Doormen at the supermarkets
Posted on December 23rd, 2011

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela.

On the way home many of us go the supermarkets. But nowadays we find many of them do not have the traditional doormen. The supermarkets maybe saving a few pennies by not employing them but this is a real cause of dissatisfaction of the customers. When one buys a load of things and have both hands full, not to mention the handbag, the keys and other things, having to open the doors is really cumbersome.

They may be saving a few pennies but are loosing many a pounds!

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  1. mjaya Says:

    Another rant from the ever frustrated “Dr.”.

    **but this is a real cause of dissatisfaction of the customers.**
    Just get a shopping cart lady! Learn to take good things from other countries and cultures, in the west there are no doormen in supermarkets and everyone does everything by themselves. Also Sri Lanka has long past the “Wallawwe Hamu” era.

    **They may be saving a few pennies but are loosing many a pounds!**
    Its the Pareto rule. 80% of profits come from 20% of customers. Supermarkets are wise enough not to take notice of one or two nut cases like you.

    BTW: Rizana Nawfeek is suffering more in the hellhole known as Saudi Arabia.

  2. geoff Says:

    I can’t understand why Lankaweb wasting space for this type of rubbish.

    Rizana Nawfeek and millions of innocents yet to be slaughtered from Pakistan to Libya are better topics of discussion.

  3. Ariya Says:

    This should be written to the Lankan newspapers, not to this Website. What can Lankaweb do about this matter, Mareena?

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes it does.

    It is haram (taboo) for women to go shopping or anywhere outside the home by themselves. They MUST go with their husbands or any other family member at all times.

    Otherwise they go straight to hell.

    Having said that she may have other genuine needs of a doorman which the above solution cannot resolve!

    Please have good looking Mr Sundara Lingam as the doorman at Cargills Food Store Dehiwelai. :))

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    May be Cargills can rotate doormen for 7 days.

    Monday – Mr SangaraLingam
    Tuesday – Mr AthpoothaLingam
    Wednesday – Mr NagaLingam
    Thursday – Mr SivaLingam
    Friday – Mr MahaLingam
    Saturday – Mr JeyaLingam
    Sunday – Mr SundaraLingam

    Let their valued customer decide when she would shop.

    These 2 solutions will resolve her problem completely.

    I request other readers to show some respect for the writer and the GENUINE problem she has which may be faced by many other persons of similar background.

  6. cassandra Says:

    It is refreshing to find the good lady at last has a valid point to make. A little help with the doors when you are laden with parcels will not go astray.

    Mjaya, yes, a shopping trolley should help but in most supermarkets in the West, you don’t have to negotiabte any doors. The supermarkets usually do not have doors as such but open out into a shopping centre arcade and all you need to do is push your shopping trolley through.

  7. Dham Says:

    Despite repeated attempts by Mjaya and others to get Mareena woman to critise Saudi Arabia that wouldn’t happen God willing. We need a door man to open the hell gate to release Rizzana, God willing , ofcourse.

  8. Dham Says:

    I am sure Mareena wants Mahalingam every day, if Dighalingam is not available in Sri lanka.

  9. Nihal Fernando Says:

    I feel sorry for this poor lady doctor. Next time, when you do shopping please call me. I will open and close the door for you without any ulterior motives. No tips please.

  10. Christie Says:

    She has raised an issue that is relevant to supermarkets and their customer service as there are no automatic doors or someone to open the doos for shoppers leaving with their purchases.

    Can some one please explain how could people be so nasty, abusive and valgar in a forum like this?.

  11. Raj Says:

    Dr Mrs Mareena is the Lankaweb comedy columnist. Keep up with the good work madam, when you are not treating patients. I hope you are good at that too, in addition to driving.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Sure. I have written to Cargills, Keells, etc.

    But Mr Mahalingam’s health issues must also be concerned.

    On a serious note, there is the military aspect as well. The exit door should not allow intruders in which may cause distress to cashiers whose job doesn’t include the security aspect.

    That brings us to the use of pistols for the protection of valued customers.

    Obviously one who is used to a 0.75 calibre (the standard issue weapon of the Space Marines) bolt gun would love the 1.00 calibre heavy bolter (a motor fed 1.00 calibre weapon, known for its high rate of fire and long range).

    Mr Mahalingam’s ability to use the 1.00 calibre where the 0.75 calibre has been unsatisfactory is the important thing.

    In summary, 4 basic uses of a doorman at a super store.

    Help customers with the door/their purchases
    Provide that human touch that is missing today (eg ATMs, etc.)
    Provide peace of mind and security
    Other legal needs of customers

    So the conclusion is doormen are needed in Dehiwelai super stores.

  13. jimmy Says:

    Agree with Cassandra and Christie

    There is nothing wrong on the article. I am disappointed on the rude comments by members of the forum
    Bringing her religion on to this is very very unnecessary.
    some members in the forum need to go to Angoda hospital in Colombo and I am sure Madam Doctor could treat them

  14. Dham Says:

    Don’t pretend to be a good boy(girl). This woman has ulterior motives and if you followed her articles carefully, you too will notice it.

  15. jimmy Says:

    I ama boy Dham

    This is the first time I read her article
    ok i will notice her future articles
    happy New Year 2012

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “Angered by his daughter’s alleged love affair, a father had beaten his 17-year-old daughter following which she had died.

    The incident had taken place in Thalarammal, Samanthurai last evening, according to police.

    The father who is currently under arrest is to be produced before court.”

    Not just in Saudi. Now the cancer has spread to the eastern province.

  17. jimmy Says:

    what is the story you are telling is related to the article
    I noticed few times about your bloody racist comments on other races and religions
    You are a racist Pal. Shame on you
    I doubt you are a christian . If you are then I am ashame to call myself as a christian because of your actions
    go to a church, kneel down and pray ask Gods Forgiveness for hurting others. Read bible if you are a christian to cleanse your sickness . If christianity can not help please go to Budhist Temple. I have high respect for Budhisim and Budhists becuase I have dear friends who are Budhists who are too kind to every one
    Did you remember our friend Fran said earlier about Meditation
    find a damn meditation or yoga class where ever you live man .If you live in Prison find a yoga class also .
    When a thought comes into your mind which is not good replace the damn thing with a positive thought
    If a person think other person is inferior then he is a racist .
    Thoughts are very important . Truth is within you according to Budhisim
    Christianity says you do not hurt holy spirit by hurting others thinking evil

    I am not interested in this Lanka web site any more
    i am sick when people are bloody racists . I can not imagine how people can be horrible to each other

    I will pray to my Lord Jesus for Peace among all races and religions in Srilanka as well as all over the World

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