, they will certainly divide the country.

    The manifesto is only the tip of the iceberg!!

    Fixing the TNA manifesto does NOT fix the problem (threat to SL from TNA).

    Doing nothing is worse than suicide bombing TNA using LTTE terrorists. SLs have to stop thinking like losers. Violence worked the last time against Tamil separatists and HISTORY says it is the ONLY solution.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka authorities are setting a Precedent by allowing the TNA to contest the NPC elections under an ILLEGAL MANIFESTO.
    This is a dangerous Precedent to create. It leaves the way wide open for other political parties who desire to break the Law of the Land to follow the same dangerous path as well.

    The TNA Manifesto ought to be changed PRIOR to Elections :

    (a) Where are we leading the future generations here by ignoring the Constitution – permanent destabilization and chaos ?
    (a-1) To sacrifice the Law of the entire Nation to please whom ?

    (b) If Tamil Eelam is formed at some future date, it will be the worst for the Tamils themselves as Eelam will be an appendage of Tamil Nadu, with the Caste Structure re-imposed on the North and spread to the rest of Lanka via Hindu religion & Tamil language. Already there are complaints that the NPC is caste bound, with only two places reserved for the ‘low caste’ when well over 50% are considered as ‘low caste’ by the so called ‘high caste’ among Tamils. ‘Caste’ seems well and alive among Tamil people of Lanka.

    For the sake of the integrity of the island nation and both Sinhela & Tamil people, we ought to INSIST that the TNA changes its Manifesto PRIOR TO NPC ELECTIONS.

    Please correct me if I am wrong in the above.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:


    Well then, ban the entire TNA as a political party (yet UNREGISTERED !), as they are breaking the Law of the Land. If they persist further in other ways to divide the country, implement the 6th Amendment to the full i.e. arrest with seizure of property, etc.
    That is how India, UK, USA or any other Democracy would handle the matter.

    Any more killings will only lead to more chaos and more International intrigue and interference, not to mention the Jnt Opposition chortling and gaining points over it all.

    No more killings in Lanka, Lorenzo. Use the Law of the Land. It’s time we grew up. It’s Childhood’s End for Lanka politics.
    We have to say : Obey the Law of the Land or depart this country.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    On second thoughts, the INDIANS will shoot the whole TNA lot dead, AND seize their property too.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Here are some details re one of the cases against the TNA Manifesto:

    “Tuesday, September 17, 2013
    Petitions to be filed against TNA manifesto today
    Priyanka Kurugala

    Deshapremi Bhikshu Peramuna and two other civil organizations are due to file petitions in the Supreme Court today alleging that the Tamil National Alliance’ (TNA) election manifesto had violated the Democratic Socialist Constitution of Sri Lanka.

    The Secretary to the Deshapremi Bhikshu Peramuna Ven Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera said two civil organisations, the Deshahithaishee Jathika Viyaparaya led by Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera and Tamil Buddhist Association led by Ravi Kumar will file the petition against the TNA manifesto this morning.

    The Ven Thera went on to say that the TNA political manifesto was against the Sri Lanka Constitution as they understood having studied the TNA manifesto and to their thinking , the manifesto was a grave violation of the Sri Lanka Constitution which the TNA MPs have pledged to respect and abide by.

    “We have studied the manifesto of the TNA and understood that it is completely against the Sri Lankan constitution. The TNA manifesto specifically violates the 157 A clause of the Constitution which deals with the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, the Thero added.

    “In line with the 157th clause of the Sri Lankan Constitution, to work targeting to create a separate the State is a punishable offense. However, the TNA manifesto has included the idea of separatism,’ the Thera explained.

    According to the 51[157A. “No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.”

    It adds ” (2) No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.

    Tamil Buddhist Association A Ravi Kumar said that the TNA drives their election campaign towards a separated country.

