13th Amendment – Implications of Eelam -Think!
Posted on November 2nd, 2012


23 October 2012

The 13th Amendment in its various manifestations is in for consideration. It is best if the following issues are discussed in this forum and elsewhere by patriots so that their implications for the future of Sri Lanka and for the future generations of all Sri Lankans are given due consideration. ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ Let the politicos who are only worried about their length of stay in power and their families too understand the implications.

Most of all let the people know!

Part 2. Water wars and a permanent state of war!

River systems that cross the 2008 Eelam Boundary

Potential flash points for war

Majority of Sri Lankans living in the contested areas are peasant farmers, for whom, land and water are the only life giving resources. Without a central authority to decide on the use of land and water resources there will be constant conflicts across waterways of Sri Lanka.

Every waterway crossing of this undefined border will become a potential Mavil Aaru!

Do Sri Lankans want to live in a permanent state of war across this clandestine border?

2 Responses to “13th Amendment – Implications of Eelam -Think!”

  1. Dham Says:

    Now the Tamils have resorted to Zionist tactics and we have to unite against these bastards.
    These tactics are,
    1. Let Sinhala people start attacking Muslims ( LorenZion)
    2. Let Sinhala people start attacking Catholics ( MS Mudali)
    3. Let us pretend like innocent Tamils who love Sinhalese ( Andy Lingam)
    4. Let us rediscover Ceylon ( Narendram).
    5. Let us get rid of Buddhism ” suicidal nibbana” (Ben Silva)
    6. Let us fight corruption ( Ponseka and UNP)

    Let us not get distracted by these buggers who will finally unite in Tamil Language, while we become a barbaric race.

    Real heroes have fought and won. Our political leaders are enjoying champagne.

    Always get the directions from Buddha Dhamma. Sinhala people cannot be beaten then.

  2. Dham Says:

    The man or woman LorenZion, is a member of Mossad. Sorry, Jayt you must be shivering now.
    But this bugger claims he is a young “Anglican Tamil”.

    India has been swallowed by Zionists. Oneworld already started their propaganda machine there. They are the ZIonist reps of AI. No point you loving India. It is long gone. If you love, you may be paid by RAW.
    Zionists are the closest to LTTE. Think carefully.

    Regardless of all these, if you love Sri lanka, any proposal which helps Sri Lanka should be considered, even from the Zionist and Whahbis – with the knowledge of who they are.

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