Statement on October 23 in Parliament Re 77 Sri Lankan Illegal Migrants
Posted on October 28th, 2009

Ira de Silva London, Ontario

John McKay MP, Scarborough-Guildwood
Liberal Party
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Mr. McKay,

I read a report in the National Post of October 26,2009 which reads – “in the House of Commons on Friday, Liberal MP John McKay says Tamils are seeking refuge in Canada because of the injustices they experience each and every day from their government merely because they are Tamil”. As a member of the Canadian parliament you are entitled to try to get more Tamils into Canada because it is Liberal party policy. However, you are not entitled to make unsubstantiated, false statements about the Government of Sri Lanka as and when it suits you to pander to LTTE supporters in your riding.

Are you making these false accusations because it is the policy of the Liberal Party to bring in more Sri Lankan Tamils even if, as indicated by news reports, these illegals started their journey from India, paid $45,000 each to get to Canada, (they could not have earned that money in Sri Lanka so it is possible that it is part of the millions the LTTE front organizations collected in Canada to fund terrorism in Sri Lanka), came on a LTTE vessel which indicates that they have connections to the LTTE , that they also have connections to supporters of the LTTE in Canada, many of whom are in the Toronto area and are offering them further financial help as well as legal counsel so that they can dupe Canadian Immigration officials and, most frightening of all, that they could be Tamil Tiger fighters (ex-terrorists). Unlike the leaders of the LTTE supporters in Toronto, the Tamil leaders in Australia have made a statement ” former Tamil Tiger fighters are definitely among the influx of boat people to arrive on our shores”. (The Australian, October 26,2009 – see below).

I suppose your part in this grand scheme is to provide political support to these illegals. Since you are so concerned about the Sri Lankan Tamil population why do you not state in parliament that you want all these Sri Lankan Tamils who are experiencing unspecified injustices in Sri Lanka to be brought to Canada so that Canadians can look forward to thousands, even millions of Sri Lankan Tamils living off the Canadian taxpayer, demonstrating on the streets which also cost taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars for security, committing acts of lawlessness such as closing highways, creating mountains of garbage on the streets of Ottawa the clean up of which was also billed to the taxpayer, while you and other Liberals from Toronto were supporting them outside parliament and in Parliament were insulting the Government and people of Sri Lanka. If you are sincere in your concern, the next time you make a statement regarding Sri Lanka in parliament, please ask that Canada either send ships or pay for ships to go to Sri Lanka so that Tamils can make a comfortable journey to Canada, that you give an assurance that they will get a warm welcome from the Liberal Members of Parliament who hope they will vote for them. I am confident that the New Democratic Party, particularly Jack Layton and Olivia Chow of Toronto will support you as well as get other NDP members to join you in the race to welcome them. You will be supported by the Government of Sri Lanka that has said they will not stop any Sri Lankan who wants to leave the country. It would be what is called a win-win solution.The non-Tamil population of the GTA and the rest of the country will be happy to indicate to you what they think about your generosity at their expense at the next election.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva

London, Ontario

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