Newspapers are for news or for ads?
Posted on March 29th, 2011

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai,Dehiwela

It has become very irritating to see huge ads in the very first page of the newspapers taking most of the page, even sometimes overlapping the news. Th e most irritating one is a circular one appearing in the front page of many newspapers. I still have not read it though it is glaring at you as soon as you open the newspapers for it irritates me beyond measure.

Now not only the first page but even the following pages are overcrowded by the advertisements that there is hardly any news in the page. One reads news and the ads must be placed subtly in such a way they must be complementary, not takeover the whole page. This is like this irritating ads nowadays in the TV which keeps popping up umpteen number of times making you nauseous, or like the music taking over the whole functions such as weddings, dinners etc. so that no one can speak, talk or even listen. This leaves a strong sense of irritation defeating it’s own purpose.

It would do well to do a survey to find out actually how many people read the front page ad I don’t, just out of contempt.

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