Defence Secretary repeats call for abolition of 13-A
Posted on October 21st, 2012

By Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

October 21, 2012, 12:00 pm


Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday reiterated that post-war political strategy of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) left him with no alternative but to strongly recommend the abolition of the 13th Amendment. He urged the government, the Opposition as well as the international community to examine the conduct of the one-time mouthpiece of the LTTE.

It was up to Parliament to decide on the 13th Amendment, the Defence Secretary said, adding that the eradication of the LTTE conventional military capability shouldnƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t be a reason for the government to be complacent.

The Defence Secretary was responding to a TNA delegation making representations to the Chinese Embassy in Colombo in a bid to blockƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  the on-going Chinese assistance to construct bases for security forces deployed in the Northern Province. The TNA was causing unnecessary friction, he said, adding that nothing could be as foolish as the TNAƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s assertion that security forces were constructing bases on in Tamil areas.

The TNA couldnƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t be allowed to dictate terms to the State as regards the deployment of security forces during war or peace time, the Defence Secretary said, noting that it was the sole prerogative of the government. He said the 13th Amendment was nothing but a springboard for those seeking to accomplish what the LTTE had failed achieve through terrorism.

The Defence Secretary said that that the government should realise the consequences of the TNAƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s efforts to undermine GoSLƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s relations with friendly countries. The TNA had never so much as issued a message of condolence when the LTTE killed Chinese nationals twice in separate attacks during the conflict, the Defence Secretary said. The TNA should be held accountable for its role during the 2001-May 2009 period, he, recalling that TNA leader R. SampanthanƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s had declared in the run-up to Dec 2001 parliamentary polls that the LTTE was the sole representative of Tamil speaking people.

Commenting on persistent TNA allegations that outsiders were being settled in Tamil areas since the end of the conflict, the Defence Secretary said that the main Tamil party was making an attempt to trigger ethnic tensions. “First of all let me tell you there is absolutely no necessity for the government to move outsiders to Northern and eastern Provinces. But people must have the right to live in any part of the country. There cannot be different sets of rules for Tamil speaking people and others.” He said people from the North and the East had moved to Colombo and its suburbs during the conflict and were living there peacefully. Likewise, other people, too, should have a right to live in any part of the country without being troubled by political parties or politicians, he added.

39 Responses to “Defence Secretary repeats call for abolition of 13-A”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Every word of Gota is written in pure gold!

    “There cannot be different sets of rules for Tamil speaking people and others.”

    But there are!!

    Vesawalami law is ONLY applicable to some Tamils based on caste.

    SCRAP that racist law too.

  2. nandimitra Says:

    Why wait for such a long time to make that request. Is it because the bill on Divineguma cannot be passed because of the 13th amendment? Nothing happens in this country unless it threatens the political establishments predatory moves. The 13th amendment must be repealed for entirely different reasons not to strengthen the establishment.

  3. Charles Says:

    Better late than never. The problem in Sri Lanka is that we seem to be so divided that we are unable to speak with one voice in the face of danger to our country. Whatever our political affiliation , what ever our our religion, what ever Community we belong to as Sri Lankans we should rise above all that to defend our Nation and country. 13A is in the constitution and removing it will help not only the Political Party in Power but also what ever political party that would come into power later on.

  4. Vijendra Says:

    This government did a great job of winning the terrorist war in spite of many obstacles from within and outside to buckle their efforts. However, if our politicians were strategic and far thinking, they would have scrapped the divisive 13A immediately after the winning the terrorist war. If not, they could have done it at least after the UN resolution. Though very late, it’s good that they are thinking about it at least now. If this is not done now, I do not think this government would have the support of the people. One could certainly check the feelings of the people of SL with a referendum based on a simple and clear question to legitimize it.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    It may be the case the government is agitated because the Divineguma Bill cannot be passed due to 13A. However it does not matter. If the 13A is repealed under whatever pretext it is a welcome sign.

    We have to follow the political process to get things done. What is important is knowing where we are going.

    It is very late. But if they get the ball rolling at least now, the future will be better.

    Defence Secretary was the driving force behind the elimination of the LTTE threat. Now he had to initiate a plan for the other threat facing the nation as well. This raises a question, what are the others doing.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Yes Lorenzo !! There should be only one law in the Country. Tamils cannot have a law of their own to maintain Caste System. Along with the 13th Bakers Dozen, this, what ? Vesa vala my – law has to banned immediately.

