Posted on July 20th, 2012

Associated Press

RIYADH: Saudi authorities are warning non-Muslim expatriates against eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramzan, the monthlong sunrise-to-sunset fast – or face expulsion.

The interior ministry of the oil-rich kingdom is calling on non-Muslims to “show consideration for feelings of Muslims” and “preserve the sacred Islamic rituals.”

Otherwise, a statement says, Saudi authorities will cancel violators’ work contracts and expel them.

The warning came on Friday, the first day of the Ramzan observance.

In addition to Saudi Arabia’s 19 million citizens, there are nearly 8 million Asian workers in the country, as well as hundreds of thousands of other foreign expatriates from around the globe, according to government figures.

Saudi Arabia, the ultraconservative Sunni kingdom, is the home of Islam’s holiest sites. It enforces a strict interpretation of the religion.


  1. Asoka2468 Says:

    What a bunch of ideots. If not for oil they would still be riding camels and living in tents.

  2. Dham Says:

    These laws are not only in the barbaric Saudi , it is all over middle east.
    Actor Mrs Mareena Thaha want to impose these laws in Dehiwala city.

  3. Nihal Fernando Says:

    The headline of this article gives totally a wrong interpretation and impression that SAUDI ARABIA’S NON MUSLIMS SHOULD ALSO NOT EAT DRINK OR SMOKE DURING RAMAZAN OR BE EXPELLED.

    But it is not so. They say that Saudi authorities are warning non-Muslim expatriates against eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramzan, the monthlong sunrise-to-sunset fast – or face expulsion.

    Non-muslim expatriates can still eat, drink, smoke not in public but in their dormitories or apartments. They always keep the mess halls open for all three meals for non-muslim expatriates in many camps.

    Without any dispute, it is best for the non-muslim expatriates to respect thier religion, culture and abide by the law of that country.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Middle Eastern countries are the worst human rights violators.

    However, there is no restriction on actions done in private like eating, drinking or the bad habit of smoking (which must be avoided at all times).

    Honouring the culture and religion of the majority of any country and following the laws of the nation is always the right thing to do. Even without policing or legally enforcing Muslims voluntarily close down their beef stalls on Poya Days.

  5. Caesar Says:

    The true face of Arabs, Saudi Arabia & Muslim

    Saudi Arabia is ruled by a set of family members and their trails of royal family members, who extorts its wealth by hood winking the ordinary mass, the ruling elite is living in USA, Europe with all comforts and enjoyments. They are in Europe and in USA are worse customers in night clubs and brothels and Arabic women are the most expensive prostitutes in USA and Europe, in New York Arabic women charge US$ 1500/- and up for an encounter with a man. You hardly recognize them as Arabic because they wear the same or worse scanty dresses. The ruling elite’s kith and kin’s are having gala time in USA and Europe enjoying the life to the heavens, while their countrymen have to pray five times a day and bend the body, live a horrible life without education and being able to civilize.

    But, back home the religion is the only shield to the ruling elite to plunder the massive wealth under the guise of holiness, the king himself is the custodian of the two holly (mythical) mosques as they claim, thus the public are banned from any anti govt. acts. Such acts are portrayed as against the God the Allah.

    I have been a victim much early as in late 80‘ties and early 90’ties working in that country and had been under severe bans and rules which is so difficult to understand, yet they are not listed any where too.

    Often, we have been chased out of restaurants while eating during the prayer times, where mustached religious fanatics come with Aqama police to chase people and force them to go to Mosques. As a result all establishments should close and open for an hour or so until the prayers are over, thus any customer inside must abandon the purchase, get out. The religious fanatic, sick, so called mustached men does think all are Muslims, they do not know there are other philosophies and practices and so on.

    Even foreign workers are banned from eating and drinking in public places during the Ramadan period, and severely dealt by the Aqama police. They sometimes force us to go to Mosque, but when we say we are non Muslims there is a risk asking what religion and when replied as Buddhists they slap on you with a terrible blow and sarcastic look at you while all the Police fellows are laughing at you.

    But they themselves are such hypocrites; the Police are worst drinkers of illegal brewed alcohol. The illegal alcohol is brewed by Philipinos mainly and other national too are doing it in utmost secret to consume among them as there is no other entertainment and more than anything else to quell the sad feelings of being home sick in a hostile country. The so called illegal brew in well know as “Sadiqi” which is brewed from fruits alone and originally a very combustible spirit, should be diluted in soft drinks, orange juice etc. for consumption. Its freely available to known people in secret as much as you want is a wonder in Saudi Arabia, thanks to hidden sinners of Arabia.

