What a Pathetic Lot These Sri Lankans Tamils Of Canada Are Protesting China’s Support Towards Sri Lanka’s Nation Building!
Posted on August 29th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

August 28th 2009
What a pathetic lot some of these Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada are as they turn from one phase of disgruntled anguish to another as they give vent to their frustrations by disrupting day to day life in various parts of Canada and what a mistake Canada seems to have made in granting some of them refugee status instead of checking some of them for their bona fides to enter Canada!

They came in droves during the early part of the Tamil Tiger insurgency whimpering that they were being villified by the majority Sinhalese and an all encompassing compasionate Canadian hierarchy at the time even overiding the genuine Immigrant applicant’s rights to acceptance granted them access into this beautiful land and what have they done mostly over the years but band into groups of terror supportive enclaves and poured in billions of dollars into the Eelam cause and failed miserably!

The recent demonstrations in Toronto, the capital of Ontario Canada portrayed a large number of Canadian Tamils demonstrating outside the Chinese Consulate here, protesting China’s financial, economic and diplomatic support of the Sri Lankan Government which appeared to all intents and purposes as those of a defeated and vanquished group of terror supportives’ now beating their heads against a rock in attempting to confront Industrial Giant and one of the Worlds most powerful nations China which goes to prove how misguided perhaps even ignorant and apathetic these groups are.
The bravado of these groups are mainly due to the leeway and tolerance granted them by previous Liberal Administrations who virtually nurtured their power block, joined their social  and community activities whether inadvertently or not,  which mostly fronted the LTTE the terror group which devastated Sri Lanka to such a great degree and it was not until the recent Progressive Conservative Administrative incumbency that they were curbed and disbanded as terror supporters of an outlawed LTTE which of course coincided with the  eventual demise of the terrorists but despite this their protests and demonstrations continue for the same cause as before and the Canadian Government perhaps needs to take a more stringent means to dissuade these worthless protests which cause much embarrassment as well as many inconveniences and apprehensions to all peace loving Canadians.
What with the attempted blockage of Highways, huge protests both on terra firma as well as aerial in nature at a Cricket tournament in which Sri Lanka participated in the not too distant past as well as dangerous illegal activities which involve gun running, money laundering and drug dealing in certain parts of Toronto, gang warfare and attacks on innocent civilians by young  Tamil thugs which have caused a degree of mayhem and brought much shame and disrepute to the good Sri Lankans living overall in Canada the agitations on the part of pro LTTE has to stop and it’s upto the Canadian  Authorities to put an end to it.
It has now reached a stage of zero tolerance for the Canadian Authorities who should wipe out the ugly nature of any protestations by pro LTTE Tamils which are in fact the true nature of all these agitations despite how the organisers care to label them!

To suggest boldly that “China must stop its support to  the Sri Lankan regime, which is running modern-day internment camps within its borders,” David Poopalapillai, National Spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress  which is a front for the continued cause for Eelam in Sri Lanka (according to some analysts) has expressed anguish that “China is the largest supplier of arms to the Sri Lankan military and increased its help when other countries refused to sell military supplies for use in the civil war” which has to be rephrased to disillussion him that his rhetoric is an admission of the existence of the terrorist power block “used in an internal armed insurrection by subversives” where China and all the other Nations which helped Sri Lanka’s effort to put down the terrorists  did Sri lanka a huge favour and those which circumvented the issue needing to hang their heads in shame and those who continue to pander to the cause incarcerated! 

There is no call to demand that” At the very least, China should use its diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka to pressure the government into releasing the 280,000 camp detainees in accordance with international law.” A kind of diplomacy pandering to the resurgence of the LTTE and a diplomacy where the modes and statutes of International Law might have to be restructured to include a means to first weed out and deal with some 10,000 odd terrorist subversives who have mingled with the internees in the IDP and a very ludicrous call for China to be diplomatic in tolerating the terrorist cause which they would be doing? That China has opted to continue on the path towards helping rebuild the Nation rather than Eelam  with all kudos to China seems to be a bitter pill for these protestors to swallow!

Quoting Human Rights Watch reports at this stage does not carry any weight towards Sri Lanka’s combined effort with China to rebuild and re-develop the Nation of Sri Lanka after decades of LTTE attrocities which were Nation destructive and Organizations such as HRW  which have already lost much credibility through meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign democracies whould focus their attention to other parts of the world where there are true human rights violations such as those one encounters on a daily basis in countries like Burma, certain African Nations as well as parts of the Middle East to name some and leave Sri Lanka alone as their interference merely complicates the effort on the part of both Sri Lanka and China with a host of other friendly nations chipping in towards the cause!
Perhaps it’s time for them to accept the reality, harsh though it may seem to some who squandered their life savings, blood sweat and tears in supporting the LTTE that the game is over, there will be no Eelam and unless they throw in their lot towards the rebuilding of Sri Lanka for the posterity and well being of all her citizens (including freedom loving Tamils ) after the destruction the Pro LTTE block mostly contributed to, they are going nowhere with their pathetic demonstrations which are causing much consternation to all freedom loving tranquil Canadians who seem to have an unnecessary turbulence amongst their day to day existences!

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