LTTE propaganda on Channel 4
Posted on August 27th, 2009

Ben Silva

Chief Executive Officer
Channel 4
P,O, Box 1058
BT 1 9DU

Dear Sir,

Channel4News  –  LTTE propaganda on Channel 4     ref:  r+crimesapos/3321087  

With reference to the video broadcast by you on the 25th of August 2009, related to Sri Lanka , any one could have dressed up   as a  Sri Lankan soldier   and acted as in the video clip. The back ground  Sinala voices do not appear to convey any meaning.

Although violence against fellow humans is common in the Western culture, such as My lai massacre, Abu Gharaib, Genocide of native American Indians, Nuclear Bombing of Japan, Fire bombing of Dresden    and so on, Sri Lankan soldiers kill only in self defence. It is highly unlikely for a Sri Lankan soldier to behave in the manner shown in the video clip

What is most likely is that this video clip is a fake LTTE propaganda video clip.

It is a shame that you tie up with LTTE , for cheap publicity and sensationalism

It is disgraceful that you are carrying out propaganda for what was known as the deadliest terror organisations in the world, without verifying the authenticity of the broadcast material.

It looks like LTTE  have taken a considerable amount of time to produce this fake video clip.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Silva.

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