    Publicly it’s prohibited and if anyone is caught will be prosecuted and beheaded, but it is very public secret and a popular item not only among the foreign expat community, but local Arabs from top to bottom of all walks.

    When Arabs are after liquor do not bother to travel or drive as they are not subjected to scrutiny, but expat community remain inside their accommodations after liquor to evade arrest.

    The Arabs are worst drinkers too, especially the Saudi women who slowly walk in to unsuspecting grocery shops or small super markets that are manned by foreign expats, purchase a carton of cigarettes and of course a bottle of Grape or Orange juice to shandy (mix) with the Sadiqi. After paying the cashier, she quickly opens the cigarette carton impatiently take one and light up while getting in the car had been a very common seen to us. Saudi women are such notorious and extra voluptuous so that this is how they satisfy their carnal desires however much the Arab and Muslim world try to portray as they are under strict islam laws and religious and so on.

    The Burka Saudi women wear closing everything with little vent for the eyes to see the path, no one could identify which women is her, this has given them enormous capacity to roam around and engage in adultery and prostitution according to their wish and fancy. Every city has hundreds of luxury Hotels in the country there are no tourists from other parts of the world except for foreign workers, so these hotels are for the Arab men and Women to play around with complete anonymity to the women. The Saudi law bars from women being checked at any cost. So, one can see its Gala time for women in Saudi Arabia.

    One incident, when we were walking on a street on a holiday we stopped for a tea at a wayside Indian canteen in the city, and there were Cavendish Bananas and I had a urge to eat one before the tea. As I took one and started peeling the banana in three layers to eat as we are used to, a Police vehicle rushed in and shouted at us, the shop keeper told come in side, hide the Banana. I quickly ran inside knowing something wrong. The angry looking policeman after having growling look at all of us moved out yelling in Arabic. The shopkeeper then said never eat Banana in open, because it symbolizes the male penus (organ) and seeing that we are provoking Women. We all were laughing chatting about it as what a joke!

    The Arabs are the most uncivilized, hypo critic, vindictive on the earth that they are in a mindset they are the superior on the earth and selected people of their imaginary god, thus they treat all others as subhuman.

    When one enters the Saudi Arabia through the Airport, all people other than American and European passport holders have to face horrible treatment at the immigration keeping you suffocating for hours before your entered, and then you have to go through the Saudi Customs which the hell of the earth.

    Your pendant if it has a symbol of any will be pulled out and thrown, while they ask you to open your purse to see if there are any pictures of women whether it be your Mother, Wife, and Sister it will be grabbed and scrambled in front of you.

    You are ordered to unload everything on to the checking desk and each item is inspected, all Videos, Cassette tapes and any book is suspected as other an religion and taken in to custody, food and medicines are confiscated. Then you are asked to leave the customs immediately without allowing you to repack the unloaded goods, so that you are compelled to put them all in to the bag unevenly and with opened bag you will come out of customs to the arrival area where you have pack the bag properly to carry it onwards. There are many occasions people miss many items in the customs in the hurry.

    Although the case is as such, there are far too many “ Blue Movies” in the Saudi Arabia than anywhere in the world. It was evident that every Saudi man and women are addicts of watching Blue movies (sex movies) of American and European and we were able to learn they even watch them as a group in the home with parents, relatives, children are all together. Such behavior and addiction has lead to Saudi father having sex with their daughters and sons having sex with mother with or without consent of the other.

    The crime rate is also very high and keep increasing in the Saudi Arabia where there are too many public restrictions, so every Friday after prayers there will be couple dozen men and women are beheaded in each city centre. Even with capital punishment and such harsh laws there had been no stop or reduction either.

    We as foreign expats too are prohibited from wearing Shorts because it’s another big danger that you are inviting fanatic, uncivilized homo sexual Saudis get aroused and rape you. Arabs and Saudis are famous for using the Anus both in women and men, every hospital receives several cases a day where women and men coming for urgent surgical operation to put sutures to their toned out Anus.

    There are two types of taxis, the yellow driven by low class roudi type Saudis and radio Limousines driven by foreign drivers. We expats never get in to a Yellow taxi alone, unless there are more than two three people, otherwise if you are alone and looks young and has muzzled legs, you are sure to be dragged in the midway by the driver to a desert area and raped by force, which has happened to many Sri Lankan boys who were new and unaware of the fact.

    The Arabs in general and Saudis in particular are the worse Hypocrites, heretics and uncivilized on the earth, on the face they are exhibitive religionists while committing all the sins on the earth.

    What is written are a fraction of what Saudi Arabia and who Arabs are, but a book of thousand pages can be written of much more.

    Hope this will enlighten you

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