  7. Kit Athul Says:

    Your excellency Gotabaya, you are talking lot about TNA! Do you know that there is a case against TNA that has been filed in the Supreme Cout by Jayantha Liynage? This little guy without any help from any body, at first, filed the case by him self. Please may I Humbly suggest to the Honorable Defence Secretary Gotabaya the following: 1. send some senior person to the court hearing in December. Call Jayntha to your office and tell him that you will help in any way to win this case and will give even legal advice. Is this too much to ask? 2. There has been many attempts by various people and various political parties to persuade Jayantha to drop this case. Some are even supporters of you. Not only that, one comedy actor, a prominent Attorney, a PC, wanted to edit the filing. when Jayantha found out what that word in legal terms, it was to postpone the hearing indefinitely. Mr. Gotabaya, Sir, please look at this issue not from ten thousand feet above in the clouds. Come down to earth and speak to the people at the ground level, you will be enlightened. I wrote a letter to you six months ago with some valuable info. So far NO REPLY. YOURS RESPECTFULLY, KITHSIRI, FLORIDA, USA.

  8. jayt Says:

    know politician in sl have any moral power to do anything without anybody there to give moral power. they have been scared to death.
    why suddenly came out against it. it is most likely that result of building or renovation of friendship of a small powerful country.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Lets take one at a time. He is on the right track and we should STAND BY HIM.

    Banning TNA is a must but SCRAPPING 13A is a bigger issue.

    1. SCRAP 13A
    2. SCRAP Vesawalami law
    3. Ban TNA
    4. Ban CPA

    Today is the day. SC will give the verdict. IF SC verdict is to uphold TNA position, that’s it. Govt. should immediately scrap 13A and ban CPA vermin.

  10. Saman Dissanayake Says:

    Abolition of 13 amentment is ok.but if we cant bring a secular constitution,we cant move as one country.already racism and divisions among communities are planted by Solomon Banda,Dudly,Selva etc.Tamils will never satisfy with Sinhalese only governements further.(whereas only 61 % of Sri Lankans are Buddhists).If Tamils come to the streets in the north we cant kill them as we did for LTTE.(Yankees are waiting to enter our territories).Gota playing racist card to gain more political advantage than finding remedies to the problem,that existing since independence.(no one can deny).

    Still our racist politicians are behind the personal gains,rather than country first(as racist Solomon,Dudly,JR,Selva etc ).
    we are the unlucky people of the blessed country.

  11. jayt Says:

    sl achieved the end of tigers for several reason. one pakistan were there. second israelis have given weapon and method to round up tigers. israelis have done great job a few months before the end of tigers. israelis have working hard to get rid of bad name after the Israel spy book publication.

    Also, there is something that i lately found that tigers have paid Israel spy to publish the book to break relationship between Israel and sl. Also, tiger supporting western european spies did not want israel support singhalese.

    However, if everything went well with israel since 80s. there could have been greater cooperation and estate tamil gone by now and already more than half of jaffna tamil enjoy life in tamil nadu. also, dalit tamil in Nadu and have already their own nadu and sri lanka tamil and nudu tamil enjoy discrimination free separate state within Tamil nadu

    I do not want elaborate why Israel friendship did not work but can repair it
    I knew many time before that singalese are threaten by indian, tamil and then british and many case american too.
    so, who we go to is chinese, russian and Muslim countries. but do this countries can do our wishes ? No!
    they can do very limited support.


  12. Saman Dissanayake Says:

    Now talking about abolition of 13 amentment,because we Buddhists cant win the election of north,as Junior richard did in 1977(changed the constitution and election system to sideline the Tamils from Government machine)when 1977 Tamil party become oppostion,racist politicians imposed the war on Tamils.

    In these crook ideas,we cant keep the country as one.but we can create more racism and division as well as Tamil strugle to create a seperate country for Tamils and Tamils only.

