Tamil Nadu Bickerings A Continuing Aggravation To The Smooth Functioning Of Sri Lanka.
Posted on February 1st, 2013

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Feb.2nd., 2013

The continued bickerings emanating from Tamil Nadu monotonous at best over an issue that has been prevalent ever since the infamous Tamil Tigers were vanquished by the Government Forces of Sri Lanka is an aggravation that seems deliberately orchestrated to disrupt the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka and nothing more according to many analysts.

There is a ring of credibility to this evaluation as it is linked to the activities of the Tamol Tiger(LTTE) sympathetic diaspora whose continued attempts to discredit the GOSL seems a never ending one and despite the stand the Indian Goverbnment has taken towards maintaining the protocols which uphold the principle of one democracy supporting another, the feeble minded attempts of those who think to the contrary are becoming painfully visible, at time through their worthless rhetoric laced in pro LTTE bias if one reads between the lines and needs to be put into perspective.

 A visible example of this in recent times apart from the collective rankings of the likes of Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi and Vaiko to name some others favourably dispensed towards the concept of discrediting Sri Lanka on the basis of their myopic visions of the GOSL, are the rantings of Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah who on Friday according to Indian News Source the IANS reports has urged the Indian government to impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka and take steps to ensure that those displayed by the ethnic conflict there returned to their original homes.

Another voice in the wilderness of unsubstantiable norms commonplace in the dialogues which are constantly directed to the Indian Government by these Tamil Tiger sympathetic voices is thereby very apparent and presumably no different from the laments they generate where they seem to forget that the greater affected communities whose lives and livelihoods were destroyed entail not only the miniscule minority of Tamils in Sri lanka but a greater proportion of the majority Sinhalese and other ethnic minorities where the consensus might be, now that the esteemed albeit misguided Governor has raised further concerns towards accommodating all the displaced Tamils who sought refuge in Tamil Nadu to do it there rather than in Sri Lanka and avoidaggravating the Sri Lankan Government with his clarion calls to the Indian Government. Maybe he should invite more Tamil immigration to TN and provide them sanctuary in the process as he seems benevolent towards them in a manner defying logic although it may not coincide with the mindset of the Indian authorities!

 To all intents and purposes the Government and leadership of Sri Lanka is visibly doing an admirable job of attending to the needs of all displaced people not only the Tamils where it must also be mentioned that there are many Tamils who have graciously accepted the restitutions in this area provided by the GOSL despite the reality that it was their own community which tried to destroy Sri Lanka and failed miserably albeit with a heavy toll on the Nation of Sri Lanka over a period of time!

 Delivering his address on the first day of the first assembly session of 2013, Rosaiah  has said somewhat obstreperously: “I reiterate the resolve expressed by the Tamil Nadu assembly June 8, 2011 to urge the Indian government to initiate action by working with other nations for imposition of an economic embargo on the Sri Lankan Government till the Tamils living in camps are resettled in their own places and are allowed to live with dignity, self-respect and equal constitutional rights on par with the Sinhalese.” The individual seems to have little or no knowledge about the steps being taken by the GOSL towards these concerns including constitutional equality, issues most of which have already been addressed favourably while some are in the making. He is in no capacity to draw conclusions that ” the rehabilitation measures taken by the Sri Lankan Government were not at par with the expectations” on the basis that his opinion is one of bias blanketing the efforts of the GOSL for very obvious reasons and present the frustrations of the Pro LTTE sympatheric Tamil diaspora where he in all probabilities is also a part thereof.

 Referring to the attacks on Indian fishermen by Sri Lankan Security Forces, where Rosaiah has  said: “The fishermen of Tamil Nadu, who earn their livelihood in their traditional fishing areas of the Palk Bay region, are victims of repeated harassment and murderous attacks by the Lankan Navy.” it needs to be pointed out that the arrogance of these Indian fishermen who have the audacity to deliberately fish in Sri Lankan Territorial waters despite many warnings is at times incomprehensible and irresponsible where the Sri Lankan Navy has been carrying out their entailed duties in apprehending them and will continue to do so as it is a violation of ratified agreements between India and Sri Lanka.It also needs to be pointed out that vice versa the Indian Navy also spares no sympathies towards Sri Lanka Fishermen who sometines inadvertently stray into Indian Waters but the impetus on liabilities rests heavily on the Indian fisherfolk and the equation a reversible one needing some refurbishing perhaps towards some measure of uniformity.
He has also said “the Tamil Nadu government was anguished at the harassment of Indian fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy while the Indian government showed “utter disregard” to their woes.” which is a rank misrepresentation of facts based on the reasons expressed in the previous para where the issue of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha’s  emergence as a trenchant critics of the Sri Lankan regime for among other things the mass killing of Tamil civilians in the ethnic conflict that ended in May 2009 is also a debatable one where the term “mass killings” may be more appropriately applicable to the Tamil Tigers and their murderous leader Velupillai Prabhakaran made mercifully inneffective by the Sri lankan Armed Forces through the present Presidential Leadership as their commanding officer in chief where Fmr. Gen. Sarath Fonseka also deserves an honorable mention towards the cause.
When the Sri Lankan Armed Forces which vanquished the Tamil Tigers, has repeatedly denied the charges and allegations made against them by the Governor of TN as reported by IANS nothing seems further from the truth than their role of liberating the masses of humanity at the mercy of the Tamil Tiger terrorists and ridding the Nation of the despicable plague of terrorism which was taken to a very high level of attrocities by them and for anyone to present a falsified charge sheet in favour of the mendacious lot that supported them is truly an aberration of decent norms.
It is also a continued aggravation towards the smooth functioning of Sri Lanka today where such signals are picked up by many world powers on hearsay alone and for all the wrong reasons!
The forthright responses of the Indian Authorities misinterpreted by some as “utter disregard” in how they deal with such matters is also very noteworthy as they continue to be unpretentious allies of Sri Lanka unswayed by sensationalist sentiment intended to alienate the two Nations and thankfully so!

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Former Chief Justice of India J.S. Verma, who was to arrive in Colombo late on Friday heading an international fact-finding mission to assess the legal issues involved in the impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, has cancelled his visit.

    “I have decided to cancel,” he said when The Hindu contacted him over phone.

    On speculation that his Sri Lankan visa was revoked, he said there was no such issue.

    – adaderana


    This is not the first time we cancelled the visa of TRAITORS!!

    Well done SL. Show these bloody Indians the door to hell.


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