India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy commenting on Gotabaya Rajapaksa
Posted on April 16th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent. Gloucester . Ontario . K1J . 6G1 . Canada

15 April, 2013.

Union Minister V. Narayanasamy

Lokh Sabha MP in the Indian Parliament representing Pondicherry
28, Tugghlak Crescent . New Delhi 10 011, India

 Dear Velu Narayanasamy:

The Hindu reports that you had said, “Gotabaya remarks on India’s role unacceptable”.   He got you under your skin I see.

As far as India is concerned Indira and Rajiv Gandhi supported Tamils. We even lost Rajiv Gandhi (assassinated by members of the LTTE), who sent India Peace Keeping Force to help Tamils.  Rajapaksa’s statement is unacceptable.  Sri Lanka is responsible for terrorism as Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied”, you told reporters at the Chennai Airport on Friday, 12 April, 2013.

Velu, let see whether I can get this right for you as you seem to be cock-eyed as most of you Tamil politicians are and are a bunch of jokers.  If that statement was to be a joke, then I missed the punch line, and you should have pulled my left leg and not the right as the left had the jingle bells.

If Mum and Son Gandhi’s  supported the Sri Lankan Tamils, they should have invited the Sri Lankan-Tamils whom you say had been discriminated to live in their Motherland, Tamil Nadu, where by the 1980s 61 million of their brethren lived.  The fact is that the Gandhi’s didn’t.  When you think of it, that move was a God’s send for these Tamils  as they flew and sailed out of Sri Lanka landing in places like Canada, England, Australia, US, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy when their flood gates were open for Tamil refugees.  They obviously liked the white-man’s land rather than their brown Dravidian-land.  Sounds racist, but then I am not colour blind as that is the fact.

Velu, here is another fact that you had missed.  If the Sri Lankan Tamils wanted to live in their Motherland, Tamil Nadu, perhaps  even in your Pondicherry, 300,000 of them who flew out of the cuckoo’s nest in search of greener pastures with complains that they have been discriminated in Sri Lanka, thumbed their noses at you Tamils when passing by Tamil Nadu, on their way to Canada as refugee claimants and now living there happily ever after  and taking their annual pilgrimage to Sri Lanka to bask in the Sri Lankan beach-sun to get back a bit of their tan they lost in the Canadian winters.  Velu, didn’t you know that they prefer to come on their annual pilgrimage to Sri Lanka and not to Jayalalitha-country, the Tamil Nadu.  And that is a fact and you ought to make a note before you decide to immolate yourself for the Sri Lanka-Tamil cause.  I have read that some Indian Tamils have been stupid enough just to do that. A crazy bunch, aren’t you lot? 

Now, let me straighten you out about you Indian’s not wanting to accept  the responsibility that you were the ones who moulded the sarong clad, bare-footed Tamil guerillas who couldn’t shoot straight  into AK47 shooting Tamil Tiger terrorists in jack boots and fatigues.  That is the Made in India terrorists Cinderella story.

I know you seemed to be worried that once you admit that India created Sri Lanka’s terrorism that some of you will be hauled in front of an International War Crimes Court for aiding and abetting human rights violations by the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  Aren’t you Velu?

But here is the story Velu, just follow my thread.  This is India training Tamil Tiger terrorists to destabilize Sri Lanka : Credit  Course 101.

Let me pick up the story for you from July 23, 1983.

After decades of intimidation of the Sinhalese by the Tamils in the Northern Jaffna peninsula, after stoning on 13 August, 1977, and chasing 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna University campus by the Tamils, and ethnically cleansing 27,000 Sinhalese between 1971 and 1981, the Tamils were sitting on a  gun-powder-keg waiting to blow up.

And so it happened on the night of July 23, 1983 (Now don’t lose my thread, Velu).

At 2328 hours the radio at Gurunagar crackled.  “Four, four Bravo for Four Four.  We are now leaving Urumpirai Junction.   Absolutely nothing to report.  The town is very quiet.”

