An appeal to the Minister of Defence and Secretary of Defence on “Sritharan foiling army from raping 200 Tamil girls”
Posted on July 16th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

The Island carried a statement on 15 July attributed to Sivagnanam Sritharan, Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP, that he foiled the attempt by the army to rape 200 Tamil speaking girls demands immediate action.

No country has ever witnessed a rescue operation of civilians ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” that included Tamil girls ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢¢”š¬…” of a scale as stupendous as that that was carried out by the armed forces of Sri Lanka in May 2009. The whole world witnessed the soldiers carrying the old and the infirm in their arms to safety, away from the LTTE killers who were shooting at the fleeing civilians.

It is essential that the Minister of Defence, Secretary of Defence or the Army Commander demands that Sritharan substantiates his allegation, announced in Montreal, Canada with evidence. If he cannot do so, he should be dealt with the full force existing in the legal system in Sri Lanka for sullying the good name of the valiant armed forces of the country and for attempting to give ammunition to the anti-Sri Lankans in Canada and other countries to disparage the island nation.

19 Responses to “An appeal to the Minister of Defence and Secretary of Defence on “Sritharan foiling army from raping 200 Tamil girls””

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Minister of defence and defence secretary are TOO SCARED of TNA.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    The same TNA MP was EARLIER this year was found making pornographic films using Tamil girls.

    “A small quantity of explosives and some pornographic material were found from a Political office of TNA MP Sridharan, in Kilinochchi by the military, this evening.

    Military Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya said that a person claimed to be a Coordinating Secretary of the TNA MP, was taken into custody.”


  3. Sirih Says:

    Wheels are moving.. Sivagnanam will be interviewed by TID once he is landed. Lets wait and see what he has to say..

  4. mario_perera Says:

    I refer to the article in ‘The Nation’ titled: Sambanthan and Premjayantha confess.

    It is a scathing indictment of the forked tongue, double games, deceits, deceptions, treachery, back stabbing, violence and corruption crying to the heavens for vengeance, and everything that is black in a society that is already as black as TAR. IN fact the slogan of the government is on the lines of a song prevalent in the 1950’s – TARARE TARA PODU DA. Our present highly politicized social structure is built on this slogan: pour the TAR of extreme violence, extreme corruption, lying and make belief that is the back bone of the political order shamelessly endorsed from the top by the man with the red scarf, and carried out to the letter through all the rank and file right down to the dirtiest filthiest dregs of the system. Let us face the fact and say it loud: promoters of hooliganism are themselves hooligans whatever be their designations and high sounding titles annexed after their names. A recent case in point is a so called respected former supreme court judge now showing his true colours and falling for the CM post offered him by the proxies of the terrorists. Just another naked emperor to the fore.

    The scathing indictment of this society pinpointed by the above mentioned article is a clear indication that some minds are bursting loose from within the ramparts of fear that hold them down. We have reached a stage where enough is enough so much so that a courageous few are ready to put their very lives on line. Enough with beating dead horses. The debate on the 13th Amendment is one such dead horse – a rock rolling down the precipice cannot be stopped at the half way mark. The world renowned saying equating absolute power with absolute corruption has reached its dizzy heights with this regime with treachery and betrayal being the order of the day. And the worst is, there is no one to turn to, to redress the nations grievances…NO ONE. All are emperors with no clothes.

    The country is being betrayed for the handful of silver called the Commonwealth party of drunkards. The country is being handed on a platter to that immoral arch schemer India working on its policy of enforce, subjugate and annex. The writing is on the wall and it is written in Tamil with TAR – indeed, TARARE TARA PODU DA.

    I recall .the story of Sodom and Gomorrah the two cities corrupt to the core of that time. The Lord God is said to have asked for ten moral individuals to stop his hand of destruction…and there were NONE. Sadly there is not even ONE such individual in our entire political set up to stop the hand ready to smite.

    Mario Perera

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    This report should be INVESTIGATED by the regular Police and the Military Police.

    If it is found to be true, then the personnel involved should be PROSECUTED & PUNISHED.

    If it is found to be a FALSE ALLEGATION designed to DEFAME & DEMONIZE the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, this man …. MP or not …. should be ARRESTED immediately, and PROSECUTED to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, CONVICTED and PUNISHED at Hard Labor in Prison for DEFAMATION of the Armed Forces under Civil Law, and under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) for ACTING WITH INTENT to INCITE COMMUNAL VIOLENCE and UNDERMINE PEACE and SECURITY of the country.

    I suspect that there is NO TRUTH whatsoever to this ALLEGATION to DEFAME the Army. The GOSL should ACTS= on this WITHOUT DELAY and MAKE AN EXAMPLE of this man to forestall more such treasonous behaviour in the future!.