    At present, the whole country enjoys peace and harmony, while the TNA tries to lead innocent people towards armed revolt. “This step is taken to stop it”, he said”.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:

    I spoke of “Foreign Enemies” of Sri Lanka … well here is a manifestation of that enmity driven by the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora and by the global agendas of the Foreign Powers themselves.

    The TOTAL DEFEAT of the LTTE on the battlefield would not have possible if the GOSL had followed the advice of these Foreign Powers reeking with double-standards in their solving theier own problems in their own interest.

    LIKEWISE, SECURING TOTAL PEACE & PROSPERITY for Sri Lanka and its People in the LONG TERM will not be possible by empowering Separatists to create Communal Fiefdoms in Sri Lanka just to placate these Foreign Powers.

    As in the conduct of Eelam War IV, the GOSL must use the CLEAR EVIDENCE of TREASON & SEPARATIST INTENTIONS now available in the RUNUP to the PC Elections, and REVOKE the 13th Amendment, DISMANTLE the Provincial Council System, and BAN all Communal Parties … before Sri Lanka unravels again.

    Following the advice of Foreign Powers piously pontificating on negotiations, and asking for their help to combat terrorism which never came, over 30 long years, left Sri Lanka in ruins, our citizens destitute and victimized by terror. Instead, we must CONTINUE to use OUR OWN WIT to SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS and REJECT THE ADVICE of Foreign Powers seeking to placate their local political constituencies and plying their own global agendas.

    These Comments are being made now because they fear that the GOSL might respond to the recent Separatist Actions of the TNA by REVOKING the 13th Amendment.


    If BANNING the Nazi Party serves the Western Powers WELL in preserving their future SECURITY, Sri Lanka is JUST AS WELL served by BANNING the TNA to PROTECT itself.

    If DISMANTLING the Berlin Wall and the Post-War division of Germany into two nations serves Germany WELL, then DISMANTLING the Provincial Council System imposed by India upon SRi Lanka by FORCE OF ARMS, would serve Sri Lanka JUST AS WELL.

    Let us REJECT DOUBLE-STANDARDS & ASSERT Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty: What is good for the fat Western GOOSE must be GOOD for the under-fed Sri Lankan GANDER as well!

    Sri Lanka lashes out at Germany and U.S. for undermining Northern PC elections

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 19, Geneva: Sri Lanka today expressed dismay at the concerns expressed by the United States, Germany and Ireland at the General Debate of the 24th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva and asked the detractors at HRC not to discredit the Northern PC election process or prejudge its outcome.

    In a Right of Reply with regard to references made to Sri Lanka by Germany, the U.S. and Ireland under the General Debate at the ongoing session, Sri Lanka’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Manisha Gunasekera on Thursday said, it is ironic that Germany chose to discredit the election process for the Northern Provincial Council and prejudge its outcome and impact when Sri Lanka is holding the first ever election to the Council since the introduction of the Provincial Council system in 1987.

    Delivering a statement at the General Debate on “Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention” on Tuesday, German Ambassador Hanns Schumacher said the upcoming elections in the Northern Province could help to reconcile and enfranchise the Tamil population, but only if they are free and fair and if the 13th amendment is not revoked.

    Sri Lanka pointed out that commitment of the Sri Lankan government to ensure the transparent and free and fair conduct of the election not only to the Northern Provincial Council, but also to the Central and North Western Provincial Councils which go to polls this Saturday is clearly demonstrated by the presence of 24 election observers from the South Asian region as well as from Commonwealth countries, on the invitation of the Elections Commissioner.

    Sri Lanka further noted that there has been no practice in the country for external monitors to observe provincial council elections but the Election Commissioner invited the foreign observers as confidence building measure and to assure transparency.

    Sri Lankan delegation lashed out at Germany for lack of objectivity displayed by ignoring the steps taken by the government to achieve comprehensive reconciliation as recommended by the LLRC and to investigate alleged atrocities during the final phase of the war.

