Norway’s Damning Attitude Over Rights Issue A Reflection On Frustrations Based On Incapacity To Sustain The LTTE whom They Championed Once !
Posted on May 17th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

May 17th. 2011

Norway needs to be exposed once and for all, for the Machiavellian  stance it has adopted  towards Sri Lanka on the Tamil Tiger issue which they once surreptitiously supported from many perspectives and was damning towards their bifurcated attitude at times reflecting hypocrisy and pretence as empathetic towards Sri Lanka yet their transparencies as Eelam sympathisers more often than not seemed to stand out rather apathetically and indiscriminately and now their pro Eelam sympathies once again seems to have surfaced!
When the Norwegian government is said to be stepping up pressure on Sri Lanka over war crimes allegations, with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) throwing its weight behind a call by Norway-based National Council for Eelam Tamils to initiate international criminal proceedings against Sri Lankan political and military leaders, their true colurs simply seem to stick out like a sore thumb and what exactly their inspiration appears to be.
Sri Lanka must well remember the skulduggery of a certain playboy opportunist Norwegian Government Representative in Sri Lanka Eric Solheim, the clandestine radio links the Norwegian Embassy is known to have had with the Sea Tiger terroristss and the manner in which Radio Satellite equipment was smuggled into the Wanni towards the Terrorist cause together with many other susppicious acivities linkable to certain Norwegians in Sri Lanka who seemed obsessed with the idea of helping the Eelamists and now the beans seem to have been spilt openly through this recent call to investigate rights violations in Sri Lanka backed yet again by a pro Eelam Tamil Tiger terrorist organization based in Norway with links to high ranking officials within the Norwegian Administration more than likely.

The global and national media have learned through very credible sources requesting anonymity for valid reasons, that the Norwegian Eelamists have been in touch with the NIIA headed by one-time State Secretary of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry Jan Egeland (1992-1997), who is quoted as having endorsed the move recently.

This information depicts rather contentiously  in Norway’s disfavour that in spite of Norway publicly assuring Sri Lanka of support for national reconciliation efforts, it was carrying out in a back stabbing perspective a high intensity anti-Sri Lanka campaign which they  have no justification for as there is no tangible evidence or proof to back Norway’s purported sudden change of mood beyond coercion by the huge Eelam base which seem to have a powerful lobby in Norway’s Parliament as well as in areas of other public office  where Norway could be made accountable for supporting a globally banned  dangerous terrorist organization which has been destroyed beyond redemption in Sri Lanka and internationaly acclaimed as a precedent setting accomplishment of the Rajapaksha Administration so Norway probably needs to tread lightly and start worrying about the long term implications of what could transpire as dire ramifications within Norway if this persistent support of the Eelamists continues which is what it is visibly tantamount to!!
While it is becoming pelucidly clear that the sudden surge in calls to investigate falsely portrayed War Crimes in Sri Lanka is a vengeful retaliation by the sympathisers of the defeated Tamil tiger terrorists whether it comes from the UN, Tamil Nadu, Norway or Timbuctoo there isn’t a shred of evidence to justify them beyond actions taken by a Sovereign Nation under threat of destruction by subversive terrorist forces! It is also becoming painfully obvious that the only reason they are gathering momentum is based on the reality that Tamil Tiger terrorist supportive cells and their global bases are tolerated and permitted to propagate their cause  arounf the world where countries such as Canada and the USA in particular ( the UN notwithstanding as a supportive pariah perhaps towards the cause) have adopted a zero tolerance policy which would serve the rest of the world very well where the priorities of eliminating global terrorism would be one greater than the wimpy and much biased, abjectly pathetic calls to investigate Sri Lanka for souped up war crimes!
Hence it needs to be reiterated that Norway’s Damning Attitude Over Rights Issues in Sri Lanka  Well Appears To Be A Reflection On Frustrations Based On The Incapacity To Sustain The LTTE Whom They Once Championed !

6 Responses to “Norway’s Damning Attitude Over Rights Issue A Reflection On Frustrations Based On Incapacity To Sustain The LTTE whom They Championed Once !”

  1. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Nordics did everything with the support of Ranil Wickramasinghe who was then PM of Sri Lanka. Further he allowed to arrest the deep penetrating unit of the army and exposed the military members to the terrorists.

    In this article the Sinhala conspirators with Norway are not mentioned. LTTE got everything with the the support of the UNP Sinhala bastards.

    When the IPKF was on the move of destroying LTTE, Premadasa, a fool and damn coolie of USA, threatened India by doing suicide if IPKF did not stop fighting with LTTE. But later the same fool was blasted by LTTE not to reveal the secret deals! Saving /serving the LTTE was the priority of the UNP.

    First question UNP.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Yes, as Mudali says above, Ranil is the Traitor who involved Norway to sign up to the bogus CFA without a clear mandate for that in parliament. If this kind of meddling by Norway happens in a foreign nation in the West, the ambassador would be noticed to return immediately and financial compensation sought from Norway!
    But unfortunately there is a common issue which usually prevents that sort of action in Sri Lanka.

    My guess is that the first person in this instance who will object to that step is our very own ambassador in Norway! He will know that Norway will reciprocate by sacking him in return!! So dear readers of Lankaweb, other boys & girls still confused on this? Please keep learning the following lesson: – the majority of SL foreign office staff in Norway AND elsewhere are there NOT to make sacrifices and effectively represent SL but at Sri Lanka’s expense to build up their bank balances, build houses in SL, educate their children in private school abroad and do the shopping for their womenfolk!! Never ever forget that. For these reasons sacking of foreign ambassadors or anything of the sort will never be done. That is exactly why we are in this mess today with our image abroad – S de Silva – London

  3. jay-ran Says:

    S de Silva;s above remarks are 100% correct as MOST Sri Lankan Diplomats are not concerned about the Motherlank,but their own welfare.Very rarely we find people like Ravinatha,Jayathilaka and ALSO FOREIGN MINISTERS LIKE Mr.KADIRGAMAR, THE GREAT!!!

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Our FOREIGN SERVICE now become SERVICING FOREIGNERS than the Sri Lankans! Our diplomats take that as a good chance to enhance their life. That is one of the reason, LTTE is thriving in foreign countries with false propagandas!

  5. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    LTTE is not “thriving in any country”, there are a few pockets underground scattered in some parts of the world thanks to certain LTTE sympathisers with big bucks and they will be eliminated in due course.Not all diplomats are opportunists that title belongs to a few loca MP’s and “OUR FOREIGN SERVICE” ~ if the reference is to Sri Lanka’s Diplomatic Corps are mostly persons of high repute and integrity who don’t need to rob to survive and appointed by the President although there may be a few stragglers who will in due course be removed as the adjudicators are working on it.

  6. Dham Says:

    Very strange. Good old Mudali without Catholic Church curse.

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