  6. mario_perera Says:


    The dividing line between good and evil. treason and patriotism, ignominy and righteousness are not only irremediably blurred but also overlapping. So much so that in Sri Lanka’s political world of pots and kettles, the one cannot call the other black. What the TNA man as done is quite obviously treacherous, but then against the backdrop of the great betrayal that is the Northern election under the undiluted 13A, it fades away into insignificance.

    The TNA pots and the Regime kettle are furthermore both Indian bootlickers and India is not a Portia come to judgment, but rather like a cat presiding over two quarreling rats.

    Mario Perera

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    That will NOT happen.

    Think of the DISASTROUS IMPACT this treason by BOTH TNA (commission) and GOSL (ommission) has on the FEW patriotic Tamils.

    They are RIDICULED by BOTH TNA and GOSL!!
    Why should they remain loyal to SL?

    On one hand they are EXCOMMUNICATED from the WIDER Tamil society as bootlickers of the govt., army, etc.
    On the other hand their patriotism has been RIDICULED (not rewarded) by the govt. that is scared of TNA.

    TNA has now become the SOLE REPRESENTATIVES of SL!!

    TNA is like Ponna-ambalam during Brit rule.

    IF Sinhalese had any problem, they had to beg Ponna-ambalam to take those problems to colonial Brit rulers.
    IF Sinhalese have any problem, they should beg the all powerful TNA to take those problems to colonial Endian rulers today.

    I think the great patriot Sunil Vijayapala doesn’t come here to post comments nowadays because he is DISGUSTED about his friend MR.

    RUN-NIL, Gonzeka, Madam Banditnayaka are NOT options.
    MR MUST get his act together as there is NO other hope.
    If he can’t he should give up and leave handing the throne to someone who can do things.

    Remember the time when Tamil terrorists bombed the Holy Temple of the Tooth?
    JUST a few weeks later Madam Banditnayaka had a grand whisky party with Prince Charles who had just months before killed his former wife!!
    Commonwealth summit is very similar – destroy SL and party with the COLONIALS.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    There definitely is a move on at present by Separatist forces to discredit and remove the armed forces from the North & East.
    Apart from making derogatory statements against the Army re trumped up rape stories (such as Sridaran’s one in Canada) and the Flying Fish film which is rightly banned, it must be recognised that Tamil people are encouraged to be Separatists.

    Tamil Separatism will go on till the Caste/poverty problems of Tamil Nadu remain. While Tamil Separatism goes on, the armed forces of Lanka must remain in the N&E to prevent Tamil illegal migrants as well as maintain law and order in the North. Also prevent resurgence of terrorism there.

    Foreign countries are only really interested in the RESOURCES OF LANKA not in Tamil welfare. Tamil people will merely be USED as in past. India is interested in keeping Tamil Nadu safely within the Union and not get neo-colonised, and also have a hold on Sri Lanka.

    All Separatist activities must be met with an enhanced Clause 6, and met with confiscation of all properties plus imprisonment of the guilty party. It is duty of the Parliament to do so, not merely GoSL.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    read as ” apart from recognising the damage done by derogatory statements …”

  10. Samanthi Says:

    When “Sulanga Enu Pinisa” was first screened in Colombo a few years ago, Loonie Left artists like (late)Tissa Abeysekera highly praised Vimukti Jayasundera for his cinematic talents ignoring the fact that it ridiculed our heroic forces who were shown in the film as homo sexuals, sex maniacs, drug addicts etc. But patriotic leaders such as then Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera very correctly condemned that movie. Why not public anger go against this latest garbage piece “Flying Fish”? Or are we too late?

  11. Indrajith Says:

    Thank you, Lorenzo for reproducing the Daily mirror news article about MP Sridharan.
    Probably his act in Canada may be in retaliation to this exposure by SL army.
    Does any one know what happend to the case on the raid of Sridharan’s political office in K’nochchi?
    It is high time police and army open this case again and take legal action against these culprits!

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO ! THE MINISTER AND DEFENCE SECRETARY ARE TOO SCARED OF THE TNA. Absolutely. There has to be a reason. Does TNA have any data to black-mail ? I wonder what all this fear is about.

  13. Indrajith Says:

    Hello Patriots,

    Please read the article tittled “The Wigneswaran Factor” written by Dr. Dayan Jayatillka in the Island of 17th July.

    As per the article, it seems like that Dayan is thrilled to learn the nomination of Wigna as the CM candidate for the Nothern PC. For him, Wigna has already become the CM. This article ones again proves that Dayan’s allegience is to Tamil Eelam and not to SL.It also shows the impending danger of establishing an Eelam in the North!