    Sri Lanka said it is surprised that the U.S. should declare that ‘Sri Lanka should set visit dates and provide access for relevant special rapporteurs’ when the UNHRC has been updated twice in the current session of the government’s proactive engagement with special procedures mandate holders and the invitations it has extended in this regard.

    The U.S. said at the General Debate that Sri Lanka should set dates for Special Rapporteurs to visit and provide relevant access.

    The Sri Lankan government will decide the schedule for such visits according to the requirement of the country and appropriate timing, the delegation said.

    Responding to the concerns expressed by Ireland on the treatment of the prisoners incarcerated in connection with the conflict, enforced disappearances, torture and human rights violations, Sri Lanka denied that there were human rights violations against the prisoners detained in connection with terrorist activities.

    The legal legal representatives and family members, as well as the National Human Rights Commission and the ICRC have free access to all those in custody, the delegation told the Council.

    The envoy told the Council that instances of reported cases of torture have diminished considerably throughout the last five years and the government has recently appointed a Commission to investigate allegations of disappearances, which will complement ongoing action.

    The Sri Lankan delegation said it is disconcerting to keep noting the same allegations, particularly when the Council has been continuously sensitized to the action taken on the very same issues.

    “We can only keep hoping for an objective and constructive approach from the HRC,” the envoy said.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    TNA manifesto worse than Vaddukodai resolution – KP
    September 19, 2013
    Vavuniya Group Corr

    Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP castigated the TNA saying that the election manifesto of the Tamil National Alliance was a more serious demand than the Vadukkoddai document which called for a separate state.
    K Pathmanathan

    Addressing a media conference at the Sencholai Child Development Centre in Kilinochchi yesterday, Kumaran Pathmanathan, formerly with the LTTE, said that the TNA manifesto was more serious than Vadukkoddai agreement and the LTTE Oslo Pact. “Certain words have been included in the manifesto to cover up its seriousness.”

    He said that holding of the Northern polls was democratically a significant opportunity gained by the Northerners, adding that people living in the North would gain many benefits through this provincial council. “I call upon the Tamils to rally round President Mahinda Rajapaksa, as there is no hope for them by voting for an unstable political party. It is high time that they make the best use of this golden opportunity and vote the UPFA into power and live in freedom, peace and harmony.”

    He further told the media that it was only now that people who underwent hardships were gaining benefits. “In such a situation, TNA is trying to return to that era. Northern Tamils had to face enormous difficulties in the past. TNA is trying to unleash hardships on their people again.

    KP said: “The TNA is misleading innocent and poor Tamils. It is a sin to hoodwink the public in this manner.

    The TNA is misleading the public saying their needs would not be met through this PC. They claim there should be struggles to win their privileges.” KP emphasized that the TNA wanted to begin this struggle after winning the polls.

    They also claim that youth in the province are geared for the struggle.

    Making reference to Vartharaja Perumal, he claimed that Perumal misused powers of the first PC established in the North. ” TNA is now planning to do the same thing citing Eelam. Their aim is to achieve their objectives, but not serve the public by winning the poll.

    They intend to secure positions and meet their ends,” Pathmanathan added.

    He also blamed the TNA for not accepting that they were at fault. Instead of accepting their fault, they point their finger at others.

    The TNA Chief Ministerial candidate Vigneshwaran, was very hard on the LTTE when he was sitting in judgment while a member of the judiciary and today he is praising the LTTE as heroes merely to win their votes.

    He pointed out that there was no unity among the members of the TNA and they have hardly cared to get the organization registered as a recognized political party.

    How can such a party run the province? “I call upon the Tamils to rally round President Mahinda Rajapaksa as there is no hope for them by voting to an unstable political party. It is high time that they make the best use of this golden opportunity by voting the UPFA into power and live in freedom, peace and harmony,” he said.

  22. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese, in their own country, not supposed to live in the north. They not supposed to live in the east.
    They not supposed to live in Colombo. Funny old world.