The Sri Lankan army convoy consisted of a Jeep number plated AY 4889 in which were seated 2nd/Lt. Wass Gunawardene, sitting next to the driver Private N.A.S. Manatunga. In the rear were Lance Corporal G.D. Perera and Privates S.S. Amarasinghe, S.P.G. Rajatillake and K.P. Karunaratne.  And the convoy also consisted of a Tata Benz half truck with a 26 Sri 3193 plate in which were Sergeant S.I.Thilekaratne seated in front with the driver Corporal G.R. Perera and Private A.J.R. Perera. Seated in the rear were Corporal R,A,U, Perera, Lance Corporal Sumathipala, Privates M.B. Sunil and D.N. M.A.D, Manapitiya.  (Don’t lose my thread, Velu).

It was still the night of July 23, 1983.  Within five minutes of leaving Urumpirai Junction the convoy was slowing down near Thinnaveli because of an obstruction on the road due to a telecommunication installation.  When the convoy was passing the excavation “”…” BOOM!  They were ambushed by the Tamil Tigers with a thunderous explosion and machine gun fire.   Thirteen members of the army convoy were killed.  The powder keg that I talked of earlier, exploded.   It was hell after that momentous moment that dragged on for another 27 bloodying years. Tamil Nadu political leaders and later Indira Gandhi’s cunning were at the background of this incident, and I will get to that.

 Word got around of the Thinnaveli ambush which made the Sinhalese angry.  After decades of intimidation by the Tamils, the Sinhalese were no Saints not to react otherwise. So there was a riot and the Tamils got the worst of it.  (Velu, are you still with me?  Don’t drift away!) There were blood, there were killings and there were burnings.  It was ugly.  That incident was never repeated again even when the Tamil Tigers provoked the Sinhalese with massacres and bayoneting infants plucked out of the arms of young Sinhalese breast feeding mothers.

By 1983, the Congress (I) to remain in power in New Delhi, Indira Gandhi  was certain that votes from Tamil Nadu or her ally, the AIADMK were essential.  Thus New Delhi had little option but to support covertly or overtly the interests of the Tamil Nadu state.  And what was that, Velu?  Thus the geostrategic-political implications where extra-regional powers would be  drawn into the war of Sri Lanka against the Tamil militant separatists gave Indira Gandhi a license to involve India in the internal affair of its neighbour Sri Lanka.  Thus she planted the germ where you Indians aided and abetted the Tamil Tigers in their war in Sri Lanka where human rights were violated.  And Velu, which ever way you wish to slice the paratha roti, India keeps surfacing as the main culprit implicated with these War crimes, which you are trying to use Sri Lanka as the scape goat. And you, Velu , said that “Sri Lanka is responsible for terrorism as Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied.”  What rights, Velu?  List them for me/us, so that we all know what the heck you are alluding to.

But Velu, let’s not forget that the Tamil Tigers did not fight their Eelam terrorist war with catapults, stones and bamboo-sticks.  They were fighting with AK47s, RPGs  and hand grenades introduced to them by your India, and it is your India who taught them how to pull the triggers of assault rifles at Sinhalese human targets, and pull the pins of live hand grenades and lob  them at the Sinhalese.   And that training was not done by power-point displays or tutorial DVDs, as they were not used in military field camps then.  They were all given training in 32 military camps in Tamil Nadu and at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Velu, you Indians are guilty with this criminal activity.  And how dare you try to wriggle out of that criminality?  Own up Velu, be an honest politician, and a shining  Indian Politician Star to boot.!  (Velu, are you still following my thread?)

