India Trying to Create Trouble in Sri Lanka – Again
Posted on October 1st, 2010

Asim Alavi

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse is certainly right when he said that Sri Lanka remains free of terrorists.

Nowadays “terrorism business” has become a rapidly growing andƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ lucrative industry. Funny stories of terror plots, wire-tappings, perceived threats, terror-breeding grounds, Madrasas and terror networks, nuclear and other lethal technologies going into the hands of non-state actors, terrorists contact points so on and so forth are hatched and fed to mischief-mongering media institutions.
Terrorism finders, discoverers and terrorism experts, and some of them going to the niche of ‘expert’ on Islamic terrorism, Al Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar E Taiba etc.have emerged and are directing the way that the policy makers and the common folk should think. First and business class air travels, posh suites in star hotels, conferences, meetings and policy discussions with lavish arrangements are the norm of the day for these coterie of experts. They would descend on these forums like angles with their ‘startling revelations of Islamic terror plots and threats to individuals, states, corporations and cultures.’They must preach and every body else must believe!
The articles of theƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Indian TamilƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ journalist K S Balachandran, require serious attention. In my view the reports lack substance; I am afraid, as far as the issue of Lashkar E Taiba is concerned, it is based on fictitious information fed by the Indian intelligence agencies and other interested elements, perhaps within the Muslim community.
Its common among the amateurish journalists to act like angels and expose the truth revealed to them by ‘inside sources.’ In the name of national security and Islamic threat so many bizarre things happen in India and the driving force behind them, in fact, is Hindutva fascist project, not national security. Pathetically, hundreds of innocent Muslim youth are dumped in the dungeons of the largest democracy of the world on flimsy charges.
One would find himself thunderstruck reading the book,’Who Killed Karkare?’ the real face of Terrorism in India,” by M. S.Mushrif, former IGP, Maharashtra. Maharashtra’s Anti-Terror Squad chief Hemant Karkare was killed during the 26/11 Mumbai attack in a highly suspicious manner. Iquote below a little review piece of the book:

‘Political violence, or terrorism, by State as well as by non- State actors has a long history in India. The allegation that sections of and individual Indian
Muslims indulged in ‘terrorism’surfaced for the first time with the ascent of the Hindutva forces in mid-1990s and became state policy with the BJP’s coming to power at the Centre. With even ‘secular’ media joining the role as stenographers of security agencies, this became an accepted fact so much so that common Indians and even many Muslims started believing in this false propaganda.’

This book, by a former senior police officer, with a distinguished career that included unearthing the Telgi scam, peeps behind the propaganda screen, using material mostly in the public domain as well as his long police experience. It comes out with some startling facts and analysis, the first of its kind, to expose the real actors behind the so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’in India whose greatest feat was to murder the Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare who dared to expose these forces and paid with his life for his courage and commitment to truth.
While unearthing the conspiracy behind the murder of Karkare, this book takes a hard look at some of the major incidents attributed to ‘Islamic terrorism’ in India and finds them baseless.
Sri Lanka is a sovereign country, so its defence policies cannot be shaped by raw information supplied by foreign agencies. The country is breathing a sigh of relief after a wretched three decades old war. Its time for the citizens of this country to say to India, “Sorry, we are now recuperating from the war waged by the boys you groomed; no more to artificial creation of Islamic terrorism.”

In the said articles a malicious attempt is made to dragƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ the Sri LankanƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Muslim community into entirely unnecessary trouble. Such irresponsible salvos, for sure, would drive ordinary youth to extremism. We, Sri Lankan Muslims should be very careful not to fall into these traps.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that part of the community is being tugged between Saudi Arabia and Iran. When there is an issue with Salafi methodology, Iran or its proteges are accused of fomenting it and vice-versa. The Sri Lankan Muslim community possesses fairly sufficient religious maturity and also it’s fairly organized in comparison with many Muslim minorities around the world. It’s fairly cultured too. So it should remain independent of any country’s political tug of war.

Further, the community is capable of settling its religious issues without seeking assistance from outside sources, be it SL government or foreign forces.

A sort of religious extremism creeping into Sri Lankan Muslim society cannot be totally denied. We cannot whitewash this fact. Masjid pulpits are used to deliver hateful speeches and sermons; villages and even homes are divided on trivial religious matters; a younger generation with Bollywood style violent nature is being bred. It is theƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ collective responsibility of the community to arrest the situation before it is too late.

Islam is broad and shows flexibility for several interpretations of its sources. If any one tries to argue that everybody else should follow only his interpretation, it is simply unacceptable. There is a serious brawl going on between those who identify themselves as Ahl Assunnah and those of Salafis. We can see sections of these camps transgress all bounds of decency and adopt extreme approaches in confronting the other.

You find extremism in both camps. How absurd it is to believe that there are hundreds of Adams (PBUH) when there is not an iota of evidence found in the Quran or Sunnah to support such a view. A Sri Lankan-Hong Kong friend of mine who resides in Malaysia told me that when one of his relative died in Sri Lanka recently, copy of a letter carrying Sheikh Nazim’s signature was placed with the coffin, so as to intercede when questioning by the angels in the Qabr. Can human reason comprehend this? Did our beloved Prophet or his companions practice this? This is one kind of deviance and extremism.