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    13th Amendment is not for unite Sri Lanka. It is to divide country on race basis. The tamil nadian J.N.Dixit wanted to create a mini tamil nadu (tamil country) in North and East of Sri Lanka. This is most unfair idea as majority of tamils live in Western, Central, Uva, Sabaragamuwa and Southern provinces.
    Sri Lanka’s is a multi cultural country with many ethnic groups. Sinhala, Tamil, Moors, Burghers (Dutch and Portugese), Malays, Europeans, Javans (Indonesians), Chetti Nadians, Malayali (Keralite), Iranians (Parsi) and Chinese are sons and daughters of Sri Lanka.
    Why only a separate tamil area within our country. What is tamil’s speciality from other ethnic groups? Are they superior human race in Sri Lanka? If they cannot live with others it is not our problem it is their problem. They can’t have the cake and eat the cake.
    13th Amendment introduced to satisfy tamil terrorists and tamil racists. Tamil terrorists rejected it since 1987. LTTE Terrorist’s idea was to create a neo-nazi sole tamil country by terrorism. Now TNA racists started again the mini tamil nadu idea to implement through 13th Amendment. Tamil racism and tamil terrorism are twin brothers and none is second to any. Either hook or crook they want to create a sole tamil country in north and east of Sri Lanka.
    As Mr Gotabaya says 13th Amendment is a threat to national security of Sri Lanka. We can abolish it with 2/3 Parliament majority. (if needed with a referendum we can get the consent of the Sri Lankans. If majority says to abolish the 13 amendment on a referendum it is a mandate to government and it is a democracy).

  14. HussainFahmy Says:

    Racism is dying and will be Dead soon, Insha’Allah. The call to repeal 13A should be through peaceful means of People’s Power. Probably, we are not making enough Loud Noises to get the attention of our Political Masters. MR has assured that there is no minorities in Sri Lanka. Action should speak Louder than Words. The Government should get around India and USA through diplomatic means to assure them; equal rights to every citizens keeping the sovereignty of the country intact. Prosperity can only achieved through collective efforts. Each community in Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

  15. nilwala Says:

    Gota coordinated the efforts that led us to victory on the military front. On the political front the MR government has tried to steer things so that the 13A could be managed in a way that would not endanger the national security of the country. But with the LTTE-supporting diaspora together with the TNA dictating to the Tamil people on the path set to secession, laid out as per the Sampanthan declaration in Batticaloa, the nation’s unitary status is being clearly undermined using the 13A.
    Obviously, Gota is fully aware of the national security dangers that the nation is facing at this time with India’s current stance and the looming UPR, together with TamilNadu and the TNA working on New Delhi to intervene in Sri Lanka. We have also been made aware of the paths to separatism being followed elsewhere in the world – in Scotland, Canada, Catalan etc. The precedents are being set in place and we can clearly see the direction in which Sri Lanka too would be forced to go no sooner the Provincial Council elections are held in the North.
    Let us not be caught in the 13A Trap!
    We have to seize this opportunity to collectively support the repeal of 13A!
    We have to stand together and get the Prov. Council rock off Sri Lanka’s back.
    WE will be responsible for ACTION that leads Sri Lanka to retain its sovereignty and its unitary status,
    or the INACTION that would lose them forever. LET US STAND TOGETHER AS ONE AND CALL FOR THE REPEAL OF 13A!!

  16. ranjit Says:

    Bravo my hero. We thank you for what you did and for what you are doing now. We don’t know the reasons behind your recent statements regarding 13 A or B but you give us some hope and some stamina and courage to start with this debate of EVIL 13. We know that you are one of a kind person speaking your mind fearlessly. I think majority of our Sri Lankans will suport you without any doubt if you can pursuade your brothers and all who love our country of birth to get rid of this number 13 and make tough laws to bring traitors to the homeland like TNA to justice for being threat to our national security and sovereignty. They do not have any right to go and ask to solve our own problems from other countries except to sit down with our leaders and discuss and settle things on our own ways. These bunch of hypocrits were always doing things against our Motherland now for so many years and it is high time this Government take some action and ban TNA for the good of the country.

    Sampathnan and his evil bunch should go and live in Tamil Nadu and do politics there with their brothers and sisters and allow young Tamils who loves their Motherland to come forward and do politics in a democratic and decent way after all their suffering for so many years under the rule of terror. There is no room for seperation or terror in my country anymore. We suffered enough not only Sinhalese but them too so for God’s sake just stop all bullshits talks and arguments and help each other to build our beloved homeland for all of us to live peacefully.

  17. lingamAndy Says:

    Saman Dissanayake
    Still our racist politicians are behind the personal gains,rather than country first(as racist Solomon,Dudly,JR,Selva etc ).people of the blessed country !
    thank god atleast one Sinhala brother want to live in united Srilanka with out any short cut !!!
    Hope & pray Mr S Dissanayake Your ( and mine too) wish come to true one day in Mother Lanka !
    But present time no hope because both racist community are doing their job ( put in oil in burning fire) very well !
    1 ) Sinhal rasict ( SLFP , UNP & all others ) want ban 13A so India can training 9brain wash) innecent Tamil for next Eelam war v.
    2) Tamil rasict ( TNA , TGTE & all others ) are bully SL govt (UN resolution , chasing out President from London etc…) so indian get panic so they will start to traing New Tamil group for Eelam war V!