    Most of the Tamils left Sri Lanka to escape Sri Lankan Hitler prabakaran’s conscription.
    Majority of the people left were Catholics who were persecuted by their own people for caste etc.

    In Sri Lanka they enjoy FREE EDUCATION, FREE HOSPITALS.

    But you’re in Sri Lanka. Where else you get this luxuries. North and east are full of the remains of buildings
    from their ancient kingdoms. They can not be seen by the naked eye. Because they never existed. Only in books and the internet you can see. So poor Sinhalese, always bending over backwards to please minorities, have to give up their only country and jump into the sea. Thanks UnPatriotic Party (UNP) for the mess you created for us! Still not repentant. Still seeking election. Still want to do more and more damage to the Sinhalese!

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    Nearly 500 yrs of Colonialism, Cold War & aftermath, Tamil Caste Wars riding on the back of the Cold War with ltte terrorism, and now a financially broke Europe, overcrowded and poverty ridden India, plus a surplus of disloyal local folk – a horror story. We either make it or break it now. Sri Lankans have to flow with the Laws of the country when it comes to governing the land and the people. Buddhism is only the main religion, not the laws of the land.

    We have to meet our daily needs locally as much as is possible.

    It is strange that Germany is pontificating over the Sri Lankan situation ….. may be they don’t want to be saddled with more Tamil refugees ?

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    That is NGO logic. ALL NGOs said that in 2006 – enough deaths from war, insurrections, tsunami. But SL TOTALLY disregarded them!!! That is how we brought peace.

    That is NOT the only way how it would be handled in USA, Endia, etc. They use their POWERFUL secret services to KILL their opponents EARLY.

    This is EXACTLY what SL should do.

    I disagree enough killings have taken place. Then how come there are Sambandans, Vigneswarans, etc.? It is best to get rid of these FEW than let them create a BIGGER problem that will AGAIN KILL 100,000.

    A stitch in time saves nine. It is a choice – either liquidate the VERY FEW trouble makers EARLY or wait for them to poison the people which will drive them to MASS KILLINGS of INNOCENTS.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya,

    It is not just the Unpatriotic Party that is behind this. Some others also want SLs to behave like faggots.

    “hitha honda gani hemathama budding”.

    I wish only they get pregnant every day, not the nation, with the enemies of the nation.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Looks like the UNP does not like any criticism of the TNA or the LTTE!

    SHAME! Oh, how LOW this Grand Old Party of PATRIOTS that led Sri Lanka to Independence has fallen! Now it has descended into the PIT of ANTI-NATIONAL VIPERS!

    Isn’t there ANYBODY in this Grand Old Party that can RESCUE IT and LEAD IT in a PATRIOTIC DIRECTION?

    Hellooo … Anyone LISTENING at Siri Kotha? ANYONE?

    How about Rohan Senanayake … my dear old classmate? Can he EMULATE his PATRIOTIC ancestors?

    Opposition demands Sri Lanka Election Commissioner to probe ex-LTTE leader’s media brief

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 19, Colombo: Tissa Attanayake, the General Secretary of Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National Party (UNP) has demanded the Election Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya to probe the media statement given by the former international wing leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP.

    Addressing a press conference in Kilinochchi on Wednesday (18) former LTTE Chief Arms Procurer slammed the leadership of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which is campaigning for the Northern Provincial Council election.

    Pathmanathan claimed that the TNA’s election manifesto for the Provincial Council elections is worse than the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976 and the Oslo Declaration of 2002, only with “code words to cheat the people.”

    He urged the Tamil people not listen to “old TNA lies” and to support President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    UNP General Secretary in his letter to the Election Commissioner said KP’s press briefing violated the election laws.

    The opposition further accused that public property was also used in this press briefing in which the parties contesting the election were heavily criticized.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:


    Use the Law to deal with Separatists before it becomes a huge problem requiring war with many deaths on both sides followed by international interference. If the 6th Amendment is enacted properly without fear or favor at the outset of problems, then parties such as the TNA can be dealt with quite adequately straightaway.


