Human Rights for some
Posted on August 3rd, 2012

John MacKinnon

August 02, 2012

Today, the New York based HRW is keeping the LTTE mantra alive: HRW says Massacre of ACF Aid Workers goes unpunished.

So does the massacre of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians by the Tamils. But then how can the Human Rights Watch hold the international Tamil community responsible for this when it’s bad business to bite the hand that feeds?

So we gotta ask the yankeez: are lives of aid workers worth more than thousands and thousands of innocent civilians murdered by the Tamils?

As Dr. Michael Radu, the Co-Chair of FPRI’s Center on Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Homeland Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia noted:

“The latter (Western donors), as usual, are themselves “sensitive” to the enormously effective, and wealthy, pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora and the international “human rights” lobbies-such as AI and HRW. Each of those, over time and for its purposes, acted to prolong the conflict, protect the LTTE, and thus have more Sri Lankans killedƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚¦”

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Wake up from your slumber:

There was no surplus of funds available to the LTTE in Sri Lanka to fund terror. Jane’s Defense Intelligence Review states the Tamil terrorists generated 200 to 300 million US dollars an year for their war. All that money came from the West. There are no weapons factories to arm a terrorist war in Sri Lanka. Most of the weapons came from the West. Let’s talk about compensation for the victims: don’t you think the West and their “human rights” lobbies should pay for the carnage since they gained much by arming and protecting the LTTE terrorists?

Not to worry, the LTTE financed so-called human rights advocates will never go after the Tamils living in their nations for war crimes. But they will try to crucify leaders of developing nations. Just look at the news ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚¦

From our Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia:
‘How to Kill Civilians in the Name of “Human Rights”: Lessons from Sri Lanka’

Human rights? What a joke!


8 Responses to “Human Rights for some”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    Further more “600 odd POLICE OFFICERS WHO SURRENDERED TO LTTE ON FOOLISH PRESIDENT PREMADASA’S ADVICE AND WERE KILLED IN COLD BLOOD BY LTTE”, no inquiry was sought by these DIRTY HRW OR ANY HR SAVIOURS.Even R.PREMADASA NEVER INITIATED AN INQUIRY.(BUT HIS SON FOUL MOUTHRD HALF BAKED SAJITH WANTS EDUCATION MINISTERS TO AND ALSO THE GOVT TO RESIGN-lol)Not even the so called Policeman of the world, the Western hypocrites.But they are worried about the 17 aid workers.Looking into the safety of these employees was the responsibility of their MASTERS their EMPLOYERS,but they all left the place allowing these 17 workers to get killed.So WHAT CAN THE GOVT DO???

  2. AnuD Says:

    If you check their financiers, ACF is funded by the French – Catholic Church, and they were there to convert Muslims in that area to Christianity. So, the Church will never give up.

  3. Dham Says:

    Human Rights is only for humans.

    1. Aboriginal people of Australia were considered a fauna until 70’s. Now they are unofficially considered as “pests” by Australian Fedral Police. ABC showed recently how an aboriginal woman went to the police so many times for protection and how she was regarded as joke, a animal with many babies.

    2. Obama won the NOBEL price for murder ?. He is currently killing thousands in Syria by deploying CIA agents and private killers in that country. This bastard killed Gadafi openly in a movie. What a joke !

    3. US senete has become a bunch of jokers too ! ( Ponnaseka must call these bastards jokers too !). These bastards are openly calling to CIA to kill people. War crimes or jokes ? There is only one human being in there Ron Paul. He is being treated like a joker by these Zionist animals.

  4. Sirih Says:


    Obama kills civilians using drones that is not a war crime (according to the constitutional expert professor called Obama.. What a joke this guy is..)

    This guys has used 300+ sorties using drones to kill civilians and even Bush use drones few times. Giving this guy a nobel peace price indicate the naked hypocrisy of the western morons that is preaching to the other part of the world that trying to assert their basic right to live according to their faith and dignity.
    US constitution was created to govern on Republic model with power to the people. What we got is Imperial power propagated by a half wit and some fore fathers forgot that US can have a half wit as a president.
    US need to pull back to their basic republic model that is one of the best in the world and also need to curtail this Imperial power from the president.
    Otherwise US that used to be saviour of the rapist , is becoming a rapist. We do have dark days ahead with this kind of abuse of power from the most powerful nation on this earth.

  5. Vis8 Says:

    Well said! John! Hypocrites at hrw very conveniently continue to ignore the atrocities the west is sponsoring in the Mid East.

    Obama, in his haste to instill ‘regime changes’, has helped al-quaeda into power for the first time in the world: in Egypt, Libya and soon in Syria. Israel has finally realized this, and are about to send in 30,000 troops into Syria to prevent chemical weapons falling into the hands of al-quaeda. Obama will dutifully send in US troops, to win the Jewish vote. And, another unnecessary war would have been created by the west. hrw is silent.

  6. sumadha Aus Says:

    First bring all NGO’s who serve war time in Sri Lanka for war crime,this pepole work for Deasproa mony,this 7 LTTE carders who got killed wile fright with Sri Lanka armerd forces,thanks Mr John note this to the world.

  7. nilwala Says:

    The TNA is the declared proxy of the LTTE. This is an acknowledged fact. The TNA continues to be the local representatives of the LTTE rump in the “diaspora” that keeps calling for a “war crimes” investigation of the GOSL.

    Legal action must therefore focus against the TNA and any other groups that were affiliated with it in the procurement of funding and arms procurement that went into the killing of thousands of innocent civilians – which included those at worship, law enforcement personnel who had surrendered under the LTTE promise that no harm would be done to them, entire families including women and children/babies killed in their homes, as well as the assassination of political leaders both in Sri Lanka and India.

    There is a gross injustice in the call for investigation of war crimes by one side only, especially when that side has brought an end to a war that would have seen many many thousand MORE killings had the LTTE been allowed to survive.

  8. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Today Obama’s policies are equated with former President Nixon’s. That is kill at will, forget human rights. Obama is now indiscriminately killing people living in other countries, with the use of Drones, the weapon of the coward. Everyday we hear mass murders committed in the USA by its own citizens with freely available guns and this could very well be a manifestation of the kill culture so triumphantly displayed by their leaders and CIA on the world stage, using drones, cruise missiles etc (the cowards weapons). And to make matters worse for the innocent US citizens caught in the crossfire of this madness increasing by the day, those human rights pretenders like the AI, HRW, UNHRC etc just look the other way, so as not to lose the goodies doled out to them by the US Govt and possibly other wealthy killers like the LTTE terrorists.

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