Prior to the July 1983 riots, the Sri Lankan security assessed that the Tamil guerillas to be only around 200 strong.  But the July riots gave the opportunity for the Tamil guerillas to recruit Tamil youth in scores of hundreds.  And they grew in leaps and bounds, and not to fight the Sri Lankan armed forces with catapults, stones and bamboo sticks.   They wanted to fight them with real assault rifles and throw live hand grenades at their perceived enemies, for the want of their separate Tamil state, Eelam, carved out of the North and East of Sri Lanka.  So they established a rapport with the Tamil Nadu politicians beginning with Perum Sithanar, the ultra nationalist who was campaigning for the separation of Tamil Nadu from the rest of India.  And the naxalite leader Pon Kothanadaraman who was in hiding.

M.G. Ramachandran, Tamil Nadu’s ruling party AIADMK leader picked the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) to train them in army camps to send them back to Sri Lanka with weapons, fatigues and in jackboots to terrorize, kill and destabilize Sri Lanka; and Karunanidhi  the leader of the DMK chose the TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization) and the  groups EROS (Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students) and EPRLF (Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front) were supported by the centre in New Delhi. (Velu, are you still following my thread)

Velu, let me tell you what these Tamil guerillas were trained  to do at the military camps by your retired Indian army officers.  They certainly weren’t taught how to use a fork and spoon, nor social etiquette when meeting a  Brahamin woman at a High Caste Tamil gathering.  They were trained for unarmed combat, weapon training 303 rifles, AK47s and T56, pistols and Browning revolvers, LMGs, SMGs.  Firing practice, Leopard crawls, Monkey crawls, Ghost walks, First Aid, preparation of Molotov cocktails, fire-fighting endurance tests, guerilla warfare, jungle warfare, 2″ mortars, engaging rocket launchers and detonating explosives, etc.

Velu, these military training of Tamil Guerrilla’s at 32  Indian military camps, was not for them to participate in “ƒ”¹…”Cops and Robbers’ local inter-community competitions  at Summer Fairs.  With that  specialized military training, Indira Gandhi, Ramachandrean and Karunanidhi  after graduating them as terrorists sent them back to Sri Lanka cradling Kalashnikovs like babies in their arms, with festoons of live bullets around their necks, having discarded their sarongs and sandals in military fatigues and jackboots to kill, maim innocent Sinhalese and Muslims civilians and destabilize Sri Lanka. (Are you still with me, Velu?)

So, Velu, that is the story and stop challenging my intelligence.  Jokes a side, you Indians were  the  top of the  “ƒ”¹…”champion-bully’ class  “ƒ”¹…”Asian Terrorist Mafia” who aided and abetted every incident of human rights violation during last few months of the Eelam war, and  happens to be the  perfect candidates to be hauled in front an International War Crimes  Court in the Hague.  Velu, I cannot see how you Indians can wriggle out of this predicament.  (Velu, I hope you  followed my thread and got all of the real story.)

Now to challenge your statement “”¦Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied.” Let’s see whether I can get your facts right!