After the 2004 Al Khobar massacre in Saudi Arabia two Sri Lankans returned home. One was a wounded Muslim returned alive while the other was a non-Muslim returned in a coffin.The reason was that the deviant extremists who call themselves as Salafis killed the non-Muslim point blank and spared the Muslim because of his faith. Every body please believe me, that a good Somali friend of mine who is based in Kuala Lumpur could not visit his mother for the last 8 years. The Al Shabab who let loose a reign of terror in Somalia or its predecessor, Islamic Courts, gave him two choices: pump us money or participate in our fight. Refusal means his death. This is another kind of deviance from pure Islam in the name of Salafism.

Islam belongs to every Muslim. Every group has the right to preach its interpretation of Islam within the bounds of Shariah, but no group has the right to claim exclusive ownership of Allah’s Deen.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the tomb of Sultan Mehmet Al Fatih, the conqueror of Constantinople (Istanbul). I also visited the tomb of his mentor in a far off city from Istanbul. One import point worth noting is that our beloved Prophet predicted this conquest some 7 centuries before Al Fatih. Great Islamic scholars, Al Qaradawi and Al Albany agrees that it was Al Fatih who materialized this Prophetic prediction. The fact was that Al Fatih and his mentor, both were from Sufi ideological background.

This fact clearly shows that, no matter you call yourself Salafi, Sufi, Tariqa, so on, as long as you do not deviate from the boundaries of Shariah you are Muslim. Allah Almighty is exceptionally Merciful and absolutely Just. If you commit wrongs out of ignorance, He might pardon you.

Islam is averse to any form of extremism in its name. It’s a justly balanced path (Al Wasat) The Quran describes the Muslim community as ‘the community of middle path.’ Prominent Quran interpreter, Imam Maududi explains this term as follow: ‘It signifies that distinguished group of people which follows the path of justice and equity, of balance and moderation, a group which occupies a central position among the nations of the world so that its friendship with all is based on righteousness and justice and none receives its support in wrong and injustice’

Let’s return to our senses and look into Islam with an open mind, so we can Insha Allah unearth its great treasures.

10 Responses to “India Trying to Create Trouble in Sri Lanka – Again”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Your Islam degrades other peoples as KAFIRS and they must be killed or converted. The Shariah court in Pakistan gave a verdict to rape a poor girl because her brother had an affair with a rich woman!

    Now the Shariah arrived to Kurunagala. Did not you read a Muslim young mother was beaten in a Mosque?

    When Muslims are mainority, they talk BROTHERHOOD or EQUALITY but they are animals when they are MAJORITY! Pakistan and Taliban are the good examples!

    Indian suspicians has reasons! Muslim fanatics bomb cities and trains in India because of the Quranic teachings! The question is: When do muslims start their JIHAD against the KAFIRS (Hindus, Buddhists and Cristians) in Sri lanka? Sometime Muslims may use Sri Lanka as a base to attack India from the South!

    Madhani who is a fanatic and a Malayali. He is the back bone in the bombings in South India. Muslims now use the “friendly” areas to continue their JIHAD terror.

    If Sri Lanka sideline the warnings of India, SL will have to fight another wave of terrorists backed by Saudi Arabia!

    Sofar, Muslims with the government or in the oppositions keep silence on the torture of Ms.Ariyawathi by Saudi Arabians. Are the Muslims of Sri Lanka ever condemed the TORTURES by Muslims in the Middle East? Maintaining silence means Lanka muslims agree with the nasty Muslims in Arabia!

  2. De Costa Says:

    My Tamil Hindu Friend,
    Your Paragiya Friend again!
    There is some truth in you comments. But as usual you are anti Christian, anti Jew, anti Muslim, anti Sinhala ( hidden motive) which dilutes your message.
    Asim Alavi , under the banner of popular ant- Indian tries to sell Muslim religion protrying it similar to Buddhism.
    Mr. Alavi, but the name of allah, can we have a single version of your religion in a new-quoran interpretting everyting correctly ?
    Whatever the your cause, if any religion wants to fight back injustice, it should be done by not hurting innocence.
    Mudali’s LTTE religion started their fight back by killing the innocent , vulnerable poor Sinhalese and Muslims. We don’t see any difference in Muslim struggle.
    In Sri Lanka, they started buying land everywhere with drug money from afganistan. Now they have businesses to sustain buying business and continue expansion. I agree with Mudali, Muslims or even Christians or Hidu Indian (if they organise sectretly ) should be carefully tracked down and irradicated in Singapore style. This is the only lessonwe can learn from Singapore !

  3. De Costa Says:

    Asim Alavi,
    Do not try to fool people.
    One of your Muslim gurus I admire is Anjem Choudri.
    He speaks the truth. He is a living, honest Muslim. He is uncompromising. He is a living prophet.
    Why all other Muslims. in the name of pease and harmony try to show the world a different Islam ?
    He says Allah wants you to hate all non-muslims. It is your duty. Why do you pretend ? Allah certainly do not want you to lie. He will allow you to kill the enemy but do not lie.
    Tell us about Anjem Choudri.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    LTTE’s religion is Roman Catholicism. That is why Tamil Catholic church openly supported LTTE. Are there any different JESUS CHRIST to Tamil Catholics and Sinhala Catholics?

