Prabhakaran did not use his parents as a human shield- Northern Tamils
Posted on May 30th, 2009

Government Information Department

As power struggles wage between factions of the LTTE overseas with Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP attempting to grab the leadership of the now defunct LTTE, Tamils living in the Northern part of Sri Lanka are vehemently opposed to any presence of a renewed LTTE terror or democratic outfit again ,reports reaching Colombo from Jaffna stated.

They said that the Tamils in the North and East have suffered enough and more at the hands of the brutal LTTE for three long decades and were never prepared to accept such a brutal outfit as the saviour or the sole representative of the Tamils.

Pathmanathan alias KP hiding in a base in the South East Asian region is a key terror suspect and the Interpol has thrown a net for his arrest following representations made by the Government of Sri Lanka.

According to Tamil residents in Jaffna, Pathmanathan and Prabhakaran have jointly swindled millions of dollars remitted to the LTTE by the Tamil diaspora overseas. They allege that Prabhakaran, from those plundered funds,have remitted over 500,000 thousand US dollars monthly into the account of his elder sister who lives in Canada.He has also funded his elder brother living in the Netherlands from monies collected from Tamils overseas towards his so called armed struggle to carve out a dreamland of an Elaam

Latest reports said that KP alias Pathmanathan,upon the death of Prabhakaran,is reported to have withdrawn large sums of money from the Tiger accounts in foreign banks overseas. This had annoyed Manivanan alias Castro, who was also placed in charge LTTE funds by Prabhakaran.

According to reports, there appears to be a running battle between KP and Castro overseas with the latter still hanging onto the belief of continuing the armed struggle while KP has taken cover in a wolf in sheep’s clothing, to portray the role of a democrat.

Meanwhile, displaced Tamils in temporary refugee camps curse Prabhakaran for the double standards adopted in the final days of Prabhakaran’s unsuccessful Elaam War 4 that ended with Prabhakaran’s death. “He took our older people as a human shield and kept his father and mother in safer area for them to reach a camp without difficulty”, a displaced person claimed.

Prabhakaran’s parents were found inside a IDP camp by the Security Forces in good health with no sign of injury being caused at any time. Hence, that was a clear indication that Prabhakaran had not used his father and mother as a human shield in his unsuccessful Elaam War 4.

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