  1. 1.       By 1981, the 12.6% minority Tamils could buy one square inch of land in every nook and corner of Sri Lanka and not the majority 74% Sinhalese who were denied buying one square inch of land in the Jaffna peninsular because of the Thesavalamai Law”¦so according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy  Tamils  felt discriminated and terrorized  Sri Lanka.  Interesting fairy tale”¦.!;
  2. 2.      By 1981, the Inspector General of Police (Rudra Rajasingham a Jaffna Tamil), The Chief  Justice of the Supreme Court (S.Sharvananda, a Jaffna Tamil),  and the Attorney General  (Siva Pasupathy a Jaffna Tamil) were from the minority  Tamil community and not from the majority Sinhalese community”¦so according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy,  Tamils felt that they were discriminated and  terrorized the island nation.  Interesting fairy tale”¦..!;
  3. 3.      By 1981, three major Diplomatic Missions were headed by Tamils including London, and most of the diplomats were Tamils”¦so according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy,   some military trained Tamils  by India felt discriminated and terrorized Sri Lanka haemorrhaging the island for the next 27 years. Interesting fairy tale”¦..!;
  4. 4.      By 1981, the minority 12.6% Tamils in the state sector constituted  34.9%  engineers, 35.1% of doctors, 30.2% medical technicians, 33.1% of accountants and 28.9%  of surveyors and the percentages were not much different in the private sector too“¦  so according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy, the minority 12.6% Tamils some of whom who were  military trained by India felt that they were discriminated and  terrorized the island nation.  Interesting fairy tale”¦.!;
  5. 5.      By 1981, from the 12.6% population of the minority Tamils, the University admissions constituted 27.8% for Medicine, 44.8% for Veterinary Science, 23.5% for Agriculture, 33/3% for architecture, 34.9% for engineering, etc.  So according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy the minority 12.6% Tamils some  of whom were trained by India for military combat  felt that they were discriminated and terrorized Sri Lanka for 27 years. Interesting Ha! Haa!! Fairy tale”¦..!;
  6. 6.      By 1981, the minority Tamils had two fully fledged universities in Jaffna and in Batticaloa for their Tamil students, who stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers on 13 August 1977, yet had their Tamils studying at southern universities without being harassed by the Sinhalese.  So according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy, the minority 12.6% Tamils felt that they discriminated and terrorized Sri Lanka for almost 30 years.  Interesting,  another Ha! Haa!! fairy tale”¦..?;
  7. 7.      By 1981, the major grievance of the Tamil community was of the prevailing system of standardizing the University entrance marks, which would have given the opportunity for the students attending  northern Government village schools that have less educational facilities like well equipped science laboratories compared to students from the “ƒ”¹…”high society elitist Colleges’ like the  Jaffna Central College, St. Patrick’s College, Hartley College, Vembadi Girls School, Point Pedro Methodist College, and become doctors, lawyers and engineers rather than following their parent’s vocation becoming fishermen, chilli farmers and toddy tappers.  Having seen the southern students enter Universities  from  village Government Schools and not always from the elitist Colleges like Ananda, Nalanda, Royal St. Thomas, Wesley,  St. Joseph’s St. Peter’s, Visakha, Museums, St. Bridget’s Ladies, Trinity,  Richmond and Mahinda, et cetera, and becoming lawyers, doctors, architects and diplomats,  proved positive the government’s intentions with this standardization policy.  So according to Indian Union Minister V. Narayanasamy, some of the 12.6% Tamils  who were trained by India to shoot Kalashnikovs at innocent civilians, felt that they were discriminated and terrorized Sri Lanka for 27 years.  Interesting fairy tale”¦..!;
  8. Let me conclude with one more fact that would blow your Fairy Tales  into comic relief trying to  defend the Tamil Tiger terrorism, Velu.

            In 1981, schools in the Jaffna Educational District were well supported and qualitatively superior in comparison with the situation elsewhere in the country.   Jaffna Educational District had 555 Government Schools for a Tamil student population of 207,524.  Whereas the capital Colombo had only 251 such schools for a multi-ethnic population of 231,690 students.  In 1981, the Sri Lankan Tamils enjoyed a literacy rate of 88.3%, and the majority Sinhalese enjoyed a literacy rate of 86.5%.  But according to India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy, Sri Lanka’s 12.6% Tamils felt that they were discriminated and  so terrorized Sri Lanka for 27 bloodying years. 

India’s Union Minister  made an interesting attempt with a cunning fairy tale to absolve and white-wash India for her human rights criminality for aiding and abetting Tamil Tiger terrorists human rights violations in Sri Lanka.”¦but it certainly wasn’t convincing enough to believe another of these Indian  anti-Sri Lanka Tamil  politicians.

Come again Velu.  Try a different fairy tale of yours to defend the Tamil Tiger terrorists that you Indians spawned and cloned, and blaming the Sri Lankan Government for India’s criminality.  It all boil’s down to that India fits the  bill of a human rights violator for aiding and abetting  Tamil Tiger terrorism that killed and maimed thousands of  innocent peoples in Sri Lanka, and  should be hauled in front of an International War Crimes Court.

