Seek and ye shall find…Norwegians!
Posted on April 4th, 2011


 What began in Libya as another seemingly run-of-the-mill “people’s revolution” against a longstanding Middle Eastern dictator, has slowly degraded into something a lot more opaque. Perhaps it was the revelation that many of the “rebels” were actually connected to al-Qaeda (1), or perhaps it was the realization that a large number of Afghan and Iraqi suicide bombers targeting Coalition forces in those countries were recruited from the [“de facto“ ?] rebel “capital” of Benghazi (2). Either way, now the gung-ho voices are diminished and those advocating a more measured approach, among them the ancient ruler of the region, Turkey, have come to the fore.

 In this swift change of circumstances, there is a lesson to all those interested in Sri Lanka. For, these “rebels” “”…” who truly are rebels, unlike Sri Lanka’s Tamil terrorists who the international media were fond of molly-coddling as “rebels” “”…” are not simply seeking to regain a lost “independence,” but are propagating a civil war (again a real civil war unlike Sri Lanka’s war on Tamil terror) in order to wrest control of the entire country.

 Let this be a lesson to all the Sinhala kotiyas who advocated giving the Tamil supremacists the “Eelam” they demanded as an end to the war! The day Eelam is established, even in the form of a “Federal state,” the Sinhalese will be exterminated and driven into the sea while the international media covers it up, like they covered up the slaughter of 60,000 Sinhalese youth of the JVP insurrections. Those Sinhalese Christians who thought their Cross would exempt them and so backed the terrorists, remember one thing: “Then they came for me/ and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

 First, a quick recap. For ease of reference I will refer to western and eastern regions of Libya henceforth as Tripolitiania and Cyrenaica, respectively. The rebels say that their eastern “homeland” is Cyrenaica, and that the western Libyans from the old province of Tripolitania led by Gadaffi, is oppressing and persecuting them, treating them as second class citizens, marginalizing them, and ruling over their “homeland.” Sound familiar?

 So why did the rebels send their troops all the way to Tripoli? Once they had driven Gadaffi’s army out of their “homeland” why didn’t they stop and celebrate the “liberation” of this “homeland”? Instead what resulted was a push by the rebels deep into Tripolitanian territory aimed at toppling the dictator, which was repulsed after a regrouping by Gadaffi’s forces. This led to a complete reversal pushing the rebels all the way back to their “heartland” of Benghazi, which then led to the Coalition airstrikes, which again put Gadaffi on the backfoot with the rebels threatening Tripoli itself once more. Now there are doubts and splits within the Coalition regarding the bona fides of these “rebels,” and the Tripolitanians have taken this chance to yet again push forward well into Cyrenaica. And now there appears to be a stalemate.

 The longer this conflict drags on, the more it appears like what was happening in Sri Lanka until 2006. And maybe the Coalition partners should take this opportunity to re-examine the Sri Lankan conflict and re-evaluate whether they truly have chosen the right side in our problem with Tamil supremacists. Sri Lanka could have been a Japan of south Asia for them, but they’ve missed that chance and still associate with those who share nothing in common with them, further driving Sri Lanka from them. Let’s not forget that the LTTE’s underlying ideology was Marxism and not the democracy or human rights which their front organizations in the TNA, TGTE, GTF, BTF etc. etc. wail about today. Let us also not forget that it was the Tamil terrorists who pioneered much of the weaponry used against Coalition forces today by insurgents as well as training these insurgents in terrorist methods “”…” from the suicide bomb to the IED, the “Made in Tamil terroristan” label shines brightly. On the contrary, it was Sri Lanka’s democratically elected government which showed the Coalition and the world in general that ruthless terrorists could be defeated militarily in a way which rescues civilians and brings true peace.

 Now let us examine, briefly, some of the fundamentals of the Libyan conflict. At the time of Italian imperial rule, Libya was divided into three provinces. There was Tripolitania in the west, Cyrenaica in the east, and Fezzan in the south. These three formed Italian North Africa, and was ruled as one whole. Independence was granted to the entire colony under the name of Libya, with an Italian-backed puppet regime headed by King Idris “”…” a “king” in name only, better described as a Libyan version of Ranil W. It was this king’s tyrannical rule which led to a Nasser style Officers’ revolt, bringing Gadaffi to power.

