Roman Catholic Church an agent of Regime Change
Posted on July 6th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

For the first thousand years of Christianity there was no “Roman Catholicism” but today Roman Catholicism has become the largest Christian group with more than 1billion adherents. Needless to say the Roman Catholic Church is the largest and most organized Christian Church in the world. It possesses political power and wealth and has been a major player in global politics often used to facilitate regime change, convert innocent Third World nations and disintegrate nations.

An unbiased study of history will showcase how true Biblical Christianity has been replaced with man made versions to enable the survival of an elite group of families controlling Rome. This is why for over 600 years the Pope has been selected from just 11 families (Borgia, Colonna, Caetani, Aldobrandi, Borghese, Barberini, Farnese, De Medici, Piccolomini, Orsini and Sforza with families intermarrying to ensure power remains within. This dynastic succession has ensured Europe and America remain controlled by a very small group of people “”…” the 1% who own 40% of the world’s wealth and they all share a hatred of Christianity. 

It is nothing new that the Roman Church aspires to create a global empire to control and exploit the masses throughout the world by overthrowing the system of sovereign states and bury the Westphalia concept of independence to nation states.

A disturbing direction the Roman Catholic Church is taking is the desire to establish a grip over global power and dominate the world. The next phase is the annihilation of the nation state system. The roadmap to that realization is through the R2P wherein military intervention and take over of states would facilitate the sovereignty of states altogether. Their influence over the UN is nothing new that needs to be mentioned. With the break-up of nation state systems the plan is to usher in an unified global political entity governed by a supreme ruling authority “”…” under the Catholic Church. The Church and its associations control the international banking system, they run secret societies which are being used to influence and control independent states (Knights of Malta, the Freemasons, the Knights of Columbus, the Jesuits, the Theosophists, Rosicrucians etc).  

It was the Jesuit Order that has been responsible for destabilizing sovereign states and over throwing legitimate governments. Africa and Asia are examples of such. The Jesuits also destroyed all traces of true Biblical Christianity in Europe leading to the 30 year war.  

There is no denying that the Church has been silently endorsing many a dictator over the years. These unofficial endorsements by the Church have been given during Spain under Franco, Portugal under Salazar, Italy under Mussolini, Chile under Pinochet and Philippines under Marcos and Velupillai Prabakaran in Sri Lanka. Whatever murders, abductions and tortures committed by them were excused to the belief that the end justifies the means. In other words Vatican envisions a scenario wherein it dictates to people what is good yet most Roman Catholics are oblivious to the designs and plans of the Vaticans global ambitions.  

In another example “”…” the Croatian state (annexed territories of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Slovenia and part of Serbia) was established in 1941 after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers and controlled by dictator Ante Pavelic head of Nazi Ustashe movement with blessings of the Roman Church. Pavelic is responsible for ethnic cleansing and enforced conversions to Catholicism of all Serbs living in Croatia “”…” his goal being to create a Roman Catholic State. It is estimated that three-quarters of a million Serb civilians were murdered with no response from the Roman Church not even to denounce the atrocities. To this day the Vatican refuses to comment on its association with Pavelic in 1940s going so far as to give him refuge in Rome and assisting him to flee to South America. Ustache soldiers were seen posing with dead corpses similar to those of American soldiers priding over their killing of Afghan “militants”. Vatican: Owner of world’s biggest banks and top companies [Catholic Church Exposed] /

Vatican Bank – The secretive world of the corrupt Catholic Church bank [Catholic Church Exposed]

Religion is naturally a very sensitive subject. It is sensitive because it affects one’s core emotions and it is this very reason that the Church has found it a perfect tool to not only convert people in economic and mental difficulties but use their ability to win over people to forward unethical practices that has even contributed to genocide “”…” the 1991 Rwanda genocide being one such example of Vaticans role in financing the genocide.