    Only Saman Dissanayake & Andy lingam can go to Vihara & Temple for Praing for our future generation !!!

  18. jayt Says:

    india should change according to what benefit for them same as their new partners, india went to meet hitler and cordial friendship with hitler to get rid of brits. india asked hitler to fast trak war against british. later india swithed when india cannot fight pakistan and kashmeris asked israel help. that happened when their new partners who trained isi and kashmeris swhited.

    this proved india and west friendship is based on mutual conspiratorial goal.
    removing 13th is not enough. tamil has to be removed along with it at least confine them to jaffna and keep option ready.
    tamil have record of being dangerous conspiratorial race of tamil nadu and tamil see singhalese are easy to be cheated
    through espionage and with their western supporters.

    indian considers tamil are lowest race on earth, today they used them to control sl
    during british period, whent british tried to do something like in sl by bringing tamil to north india to work for britsh,
    Hindus hanged tamil up side down and smoked them to death along with britsih. those tamil managed to escaped ran back to tamil nadu.

  19. lingamAndy Says:

    removing 13th is not enough. tamil has to be removed along with it at least confine them to jaffna and keep option ready ! – Keep it up my chinhala brother !!!

    Modaya Sinhaleses & Moddu Thamilan Never learn !!!

    Ready for ( Jejasukru 2 & Thaval pachchal 4) Eelam war V !!!

  20. mjaya Says:

    No 13th Amendment
    One National Language (Sinhalese)
    No Segregation
    One legal system (No Thesawalamai or Sharia) with equal rights to all citizens (that is NO POLYGAMY for Muslims)
    No Racist Political Parties (Ban the TNA, Muslim Congress etc.)


    After that we can worry about cleaning up political corruption.

  21. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Removal of 13 will create stateless Tamils again in Hills. Tamil language will lose the status of the Official Language.

    But the Indo – Lanka agreement of 1987 tells Indian forces can come to Sri Lanka any time. If Indian army comes it never be the IPKF but an attacking army. Gota can run to the US embassy but others? Lorenzo will claim that he is a Thuthukudi Parawa Tamil fisherman and beg Indians or co-operate with Indians.

    Racist barkings are now heard louder against Tamils. If Mahinda has intelligence, he must shutup his brother.

  22. aloy Says:

    Saman Dissanayake,
    The population stastics about Sri Lanka you gave in another thread are not correct. You quoted 2001 and recent (2012?) figures. Sensus for 2001 was not completed, hence are not valid. The increase in Buddhist population ratio between 1990 and 2012 was less than 1% and the increase of muslims was 2.2% although you said there is no increase. Probably you are neither a Buddhist nor a Sinhalese. It is better if you reveal your ID please. We can then take your views seriouly. One other commentator also doubted your identity.

  23. S de Silva Says:

    M S MUDALI – “….agreement of 1987 tells Indian forces can come to Sri Lanka any time” – Can you please quote the clause numbers for this statement – so that others are informed on this – SdeSilva – London

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    S de Silva
    quote the clause numbers – India do not need cluse to invade Sri Lanka( like 1987 drooped Parrubbu in our Air space ) !
    Wake up brother ! We do not want another blood bath in mother lanka !

    Saman Dissanayake doubted your identity ! – identity is not matter my (chinhala) brother aloy ,What his comments about!
    Are you aggred with his or you have diffirent opinion , if any what ??

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : “Removal of 13 will create stateless Tamils again in Hills”. How come ? There are no stateless people in Sri Lanka.
    The stateless Tamil question was settled a long time ago.
    There may be a large number of illegal migrants, but they fall into another category. Illegal migrants do not fall into the stateless category. Illegal migrants do have their state in Tamil Nadu or their country of origin.

    Illegal migrants must be deported or undergo a proper naturalisation process, same as in other countries. It is this loose arrangement re illegal migrants that causes enormous problems.

    Tea plucking in Upcountry areas and must be mechanised (with inexpensive machines made in China) so that anyone can do that type of work. The same must be done re other labor – make is more pleasant & easier through modernisation & mechanization.


    Here is another piece of information Readers should be aware of. Apart from a few politicians (which political party ?), who are the Squatters in Upcountry land belonging to the TRI Upcountry ?

