Democratic or Dictatorship – Elected or Self-Appointed.The Rulers make it a Family Affair!
Posted on October 19th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Having noticed many a remark with buckets of gossip, on the Rajapaksa Clan which now dominates the Rulers in Sri Lanka, it is well worth looking at the big picture in a global scenario

When John F. Kennedy was elected, one of his first appointees was his brother Robert F. Kennedy as the Attorney General and Confidant. Patriarch Joseph Kennedy wanted all of his sons to take over the White House. It almost happened, if not for the Curse of Kennedys!

George W. H. Bush got his moronic son Dubya two terms in the White House and Jeb as the Governor of Florida. And Jeb might still make a dash for the White House.

In Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, the ruling baton is handed down from father to son. The parasites cling on to the same blood groups.

India shall maintain the Gandhi Dynasty on track possibly for the next few generations.

Singapore also started the Lee Dynasty by the Founder Lee Kwan Yew, getting his son Brigadier General Lee Hsien Loong into the Prime Ministerial stakes, with his wife Madam Ho Chin running the Temasek empire.

United Kingdom escaped the Dynastic feature but due to high democratic visibility, just managed to sponsor a few within the family circles. The families of the Ruling Class certainly made a great deal of hay whilst the sons shone.

Russia operates in a much classical manner where the selected few are allowed to make money as long as they support and dance to the Kremlin Top 10.

As one may have noticed that during the last ten years, China has officially named 105 Dollar Billionaires in 2009, with as many unsurfaced, with the Motor Mogul of BYD (Build Your Dreams) fame coming right on top of the pile.

Sri Lanka had the Senanayake, Bandaranaike, Jayawardane-Wickremasingha Dynasties with Premadasa (in-waiting), now the Rajapaksa Brothers & Company eyeing to maintain control.

Actually, give credit where its due, the Rajapaksa clan is the only Ruling Family which delivered the goods during one single term in office. Without the trusted support from the Rajapaksa brothers, President Mahinda Rajapaksa would have been taken for a long ride by the hangers-on.

Whereas, Bandaranaike clan was reputedly making hay during the insurgency with General Ratwatte leading the retirement pension schemes, Premadasa who came from nothing (riding a bicycle in a sarong in Kotahena), ended up as a wealthy real estate owner before the Tiger Terrorists cut him short.

People who enter politics do not participate in this game for charitable reasons. In politics, charity begins at home!

There is an old story, where a renown politician by the name of David Allen Thomas STRANGE whose last Wish was that his Headstone should be engraved with the epitaph…..”Here Lies An Honest Politician”.

When asked why?

He responded by saying that everybody would then respond….”Dats STRANGE!”

So much for Honesty in Politics! Funny Ha Ha!

2 Responses to “Democratic or Dictatorship – Elected or Self-Appointed.The Rulers make it a Family Affair!”

  1. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    I take an interest reading your articles though I have not noticed any of my Irish friends thinking along your lines to draw any parallels. Obviously one-man/woman rule (whether you call it Democracy or otherwise) has been around for a long time. What you find today is appointment of squatters for a fixed period to allow pillage. Ref your remarks on UK, it is the only country that may be carrying the dynastic succession from the original days, quite contrary to your assertion. In fact the current gamblers’ democracy followed by many others is its own invention to keep them in power behind the scene, started at a time when they were challenged by masses. Is not it wonderful to have a squatter sitting at the second tier making decisions affecting the masses incurring their wrath, which could have been the monarch’s woes, if not for this English democracy?

    I wonder whether you have done any work to find out the origin of the one-man rule. According to ours, this came to existence at a time we did not have other animals as humans. Those days, the world was very different and I could say, was the opposite of what we experience today. Though many of us do not know our own history beyond immediate parents, this one-man rule came to effect in Sinhale’ when the ancient Sinhala civilisation was at its peak to harmonise life in their society. As you know, Sinhala people have developed astrology a long time ago. In the south of Sinhale’, there are traditional experts in this field who continue to use Manu Years to prepare their annual New Year festivals and are not affected by any western influences to this day. These Manu years are counted from the time of selecting the Manu Raja (King of Humans) by consent of all (Maha Sammatha). According to their version, it is nearly 30 thousand years plus. In my childhood, long before I came to know about anything related to history, I wondered about this number. There was also a reference to a Saka Varsa (years counted from the time of the first king of the world) that had reached 13 thousand plus years. We are also the only people who recognise inheritance according to bloodline by default, and it is worthy to note that it is widely adopted by monarchies around the world for some reason. As you may find in Sinhala culture, these positions of authority were held by people who not only had the authority but also were revered as gods for their skills and knowledge that saved humanity from extinction. (I ask you to refer to a recent western finding about an event that happened about sixty thousand years back.) Quite contrary to what you find today with politicians, they never asked for fees or sought wealth because they had everything they wanted. They offered free medicine, free food to needy and knowledge free of charge to worthy and so on. This is the only civilisation that behaved like this while all other later offshoots had a criminal element to their conduct. It has now reached a climax where the poor and uneducated are brain washed and armed to kill their own under the orders of their masters (Another marvellous achievement by English monarchy).

    How this ancient system turned upside down is also a fascinating story. There are many other aspects of this story that I cannot divulge at this stage. However, I can confirm that they are the only people who can offer a system of governance that would address all our needs of modern life to replace the expired system run by squatters. In due time, you will find the details. Till that time, please enjoy the English democracy.

  2. dharmasiri Says:

    English democracy comes with a Queen or King paid by the rest of the idiots. Lie Kuan Yew followed the system perfectly minus the King. (He appointed a drunk to be the Governor and later sacked him.) Strong opposition leaders were sued and stripped of all their wealth. That is how the empire is still running in Singapore. Rajapakse empire will be run in a slightly better way than that.
    Not sure how the McLean empire runs.

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