Slogans of Velu Pillai and Navi Pillay
Posted on September 2nd, 2013

S. Akurugoda

There is no introductionƒ”š‚  to describe how and what Velu Pillai, did to our country for nearly three decades, since the inception of his LTTE in 1976.

Velu Pillai had chosen the slogans of “discrimination of the Sinhala government against the Tamils” and ” the right to self determination of the people of Tamil homeland” etc to justify his so-called arm struggle for separatism. There is also no need to describe in length who provided the necessary weapons, training, finance, publicity, etcƒ”š‚  in support ofƒ”š‚  the so-called arm struggle for separatism led by Velu Pillai, since all most all sensible people are aware of the answers. ƒ”š‚ 

The TNA formed by the politicians of the TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front) and former members of the armed groups were the parliamentary wing of the LTTE since its inception in 2001, recognising LTTE as the sole representative of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

As per media reports, while delivering her media brief, Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that the ƒ”š‚ LTTE is a ƒ”š‚ ƒ¢¢”š¬…”ruthless murderous organisationƒ¢¢”š¬‚. The oblivious question ƒ”š‚ is,ƒ”š‚  if Navin Pillay is genuine in her statement about LTTE, what made her to entertain theƒ”š‚  TNA who recognised the ruthless murderous LTTE, as the sole representative of the Sri Lankan Tamil?ƒ”š‚  According to several other media reports, UNHRC chief Navi Pillay’s had requested to pay a floral tribute the late LTTE terrorist leader Velu Pillai at a location in the North during her recent visit to the North and the request had been rejected by the Government. If Navi Pillay is truly speaking, what made her to pay floral tribute to Velu Pillai, the leader of the ruthless murderess organisation?ƒ”š‚ 

It is also reported that Navi Pillay has met and had discussions with notorious foreign funded NGOs eight times during her visit.ƒ”š‚  Among numerous foreign paidƒ”š‚  NGO’s who were promoting the so-called ƒ”š‚ ‘arm struggle of the LTTE’, the role played by the Centre for Policy Alternatives, Burghof Foundation, National Peace Council, Centre for Coexistence, International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), International Alert, Prayathnaya and ƒ”š‚ Marga Institute were remarkable. Most of these NGO are still active, and there is no doubt that they have been instrumental in providing the necessary amenities to prepare the Navi Pillay’s slogans ƒ”š‚ of ‘signs of Sri Lanka becoming an authoritarian state’, ‘freedom of expression in Sri Lanka was under sustained attack’, ‘harassment and intimidation of a number of human rights defenders’, ‘growing religious discord by way of attacks on ‘churches and mosques, ‘the calls for an international inquiry on war crimes are likely to continue’ etc. These are the slogans of Navin Pillay, the hero of foreign funded ƒ”š‚ NGOs, TNA and the disgruntled politicians,ƒ”š‚  who are determined to destabilised the country by hook or crook.

While delivering her press brief, Navi Pillay also had stated that ƒ”š‚ three ministers and in some media reports has claimed her portrayal as a ƒ¢¢”š¬…”Tamil Tigress in the UNƒ¢¢”š¬‚ ƒ”š‚ and that these reports are offensive. During the Q and A session, Ms. Pillay has said that the President had personally apologized to her for the statements made by the three ministers.

We are not aware whether the President has apologized to Pillay or not since the apology was said to have been done personally. Media reported thatƒ”š‚  Minister Siripala de Silva on the President’s and the Government’s behalf had apologised Ms Pillay for Minister Mervyn’s remarks that he was ready to marry her.

There is no necessity what soever, apart from Minister Mervin’s uncalled remarks, for the President or the Government to apologised for the proclaim made by any one, if made, expressing the ƒ”š‚ majority viewƒ”š‚  of the country, identifying a possible tool of the LTTE sympathisers and external entities influenced by vested interests ƒ”š‚ 


6 Responses to “Slogans of Velu Pillai and Navi Pillay”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Govt. is also destabilizing the country by WASTING 80% of funds on Tamil only north.