 However, much like in Sri Lanka, the division into provinces appears to have been created by the Italians for purposes of administration. Furthermore, we haven’t heard of people starving or jobless in Libya, even from the rebels. This is in stark contrast to the true people’s revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt where the people were demanding their dignity. Instead, it appears that Libya’s “rebels” were merely jumping on the regional bandwagon and trying to create their very own “Eelam” which, just like in Sri Lanka, would quickly encompass the entire country rather than just a part of it.

 Being much closer to the source of world colonialism, Europe, than Sri Lanka is, the regions which comprise Libya today have been very much interfered with from earlier in history. Amongst the long line of conquerors of Libya, from the Romans to the Ottomans and finally to the Italians, it is this final conqueror which is most interesting, and which connects Libya with Sri Lanka.

 The Italians, who were the final international occupier, are descended from the Italo-Normans rather than the Romans. For, the Normans conquered much of southern Italy including Sicily “”…” whose King Roger II was the first Norman (Italo-Norman) occupier of Tripoli. The Normans were indeed successful conquerors, laying waste to much of Europe, Britain included. They originated from the north of what is today France, hence their name “Normans” meaning something like “Northern Men.” These Normans in turn are descended from the Vikings of Scandinavia. And a key constituent of the Scandinavian Vikings is of course Norway.

 The Dark Ages began in Europe soon after the fall of Roman civilization, and this period of superstition, Christian fundamentalism and a Vatican ban on all science “”…” enforced by burning at the stake “”…” was given sustenance by the conquest of large swathes of Europe by Norwegian-barbarian descended Vikings in the form of the marauding Normans. And until May 2009, these barbarian-descended present-day Norwegians were marauding across Sri Lanka, engineering ethnic “homelands” by transplantation of Tamils to the north and aiding and abetting ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese by Tamil terrorists.

 Maybe, just maybe, Sri Lanka and Libya are similar, as the anti-Sri Lanka brigade “”…” led by Norway “”…” likes to bleat. But not in the way they say. We in Sri Lanka have always been a single, united country ruled by good Sinhalese Buddhist Kings. Today we are again a single, unitary, united country, ruled by the people in a democratic framework. Foreign (European and Tamil) invasions notwithstanding, the people of the island lived in harmony in the past, and with foreign and Tamil supremacist meddling now diminishing, we are living in harmony once again. What connects Libya and Sri Lanka is that the bloodthirsty Vikings in the form of Italians and Norwegians, respectively, have been stirring up trouble in both these countries.

 So we come full circle over a period of about 1000 years, from Norwegian destruction of Roman civility to the attempted Norwegian destruction of Sinhalese Buddhist civility. The hell we were delivered from on 19 May 2009 was not through the mere defeat of a band of invading illiterate megalomaniac psychopathic butcher alien Tamil terrorists. Taking the historical origin of the players involved into consideration, let’s call it: the defeat of the Viking/Norwegian conquest of the Sinhalese by Tamil terrorist proxy. Now there’s something to celebrate!

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  1. Ben_silva Says:

    Very good article by the author. I agree that if the Sinhala Kotiyas gave concessions or even some territory to Tamil racists, the racist terrorists would have grabbed the rest of Sri Lanka in no time and pushed the Sinhalese to the sea. This situation is a good possibility as number of passive ethnic groups have been wiped out by more aggressive invaders. The Sinhalese also suffer from the disadvantage from lack of clarity in their objectives, as some of them also want to seek extinction (Nirvana) as opposed to survive and win. In a highly competitive world, where survival of the fittest is the norm, having an objective of seeking extinction appear to be a dangerous objective. Further giving up desires also does not help in developing a competitive spirit. Some Sinhala Buddhists may object and say Buddha is telling the truth. This ‘truth’ is claimed by Muslims, Christians and many other religions. Unfortunately, followers of various religions are so blinded by the religion, that some are unable to do a critical analysis of a situation. Any one seeking the truth, the best hope is in science, as it does not rely on beliefs. Those seeking extinction should remember one thing: “Then they came for me/ and there was no one left to speak out for me.” Seeking extinction may have been good 2500 years ago and certainly, it is not a good idea now. Yet many keep seeking extinction and do not see it as a bad objective.
    We need to find out the reasons for the decline of the Sinhalese and arrest further decline. Hope the author would write an article.

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