Velu and that is how the cookie crumbles when you Indians try to flex your muscles at a puny neighbour and bully them by sending Mirage 2000s, screaming over Sri Lankan skies and parking two warships outside Colombo’s territorial waters in July 1987 to intimidate them.

Too bad Velu, as Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rakapaksa was spot on with his statement about you Indian politicians.   I am aware that the Sri Lankan Government repeats its strange manthra that “India is a good friend of ours” even when they see blood oozing out of Sri Lanka from the India inflicted  Geneva stab wounds.”   But I say tough tiddy to Sri Lanka’s hostile neighbour, India.

 Perhaps, you may want to try a new cunning fairy tale as India’s Union Minister to convince me that “”¦Sri Lanka is responsible for terrorism as Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied.”  Hope that Fairy tale will be a good one for your sake as I have already chalked you down as another  one of those Indian Tamil politicians who is trying to crucify Sri Lanka to the wall.


Asoka Weerasighe (Mr.)

14 Responses to “India’s Union Minister V. Narayanasamy commenting on Gotabaya Rajapaksa”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia will never change. Endia is our enemy.

    We should HELP Tamilians in Endia get their nation FROM Endia.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you


    The double explosion at the Boston Marathon is the latest in a number of terrorist attacks on sporting events. Previous incidents include:

    1972: Eleven Israeli athletes and officials died after terrorists from the Black September faction of the Palestine Liberation Organisation struck at the Munich Olympics. Two wrestlers were shot in the athletes’ village and the others died after a botched ambush by German police. Five of the eight Palestinians and one German officer were also killed.

    1996: The Olympics was again the target for terror – this time in Atlanta. Two people died and 111 were injured after pipe bombs in a rucksack exploded in the Centennial Olympic Park. Eric Rudolph, an anti-abortion extremist, was jailed for life in 2003 after pleading guilty to the bombing.

    2008: A suicide bomber killed 15 people including a government minister when he targeted the start of a marathon race near Colombo in Sri Lanka. The bomb killed 15 people, including a number of runners, and injured 90 others. The Sri Lankan government claimed the militant group Tamil Tigers were responsible for the attack.

    2009: Six Sri Lanka cricketers were wounded, and six policemen and two civilians killed, after an attack by Islamic extremists in Lahore, Pakistan. The terrorists set off explosives and sprayed the team bus with bullets after staging an ambush – an outlawed militant groups with close links to Al-Qaida is believed to have organised the attack.

    2010: Three people died after rebels in Angola attacked the Togo national football team’s bus. The assistant coach, another official and the bus driver died, while two players were among nine people injured in the attack as the team headed to African Nations Cup.”

  3. S de Silva Says:

    Excellent Asika – thanks. I wish SL named India / LTTE as accountable at the UNHRC for the war casualties. Nor did we name the damage as ‘collateral’. These failures are lessons to the GoSL for the future – S de Silva . London

  4. Sirih Says:

    I used the similar stats in London Uni debate brought on by elamist and the whole room went very quite and tamils that brought this discrimination resolution within the uni could not do anything after… Best part was all the senior lecturers got the whole truth for the first time and only one left wing lunatic lady came after me and also try to get me afterwards using all kind of tricks.. I made a complain to the chancellor and that got her quite after that.

    Patriots need to be smart and use proper stats and debate to educate the foreigners so that real message goes out to the world.