    Time to stop this WASTE or the govt. goes home.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you S.Akuugoda! for that excellent article & in particular HOW this woman IDENTIFIED as a sympathizer of Tamils & thier cause in Lanka or in other countries, where Tamils are domiciled in large numbers.

    To associate with or giving some sort of recognition to attrocities carried out for over THREE decades, NOW visit our paradise and to lecture us about how to govern our country IS COMPLETE INTERFERENCE in an Indipedent Sovereign state. SHE SHOULD APPOLOGISE to our President & also to many Sinhalese, Tamils & Mulims alike for damage the LTTE & its proxies carried out in Sri Lanka.

    Even if our Presient appologized, it is in vain because Tamils including Pillai or anyother don’t have the common decency to aknowledge & PRAISE HOW SRI LANKA has treated its Tamils before & after the war.

    Leaving that aside, NOW more than EVER our citizens in Lanka & abroad have to collectively PROTECT OUR PRESIDENT. Even with his shortcomings in govering our Motherland, WE MUST PRAISE HIM for achieving this much of progress in many spheres. WE BEING A COUNTRY being scrutinized, attacked verbally, TALK DOWN UPON by countries who are far more backword & have many faullts of their own.

    INDIA constantly ask our leaders of the Govt. & our opposition memebers to visit India as SOME GOD GIVEN RIGHT for India to intervene & provoke much disention among our Sinhalese & other communities. The threat to the LIFE of our President is real & if you go back in our HISTORY, the moment our country or our leader PLANS an important change or try achieve MOMENTOUS TASK, India is waiting in the wings to sabotage it.

    This is going on since UNP Prime Minister D.S. Senannayake’s time. SO my appeal is to make sure OUR LEADER HE PRESIDENT Rajapakshe is always PROTECTED so that NO HARM should come to him. Even there are many who wish HIM ILL FAITH & disaster, YET there are many who admire him for taking BOLD STEPS in finishing the LTTTE & making Sri Lanka a better place to live peacefully.

    If I may indulge in US Presidential system & how USA President is under CONSTANT PROTECTION of various agencies & they consider PRESIDENCY OF USA as an INSTITUTION, NOT a mere ONE person, BUT a coolective UNIT which UPHOLDS THE US CONSTITUTION. Even President Barck Obama needs protection from POWER HUNGRY, RACIST politicians who constantly BLAME HIM for no reason at all. During their elections many said HE WILL NOT win the second term, BUT HE DID.

    Presidents are not living in LUXURY of peace & tranqulity there are ENEMOUS PRESSURES. In many instances, our President has to please so many factions sometime within his own party NOT to mention FRINGE PARTIES who are planning always to get him.

    We have this unusal aspect or CONDITION of blaming the President for all matters in the country…IF IT RAINS & FLOODS appear, if ther are drouts & other calamities…IT IS THE FAULT of the President. Blame the Govt. for everything & anything & never appreciate HIS GOVT & HE HIMSELF does in governing a country so diverse and always like a powder keg.

    ALL presidents do such extraordinary work in governing, sometimes people in the USA call who NEEDS THAT JOB & laughs. It is so difficult to govern a country like ours in Lanka, or for that matter country like USA.

    I know I have diverted much, but felt that IT IS TIME for us to help our President in these difficult times. INDIA said we lankns will be ISOLATED…..Is THIS ISOLATION? when Royalty of all sizes & shapes visit our Country. Many other leaders will soon arrive for CHOGM then, it will be INDIA which will be isolated NOT US….

    Thank you all listening I felt this is an oppotnune moment to speak out FOR the good of our President…..Another expat expressing his views without MUCH KNOWLEGE about the ground situation in Lanka. May GOD BLESS our Motherland~ J

  3. ranjit Says:

    PILLAI & PILLAY are both same. Paillai is a ruthless killer and Paillay is a one sided black Puma. The intensions of both was to destroy the unity and peace in my homeland. How much these traitors harassed us they cannot do a thing if we are all united but unfortunately our own Sinhales cockrochers in the Opposition making hard time for the Govt by spreading false bogus rumors around the world.

