Airport at Kundasala
Posted on July 8th, 2012

L. Jayasooriya

Instead of building an airport at Kundasala there is enough flat land at a higher elevation a little distance from Kandy town where a 4 km. runway can be built for an International Airport with no flights. As an alternative we can also use it for local traffic but who will want to go to Kandy where the town is more congested than Pettah and the rest is on hill slopes with dangerous narrow roads with no buses. I have also seen houses built on the hill slopes with the hill slope acting as a wall. So who will want to go there?
But you will be surprised. There are fully loaded cattle trucks called AC coaches plying between Pettah and Kandy every few minutes. In these cattle trucks the centre aisle is blocked with a seat and in the event of an accident everybody is doomed. How do politicians travel to Kandy? They go by helicopter. Do they care a damn about the suffering Masses who have elected these people and continue to elect them? Why should they? If they ever decide to go anywhere buy road they first remove all other road users causing hours of traffic jams and delays.
Once this airport is built after raping the land, for anyone from Colombo to go to Kandy he will first have to go to Ratmalana through congested traffic taking may be an hour and do the same on the return journey. I cannot conceive of anybody wanting to go to Ratmalana to catch a local flight to Kandy other than a resident from Ratmalana. I cannot also conceive of a tourist going to Ratmalana for the purpose. They will travel in proper AC coaches and not in the ones meant for the natives. So this Kundasala airport will be a mausoleum built by the government for the government.


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  1. sena Says:

    also Kandy get step motherly treatment from all the governments. In 1980s so much of fertile land was submerged, area became malaria zone and people were dumped in harsh weather areas in the East. Nothing was done, not a single job was created as a pay back for the sacrifices of the people in Kandy. Under the present government while billions are spent in Hambantota and Colombo, Kandy remains neglected even main roads are not maintained. People in Kandy do not ask their politicians what they are doing after getting elected. May be the politicos are busy, as their predecessors, hoarding money to buy a house in Colombo

  2. AnuD Says:

    These are the places where good governance is needed. but,the govt goes their way as there is no NGO, no IC or no Church to bother them.


    Colombo to Ratmalana is congested now and the roads are very bad. All these roads needs to be upgrades and eventually developed. Then you realize building an airport in Kandy has been well planned. Currently our development looks ploys to make money by politicians. Many are corrupt, but we need to go through this difficult journey. Consultation is good, but at this juncture we need to carefully select who to consult & not. Remember Camel is a horse created by a committee of consultants!

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