Catholic Church responsible for Genocide in Rwanda 1994 – Vatican Crimes Exposed

Thus the intrigues and brutalities associated with the Roman Catholic Church and its leadership are many. The selfish and political nature of the Church can be explained through the appointment of Rodrigo Borgia who became Pope Alexander VI and was responsible for hundreds of assassinations, blackmail, embezzlement, military and political conflicts.

Over the years Popes have used the Church’s influence as a political weapon. It was Pope Urban II who declared the 1st Crusade (1095) that lasted over 100 years. The Crusade was a military mission to retake “holy lands” and led to Europeans travelling to fight and ending up establishing trade links and turning religion into their advantage. It was the corrupt practices of the Church and the sale of indulgences by the Church that eventually led to the Reformation in the 16th century. Religions are meant to make people better persons.  How can the Church take tithe from a person who is not employed or can people give a tithe to justify murders and other illicit practices and call it religious cleansing?

Murder and Violence of the Vatican: Catholic Church corrupt since its inception

Vatican sex crimes

As an institution that demands privileged secrecy, unaccountability and lack of transparency, the secrets inside the Church are many.

Roman Catholics have been special authority to the Pope. There are several Catholic monastic orders “”…” Jesuits, Dominicans, Fransciscans, Augustinians are the most well known. Catholic monks and nuns take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Unlike Protestants and Orthodox Churches, Catholic priests take vows of celibacy. In spite of such vows the numbers of scandals and exposes associated with the Catholic Church are too many to relate. (Sex Crimes and the Vatican)

 The tradition of sexual violation of children has been an unfortunate legacy carried over the years by the Catholic Church. Despite the secrecy global media has exposed wide-spread sexual abuse of children by priests throughout its Churches worldwide. The number of victims are too large to estimate against those who may prefer to suffer in silence. Nevertheless, the lack of response and refusal of the Church to address the problem has not helped the situation.

In 2011, a Chicago based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) filed a 20,000 page complaint enclosing supporting material with the ICC against Pope Benedict and 3 Vatican officials alleging crimes against humanity for their direct and superior responsibility for crimes of rape and sexual violence committed around the world. The case has become the first such to go to an international court.

Ireland has even decided to close down its embassy in Rome to show Ireland’s reaction to the mass scale of sexual abuse in Ireland by the Catholic Church. Similarly, other countries are also showing their outrage by not extending invitations to the Pope for any official visit.

It is not without reason that the masses are outrage “”…” while regime change has been an ongoing strategy of the Church often going so far as to assist in funding arms and ammunition towards terrorist movements, Church leaders and representatives have also attempted to humiliate sovereign governments by using their religious platforms to spread malicious lies about nations that have been targeted for regime change.

Unless people wake up to the sadistic pursuits of the Church especially in Third World nations it is likely that these nations will fall prey to the mechanizations of the Church. Most devout Roman Catholics know nothing about the evil and secrets taking place in the Church and prefer to be blinded by their faith. It is not the religion that we are finding fault with it is leaders like the Pope and his supreme Council.


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  1. gdesilva Says:

    It is very important that people consider these facts without being defensive about Christianity. Clear demarcation should be made between the teachings of Jesus Christ and the policies of the Vatican. Any one who has a basic knowledge of the life of Jesus will have no difficulty appreciating the fact the Jesus himself lived a frugal life and spoke out and acted against the corrupt practices of the wealthy.

    It is time people see through the corrupt practices of the Vatican (and of course, major establishments of other religions) which is just an organisation driven by wealth and power and not any different to any other major multinational corporation today . Unfortunately, the fact remains, that most religious establishments are a disgrace to those great people like the Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed.

  2. Leela Says:

    Since Shenali has written about Vatican and its Popes, I would like to add a few things here for zealous Christians to deliberate not only about their foremost religious establishment but their God as well.

    Christians believe the God made his revelation through his son Jesus, and his life and teaching is written in ‘the Gospels’. One of the gospel authors John says in 10:30 as Jesus is said to have said; “I and my Father are one.” John also says in 14:28, as Jesus is said to have said; “… my Father is greater than I.” When similar verses in the New Testament are pondered together with above there arise this question whether Jesus is the Lord God or his son or both or indeed not historical.