    Apart from Jaffna, Sri Lankans ought to keep a close watch on what goes on in the Upcountry of Sri Lanka.

    * 50,000 acres of Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute squatted
    Sat, Oct 6, 2012, 11:10 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 06, Colombo: A report by Sri Lanka Auditor General’s office says that around 50,000 acres of land belong to Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute have been squatted by various unscrupulous individuals including politicians.

    The land squatted includes 43,600 acres of St. Jorkim estate in Nuwara Eliya in the hill country. Some of the lands are of very high commercial value and some persons have built permanent buildings on this land, the report says.

    A large land of St. Coombs Estate that belongs to the Sri Lanka Tea Research Institute has also been squatted, the report says.

    According to the surveyor plans drawn in 2005, the Tea Research Institute owns 355,210.5 acres of land.

    The Auditor General’s report has questioned the failure of the authorities to take any measures against the squatters while illegally occupying the land has caused great loss to the income of the Tea Research Institute.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    Re your concerns about language :

    There is wider usage of the English language than Tamil in Lanka. Also English is used widely in Tamil Nadu. However, reasonable use of Tamil will always be allowed, we are sure.
    Sinhala has to be the main language in Sri Lanka. It is a feature distinguishing Sri Lanka from other nations, and has been our Mother language for eons. What is granted for the Tamil language in Tamil Nadu must be granted for Sinhala language in Sri Lanka, don’t you think that would be the only fair solution ?

    The status of different languages in Sri Lanka can be clarified later. 13-A must b removed first.

  27. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HELLO GOTA !!!



    Ligam !! You are trying to be a moron, by asking to scrap the 13th and confine the Tamils to Jaffna. You are a damning LTTE hypocrite.

    How do you like that Eh ? Confine the Tamils to Jaffna !!!! Trying to feed SEENI BOLA eh ? MEGOLOMANIACS THOUGHTS AND SAM PANDANS THOUGHTS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY LINGAM FOOL.

  28. aloy Says:

    See Saman Dissanayake’s comment on Shenali’s article ‘Shouldn’t Tamil Ealam be in Tamil Nadu’ on 20/10/12.
    As for me, I have been a long time commentator in this site and even written article with my full name. I hope to write more in the future.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    All the information I could get off the internet re Citizenship through Naturalisation in Sri Lanka was that the information was not provided. The rest is as follows :
    A noncommercial collection of information about citizenship, dual citizenship and multiple citizenship

    [Please refer to How to Read a Country Entry for help interpreting this material. It was produced prior to March 2001 as part of a US government report entitled Citizenship Laws of the World. The accuracy and depth of these country listings varies significantly, and some information may be incorrect. At best, this page presents only part of the story for a particular country. Additional information for this country may be available in Country Information]

    SRI LANKA (Formerly Ceylon)

    CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship laws are based upon the Citizenship Act of Sri Lanka, dated May 22, 1972, and amended in 1987. All who were citizens of Ceylon are considered citizens of Sri Lanka.

    BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Sri Lanka does not automatically confer citizenship. The exception is a child born of unknown parents.

    BY DESCENT: Child born before May 22, 1972: Child born in wedlock whose father, paternal grandfather, or paternal great-grandfather was born in Sri Lanka, regardless of the child’s country of birth. Child born out of wedlock is granted citizenship if the mother, maternal grandfather, or maternal great-grandfather is a citizen. Child born on or after May 22, 1972: Child born in wedlock whose father is a citizen of Sri Lanka regardless of the child’s country of birth. Child born out of wedlock is granted citizenship if the mother is a citizen of Sri Lanka. A child born abroad must be registered with the proper authorities within one year.

    REGISTRATION: Certain persons with paternal or maternal blood ties to Sri Lanka may apply for citizenship by registration provided they are at least 22 years old and intend to permanently reside in Sri Lanka.

    BY NATURALIZATION: No information was provided.

    DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Exception to the dual citizenship laws is made if it is felt to be of benefit to Sri Lanka.

    LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP: Loss applies to spouse and minor children as well.

    VOLUNTARY: Voluntary renunciation of Sri Lankan citizenship is permitted by law. Contact the Embassy for details and required paperwork.

    INVOLUNTARY: The following are grounds for involuntary loss of Sri Lankan citizenship: Person voluntarily acquires a foreign citizenship. Citizen by descent, whose father is a citizen by registration, will lose citizenship at age 22 unless they express a desire to retain it.

    Citizen by registration who: gave false information, resided abroad more than five years without government permission, was convicted of certain crimes, declared loyalty to a foreign government.