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Mr Weerasinghe for keeping the truth alive by exposing the bogus stories spread by Tamil separatists and their supporters, especially in India, which is second only to Norway.
    As for the myth of discrimination against Tamils in the field of education, my experience is that there was reverse discrimination during my time – that was the time when the University Entrance Science streams examiners were almost entirely from the Jaffna Tamil community and there was organised discrimination against the Sinhalese and other non-Tamils.
    When the Muslim Minister Hon. Baduidin Mohamed was the Minister of Education, he realised there were hardly any, Muslims, Eastern Privince and Indian Tamils and Sinhalese from rural schools, entering the Medical, Engineering and other Science faculties. Well over 90% were from Jaffna and Colombo schools because these districts had almost all the grade A schools. In fact Jaffna with a smaller population had a similar number of Grade A schools to the rest of Sri Lanka put together. To rectify this anomaly the good Minister introduced the Standardised examination system, which opened the doors of higher education to the categories I’ve mentioned above. Because of cheating by examiners who gave higher marks to Tamils, the Govt had to also introduce Identity numbers for all University entrance students, to prevent examiners from knowing their ethnicity. However, even this was circumvented by some racist Tamil activists by instructing Tamil students to insert a mark on a certain page for the corrupt examiners to recognise their ethnicity and give extra marks. This could be one of the reasons why a small minority of Jaffna Tamils had such large percentage of Science graduates, when compared to the rest of the country.

  6. dhane Says:

    Even SL first Army commander was a Tamil Anton Muthukumaran, Navy Admiral Kadiragaman. You have add more to LTTE killing. They are the people who killed most number Tamil Politicians and Ministers. Plus LTTE had killed more their own Tamils than any other put together. So why this Velu is worried over manic Velupulla?

  7. Voice123 Says:

    ” Velu , said that “Sri Lanka is responsible for terrorism as Tamils took to terrorism because their rights were denied.”  What rights, Velu?  List them for me/us, so that we all know what the heck you are alluding to.”

    India will never answer this.

  8. aravinda Says:

    WikiLeaks- released 10/4/13
    For IPKF operations, India paid compensation to LTTE

    India compensated the LTTE after the 1987 Indo-Lanka pact and the dispatch of Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to Sri Lanka, according to a cable sent by its embassy in Chennai and released by WikiLeaks.

    A cable dated April 5,1988 cites newspaper reports,which quoted J N Dixit, then Indian envoy to Sri Lanka, that a stipend was agreed upon and was to be paid to the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) by the Indian government in view of the tax loss it suffered after IPKF was sent.

    The US cable said Rs 50 lakh was the compensation paid to the LTTE in July 1987 and only one payment was made before September that year when LTTE walked out of the deal over its participation in the interim council.
    An unnamed LTTE spokesman in Madras is quoted as saying that the payment was part of a larger secret package of guarantees, which Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi offered LTTE leader V Prabhakaran in July 1987 to get him to agree to the bilateral accord, said the cable.

    Other features of the package for LTTE included an assurance of an offer of 7 out of 12 seats to enable it to form a majority in the interim council in the north and east of Sri Lanka. India said it would route Rs 1 billion through the council to rehabilitate Jaffna besides the $40million agreed upon by New Delhi at an earlier consortium meeting in Paris.The Indian government also promised to develop a police force after the formation of the interim council. Despite all this, the deal fell through, said the cable.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Asoka it was great to read your article. We have so many like you who loves our Motherland and cannot wait to blast these shiters when we hear their lies and lies. We need strong individuals like Gota who never fear to tell his mind. We should not be afraid of these gangsters. Majority is happy the way our country is moving and we are very happy the way our President rules and govern. I am 100% belive that the Rajapaksa brothers can and will take our country forward how much these barbarians harass us India and America.

    Asoka our country is marching forward. More than we talk about India and America we must talk about our own traitors to Mother Lanka like UNPers,JVP’s Mangalaya,Wickremebahula,Sarath Fonseka’s and the traitors who sucks the white man’s back. They all want to go to Geneva to complain about our Motherland and to put our President behind bars in Hague. So what do you think about these hypocrits blood suckers? They all must be brought to justice for treason to their own Motherland. They are worst than India or America. That’s my view Asoka.