    After narrating a great deal about his babyhood and one other incident as a teenager, the New Testament or the Christian Bible or the Gospels jump directly into the three years of preaching of the matured Jesus up to his crucifixion. Should not Christians know about his momentous events from puberty up to a matured man?

    Rev. Don Peter says, evangelists’ concern had been to spread Jesus’ messianic mission and not of his youth. For him, just four lines in Luke 2:51-52 has effectively said about Jesus’ youth. And, all adherent should be satisfied with that. That is the typical Christian ecclesiastical attitude.

    In his book, ‘The gap in the life of Jesus’ published in 1894, a Russian writer named, Alexander Notovic has proved with facts that Jesus lived and died in India long after being crucified. Prominent and foremost in this field, Professor Fida M.Hassnain, a Sufi Muslim had also been researching for over 23 years about Jesus in many lands. In his thesis dated 1994, Professor Hassnain supports with ample proof that Jesus was bought up in Persia and India and spend just three years of preaching in the valley of Galilee. Moreover he says; Jesus survived the cross, ministered many on his way to Kashmir under cover. He also established that, Jesus and his mother Mary were buried in Kashmir amongst people of Jews faith and origins. In spite of Hassnain and many others research and verifications, all Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and placed in a tomb secured by a stone. Thereafter, on Easter Sunday, God had taken him to the heaven.

    Long time before Hassnain and Notovic, but less than hundred years after the crucifixion a famous Jewish historian called Flavius Josephus wrote about three characters that people thought were messiahs crucified by the Romans in his Jewish Antiquities. He named them as Yehuda of Galilee (6 CE), Theudas (44 CE), and Benjamin the Egyptian (60 CE). If we believe what Josephus says is correct, it is possible to conclude that the ‘Jesus story’ that we know of is partly based on the lives of those crucified.

    For one thing, for the sake of his investigations, professor Hassnain and Notovic may have presumed there had been a historical Jesus in the New Testament. Whether that Jesus is a one from Josephus mentioned is not sure. Then comes the question whether Christian Jesus was a real person or a myth. One of the most famous books on the subject is Albert Schweitzer’s 1906 first published book named “The Quest of the Historical Jesus.” In it, Schweitzer concluded that, “The Jesus of Nazareth who came forward as the Messiah, who preached the ethic of the Kingdom of God, who founded the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth, and died to give his work its final consecration, never had any existence.”

    We can certainly conclude for sure that there had been many messiahs, roaming and preaching the populace in Gaza at the time. And they all had disciples. Many historians accept that all those messiahs were Jews, and their preaching was based on ‘The Torah’, the Jews Bible, and to Jews only. Scrolls found during the middle of the last century clearly suggest that there were many such messiahs stroll the valley of Galilee at the time. In December, 1945 there discovered in Upper Egypt a set of 52 Gnostic scrolls that dated from about 148 A.D. First of those scrolls tell us about the conflicting doctrines and the uncertainty in early Christianity. In 1947, another great number of ancient scrolls were discovered in the caves of Qumran on the shore of the Dead Sea about 15 miles from Jerusalem. These scrolls are known as “the Dead Sea Scrolls.” However, none of these scrolls found were honestly presented to the public. Why?

    Some of those scrolls are said to be a hundred years older than Jesus of Nazareth, the character in the present day Gospels. But, they are said to contain almost every myth you find in the New Testament including “the sermon on the Mount”.

    It is strange that what God seeks so forcefully to reveal, the men of God in Vatican are so determined to conceal! For one thing we can conclude that as Shenali says Christian Religion is a big business and those who hold positions of profit and prestige in that business will not allow mere truth to become a threat to their religion.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Roman Kingdom did not die. Even to date it exists as a transnational govt. It engages almost everything in this world. Simple speaking, you can not find something that it does not have affiliated with or does not engage. In other words, a typical cancer. It is absolutely a business. The business model is selling the god. So, every pastor has to get more devotees if he wants to have a good income. Because they are not paid by the top. there are christian bok shops, labour unions. You name it is there.

