REMOVE ALL MILITARY CAMPS in JAFFNA !- Demands TNA/LTTE Suresh Premachandran
Posted on August 17th, 2009

by Hela Puwath

” “¦remove all the military camps in Jaffna”¦” says Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran of TNA, proxy for LTTE – reported by Colombo Page, August 15, 2009.

This is not from 2004.  This is August 2009, just 3 months after the terrorist LTTE was crushed.  Now begins the campaign by the Racist Tiger Movement in Hiding “”…” the “Trans National Whatever” (PTGE) & Company, here and abroad.


The writing is on the wall; this is the beginning of the next phase “”…” “the Agitation Phase” – that Paul Harris predicted in his “the Greatest Giveaway in History”. 

  1. A few weeks ago the “agriculture minister” of the eastern province, Nawarathna Raja demanded that the president remove Mohan Wijewickrama, the governor of the province. 
  2. And just a few months ago the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan – “Pillayan”, complained that he was not given control of the financial resources in the development programs there.
  3. Ananda Sangaree – the frequent visitor to Tamil Nadu for consultation with the Tamil nationalist leaders there – has already started demanding the implementation of the Indian-imposed 13th Amendment. 

And it won’t be long before our opposition leader & Co., starts riding the bull (or bullock carts) in Colombo, demanding Devolution for Tamils in Tamil homelands.


India adopted on language based “segregation” for its federal system and is attempting impose the same in Sri Lanka to pacify racist demands of Tamil Nadu.  Is that what we deserve after sacrificing the lives of tens of thousands of brave Sinhala youth?

Besides, giving into this segregated Ethnic Provinces of Tamils-only enclaves in the North and the East, why not Nuwara Eliya, and Colombo, they are both Tamil majority?

Majority population of Colombo “”…” and areas stretching all the way to Negombo – is now Tamil speaking, just like the Eastern province.  So, why not a Tamil Homeland in Colombo?  During the last 20 years Tamils and Muslims have moved into Colombo (and Kandy), leaving Sinhela a minority.  Now Colombo even have a parliamentarian representing Tamils. 

Once you accept the principle of segregation to satisfy minority “aspirations”, where does that end?


“Little now, More Later” was Anton Balasingham’s mantra, and fortunately for us Pirapaharan wouldn’t accept it.  However, for the post-Pirapaharan contenders (aspirants) this is the way forward.   That includes Ananda Sangaree, the leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF).  The very creation of the TULF was for the purpose of setting up of  mono-ethnic Eelam “”…” the leader then, was Amirthalingam.  It was Amirthalingam who made provocative, fire-and-brimstone speeches that radicalized and incited violence against the Sinhalese “”…” that was 1972. 

  1. [  The Tamil United Liberation Front (in Sinhala: Tamil Vimuktasi Peramuna) is a political group in Sri Lanka, which seeks autonomy or independence for the Tamil-populated areas of Sri Lanka, which they call Tamil Eelam.
  2. On May 4, 1972 several Tamil political groups, including the All Ceylon Tamil Congress and the Federal Party, formed the Tamil United Front (TUF). With the group’s adoption in 1976 of a demand for an independent state, a “secular, socialist state of Tamil Eelam,” it changed its name to the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). In the general election of July 1977, TULF won eighteen seats in the legislature, including all fourteen seats contested in the Jaffna Peninsula. In October 1983, all the TULF legislators, numbering sixteen at the time, forfeited their seats in Parliament for refusing to swear an oath unconditionally renouncing support for a separate state in accordance with the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.
  3. In the 2004 parliamentary elections TULF contested as a part of the LTTE-backed ticket Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi . ITAK won 22 of 225 seats in the National Assembly  “”…” source: ECONOMIC ]

After having failed in the violent experiment the leadership and the rhetoric have changed.  But the goal remains the same, and so is Amirthalingam’s TULF “”…” the Liberation Front for Ealam.

The Eelamists: Sangaree (TULF), Rudgakumaran (Transnational Group), Sridharan (Genocide Group) and others, must recognize that the Tamil Homeland is in TAMIL NADU, south India.

If there is a struggle for freedom and separation, or for any “extra-Tamil-rights”, the struggle must be in the Tamil Homeland – TAMIL NADU, south India; not in Malaysia, not in Sri Lanka, not in Fiji, not even South Africa (Guyana is already yours “”…” good for you!).

Sri Lanka is the only homeland of the Sinhelas.

[ As Gen. Fonseka once said  – although much misconstrued:  – minorities live in harmony with the majority, enjoying all the rights and freedoms that all citizens enjoy, but they must understand that minorities have no extra rights over an above what the majority have. (paraphrased by writer)]

2 Responses to “REMOVE ALL MILITARY CAMPS in JAFFNA !- Demands TNA/LTTE Suresh Premachandran”

  1. Siri Says:

    Sri Lanka is for the Sri Lankans of whatever ethnicity. India should lay off and mind their own business. This is a National problem of Sri Lanka and should be handled by Sri Lankans. All Sri Lankan Citizens should have the right and the Freedom to live in peace wherever they choose like in the United staes of America. The Indian system is not good as it segregates people on Language. India is like a collection of villages unconnected to each other and one group not caring about the other. This is not the Sri lankan way. The armed forces should set up camps and make the Northern coastline safe from Terrorists and illegal immigrants. There shuld be a strong military prescence in the North and the East to prevent a resurgence of Terrorism. If these acts are not handled properly the hard won battle would end up being a waste. Sinhalese should be given the freedom to settle and live in the North or the East without hindrance from anybody like the Tamils do in the South.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Here we are talking about a Tamil representing Tamil migrants demanding the government to remove army camps in the north and expose that part to our enemies? If agreed, this fellow will tell the government officials to pack up and leave their self-created homeland? Are we going to watch in silence when criminals are in the open committing crimes that can affect our own survival? Obviously government seems to be doing nothing.