  10. S de Silva Says:

    Vice 123 -quite right , “India will never answer this”. But it is up to the GoSL to immediately and formally challenge this by formally asking India to list out the rights that are exclusively denied to Tamil Citizens in Sri Lanka. Whether they will not answer or not we MUST ask that question. If they do not answer they are the bloody liars !- S de Silva – London

  11. Voice123 Says:

    Funny how many of our politicians and diplomats talk big in Sri Lanka, like petty overlords, but cannot defend the nation even verbally abroad. Rank and file expatriates at the coal face are doing a much better job. Sri Lankan government should take note of this fact.

  12. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    If Mr Narayanasamy’s claim of discrimination is even remotely true, then, why did the Tamil terrorists led by the school drop out cum Velvetithurai smuggler Prabakaran, kill more Tamils, (which included many Tamil leaders), than the number killed by the SriLankan armed forces and IPKF combined?
    As this seems to be a very irresponsible statement coming from an Indian Union Minister, I endorse the demand of ‘Voice 123’ for this Minister to list out the so claimed discrimination the Tamils suffered.
    In reality it was the Jaffna ‘High caste’ tamils that discriminated against the ‘low caste’ Tamils, Eastern Province Tamils, Hill country Indian tamils, Muslims and the sinhalese, in the fields of Education, Employment and property ownership in the North.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Narayasamy’s small home area of Pondicherry has over 16% of its people listed as Scheduled Castes. This is AUTOMATIC ‘REDUCED RIGHTS’ starting at birth !

    According to the 2001 Census in Pondicherry, of the total of 974,345 people there, 157,771 are listed under Scheduled Castes.

    Physician heal thyself !

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Bloody Endia now trying to invade peaceful China over BS allegations. Typical. I hope Endia will go bust soon.

    “India will take “every step” to protect its interests to resolve the situation arising out of deep incursion by Chinese troops into Indian territory in eastern Ladakh, defence minister AK Antony said Monday.

    “We are taking every action to protect our interest… We will take every step to protect our interest,” he told reporters outside Parliament House.

    He was asked the government’s response to the Chinese incursion some 10 to 12km deep into Indian territory.
    Government sources have already said that India and China are in touch to resolve the issue of Chinese incursion into Indian territory in Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector in eastern Ladakh and erecting a tented post.

    According to government sources, the issue was raised by India after the incident came to light some time ago.
    A Platoon-strength contingent of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) came 10km inside the Indian territory in Burthe in DBO sector, which is at an altitude of about 17,000 feet, on the night of April 15 and established a tented post there, according to highly placed sources, which said that a Chinese Army Platoon usually consists of around 50 men.

    Troops from Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) have also established a camp approximately 300 metres opposite the location, the sources said.

    ITBP has asked for a Flag meeting with the Chinese side but there has been no response as of now, sources said.

    When contacted, the spokesman of Udhampur-based Northern Command Col Rajesh Kalia said, “due to differences in perception of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) a few face-offs take place in the eastern Ladakh side. These are resolved amicably through existing mechanism.”
    He refused to elaborate.

    The Ladakh Scouts, an Infantry regiment of the Indian Army and specializing in mountain warfare, has also moved towards the area where the situation was described as tense.

    The place has not been known to have any permanent civilian population.
    DBO, located in northernmost Ladakh, is an historic camp site and located on an ancient trade route connecting Ladakh to Yarkand in Xinjiang, China.
    It lies at the easternmost point of the Karakoram Range in a cold desert region in the far north of India, just 8km south of the Chinese border and 9km northwest of the Aksai Chin LAC between China and India. Temperature plummets as low as minus 30 degree Celsius in the winters.
    Other than Siachen Glacier military base, it is India’s northernmost built-up area. The nearest inhabited town is Murgo to the south, which has a small population of Baltis who primarily depend on apricot farming and yak rearing.”

    (With PTI inputs)

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