Bullfighting must be stopped
Posted on December 17th, 2012

Bullfighting is an event that started around 711 A.D. in Spain. During a bullfight a bull is released and the matadors chief assistant goes and test the bull by making it charge by using a bright red and yellow cape. Then a trumpet is sounded and men on horses called picadores ride out. the picadores drive spears into the bull for about ten minutes until the third and final trumpet is sounded. Then the matador comes out and finishes the bull. If the matador wins then he is awarded with a certain amount of body parts from the bull. The number of “trophies” the matador wins depends on his performance. Today bullfighting is much less popular and is considered a cruel blood sport by many. It is challenged by many animal rights organizations. Supporters of bullfighting argue that it is an important part of their culture and that it is an art form. They also argue that bullfighting is no more cruel then hunting and slaughtering cattle for food. I find myself agreeing with those who find it wrong. One can not justify cruelty by pointing out other acts of cruelty. Bullfighting is just one of the many inexcusable crimes that humanity has committed.

Furthermore, trying to defend cruelty with tradition is just absurd. Slavery was once a popular tradition but that does not justify slavery. In conclusion, bullfighting, along with other acts of cruelty, must be stopped. Humanity can not move forward if we continue to follow such absurd traditions. We must learn to love and appreciate all life or we will forever be incapable of growth. It is our duty to come together and make the world a better place. We owe it to our selfs and to the people who dedicated their lives to protecting us and creating a better world for us to live in. See what you can do to stop bullfighting and other acts of cruelty by researching on line and finding others who work to improve the lives of all living creatures.

ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚§ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  Bullfighting is a sport that should be left to the dustbin of history as have been other barbaric sports.

Spectator sports in Ancient Rome used to include gladiator fights where humans fought each other to the death in front of cheering fans. It was a horribly barbaric sport that has long since been abandoned by all modern societies. In bullfighting, the end result is always the death of the bull, and while not as overtly barbaric as gladiator fights, it still constitutes the gratuitous killing of a living, breathing being. It is still barbaric, and should also be abandoned by the few cultures that still celebrate it.

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Bullfighting is a barbaric and horrific sport. It should not even be called a sport. To inflict pain and death on a defenseless animal is not a sport. The fact that this “sport” is still considered popular is a poor sign for the state of the world. The bull is attacked and stabbed. It is afraid and trying to protect itself. This so-called sport is sickening and it should be outlawed. It just shows that we are not truly civilized. We still have a long way to go.



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  1. Voice123 Says:

    Bullfighting must be stamped out GLOBALLY.
    Halal and Kosher torturing of animals must also be stamped out GLOBALLY.
    No excuses for either. Animals dont need to be tortured for food. Allah didnt decree that. Satan invented Halal and pretended to be Allah. Open your eyes.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Acts done for ‘entertaining’ the crowds in ancient times (the Bread & Circuses of that era) must be questioned and cruel parts let go, as demanded by people in our present times. Now is the time for Change for the Better, it is time to ask Questions and let go what is inhumane toward human beings and animals.

    Some of these Acts, now considered as Cruelties :

    * Bullfighting (Spain).

    * The Colosseum had many such Cruel ‘sports’ to entertain the people who were generally governed with an iron fist (Rome). Such displays were considered necessary to entertain the masses, generally ruled by Kings & Emperors (Rome & Spain).

    * Killing of large & fierce beasts was considered a necessary act for tribal boys to become ‘men’ (Africa). Hunting of similar beasts and killing for sport (West).

    * Forms of Slavery from the old times must now be transformed to mechanised labor, where work is done much more easily, and household appliances used for ease of daily work.

    * Some clever scientists will put out a fantastic & realistic Virtual Zoo soon, and there will not be any need to cage large animals any more.

    * Cruel slaughter of larger animals as sacrificial animals in religious rites (both in East & West earlier, now in the East).

    ARE THESE CRUEL DISPLAYS NECESSARY NOW ? No. We have films, theatre and live other sports & Games for our entertainment, available for the masses anywhere.

    A NEW Age of Awareness is setting in. Let’s flow with it and ban all cruelty to Animals. A NEW Age of Truth (Sath Yuga) is setting in through our mass communication systems. There is no stopping it now. Time of EVOLUTION has come !

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