    In Sri Lanka, they try to make jesus is similar to Lord Buddha. If you see Jesus also has radiation emitting from his body around the body. Check his portrait drawings. I heard,in philippines, there is a festival in a certain rural area and youth likes to get nailed ontoa cross. I heard, now, Sri lanka also has that festival.

    It is not one billion. Christianity has over 38000 denominationsand altogether it exceeds 2 billion devotees. Next highest is Islam. Because of that the competition among them those is very high.

    They dislike the buddhism the most because it does not have a almighty god. Buddhism believes on liberation by oneself and not by the god.

  4. Dham Says:

    Recently in Australia it was revealed that Catholic Church swept many rape incidents under the carpet. Tow boys killed themselves later. Before one died , he told the police and police filed the case. The bastard judge argued ” whose words should I belive, Caholic priest or 17 year old boy ? ” He dismissed the case.
    The culprit is still living in suburbs hapily. He later admited his crimes to Church but still church is hiding it.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shenali for bringing out the truth.

    We must not forget the role played by the Catholic Church in the 30 year old war with LTTE who destroyed our country. The LTTE were mainly guided by low caste untouchables from India who had converted to Catholicism to get rid of their caste. They were helped a lot by priests such as Reyappu Joseph. When the LTTE surrendered more than 27 Catholic priests walked out of the Wanni. There are pictures of them walking in Tiger parades. In spite of all that I cannot understand why there was no investigation of the Catholic Church role in the LTTE war.

    As stated by all the comments the Vatican is nothing but a big Corporation. In USA and Europe a lot of the Catholic Dioceses have closed down since they went bankrupt because they had to pay out so much money as compensation for child abuses. Prior to Pope Innocent II all the priests were married. Then they found the Church was getting poor since the priests were leaving their wealth to their families. So the rule of Celibacy was introduced. Since human sexuality cannot be suppressed without the true meditation, these poor creatures resort to unnatural means to release their sexual urges such as abuse of helpless little children. It is also a tool and means of dominating and controlling them for the rest of their life. Once they get their hooks into someone by conversion then they are used to do the bidding of the Vatican. Truth is going to come out with the dawn of the Sat Yuga. I hope I live to see the day when the Catholic Church reforms itself.

  6. helaya Says:

    This Catholic behavior and Jesus’s childhood is well explained in a novel by a Sri Lankan author. Even though this is a fiction historic facts and characters are representing the present behavior of Christian/ The Book Is Assassins of God can be purchased from the Author Only 15 bucks. Must read/

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    I have many times brought out this truth that the Catholic Church is the continuation of the bloody Roman Empire by other means. Roman Empire became the “Holy Roman Empire” and now simply the Catholic Church. There is nothing catholic about the Catholic Church it is filth and rotten to the core. It is a hydra headed monster; One head kills and another sympathises with its victims, all an false outward show for the victims of this Stockholm Syndrome. No self respecting human being who is born of a mother believes in the “Virgin Birth” nor of the “Resurrection”.

    In Sri Lanka its influence is all permeating. From the President down to the lowest of the poor. To the President it has a connection through his Catholic wife. To the poor it brings the glories of the God who yearn for the smell of the burnt flesh – Leviticus 25. Those who are curious -read the Old Testament to know the true nature of the Abrahamic God who is worshipped by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Today the whole world and especially the Middle East – land of this Unholy God is buring. Human Beings who profess this faith are killing willy nilly and life has become so cheap – perhaps due to the cravings of this “God” for the smell of burnt flesh!

    During the Presidential election that brought President Rajapakse to power the Catholic Chruch vehemontly camapaigned against him. However since his election, the Catholic Chruch have walked back into his confidence mainly due to the beligernt attitude of the Buddhist hierarchy and lack of trust.