    I put it to the readers : The 6-A should be left in the hands of the Defence Ministry to ensure the safety of the country ?

  28. aloy Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya,
    Thank you for your above comment; I wanted to say the same thing.
    Today we do not have patriots in our country. Even the gallant soldier who was blown up by the tigers and came out from the vehicle carrying his own bowel in his hand and later fought to achieve victory became the traitor on flimsy ground of approving a purchase of some torch batteries or some loose tongue remarks he made (but perhaps the truth) . How forgetful are we ?. In some situations a man can be driven to insanity and even to commit suicide.

    Rohan Senananayake af DS lineage?. A good suggesion by Ananda. Let us have more details. Today a Kennedy has been named to an important position in the US with lot of enthusiasm. She may very well be the next US president. I have seen pictures how her father hosted a group of SL politicians of the ruling party of the day.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hi aloy.

    Rohan Senanayake was my classmate from 1st grade through GCE O-Level, when I veered away from our shared curriculum into the Science stream. He was a very decent fellow and playmate who did not use his family’s prestige for any personal advantage. My father, a practicing lawyer, was initially an LSSP-er in the pre-independence days, and was a founding member of the UNP who hobnobbed with the likes of Sir John Kothalawala, DS and Dudley Senanayake, SWRD Bandaranayake, S de S Jayasinghe, Colvin R. de Silva and N. M. Perera to name but a few bigwigs who attended political meetings at our home when I was a mere kid. My father, who was also the Mayor of our city in the suburbs of Colombo, died of a of a stroke when I was only 8 years old, and I remember Dudley Senanayake attending the funeral accompanied by little Rohan!

    That is the personal side of my knowledge of Rohan Senanayake. But of greater relevance to the present discussion is that I know Rohan as a mature adult has displayed some of the PATRIOTISM of his well known ancestors. After Rohan himself became a UNP politician, he has CROSSED THE AISLE to support SLFP Governments on compelling matters of National Security, and has been roundly criticized by the UNP party hierarchy for doing so. That tells me that beneath all the compulsions mandated by party affiliation, he is a PATRIOT who loves his Motherland above all else.

    That is what we want from all Sri Lankan politicians: to hold country above petty party politics. That is the ONLY REASON WHY I suggested his name.

    Although my father was a UNP stalwart, I am not a fan of the UNP of the present which is riddled through with Anti-National Leaders. However, I recognize that many well meaning people belong to the UNP, and I take pains to ensure that I do not tar all UNPers with the same broad brush. I only wish that the UNP would adopt a PATRIOTIC stance even as it pursues different economic policies, like the Democrats ad Republicans in the United States who suppress their divisions and close ranks whenever the nation is threatened by external and internal enemies.

  30. aloy Says:

    Getting back to the theme of Shenali’s letter, I think they are pursuing the actual end result with vigour. I see people like Charles Haviland howling from Jaffna as it the Sinhalese have been committing the greatest crime on earth by not giving a self determination to them. What do we do with those in Colombo area then?.
    Where is Rohan now?. You do not hear people’s name these days unless he is a swindler, a corrupt politician or someone like Bahu. Couple of months ago I went to Institution of Engineers office near Wijerama mawatha. There is a library dedicated in the name of Prof. EOE Pereira who was our lecturer of Structural Engineering. He died a penyless man and at the end we had to contribute for his upkeep. In the magazine shelf whose portrait do you see.? That of one of the biggest crooks who manipulated the stock market and became a very rich man overnight. I wanted to make an objection. Then I thought let the sleeping dogs lie, thinking that is the order of the day.
    We should make a serious effort to let UNP know if they have any hope of coming to power they have to show an acceptable leadership of the party to the our people. They will not vote for any person who ridiculed our army. Neither me or my father ever voted for UNP. My father was a strong SLFP supporter and used go to meet the former speake Hugh Fernando each week end to give few rupees as contributions and we never got anything in return except threats from UNP goons who came with weapons to attack him.
    Today I see the need of the hour is a complete overhaul of the system. If there are no people like Rohan to come forward, the alternative should be a ‘house cleaning exercise’. Please google the phrase to see where it happened.