    Dear Hela Puwath, your article is timely and reflective of the nature of problems affecting Sinhala people. Unfortunately what make things bad for Sinhala people is the inaction of the English-built government system and the exploitation of land-based English political structure by the migrants with impunity. It worked well for the English because the Crown owned the land and every citizen (These groups were most of the time made of migrants and convicts. Natives were mostly excluded) was a humble servant of the Crown. So there was little resistance to the authority as the life was just a part of feeble human stock.

    All the troubles began when the masters were on the retreat leaving the reins with a handpicked lot of servants whop were more interested in plundering the state assets without an iota of concern to the country or its people. Being grown up in a culture like that of maggots, theses migrants started building their own empires without any restraint from those who were supposed to be the leaders of the country. In many cases, these leaders were the ones who gave full support for this heinous crime. Now these parasites have grown in numbers partly due to feeding by foreign loans and have started to eat into the benefits enjoyed by these so-called leaders who happened to act in self-defence lately to protect their own interests and to save their own lives. Before this turn of event, they did very little to save the country or the loss of its assets over time. If we truly had independence since 1948, this kind of stories could have been found only in fiction.

    This is nothing but a terrorist, hell-bent on creating an Eelaam, asking the ruling class to remove the law & order enforcement branch of the government. We already have parallel governments funded by terror states sitting over and reviewing governmental functions (Policy alternatives, good governance, transparency etc.). So what does this mean? Why they allow anyone to make such requests and do nothing? Is it because they agree or they are not concerned? A society, whatever it is made of, does not function properly if it has no enforceable rules (laws) required to maintain its unity. Ours could be the only country where anti-national actions are committed with impunity at a greater peril to all the members of the society. In fact, if the government acted on time when the criminal fringe was trying to organise terrorist groups to create their Eelaam, there could have not been this much of bloodshed running for thirty years.

    How could this terrorist claim such an awful demand amounting to treason and remain free? This is where the whole problem is? We do not have a comprehensive law and order enforcement system that ensures harmonious functioning of the society. Then who are the enemies of the state or terrorists?

    Ref your concerns about East Hindian Colony, they have not changed a bit for better since so-called independence, but have become worse over time carrying the burden of colonialism with a view to annex its neighbours. It was never a single country that spoke a single language. So they could do whatever they like to manage themselves as long as they do not engage in their empire building. Unfortunately, having experienced their terror and paid the ultimate price, we should never cry for them. But it is time to let them go to pieces for our people to live in peace. When it is a matter of survival, all the other rules must not restrain us but disappear.

    There is a big fuss about minority rights and aspirations, obviously funded by criminals and their backers with hidden agendas. Any way, is this minority aspirations or migrant aspirations in our country? They say to the native Sinhala population, here we are and breeding fast. So, give us your land and disappear. Sinhala people should submit and say, please take our land and we are ready to share the rest with you later. Is this what Sinhala people should do?

    Though I agree with Siri’s comments to some extent, as a migrant who has lived nearly two decades in a so-called English-speaking multicultural English colony (whatever that means), I wish to tell that it is wrong to compare an English colony like US built on annihilation of native population where all the migrants are brainwashed to follow their way of life with our country (or Sinhala people). The notion of Sri Lanka for Sri Lankans is a concocted story meant to hide the nudity of some politicians. There is no such thing called Sri Lankan though it sounds a bit like American (There are no such people called Americans). It is an irony to insult Sinhala people in this manner by putting them in the same basket with these pathetic murderers. We should not be delusional to believe colonialist propaganda designed to hide genocide and occupation of others’ lands. Quite contrary to many lies floating around with regard to history, Sinhala people could be the only people who are living at the original place since the beginning of the human life according to our research. We should not insult such people by using the historical terminology propagated by religious missionaries who typically undermine the society to grab a foothold, or by the deceptive and meaningless rearrangement of words made to fit in to the aspirations of migrants and criminals. As migrants living in these colonies, we should not forget that we are also bloody criminals sharing the benefits of heinous crimes. I could be an exception as I am really ashamed of myself of being a migrant who has seen the horrible flight of the native people. Having seen such horror, it is my determination to save my own people from ever becoming to such a low level.

    The language is one of the crucial factors determining our identity and, Tamil and Sinhala languages never developed within the same premises. With such remarkable differences and historical facts, it is a serious injustice to ask Sinhala people to share their lives with Tamils (or any other migrant group) who may adversely affect Sinhala survival. The best solution is to force those in power to ask for the resettlement of Tamils by hook or crook in their own native place (Why don’t we follow English to solve this problem though we try to be more English than the native English in many other aspects? What about having our own bold heads and white or black cross clan, and enforcement of our culture 24/7 to lives of others?). The notion of short-term refuge in a country and long-term occupation are two different aspects that have serious repercussions. If the reason does not work, we must be prepared to develop force to achieve righteous solutions benefiting all. I hope we may not have to return the same kind of favours with due interests to those who brought so much misery on us, though it looks like the only meaningful, satisfying and realistic means to end this tragedy.

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