    It is the Catholic Church that makes the Christian West to behave as it does now towards Sri Lanka. No amount of pandering to the Pope – the Great Alibaba who lives among the stolen wealth amassed over millenia, will bring about a change of their attitude towards Sri Lanka. They have already declared “War” in Asian when the last Alibaba pronounced in his Urbi et Orbi address that the new milleneuim is for the conversion of Asia. The agenda for the conversion of Asia is going on a pace and it is happening in our very door step. The Anti-Conversion bill has taken back stage mainly due to the influence of the Catholic Chruch with the present government.

    The Christian influence is clearly seen in this dangerous scenario – when recently the parliamentarians were asked what their faith is – many “Buddhist” parliamentarians refused to declare themselves as Buddhists. The current census apparently shows a decline in the Buddhist population ratio. The Chrisitan gamble is to get the Christian population over 20%. They know by experience once this important threshold is overcome, the rest will happen by emulation, as has happened in South Korea and is happening in Singapore or even Japan. The young peoploe are attracted to the religion of the Devil as moths to the fire! young Buddhists marry into Christian families and their offspring ends up Chrisitan. Thereafter all the wealth of the original Buddhist family too ends up being Christian. This is what happened to the Wijewardhana family, among many other wealthy Buddhist families, Llith Kothalawala and who know it may happen to the Rajapakse family too!

    Sri Lanka experienced the worst ravages of Colonialism and still managed to stay a Buddhist Country. Howevr how long this situation will remain or continue, now in an independent Sri Lanka, under “Buddhist Leaders” is matter for study, consideration, due diligence and affirmative action.

  8. AnuD Says:

    Anglican church was established in order to escape the meddling of Vatican in england’ affairs. Now, China is doing the the same. Because of that China and Vatican have disagreements.

  9. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    1797 Napoleon takes the lands under the control of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church The Pope has become the facto ruler of the city of Rome and the suburbs by the 6th century AD. But in 754 AD, Pepin the Short, king of the Franks, officially handed over these areas to Pope Stephen II. These Italian lands under direct rule of the Pope were called Papal States, or States of the Church or Pontifical States. Pope, with the help of regional powers like the Franks, continued to annex more territories by gifts, purchases, and conquests until the Papal States included nearly the whole of central Italy. These areas reached their greatest extent in the 16th century. In 1797, Napoleon Bonaparte took much of the territory. In 1815, after the allied forces defeated Napoleon at Waterloo and restored Papal rule back in these areas under Austrian protection. But in 1870, Italian King Victor Emmanuel II annexed all Papal states including Rome and limited the Pope’s jurisdiction to the Vatican. In protest, each Pope thereafter considered themselves as prisoners under Italian occupation. In 1929, in the Lateran Treaty, Italian king Victor Emmanuel III recognized the full independence of the Vatican City under Pope.

    Vatican has a history of pacts with criminal dictators as the Holy See signed treaties with monarchs and governments regardless of slavery, inhumanity, or torture they may have induced upon fellow human beings. Vatican had links to government organizations, right-wing nationalism, including Fascism and Nazism. Moreover, From 1920’s to the 1940’s most every right-wing dictator had been brought up as a Catholic: Hitler, Horthy, Franco, Petain, Mussolini, Pavelic, and Tiso (who has served as a Catholic priest).

    Pope Pius XI, in his own words a “man with no love for democracy,” helped to bring Mussolini’s Fascist Party to power in Italy and in 1926 solemnly declared:
    “Mussolini is a man sent by Divine Providence.”

    The Spanish people, stricken with poverty and a high rate of analphabets (about 80% of the population), had swept away monarchy, proclaimed a republic and elected a left-wing government in 1931. Separation of State and Church was made a reality, religious freedom was granted and civil marriage adopted. Some of the Church property – which was estimated at one third of the nation’s wealth – was nationalized. To fight the “Antichrists,” a violent, relentless Catholic opposition was promptly started on a large scale throughout Spain.

