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Posted on September 12th, 2009

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We have been receiving many reports of the UK visa saga and the Minister’s response to it-.
“As to why the FM denied the media report in Parliament, We sort of understand, but would not wish to comment on the reasons”.

But the facts are as follows –
Consistent with the usual practice, Dr. PKƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Passport was submitted by FM Protocol to the UK mission on Tuesday. A junior visa officer had asked for finger prints. This was a highly unusual and outrageous request relating to a senior official of the host country

Then this question of visa fees appears to have arisen. Sri Lanka has always paid such fees and the question had never been an issue for us

Although the visa was never formally refused, the passport was returned without an endorsement

According to him, all efforts made by the Chief of Protocol to contact the High Commissioner or his deputy turned out to be fruitless

Arjuna’s visa was denied the same day

The AG’s visa was denied last week

The entire visa saga was complicated by a week-kneed Chief of Protocol. His attitude was ” let us let this go. We have other visas to obtain later”. Since the change of Govt in 2005 Dec we no longer approach white countries on our knees. Instead we stand up and look them in the eye. His reluctance to approach senior officials, including the High Commissioner, probably gave junior visa officers the opportunity to make unpleasant decisions

It is recalled that we accommodated the UK deputy High Commrissioner request to bring his gay partner over despite homosexuality being crime in SL

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