NOBLE REFUSAL ……………greater than the Nobel Prize
Posted on October 11th, 2009

Piyal Samarakone

 “The results delivered even before the test”.  Living on promises along could not bring intended results, but by putting them into practice effectively. Moreover a Nobel Peace Prize for a wartime president?

Kind of after shocks of Obama Mania arrived in the Scandinavian shores to produce yet another shock which stunned the White House in the wee hours, later rest of the world.

Certainly President Obama changed the face of the American approach towards the on going conflicts in the world. Taking over the war infested baton from president Bush and still running in the first lap he better be humble and corporative rather than being tough and offensive which he cannot afford to. The Nobel Committee’s sudden eruption with surprise news delivered one clear message to the world that of talking about peace itself a great achievement and its shows the predicament of the world we live today.

If President Anwar Sadat or Menachem Begin alive today they would be shocked to see why President Jimmy Carter did not get this prestigious award twice along with them one for initiating the Camp David peace summit and another for its successful completion.

Since the inauguration of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901 to date almost all of the recipients won the big prize for their achievements and for their untiring efforts with ultimate achievements. Aung San Suu Kyi can be the only exception in the great list with exceptional reasons.

Does Mr. Obama fit into the groove of the past winners is the question, can we compare with him to Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelts or President Carter besides other compatriots likes of  Marting Luthur King, Henry Kissinger or Ralph Bunche?

World started hearing about Barak Hussein Obama in the wake of US Election primaries and it was very much evident regardless of the nature or stature of the candidate against president Bush will win without a doubt as Bush’s legacy pushed back the Republicans at least for next four years. Prior to this there is no evidence of any peace making efforts undertaken by  Mr. Obama.

President Obama could not stop a single Israel settlement through dialogues his special envoy to the region too admitted his failure recently. Hitherto he has not achieved anything other than arranging meetings between the leaders in White House. That was one clear example Obama’s failure in the Middle East peace as most of his predecessors. We can not expect him to be a significant force in the Middle East as he could not change iota of Israel plans to curtail the Jewish settlements in the occupied land let along other big issues such as withdrawals from Gaza & West Bank and to create the blue print for two states.

Iran’s decision to allow IAEA to inspect their nuclear sites not Obama’s achievement it is simply regime’s game of buying time. Contrary to his present planned-visit Mr. Al Baradei returned home more than once with empty file.  

North Korean issue is too on the razor blade as Obama did not make any significant progress up to now and trying to persuade China to take the leader’s role in order to save the face.

With on going conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan Barak Obama is in no mans land in terms of the new strategy. He needs to pull out from Iraq and wants to finish Taliban in a rapid pace.

Today as The Commander in Chief of the United States of America he holds the gun in one hand and the Olive branch on the other. By awarding the Nobel Peace Prize the Prize Committee put Mr. Obama in a situation where asking him to release the pigeon to the wild with the cage.

Knowing his commitments and predicament of uncertain years ahead trying to charm the world with his mild words that he is committed to peace, and of course by mentioning that he does not deserve the award he made the prestigious award somewhat less worthy by embracing it with 1.4mn prize tag. His indication to donate the prize money to a charity which is not yet decided is pretty obvious and nothing exceptional as scores of other recipients did so in the past.

By accepting which he believes not right thing to do Mr. Obama not only missed the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to become a noble man but he simply put himself in a dilemma.

We are eager to see which indispensable symbol he will keep in the shelf of the Oval Office whether the Olive Branch or The Gun that will be the final surprise which can match the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

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