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    TNA has access to Endian leaders who are the NEW COLONIAL rulers of SL.

    GOSL is only a GOVENOR functioning under instructions from Endia!!

  15. douglas Says:

    mario_perera: The situation that you have noted above (16 July @ 2.14 p.m) is what exactly exists at the moment in Sri Lanka. I would say it is more worse than what you have recorded in your comment. You and I in Sri Lanka see and experience it on a daily basis and perhaps it is best for the so called and self styled patriots living abroad to know exactly what is going in this “Miracle of Asia” “to be”.

    This situation that you and I know is very “ominous”. My mind goes back to the era of Late President Mr. Ransinghe Premadasa. When he assumed duties in this position of “President” the first task was to send the IPKF out, out and out; but completely forgot to “demand” to fulfill their “agreed task and responsibility” of the “elimination” of the LTTE. India “grabbed” this opportunity because they were so disoriented with working out a plan to get out of the mess they created for themselves. If that demand was persistently mad and insisted upon, the so called “Agreement forced on the Sri Lanka” could have been abrogated “ab initio.” Then no 13th Amendment. Period.

    Instead, what did he do. He got his Air Force to bring all the hard core terrorists who killed thousand of unarmed, innocent people to Colombo and housed them in the five star comfort at Hilton Hotel and started a very “proud” and a “loving marriage” with the Terrorist Outfit” called LTTE. He armed them and even through his “bosom companion” Mr. Paskaralingam doled out Rs.200 million from the Treasury. He took all the Terrorists into his bed-room and these “hollow friends” took the opportunity to achieve their hidden goals. They even planted a man like “Babu” to be his favourite cook. You all know what they did and happened. They, the Terrorists left it to be spoken as an another “assassination”of a county’s leader. To their credit, they waited for the opportune time to execute the plan. The “time” was when Mr. Ranasinghe Premadasa became very unpopular among the people. That timing was proved very correct, when the people heard the news of the “bomb blast” that sent him to “smithereens” they “cooked milk rice (Kiri-bath) on the pavements in Colombo and invited the people walking on the roads to enjoy the feed. Perhaps in their heart of heart, that would have been a “waited for” event.

    Have our present leadership and the leaders learned a lesson from this incident? No. Who are their “bosom friends” today. Just to mention a few: Karuna, Pillian, KP,Kannan(Suresh) Daya Master,Kamalini and a host of other noted LTTE “fund raisers” from abroad who have already got their “duel citizenship” on the understanding of “investing as entrepreneurs”. They all act in the name of “Reconciliation and “Peace Making” with the “Minority Community”. The local “Entrepreneurs” like the Parliamentarians, Local Government Politicians, the Law Enforcement “Big Sharks”, the “Torch Bearers”(just to mention a few) too are engaged in a very “lucrative business” making a life time loot for themselves and their families.

    So some say “history repeats”. Are these “GANGS” waiting for the “arrival” of the opportune time? Perhaps. Who knows.

  16. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    It is time for these SarongKarayos with a red towel around the neck to get rid of these suits and join Gota to get rid of the bloody Endians and the remaining terrorist including Silvas.

  17. Dilrook Says:

    This is the sad predicament of the nation. Rudderless leadership drifting the nation from one debacle to another. Costly U-turns made by this government in fear of Indian pressure is unprecedented. Under these circumstances the winners are the new LTTE faces including Wigneswaran. He is the new face of the LTTE, nothing less.

    Nowadays Dayan personally emails us telling us to give up on Sri Lanka. I’m afraid he won and we lost; the nation lost. He has earned his bragging rights. He bid his time in political wilderness in 1970s to mid 1980s. Then he made his move. He even played the LTTE sleeper in Premadasa government in an effort to control Premadasa’s damage on 13A and provincial councils. He was elevated once again by the Medamulana Clan and now he is back to his old ways with Indians strongly behind him.

    Indian plan has always been to create Tamil Elam in Sri Lanka in order that it saves India from having to put up with a Tamil nation. Outdated logic has it that the break up of Sri Lanka is the start of the break up of India. It is not true. Indian states are better off remaining part of India and plant their nationalism elsewhere as with Bangladesh which further strengthened West Bengal’s commitment to India. Working to the Indian agenda, the Medamulana Clan has become an expensive burden on the nation.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re the East Coast Tamil speaking TAMIL Muslims : Does anyone know just how many TAMILS HAVE CONVERTED TO ISLAM IN THE EAST COAST ?

    Sinhela people have been sleeping : the North is Tamil only, the Upcountry is mostly Tamil, and the East coast is going Tamil with Islam !

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    The rapid expansion of Islam in Sri Lanka is probably through TAMIL PEOPLE CONVERTING TO ISLAM ?

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