    ANY QUESTIONS concerning citizenship, or requests for renunciation of citizenship, should be directed to the addresses below:

    Embassy of Sri Lanka, Consular Section Telephone: 202-483-4025 through 4029 2148 Wyoming Ave., NW Fax: 202-232-7181 Washington, DC 20008

    UN Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka Telephone: 212-986-7040, -1,-2,-3 630 3rd Avenue (20th Floor) Fax: 212-986-1838 New York, NY 10017

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    “Removal of 13 will create stateless Tamils again in Hills. Tamil language will lose the status of the Official Language.”

    Very good.

    Not only the hills. More illegals are living in Jaffna, TNA offices, etc. Take a look at a map. Jaffna is closer to TN than the hills.

  31. lingamAndy Says:

    Removal 13 or not We Tamil living in Sri Lanka are stateless people any way until our dream come to true !
    do get it wrong (:-( you know what i mean ! Naalai pirakku Thamil EElam !
    unit in diversity , no short cut !!!

  32. Kit Athul Says:

    Andy Lingham, Where did you get this idea of stateless Tamils? These are SRI LANKEN Tamils. There standard of living will go up as time passes away. Now people like MS-Mudali, who gets paid for disinformation will attempt to create imaginary links with Tamils living in other countries. These Tamil tea estate workes already speak part Sinhala part Tamil Language they themselfs created. To counter this deteriorating of Tamil, Selva, Indian minister of education, a Tamil Nadu Tamil, Close friend of Vasudavaya Nanayakaraya introduced Tamil Teaches to Tea Estate Tamils. Don’t you think we should chase these Tamil Teachers back to Tamil Nadu and open up Sinhala schools instead?

  33. jayt Says:

    all estate tamil must be removed to tamil nadu. any citizenship given is invalid. sl is not real estate for south indian tamil. there is not friendship with indian as along as they play tricks. they should have taken them in 1948. indian cheated sl not taking back on the need of tamil nadu tigers and as well as indian of their interest. this issue has to be cleared. no more tamil areas in the rest of the country

    all singhalese pleasant land has to be taken away

  34. HussainFahmy Says:

    All citizens of Sri Lanka should direct their energies/ideas on how to influence our Leaders to preserve the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. The sons and daughters of Sri Lanka are those who commit to One Country, One People with diverse freedom of faiths and multiple Languages. Those who have an allegiance to any other country should leave Sri Lanka Peacefully.

  35. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    What ever given or gained under the 13 will become null and void once the 13 removed. That is the normal legal procedure. If you guys dont understand it, learn some thing more before you bark.

    As Lingam Andy mentioned India dont need a clause to invade Sri Lanka. Big Sinhala mouths are going to make more troubles indtead of solving problems. Sinhalese /Tamils who have no ideas or will to solve the problems, now blame some thing which has no relevance to the internal or economic or social problems of Sri Lanka.

  36. lingamAndy Says:

    Kit Athul

    Don’t you think we should chase these Tamil Teachers back to Tamil Nadu and open up Sinhala schools instead?
    – Fully agrred ! Teach them Sinhala from premery school !!!

    These Tamil tea estate workes already speak part Sinhala part Tamil Language they themselfs created. – Best long term permant solution !!!

    We sholud have community calls : Sinhala Sinhala, Sinhala Demil, Sinhala Muslim than We can call all ourself Hela Nation !!! than change country name to Hela Lanka !!!

    Kit Athul do you thing our racist Sinhala & Demila head state will do ? NO

  37. lingamAndy Says:

    Sinhalese /Tamils who have no ideas or will to solve the problems,- Atleast We both have one common understanding !!!

  38. Dham Says:

    Lingam Malli and Mu_Dalit Ayya,
    Two of you can go to Jaffna now becuase Mahinda Ayya cleared all bombs.
    Go and organise big riots.
    Start a big Hartal.
    Bring children ( whoever availabe now) to front and put women behind.
    Attack the police and Army.
    This is the only way of peace you learnt from Prbaha Ayya.
    Give it one more try.
    Hope for Zionists and Whabis coming to you rescue.

    Why on this earth you buggers live happily with Sinhala people , if you can lick the bum of Sudda.

  39. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Dham alias Dumb:
    You better tell Ranil to give Cement & “Kambi” to build bunkers. Then tell him to carve out an area to LTTE. Then ask the LTTE to come and rest in Inter Continental Hotel. Then you will be happy!

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