Singapore Changi Air Port Security Checks
Posted on May 18th, 2009

Edirisinghe Seneviratne

Dear Editor,
I am a frequent traveler to the US to see my family who are studying there. Every year I take a trip either via Singapore or London. According to the new security measures taken internationally regarding terrorism, all international airports adopt some safety  and security measures regarding what the passengers carry inside their hand luggage specially inside the so called Zip lock bag.
Every passenger could take up to a maximum of 50ml  tooth paste , tooth brush , gel and after shave for use during the flight.
I too had my toiletries inside the zip lock bag. Inside the bag was tooth paste, tooth brush, after shave lotion and Johnsons cream.  All items carried were basic necessities especially during a flight to US from Colombo. First sector of the flight was from Colombo to Singapore. Second sector was from Singapore to Hong Kong. At the final entry point in Singapore all items from the hand luggage were inspected and there they pulled out the ARAMIS 50ML after shave bottle which was inside the zip lock bag.
Women security officer said this is illegal and cannot pass through to the plane. When I tried to explain she simply said NO!!! and next thing was ARAMIS 50ML bottle was thrown inside a garbage bin. 
Ten months ago I was travelling to US via London Heathrow , where I took the same zip lock bag with same contents inside all the way to USA and back. My ARAMIS 50ML bottle never disappeared into a garbage bin as it was done in Singapore.
I strongly believe that it is necessary to shave atleast once before a passenger disembark from the final destination . If this is the international law, how come it was not applicable in the UK and in the USA?
Edirisinghe Seneviratne
Sri Lanka 

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