    Prabhakarans son was Charles Antony and not Kanthasamy!

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Biggest threat to Asia is Indian spy agency RAW and CIA working together against all the Indian neighboring countries. In the scenario in tamil racist terrorists in Sri Lanka was trained by Indian RAW and well backed and supported by CIA.

    Destabilize Pakistan CIA and RAW work together. Benazir Bhuto’s assassination is not just an accident. Well proved it was a CIA, RAW well planed joint operation. This was a multi purpose agenda. First against leadership of President Mushafor then bring inexperience politician Raza Gillani to power. Pressurized him to fight against Afghanistan.

    Against China RAW and CIA work very closely with Tibet issue and other boarder disputes. India is well tamed dog of America in all scenarios against China.

    To destabilize Myanmar, Indian RAW is joint hand with CIA and MI6. Indian ex defense minister George Fernandez was openly supported Sui Kyi. British and Americans wants to bring British pawn to power to get control the resources of Myanmar and stop Chinese influence in the region. Indians are supporting white masters as they also benefited to get the Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur, Assam and mizoram all were provinces of Myanmar invaded and annexed to India by British.

    Maldives tamil mercenary operation is a brainchild of RAW.

    At this moment India and CIA are the biggest threat to Asia and especially to Sri Lanka and they will create maximum troubles to Sri Lanka. To fight against Indian pawn tamil racist terrorists Muslim nations such as Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt and Arab nations helped us. So the threat to us is not Muslims but the Hindu fundamentalist India and catholic USA.

  6. bandararanjith Says:

    We in the gulf all srilankan live like brothers and sisters. We always help each other and keep the srilankan flag flying high. Please do not divide us on sily maters , we suffered enough. Our President is a very inteligent man who can not be fooled, he wants to take us to a new hights. Do not take words out of context, I have gone through the translation of Quran and found that kafir as M.S.MUdali says does not have the meaning he thinks, what is mentioned is ” kill kafirs ( non believers ) if they try to kill you, if they ask parden , forgive them and provide them safe passage” Any civilised person will do the same for self defence. We have been ruled by invaders by dividing us, now we do not need this kind of division ” we all are srilankans” We srilankans are educated and matured , we can not be fooled by some media popaganda , the whole world know who controls them. Thanks to internet and interaction people of the world have these days.
    All the religion of the world teach us to be good individual. Respect all the religous person because he wants to be a good person.

  7. kumara 1037 Says:

    Americans are planing bring Mihinda Rajapaksa to the war crime tribunal with the help of India.This is very well portrayed in the recent speech made by Robert Blake in the San Diego conference.There he mentioned how Asian region is strategically more important for American government and they put all pressure to the Indian government and their support to control Asian countries which India is very reluctant and or even not interested at all .By knowing the strong American influence, Indian government is very cautious about the present political situation in the countries of the Indian sub continent.Perhaps there must be a good reason for Dr ManMohan Sing did not attend the UN general assembly this year simply to avoid the American pressure on him and not to forget that Obama is coming to India in November.
    American have already started to destabilize the region and they use all resources for that.This is what they did to Iraq and they want to do that to Iran and Sri Lanka as well.This is why this kind of accusation are coming to Sri Lanka by paid journalists.
    I have a serious doubt that President Mahinda Rajapaksa was invited to the Oxford Union special meeting to deliver a speech is a another trap where he will be face lot of critics once he land to UK or even arrest him under the so called British law.This is a very carefully planed plot by the West to put Sri Lanka in trouble.

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Barking at India is always create problems in Sri Lanka. This is history and lesson we have to learn. If India was not helping Sri Lanka, LTTE would have over run Sri lanka and POPE would have been the KING of Sri lanka!

    That is why President said, “India is my relative” and others are my friends. If Sri Lankans think “friends” will help, then we have chances to be cheated by friends!

    Kumara’s concern is real. President must avoid trip to England! Because LTTE is a creation of England and USA!

    If USA invades Sri Lanka, all the Muslims countries support USA and no one will come for the aid of Lanka. That is the consern of India and China. India has problems with China but India and China never support USA or its Muslim allies in the region when USA flexes muscle in Indian ocean!

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Islam ask to kill Kafirs. Who are the Kafirs?

    Muslims are asked to kill non-muslims. I do not wait till a Muslim Moron come to kill me!

  10. bandararanjith Says:

    MR Mudali,
    I come from Balangoda and we shinhalese and muslims mixed socially very well always there are people from each comunity whether marriage or a death house helping each other. May be you are not had the opportunity to mix. We should look more positive way and build our mother land for our future generation to live peacefully. Last few decade if we analyse the maximum foreign exchange we earned is from Gulf countries. millions of srilankans are employed directly or indirectly becouse we have a good relation with these countries. Each community will have 1 or 2 % bad charactors but these 2 % people should not be taken as sample for judging the entire community.
    Let us forget the past and love each other look forward for a brighter future.

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