Sinhalese Moving into Tamil Areas – Whose Definition “Tamil Areas”?
Posted on October 16th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Published articles by Ira de Silva and Asoka Weerasinghe both highlighted the opinions of Tamil pundits, were of interest to all Sinhala patriots and supporters of the Sinhala Nation.

First of all, all sensible readers should accept the fact that, “There Are No Tamil Areas” in the Island of Sri Lanka.

The settlers of Tamil Ghettos should be given an opportunity and a fresh start to integrate with the Sinhala.

The Sinhala citizens are free to move into any part of the Island of Sri Lanka to settle and raise their families.

I for one, would support and seek a Parliamentary support to finance less affluent Sinhala to settle in areas to make up the proportion of Sinhala to achieve a uniform demographic balance in the Island, and destroy the “taboo” or the “myth” of “Tamil Areas”.

The Tamil Areas, in fact, are in Tamil Nadu, India. And the rest of the areas occupied by the Tamils in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA and indeed in Sri Lanka, are facilitated by kind courtesy of the respective democratic governments.

One hardly finds many immigrant Tamils in Russia, North Korea, China, or in any of the Arab World countries. One might ask, WHY?

No reader has complained about the Invasion of Tamils into Sri Lanka’s areas predominantly occupied by Sinhala for over two millenium.

The Sinhala having suffered a three decade terror campaign by Tamil Terrorist LTTE, was given a breath of fresh air, by the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Having saved the Tamil citizens in the process, many of them illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu, President Rajapaksa went on to save, rehabilitate and rehouse them in the Land of Sinhala, at a cost which the Sinhala citizens have to subsidize.

The Tamil agitators as well as the Indian government should now leave the problems of rehabilitation and settlement to the Sri Lankan government which “carries the can” and the financial burden.

The Sri Lankan government has conducted itself in an admirable manner, led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa acting in the manner of a Global Statesman!

Instead of “barking at the Moon” or “crying over spilt milk” or feeling sorry for the leading Tamil Terrorism benefactor Raj Rajasingham getting eleven years eating “porrige” in an American jail, why not “bury the hatchet” and Start the Process of Nomination of President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize?


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17 Responses to “Sinhalese Moving into Tamil Areas – Whose Definition “Tamil Areas”?”

  1. AnuD Says:

    `If Sinhalas and their culture are moving to anywhere inside the mythical tamil-peelam it’s Sinhala colonization. When Tamils are moving to the South and when they build kovils every where day by day etc., etc., it is their right in their homeland.

  2. nandimitra Says:

    The mythical Tamil Eelam has to be disbanded and provisioal councils banned. The Sinhalese are gradualy being disenfranchised by India and the west for geo political reasons. The Tamils are now not only dominating the North and the east but also the economic centres like colombo/kandy, The sinhalese are being gradualy ethnicaly cleansed. This is there new program. The Sinhalese cannot expect the present politicians to safeguard there interest.

  3. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Prof Hudson Mclean!

    Quite impressive, I too agree with you. Sinhalese as the majority race will soon be a minority in our own country.

    Tamils mostly arriving from Tamil Nadi & other Indian States see the beauty & serenity of Sri lanka, will not go back after doing business or visiting as tourists, they cling on to hope that they can stay in the Island and gradually take over.

    They have taken over Colombo, and suburbs like Dehiwala, Mt lavania & great cities in Hill Country. We need to curtail immigration and continuosly scrutinize their activities as most tend to over stay the good will of Sri Lankans hospitality.

    Leading Buddhist monks have repeatedly warned the Govt of the day, that this would happen and Hinduism & Tamil culture will be dominant in Sri Lanka in few years time.

    Our leaders should make sure these & other illegal immigarnts who come as visitors or business persons should leave the country, once their visa expires.

    There are no tamil areas and if so what are they ding in Colombo & other major cities? All major cities must be populated with Sinhalese by Sihalese, as they are the majority race. Asking these immigrants, undesirables coming fro Tamil nadu inclluding ILLEGAL FISHERMEN with their mechanized boats, depleting the FISH stock is another major problem for a small country like ours.

    Sinhelese people should wake up and get involved in keeping Sri lanka as a Sinhalese nation with all others Muslims, Burghers, Tamils can live in harmony under ONE NATION, IN DIVISIBLE under ONE FLAG.

    Thanks very much Sir for your valuable insights for this growing pronlem. Another concerened expatriate.. Gamunu Alahakkone, P.Eng Canada, C. Eng UK. Retired Engineer in Canada.

  4. nilwala Says:

    The myth of “Tamil areas” with the attendant ethnic territorial claims by Tamils, and their cries against any other Sri Lankan attempting to reside in the demarcated Eelam has to be dealt with through a Legislative Act that once and for all dismisses this concocted piece of history that is being used towards a secessionist objective.