    By 1934 Catholic organizations already planned a coup d’état, having been in touch with the Fascist Government of Italy. On July 17, 1934 the Spanish Army rose in many Spanish towns. The Spanish Civil War had begun. As soon as the revolt broke out, a General Franco made haste to let the pope know that his coup had succeeded. The papal banner was unfurled over the rebel headquarters at Burgos, and the Pope Pius XI had Franco’s flag raised over the Vatican.
    This was the beginning of a world-wide Catholic offensive against Republican Spain. Bishops in Italy, Germany and other countries published pastoral letters urging Catholics to help. The pope spoke. The Spanish Civil War, he said, was a foretaste of what

    “is being prepared for Europe and the World unless the nations take appropriate measures against it.”
    — Pope Pius XI, December 25, 1936

    Mussolini sent thousands of troops, Hitler sent warplanes, warships, tanks, and soldiers. The Spanish people fought a bitter, relentless fight from 1936 until 1939. Before the demolition of yet another young democracy in Europe was complete, Pope Pius XI died.

    BBC broadcasts on Croatia – February 16, 1942 :

    “The worst atrocities are being committed in the environs of the archbishop of Zagreb [Stepinac]. The blood of brother is flowing in streams. The Orthodox are being forcibly converted to Catholicism and we do not hear the archbishop’s voice preaching revolt. Instead it is reported that he is taking part in Nazi and Fascist parades.”

    — Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII, by John Cornwell page 256

    Though Fascist governments eventually died out and the Vatican made sure to distance itself from them, later dictatorships under Catholic tyrants would yet again be given the Vatican’s full support.

    For example, Chile’s Catholic dictator Pinochet who tormented Chileans. He was caught and was to be extradited to Spain where he could be put on trial for his crimes against humanity. The Vatican pleaded with international authorities to prevent his extradition – on humanitarian grounds, no less, arguing that the criminal was unwell. This farce might have been more believable, had the Vatican (and its fascist Nuncio to Chile, cardinals and archbishops) also pleaded with Pinochet for humane treatment of the Chilean people when he was still dictator. But the Vatican hadn’t done that, because Pinochet was working for the Church and in a Church-approved manner in his position as tyrant.

    Religious conversion is a deadly weapon much more disastrous than nuclear bombs and Vatican is the biggest terrorist organization that is using it for sowing distress and sorrow in this world. It is high time the civilized world shut down the ‘harvest machinery’ in Vatican .
    Even though the Christian population is “still” at 7%, the Christian Church has tremendous political influence in Sri Lanka. A majority of the major business tycoons, media organization owners, civil activists and almost all the senior cabinet members of the former UNP government were Christians.

    Both Ranil Wickremesinghe and Chandrika Kumaratunge are also widely believed to be closet Christians.

    Tamil writer DBS Jeyaraj wrote in the (Christian owned) Sunday Leader , Christians have contributed much more to the “Tamil cause” than Hindus.

    Christianity was brought to this island country of Buddhists and Hindus by the Portuguese, where it was imposed violently on the pre-Christian people against their will. The zealous soldiers of Christ destroyed temples and built Churches where the shrines had stood using the very materials of the broken temples themselves. They killed all those resisting who defended their pre-Christian places of worship.

    From 1574 onwards, the Catholic zealots kept destroying Buddhist and Hindu temples all along the Western coast. The monks and priests over there either fled or got killed or went underground. 1,000 pillared temples in Devundara in the deep south and Trincomalee in the East; the Saman Devale (temple) in Ratnapura; and the Kelaniya temple, all very much revered, were ransacked and burnt.A group of militant monks called Ganinnanse discarded the traditional yellow robe and began to wear a white robe instead to hide themselves.