    I am very afraid that these vultures might drag our nation again to a dark era. Our leaders must act and be alert on all fronts without blinking their eyes for a second as these bastards can sqeeze thru the nets like small rats and create havoc to show the world that Sri Lanka is a dangerous place to live.

    Our Govt must show every terrorist act LT.T.E did to our country thru vedeo or in pictures to all the leaders who will visit our country for the meeting in November. They must know the horror we faced during 30 years of war and also what we did after, how the hard core terroriosts were brought back to the society and given them all the facilities and how they live now. Each and every individual who do dirty ugly things to our Motherland will be in hell sooner or later.I pray for that. These blood suckers must be banished from our country. The Gay boys in UNP and JVP will never ever will get a chance to run our country for another 100 years. They can lick the white man’s ass and enjoy their green bucks and sleep or dance with them but should not harass our tiny nation of peace. It’s sad very very sad and we sacrificed thousands of our innocents to get this PEACE for all of us to live in peace but because of our own traitors we still suffer. May GOD help our Motherland.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    The TNA asks “How can there be Reconciliation, if the GOSL does not admit to crimes!”

    This is a PREPOSTEROUS QUESTION coming from a TREASONOUS SEPARATISTS who supported the LTTE to commit murder and mayhem in EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE.

    The Serial Murderers are now confidently Judging the Victims!

    The ANSWER of course is that there can NEVER BE RECONCILIATION with TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, SEPARATISTS and MURDERERS at any time.

    The GOSL rescued the citizens of the nation from the cluthches of these TERRORIST MASS MURDERERS and NEVER INTENDS to Apologize for EXECUTING its DUTY to PROTECT the lives of its citizens.

    Instead, the GOSL should realize that its FAILURE to hold the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA ACCOUNTABLE for their ACTIONS of the PAST and the PRESENT by ARRESTING, PROSECUTING, CONVICTING and SEVERELY PUNISHING these people ENCOURAGES continued TREACHERY by them against the People of Sri Lanka.

    I urge the GOSL to DO SO at least NOW, before these people of the TNA acquire power and BECOME IMMUNE to RETRIBUTION for their AWFUL CRIMES!

    Sri Lanka Tamil party says government must apologize for mistakes made

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Sept 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the government must apologize for mistakes made and ensure such mistakes would not happen again if it needs true reconciliation in the country.

    TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said the government should either apologize to the families of missing persons or accept that such crimes have happened and ensure that will not happen again in future.

    He said the Tamil party is continuing to push for an international investigation on accountability and war crimes.

    “If the government is adamant that what they did was correct and is not willing to accept their mistakes, how can there be reconciliation in this country?” Premachandran asked.

    He explained that there are thousands of people still missing or killed and there could not be reconciliation without the truth being asserted.

    “I am not saying that anyone should cow down to the Tamil people, but the truth must be asserted in a proper way, and the government is not in favor of that. That is why I feel that an independent international investigation is vital. You cannot expect any independent investigation from this government,” Premachandran said.

    Referring to the recent visit of UN High Commissioner for Human rights Navi Pillay, the TNA MP said the main purpose of her visit was to see if the recommendations specified in the LLRC report have been implemented.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka Tamil party says government must apologize for mistakes made”


    Tamils must apologize for the CRIMES they committed against SLs and Endians.

  6. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    September 7th, 2013 at 3:49 am
    I just got some news from a friend in the island nation. He tried to put a paid advertisement in the Daily News and the Island news papers. The DN Advertising manager refused to publish it even it was a paid advertisement. The Island took it and the money but later refused to publish it and offered to refund the money.

    The ad was a 2 columns by 5 cm:

    ” Navi Pillai; Hon UNHRC You are an Indian colonial parasite from Africa Hence you should keep out of the affairs of the subjects of the Indian Empire”

    The DN is a government run news paper and the Island’s owner Upali Wijeyawardana was blown off by the Indian colonial parasites of Malaysia, agents of the Indian Empire.

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