    Sri Lanka is for ALL its citizens who have the right to live wherever they possess the deeded rights to their privately owned properties, as in every other democracy.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    SL history supports TAMIL areas. This prof did not read the history well. All Sri lankans have the right to move anywhere but now state aided Sinhala colonization is the problem.

    Maha Vansa is a proof and tells Sri lanka is not the sole property of Sinhalese.

    He idioticaly cry that majority Tamils are illegal immigrants. What kind of fool he is!

    India and other countries pump millions for re-settlement and re-habilitation. Can this foolish prof tell where those monies go! We know well how the tractors from India( for the farmers of the North) were given to Sinhalese and Muslims.

    Dont bark like a fool!

  6. radha Says:

    Well said professor. There is no such thing called Tamil areas in modern Sri Lanka. This is just a concept promoted by British to maintain unfair advantages to Tamils in order to help them the majority Sinhala under their boots. Well, that era has passed and it is quite proper for the social injustices committed on the major population to be redressed. The President did say that Sri Lanka belongs equally to all those who muster under the Lion Flag. I think it is time for Tamil people to get real and integrate with the Sri Lankan society.

  7. AnuD Says:

    Two middle eastern political regions convert into their thinking. Tamils want to dominate and grab the country to establish their tribalism. Finally Sinhala Buddhists will be extinct. They are already highly polluted, confused, misled and….

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is no archeological proof of any so called “Tamil Areas” in Lanka. Besides, when Tamil people get together in large numbers in any area, their Caste Wars start up. When the GoSL sends in the Army to stop the infighting, Tamil leaders turn on the GoSL and shout to the west that there is ‘Tamil Genocide by the Sinhala govt’. Also, the real Tamil Homeland is in Tamil Nadu. The area surrounding the Nilgiri Mountains there should be made available to the Tamil Diaspora to settle down.

  9. Marco Says:

    Lets cut to the chase.
    There is no Tamil Area. Full Stop!
    The Tamils take exception when the GOSL think they can change the demographics of the Northern Province by “unethical” means to suit their agendas.

    Good Luck to GOSL.
    We do have short memories don’t we?

  10. Marco Says:

    Prof Hudson Mclean
    “Start the Process of Nomination of President Mahinda Rajapaksa for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize?”

    What a good idea albiet 3 years too late

    Let’s start the Campaign

  11. Rohan8 Says:

    Professor McClean I agree with you 100 percent. Tamils have their own homeland. Its called Tamil Nadu. For the Sinhalese people for the last 2500 years their homeland is Sri Lanka. That said I like and admire both cultures, the Tamil Culture in Tamil Nadu and the Sinhala one in Sri Lanka. They are both equally rich in history and civilization.
    Thanks Mr McClean for another well written article from you. Eagerly looking forward to your next one. Thanks.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Mahawamsa clearly shows there were no Tamil areas in SL.

    Things changed after the Dutch.

    But that is history. Today people of all ethnicities call SL home and everyone should live everywhere.

    Resettlement and rehabilitation?

    How about resettling 25,000 Sinhalese (adjusted to their natural increase) in Jaffna first before resettling others?
    How about resettling 75,000 Muslims (adjusted to their natural increase) in Jaffna first before resettling others?

    So you believe India gave tractors!

    Wait for the parippu drop you fool.

  13. SenaD Says:

    What “India and other countries pump millions for re-settlement and re-habilitation” that M.S.MUdali speaks of is only a tiny fraction of the reparation owed by them to Sri Lanka and its people.

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Lorenzo, the Parangiya!
    You have no place in Sri lanka but read Mahavansa again. It will tell you how the Tamils ruled from A,Pura. Christian rule created this Language problem. Tell your Christian morons how to live in peace!

    Did the government re-settle the people in North and East? Two years passed.

    You are a donkey and never know what India provides to Sri Lanka but you know how the NAZI POPE farts!

    Reparation for what? Tiny fraction? hahaha…

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Mu Dalit,

    Hey Dalit, so that hurt ya didn’t it!

    You are a damn racist but I’m not what you think.

    Resettle who? Resettle your mother, grandmother, LTTE MFs? Oh Mu-Dalit, KMA!

  16. lanka Says:

    So there are still idiots ranting “Tamil this and Tamil that” in Sri-Lanka?
    Go tell them to voice that in “Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, USA”
    OR shut up and start a new life.
    Amazing how a minority tries to be the majority, even re-writing the history of Sri-Lanka. Cheeky ba…..

  17. S de Silva Says:

    Well said Lanka and several others. MP’s on appointment should be made to take an oath recognising the geographical unitary state of Sri Lanka and also recognise that any Sri Lankan can live anywhere on the island. This should be made compulsory and any breach of this undertaking by an MP should be fined and forfeit his or her position in the Sri Lankan Parliament. S de Silva – London

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