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Shenali,

    Of all the reasons you state above, the item re-prined below gives us cause for the greatest concern. It also begs the question, is Mr Wigneswaran an Agent of Neocolonial aspirants ? We also feel that OIL is the ultimate goal here, and not the welfare any Sri Lankan, be they Sinhala or Tamil.

    “Eelaam a project of the West:

    The West that is well aware of how conflicts arise and how helpless Governments are does not have to be told who the terrorists are. 3o years of terror has shown us that Western politicians have preferred to take the side of the terrorists primarily because the ‘terrorist’ situation gives them leverage to push governments to adhere to their objectives. Given that conflicts take place in Third World developing countries who need to take loans to purchase arms and ammunition and expand its military to defend itself, Western Governments have made merry with terrorism to continuously strangulate Third World nations into debt. Many of these Western governments have interests of their own – either they are puppets of those who tell them where to wage wars and when to wage wars or they sponsor conflicts because it suits the neo-colonial agenda applying maxims of trade and geopolitical leverage in which again the same handful of people end up pocketing profits from the woes of others. They have the explicit backing of the UN because the same people influence how the ‘peace’ bastion runs with only Russia and China now providing any balance and so these two nations and their allies will soon form the two camps that would eventually lead to the ultimate showdown on account of the nuclear and chemical arsenal both camps have in their possession”.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:


    I am really sad to hear about Prof E.O.E Perera’s difficulties in his last days. He, a really wonderful man, was the Dean of Engineering when I was at the eFac at Peradeniya, and I got to know him reasonably well.

    I communicated with him on several occasions by email about a decade ago. He graciously responded and was pleased to hear from me. However, I was totally unaware that he was in dire straits because I would have volunteered to help him financially.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    We left TNA in the hands of the law for 10+ freaking years. What happened? TNA became more and more separatist!

    Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome = INSANITY.

    Law does NOT stop TNA as it did NOT stop it so far. After winning the election it will be IMPOSSIBLE to do it. International community will scrrw the govt. if it tries to deprive Tamil people’s choice.

    “hitha honda gani hemathama budding”.

    May be its best for SL to prepare to deliver the Tamil Elam baby now following the same damn law that let down SL.

    Ancient Sinhalese didn’t rely on buffa-law or bal-law to save SL. They did WHATEVER that worked and that ALWAYS included violence.

    If not for their actions there is no Sinhalese or SL today. Lets not betray their sacrifices. Lets COPY them.

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    “house cleaning exercise”


    That is a less violent move. Otherwise these bloody power greedy politicians will TOTALLY ruin SL. There is NO WAY OUT of this ROTTEN SYSTEM. It has to be BUSTED for SL to survive.

    I’m 100% sure MOST people will support it. People are fed up with this nonsense.

    MR govt. has been CASTRATED by diaspora Tamils. Govt. has done EVERYTHING they demanded from 2010 to 2013 obediently.

    Today will be a WORSE DAY than the day DON JOHN DHARMAPALA handed over part of the country to invaders. Compared to Tamils with power Portuguese will look like saints!

  35. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hi Aloy,

    It just hit me like a wet sock across the face, that I made a mistake calling my classmate Rukman Senanayake by the WRONG NAME of Rohan Senanayake. I should get myself checked for Advanced Alzheimers!!!

    Anyway, if you are interested you can read about Rukman at the Wikipedia website. There is a nice photo of him too; he has not changed much since our school days … with the exception of his hair … which, of course, vanishes in direct proportion to a man’s accomplishments ….. as we all know!!!

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