    The Portuguese deliberately built churches over the ruins of Buddhist or Hindu temples. The present Kochikade church in Colombo and the Madu church in Mannar, both very popular now among Catholics, were Pattini Devales or temples for Kannagi, the famous heroine of Madurai in Tamil Nadu.
    Buddhist schools (pirivenas), which were also mini universities, were ransacked and burnt, and their monk-scholars killed. Among the schools thus destroyed were the Sunethra Devi Pirivena in Kotte, Vidagama Pirivena in Ragama – In 1557 400acre Vidagama Pirivena of Ragama converted to church graveyard and the Tottagamuwe Pirivena in Hikkaduwa. Today there hardly exists a Buddhist Temple over 150 years old in areas once ruled by the Portuguese, particularly in the maritime coast.
    The campaign against Buddhism had the involvement of three principal agencies namely –
    (1) The Roman Catholic Emperor of Portugal (2) His Viceroy at Goa and (3) The Roman Catholic priests in Sri Lanka
    ..the Portuguese came not only for trade and territorial acquisition, but for proselytising. The Papal Bulls of 1452, 1455 and 1456, gave the clear go ahead to Portugal to acquire territory and convert heathens. The Pope had conferred on Portugal a monopoly on all this. Force and intrigue were used convert them

    Many coastal communities in Sri Lanka underwent mass conversion, particularly in Jaffna, Mannar, and among the fishing communities living north of Colombo such as in Negombo and Chilaw. Roman Catholic churches with schools attached to them served Catholic communities all over the country. These schools also contributed to the spread of the Portuguese language particularly among the upper classes of society.

    The efforts of Roman Catholic clergy particularly the harsh methods adopted by them to convert Buddhists and reduce the influence of Buddhism among the public were viewed with great alarm by the Buddhist Sangha who had fled from Kotte to the Kingdoms of Sitavaka and Kandy, upon the conversion of Dharmapala and the seizure of Buddhist Temples.
    If Portuguese rule had continued and spread to the interior of the island, Sri Lanka would have completely lost its Buddhist heritage and become a completely Westernised and Catholic country. But even with the limited territorial reach (they were strong only in the Western maritime provinces) the impact had been deep, perhaps even indelible.
    Prior to the advent of the Portuguese, there was much Sinhala-Tamil and Buddhist-Tamil amity in Sri Lanka. Hindu temples dotted the maritime provinces, though these were Buddhist-majority areas. In the Thottagamuwa school, no distinction was made between Sinhala and Tamil, Pali and Sanskrit.
    It was the Portuguese who first created a division between the Sinhalas and the Tamils.

  10. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Most Catholic countries are poverty ridden, with wealth concentrated in the hands of a few. Catholic church is more like a Multi-National Global Corporation than a religious body.

    The bulk of the Sinhalese Buddhists have got caught up in a Hindu/Catholic problem not of their own making.

    LTTE was NOT “Hindu” led. The fact that the LTTE created huge cemeteries for their dead “Hindu” Tigers shows exactly which religion was in charge. Real Hindus bury or cremate their dead ?

  11. R.M.W Says:

    We now know what the Catholic Church is all about! What action have we taken to correct it?
    For an example nothing discussed here is given out in any of the Sri Lankan media.
    If the information given by me was understood by 1990ies, the Tamil Catholic terror campaign could have been finished by 2000. The sad thing is these S.O.B are using the papers owned by the Sri Lankans such as Daily News and Sunday Observer to brain wash the locals!
    For an example no information what so ever is given out in the daily news that:
    • When tsunami hit Lanka in 2004 the Catholic terror Boss Velupillai Prabhakaran was in Oslo.
    • The present leader of LTTE is a Catholic Priest.
    • With one exception the rest of Tamil Members of the Parliament assassinated were Hindus.
    • Who gave the order to bring the 13 dead soldiers to Colombo and initiate the 1983 riot, a catholic conspiracy!
    The list goes on and on. Buddhist monks are also getting bought over or how else one could allow a Catholic ass such as Jayalath Jayawardena carry Datu in a Buddhist possession.
    It is time we get our act together and at least take the media into our hands from the Catholic Action.
    Mahind Weerasinghe

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