Z score complication is heading towards its end
Posted on July 17th, 2012

D. Rajapakse (2011 GCE A/L)

Dear editor. i just want to express my ideas to your website on this issue.
2011 Z score calculation made a chaos in this year. Everybody knows what happen. Students along with the Ceylon Teachers Union had to seek justise through the Supreme Court. So this issue went that far to solve.

Now it is heading towards its end. It took nearly 7 months to come this far and exam for this year will be Starting on the 6th of August. Without the Z score or correct District ranks no one who got middle grades can not decide about there University entrance.

So it is the key to a University in Srilanka. UGC will release the cut off Z score marks to each and every faculty or subject streams in a district basis method. Still that cut off marks are being released students who got middle grades can not stick with a certain idea of there university entrance. Cut off Z score is not a constant.It changes each year. But you can get a rough idea comparing Z scores of past years but aking a certain decission in that way is not so reliable.

Nobody knows what will happen after releasing the re calculated Z score. We hope that,will not pave the path towards another chaos.ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  The wasted time can not be regained. Now its the past. Students had to under go an enormous stress as well as parents. Responsible authorities should take nesassary steps in future to avoid these sort of problems which are really sensitive.

We hope to see the end of this issue soon. Thats the ultimate hope of the students who are awaiting University entrance this year.

6 Responses to “Z score complication is heading towards its end”

  1. Krishan Says:

    Z score calculation made a chaos in this year, who is responsible for the mess up? Mr. Pushpakumara Commissioner General of the Department of Examinations was appointed just after releasing A/L results. Prof. Samaranayake appointed a committee comprising lecturers Prof. Kulathunga and others.

    Newly appointed Presidential committee has reversed the decision of previous committee which was appointed by the UGC. Certainly Supreme Court gives a judgment who has committed a mistake and therefore who is responsible. Who is accountable, Department or the UGC?

  2. Mohan Says:

    How can a group of judges rule out a scheme worked out by four Statistics Professors and a Senior Lecturer in Statistics? Who are the experts in Statistics? Judges with Law degrees or Professors with PhDs in Statistics?

  3. yohan.9 Says:

    The method wasnt just ruled out by the judges ..it was professor Thattil(the Profesor who first introdused the Z score method in sri lanka)who proved that the method used was flawed..and if you knew even a bit about satatistics you would easily understand why….and as for the so called statistics professors..the judges rulled out their method as a violation of human rights..which it clearly is.

  4. S Perera Says:

    Over hundred and forty thousand applications for re-correction of results. Will there be some resignations? Grant Commission says they were correct and the department says they were not responsible ! Who is responsible for the debacle!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Whatever the method is universities rank LOW in the world accroding to someone.

    So why so many people trying to go to universities ranking lower than Zimbabwe?

    Someone is lying.

  6. Mohan Says:

    So according to Yohan 9 Prof Kulatunge and four other University Statistics Professors don’t know “a bit of statistics’? I understand that Prof Thattil is an Agriculture Scientist.

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